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12.5% Becoming eternal, Vampire diaries. / Chapter 3: Knowledge is power. Power is Knowledge.

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Chapter 3: Knowledge is power. Power is Knowledge.

1013, Italy, Rome.

" Tell me Benoît, what is god ? " ask Sammael, in the last decade he didn't change physically at all but he's more gracious, more elegant.

" God is everything, the beginning and the end, he is creation incarnate, the light in the dark. His compassion is unlimited and his anger destroy anything in is path." answer confidently Benoît a gentle expression on his face.

" Why do you ask this question Sammael ? " ask Benoît his eyebrows raised, listening attentively to the answer.

" I am simply curious to know your point of view on the question of god, considering your position you should know him well. " respond Sam with amusement.

" Personally I think that there is no god, and if there is one, then this being certainly isn't preoccupied by us. No, I think that we are god in a much smaller scale but the progress is unstoppable. Capable of creation and destruction only limited by our fear, our morality and our lack of foresight. " revealed Sam to Benoît who stand up his face distorted by fury.

" Blasphemy ! Are you possessed to even think of these words " say Benoît almost screaming.

" Will you control yourself. This is a pathetic show of your numerable flaws. " reply Sam moving so fast he seem to disappear and reappear in front of Benoît.

After observing closely his face for a few seconds Sam establish eye contact. 

" Forget everything related to me. " say Sammael compelling Benoît to forget. Using his speed he get out of the magnificent church and disappear in the street of Rome.

Back in his confortable house Sam contemplate the answer he received from Benoît.

" I can only hope the next pope is more interesting and open to philosophical debate. Teofilatto is a disappointment. " say Sammael thinking out loud.

1049, England. 

On a mountain surrounded by large plains, a castle stood proudly and in very good state. Inside the castle there is a library, the favorite place of Sam if we don't take in consideration his laboratory where he experiment on the reaction of different materials when in contact with others a practice called Alchemy or the new term "chemistry". Inside the library, bookshelves filled with scrolls, books of all kind but mostly with the books on sciences he bought at a high price , a bookshelf in particular is containing only spell books, grimoires and other works on magic. 

His reading combined with his experiments push his knowledge of magic at a higher level than his mother Esther. Probably on par with Qetsiyah if not above her. 

His advance in his studies of sciences and magic lead to made him realize the connection between the two, while numerous rules still escape his perception, in a few centuries he will have discover a number of them, the complexity of magic require time to understand it in its entirety so it not surprising. 

He doubt anyone except him made this discovery. The witches being too much focus on their beliefs and preconceived ideas to push the boundaries.

He developed two theories on magic and its source. 

The first one : magic or cosmic energy, is inextricably linked to the universe, it is a part of it, but it could also be the surplus of energy generated by the universe. It could have been released in the very first moment of existence of the universe.

The second : reality or the fabric of the universe is written in a sort of code, a language invisible but all around us, magic would only be the manipulation of this code to rewrite reality, to obtain the intended result the rules must be follow or terrible consequences are to be expected. Cause and effect. 

Of course it is only theories, for now he can't prove neither of the two, more knowledge is needed. Sammael stop twirling his glass of blood and finish it in one go. Standing up he make a hand gesture and the stake that was put on the shelf fly to his hand.

Inspecting it Sam can feel the magic inside, a indescribable gleam pass in his black eyes. 

" This imperfection need to be fixed, I want to see all, to witness everything, to know all there is to know. " echoes the voice of Sammael in the library, it was said with an unnerving calmness but a tremendous ambition is hidden in the meaning. 

1078, New world*, Native village of the Mikaelson.

Unbeknownst to all the locals, a predator is among them, a being who do not operate under any law or belief in right or wrong. Cold, calculating eyes scan and analyze everything around. Tonight is the night, so much years of time dedicated to this objective. Sammael see a woman a little bit more appetizing than the rest, he follow her and grab her. 

" Do not make a sound. " he compel her, bite her neck and start drinking her blood. When he hunt he sometimes play a little with his meal but tonight his mind is cold, unfeeling, an indifference total about everything and everyone except himself. Only his will to follow the plan exist.

At first glance it look like his usual self but right now for what he is about to do in 2 hour and 4 minutes he had to use extreme mesure to ensure the success. 

55 minutes later. 

In a clearing, Sammael drew complex figures geometric and symbols on the ground, behind him 36 poor souls being in a coma state induced by magic. 

Finishing the last triangle, Sam dispose the lifes he prepared for this instant, each at a precise point creating a perfect harmony with the drawings. In the center the stake of white oak is in a container full of the blood of a doppelganger, a special blood very hard to acquire, multiples locator spells was needed, he found a double but his suprise it was a man, he'll have to resaerch who is the original. Standing in the center beside the stake, Sammael wait for the last piece of the puzzle. 

9 minutes later. 

Looking up Sam watch the last piece reveal itself to him. Without wasting a second he start casting the spell. Meanwhile in the sky, if you know what you're looking at, you could only describe it as breathtaking and a testimony to the immensity of the universe.

