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Chapter 14: Escape

"urghhh," Cai Er grit her teeth, the pain of the wound she received was very painful

Thanks to the amulet her teacher gave her, she survived that monster.

The amulet she crushed was a one-time use only, and that's why she was unwilling to use it earlier.

But the sword skill earlier casted by the enemy pushed her to use it, therefore, if the enemy catches to her she'll die for sure,

'I must send a back-up!' she flick her wrist and a golden feather pop out, she caught it and wrote strange writings in mid air. A golden color sprang and


Those strange writings were sent somewhere. It traveled so fast that it wasn't even noticeable with the naked eye.

'RRRRRroooooooooaaaar!' A very load roar was heard

"YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE!? HAAHAHAHA!" The beast talked in human language

Vring! Vring!

A red veil covered the whole village and formed into a barrier.

"Shit! A barrier!" the principal was surprised in the activation of a Barrier

"AAaaaaaH! MY hands! My hands!" a student who accidentally touched the barrier was having his hands corrode, this was clearly a curse magic, the works of the curse guild!

Seconds later the young man who touched the barrier became a lump of gross meat.

Everyone who saw that was utterly terrified. It only meant one thing! They cannot escape now! the whole village is covered by this Red Veil. They were doomed!


"What is happening?" those lucky people that had already escape was shocked on what they saw, a giant octagonal red veil was enveloping itself on the village.

"Aaahhh my hands! my hands!" a young boy shouted

"Brother!!!!" Ye Xie called at her brother who accidentally touched the red barrier, the corrosive mist slowly decomposed the young boy, the young boy cried in agony,

Being decomposed while alive, no one could imagine what agony was the young man feeling

"Brother! brother!" Ye Xie ran towards the barrier to help her crying brother, but she was stopped

"You can't go! Did you see what happened to him?!" an old woman grip the hands of the young girl and carried her away.

" you must survive for your brother!" and then the old woman smacked the girl and she fainted.

Even with the agony he was feeling he was happy her sister made outside, he was slowly decomposed, he smiled before his face decomposed.



"THE ONE WHO WILL DIE WILL BE YOU!!" the principal bravely face the demon

"An ant like you is not deserving to be my toy!" the beast looked the principal with disdain, his powers already can match rank 4 mages, yet this rank 2 mage dare be brave infront of him?


"I might not be your match! But I am not Alone!" the principal waved his hands and all teachers and some other people that can cast magic appeared. The looks on their faces can be described as a warrior, a fire was burning in their eyes,

No matter what they must let the young one's live! If we die, we will drag you down with us!

The vertigo caused by this was really a laughing matter towards the beast man,

"Ants are ants. BEGONE!" he looked with pity and chanted a spell.

"Works of the 10 thousand blades!"

In a split second numbers of scarlet colored swords appeared, they exuded an aura of killing intent,

cries were heard when these swords came to the surface, it was as if the swords were have souls,

There were cries of agony, resentment and hatred

"These skill of mine is not yet completed you see, these swords of mine contain every soul of the killed people in my hands, but they still did not reach the 10 thousand mark, be happy that you are a material for my skill!" the swords did not yet strike after he chanted it, they were suspended in mid air, the beast was having a casual talk to them to let them know about this ultimate skill he had formulated for over 5 years, this was his strongest skill. But yet completed, with the souls of the villagers he was very sure that this skill would be completed and maybe make a step on the next tier of swordsmanship.

"Dance my swords! Dance!" he released the swords that were suspended in mid air,

In the upcoming onslaught of the swords, the small army that was facing this beast was not afraid, rather they were somewhat exited.

Although in there hearts they were scared silly already, but what could it do? Could it let them live? Could it let them fight this guy? Even if there soul's would be dragged in hell, they will make sure that this man would have a hard time dealing with them!

An ant may not kill an elephant, but numerous ants can take down an elephant!

"I appreciate your bravery everyone but" a female voice drifted in the middle of the upcoming swords, with a wave of her hands the swords seemed to have turned into dust.

"Cai er!" the principal recognized this woman, but the woman standing infront of them was different, she was wearing a Bluegreen scaled armor with a trident in here hand.

The aura which she was exuding was sharp and majestic, like a hero that is battling a dragon.

This was a technique that she was still studying, she stumbled on this legendary skill in the raid of an unknown ruins when she was still a rank 3 mage.

"Sea Empress Armour! Activate!" this was the name of the skill and she activated it, but the prerequisites was the person activating this should be a rank 5 magician in the minimum.

She had to take the risk, even if she might lose the ability to draw mana after this, its still worth if they can stop this beast that's wrecking the village, only if it can defeat it and if it cannot?

Well she already calculated things on her own way, and hoping it would go on the script she was hoping,

"The heritage of the SEA EMPRESS!" the beast recognized it right away,

The Sea Empress was once who dominated the seas, she might not be strong as the 7 emperors of the sea but, excluding those crazy folks, no one could match her in skills in water magic and her spear art.

She was the strongest female in the seas at that time, but she died on the Great War of Exodus

"Good eyes of have" Cai Er coldy said to him "It's you're lucky day to taste the wrath of the Sea Empress!" she darted off making the trident in her hand spin so fast that a vortex was forming at a very fast rate

"Water Vortex! 3rd Form! 3 Headed Hydra's Roar!" A special skill was casted towards the beast

Infront of this unique skill, the beast was not anymore shooting disdain, this force can kill him! He must be careful!

He formed a shield in the air, vibrations after vibrations was stacked

this was a wind spell.

7 layered Vibrating Wind!

This skill is not meant to nullify the unique skill, the effect of this skill was to make the force of the upcoming spell to disperse, clearly dividing the damage,

This was a high-end skill of wind users!

The Duo fought intensely with each other, the fight was not even visible in the naked eye!

There was only Boom! Boom! boom!

The clash of those monster were producing sonic waves after sonic waves.

"Principal, "the principal heard a message through telepathy, it was Cai Er.

"I cannot say that I can live after this, the enemy right now is clearly getting stronger by the second, I think that I might lose, so" the voice stopped a moment and continued

"We will all die here, but we must not die in vain, we must let the young one's to survive,"

"Cai Er, I understand," the principal's eyes was red at this moment,

"What do you want us to do?" he continued the tears in his eyes was slowly coming out

"Please use you're lives to make a hole in the barrier. I have studied the Art of Formation Magic, and there is always a weak point where the mana is thin, I want you to make a propelling force and let the students escape there. This mission principal is one time only, the weak points of a formation is not staying in one place, as the mana is absorbed the original weak spot would try to absorb mana and make its position stronger, thus making another part of the barrier to be weak again, and this is approximately an incense time before it moves to another spot." Cai Er's voice was sad that time.

The mission she was giving was clearly a suicide mission that time, but its better then letting that demon have their life. Atleast they would die letting the children live, atleast their children can see daylight ahead of them and appreciate the wonders of the world, who knows maybe these youngsters can avenge them.

Receiving this mission Principal grit his teeth, clearly indicating that this was the last resort Cai Er has, There was no other way out, Cai Er would die there!

But for the lives of the young ones! We must do it!

The principal relayed the instructions of Cai Er, everyone listened to his words, everyone was surprised that there is that kind of logic in a magical formation.

They knew it was a suicide mission, still they will do it.

They are old already, their potentials were already drained and the step in their ladder would not go up no matter what they would do.

The little army left, leaving principal watching the intense fight between the woman and a beast, he looked at the woman with his teary eyes.

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