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Chapter 29: Hellish Training (1)

After the rest in squatting they were again summoned in the square, they were given details about the regime of Alexandra's Training.

The training consists of 20 kilometer run in the morning, followed by 300 squats and 250 push ups, and in the afternoon, they would be thought martial arts by Ms.Alexandra and lastly they would run 20 laps around the whole E Division.

This training exercise of Ms.Alexandra cause uproar in the students. Some of them were from rich families, like some of them were from a merchant family, another empire or so.

Ms. Alexandra disqualified them from going outside anymore the E Division, they were forced to live in the place till they were accomplish the training. Also they were disqualified competing in the yearly competition between the different Divisions, they were only qualified after the 2 year course training.

They were shocked that it turned out to be a 2 year training, that's why they were unqualified yet to participate in the yearly competition.

The first year would only be just physical training to build their body capable of fighting on hand to hand combat, and the second training would be about magical strengthening, tutoring and the last part of the training would be a surprise gift.

After it was discussed by Ms. Alexandra they were dismissed they weren't given anytime to question her on her ludicrous system.


The 3rd day came on the physical training there were already someone vomiting due to exhaustion, fainting and cramps on students.

"Damn it!" one of the resting male students bellowed angrily in the crowd. "Who does she think she is! Damn it! I never felt this exhausted before!" Cui Man was the son of a merchant so he had never been treated like this before, all he would do in their residence was just to call someone and let them do the chores, he was a lazy dog sitting pretty all day.

He thought as one who awakened magic affinity in light magic, he would just strengthen his mind and sit all day, but all his expectations was shattered by this reality given by their demoness.

"Oh~? A weakling who just know how to whine eh~?" an alluring voice sounded out in the shadows followed by a female figure.

"Sha-Shadow Magic!" a surprised female shouted

'If she uses shadow magic, then she heard everything we said right? Had she been following us? It makes sense why she wasn't supervising us, she only said to run around for 20 laps' the female student shuddered in fear.

They had just been running there for 20 laps since yesterday but their teacher never supervised them at their pace, some where just walking all along and some were just standing in the starting point and when the other students finished their 20 laps, they would also declare that they already finished it, many students were infuriated at the boys attitude but since they fear the boys they just grit their teeth in frustration.

Everyone realized this already and specially the ones who slacked off during this part of the training, Sure it was really tiresome, who would not feel running around up and down for 20 laps in the whole E Division.

"It has been 3 days only, yet I already saw many things, you are all disappointing indeed," Alexandra said this while sternly looking at the boys group, except for Ai and Cai Xiong,

"Just whats the connection between physical training and magical training!? Can we cast spells after physical training!?" Li Jun angrily asked Alexandra

"Oh~? Tell me if something were to happen like a demon invasion can you defend yourself in that state? As a low class apprentice can you even cast spells yet? Even if you were given a year to study about the foundation of magic spells can you cast it?" Alexandra replied coldly to the angry guy

"And that's why I want you to train physically before the magic training, I need to make your foundations sturdy so your future spells will be strong also, in order to visualize magic spells you need combat experience, and for you to survive in a combat you need to be capable of a hand to hand combat. That's why I disqualified you all to participate in the next years yearly competition between the Division. I am polishing your skills and I want you to trample on all the Divisions."

"Do you think I would request to be a direct advisor here just for fun? Do you know what kind of level you are in the whole academy? They said that you are all trashes and were just meant to be a servant on their whole life not even achieving rank 1 magicians." she added

"That's too much! We may be really weak but as a teacher you don't have the rights to shatter our dreams! Were is your professionalism!" Qiqi commented on her teacher's remarks

"It's not me making the evaluation, its the campus, and its the truth, your dreams are just mirage that you can see but cannot touch, in short a fantasy, and if you wanna be strong follow my regime" Alexandra said

"And also it's reality that you are all weak by the way" her disdain look was really visible, telling them that they were weak to the highest.

"Enough! Give us time and we will become strong! And you will regret your words!" Fu Shi cannot take the bullying of his teacher.

"Oh~? If you become really strong enough to trample me then, I'll accompany you in the bed for one night then" she smiled and " But too sad it won't even happen, never ever"

This was her tactic in making someone strive to their goals, this style of her was the same style she was using when she was teaching in the Sun and Moon Empire.

'To make the weak become strong 101' that's what she call it

It consists of:

First. Look down on the students on their potential and make them angry. Emotion make humans unstable and easily manipulated. Emotions is what drives human go astray in their path or in some lucky cases reach their dreams. Emotion is an important factor to make someone inspired to reach their dreams.

Second. Compare them to others and make them realize on what kind of picture they belong in the crowd, when they realize that they are weak, they will then make a resolve on becoming strong, and make them regret looking down on them.

Third. Support them as a pillar they can run into.

This style of her was quite easy but dangerous, because people have their own emotions and they interpret it differently. People's minds do not work the same, there are those even they are so mad because of fear they don't dare to do anything at all, compared to courageous one's who dare to bite who hit them.

It's a 50/50 gamble but its really effective in those who are weak, you need to plant a goal in their mind and let them reach it. With you guiding them also.

"If you want to be strong then follow my regime! If you want to be the weaklings that the outside people look down then you are free to expell your self voluntarily!" she loudly shouted in the crowd

"I need weak people who want to be strong! I don't need trashes that do not have a resolve, whats the use of your dreams if you do not have resolve!"

"If you want to make them regret looking down on you then become strong under me! TRAIN UNDER ME! FOLLOW UNDER ME! AND I WILL PROMISE YOU THAT THEY WILL REGRET LOOKING DOWN ON YOU!"


"YES WE WANT!" the crowd replied

"THEN FOLLOW MY REGIME AND STOP WHINING YOU BUNCH OF MAGGOTS AND DIRTS! NOW GET MOVING!" the teacher's aura that enveloped Alexandra earlier changed into a demon that wanted to eat them

Though the students were kinda hurt by the remarks of the teacher, its was the truth, the painful truth that they cannot change if they don't become strong.

Their resolve was perfectly created this time, the weak shall become strong and trample those who look down on them, even if it's fate they will trample it,

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