An alignement of planets, hide in part by a partial eclipse, the power furnish by the celestial event make all the drawings shine with an eerie light. 

Sammael start the hardest part of the ritual, the energy he have to manipulate is enormous, it is only possible by his capacity of siphoner and his impressive control over magic. 

" Ortus atque Obitus. " begin Sam. 

" Integrum Praegressus. " while he continue the spell, the energy of the 36 souls begin to rise in the air.

" Lunae Virtute. " the 12 werewolves are drain of their powers, pure energy due to their young age rush to the stake and empower it, the blood starting to get absorb by it. 

" Virtutis Solaris. " the energy just as pure of the 12 vampires rush at the stake, the container is now almost empty of blood, the stake begin to glow and a large quantity of energy is suck inside, the color of the stake changing to red. 

" Universae Potestatis. " 12 witches with a very high aptitude for magic suffer the same fate, their energy used to nourish the stake a last time making it overflowing with power and totally fused with the magical blood of doppelganger. 

" Aeterna Vulvam. " casting the last part of the spell Sammael let out a tired sigh, the difficulty was enormous, the mental strain simply horrible, channeling so much energy and keeping control of it require an immortal body, if a mortal were to attempt he would disintegrate instantly under the weigh of so much power. 

Even Sam with his immortality was only able to do it thanks to his ability to siphon magic allowing him to cut in half the strain of the ritual. 

Walking toward the stake, his indifferent state of mind start to crack, the feeling of pure pride to have accomplished something this unique, he constructed the ritual alone, decades of hard work coming to reality. The patience needed and the will to realize his vision is inhumane.

But as he indulge himself in his pride and happiness, another crack appear when he witness the consequences of playing god. 36 deaths, werewolves, witches and vampires no older than 16 months all of them looking like drained husk, emptied of life, he has transformed 12 innocents and pure being into something perverting human nature. 

He feel bile rise up, and his gag reflex activate, which within a vampire should be impossible. 

" This is not the place or the time to be drown by emotions ! Stay focus on the task. " say Sammael to himself, closing and sealing the cracks returning to the indifference resulting of cutting himself from his emotions.

The stake just in front of him he take it in his left hand, the feeling of the stake on his skin is incredible, its pulsating in power. Looking at this object of beauty, Sammael aim it at his heart.

" There was no god. " chuckle Sam with an unreadable look. He stab himself in the heart and start to mumify, his body falling on the ground dead.

An hour later.

In the same clearing were used to be the home of the Mikaelson, the first vampires came to life, now this ritual Sammael performed left a mark on this land.These 2 acts and all the previous powerful spells used here change this place in a fundamental way making it a nexus, a place charge in big quantity of magic.

At the center of the magic symbols, the body of Sam start twitching.

Suddenly he wakes up and take a deep breath, after a moment to regain clarity, he stand up and walk out of the circle, grabbing a bag made in leather, he take out a jar full of blood and dranks all of it.

For the next minutes he scrutinizes the changes brought by the ritual, his magic have increase a lot. Wanting to test it, Sam wave his right arm.

Every trace of the ritual taking place burn up until remains only ashes. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As for the stake it was destroyed after he stabbed himself with it, the stake transferred its energy to him and modified the immortality spell his mother put on him, the stake simply evaporate when it lost all its power. 

Not wanting to stay any longer in case someone sense the disturbance caused by the ritual, Sammael begin to run, however he never run this fast, a hundreds of meters parcoured in less time that it would have take before.

Riding his horse, Sam check the improvements he received, his strength, speed and all his vampiric powers seemed to have been sublimate. His reserve of magic have more than ever but it'll take time to regain the level of control he had. 

What he gained is not negligible, like earlier, with a wave of his arm and a strong intent it was enough to burn everything in the clearing. 

Touching the chest area were he stabbed himself, he hum with satisfaction about the most important change.

His immortality. His previous state had a mortal weakness to the white oak but now he is truly immortal, even the sun no longer have an effect on him. His ritual also respected the rules of magic, as such nature accept his new self as a part of reality, the balance was not broken therefore no doppelganger of him will came to be. 

4 months later. 

Sam has already adapt to the changes, the unexpected one were an increase in mental abilities, he exhibit a form of minor telepathy he can hear thoughts but he have to focus his attention on it completely . His hypnosis no longer need eye contact, if he is close enough and will it, he can compel anyone. For people under vervain it's a little bit harder, for werewolves and witches it depends on the mental strenghts. 

His strength, speed, reflexes like he had deducted was increased. 

His biggest fear were his emotions, after stabbing himself, he realised the change made to his personality. Some may say the he evolved other that he lose a part of his soul. 

He prefer the first option if he have to chose, before the ritual his body almost forced an instectual reaction to the strong emotions he felt, but after... The shame he felt, the disgust for the sacrifice he committed in his own name were gone.

Only the pride and happiness stayed, it seem the more you evolve the more you feel detached from human convention and morality. This is the conclusion Sammael made. 

" Prepare my carriage, I think a trip would be perfect don't you ? " order Sam to one of his servant.

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