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Chapter 8: Quadro Elemental Mage

Vriing! Vriiing!

The whole Plaza where the awakening was being held seemed to have been put on a pressure, every people there felt as if they were suffocated with the pressure being applied to them, they were forced to kneel.

"Draw your mind to the depths of your mind and soul, imagine your element, Visualize the element,"

On the center of plaza, Ai had been meditating after their batch was called, he softly chanted these words as to keep him check on what he is doing.

It took him couple of minutes before seeing the mana in his mind..

first it was a red flare followed by a green wisp, followed by a blue droplet and accompanied with a small earth stone. These four little lights danced together in an orderly manner, they would hop, circle around.

Seeing this, Ai was confused.

'Huh? why is it like this' many questions was running in Ai mind back then

Putting him to a trance he remembered all those he had read on the manuals and questions that had been answered to him by his teachers.

The Four little matters seemed to have felt Ai pressence, like a baby they were very excited seeing their so called mother summoning them. They circled around him and dived in to his temple. Without Ai knowing it.

Ai woke up from his trance and even how hard he think of it there weren't anything that explained about these four little matters.

Ai was flabbergasted to think these four little matters were now gone!

"Oi!" Ai shouted at the space in his mind, and he was stunned.

"The fuck!? Was I imagining things earlier?! Am I really not Suitable to be a Magician!?!" Ai was enraged and somewhat disappointed and he shouted to vent what he was feeling.

"Urghh! The heck is with this pressure!" Students groaned in unison as they were all kneeling with the pressure put upon them.

"P-principal" A teacher grit his teeth and forced to crawl beside the principal,

"Yes," the principal replied without looking at him, staring at Ai who's body is floating in the center stage, surrounded with 4 elements wisps,

He stared to see what is was.

Green Red Brown and Blue!

'OmyGod!' those are four elements!' the principal exclaimed in his mind


The floating body earlier fell from the sky 1.5 meters high, so he not really that badly injured.

The scene where Ai's body was floating and surrounded by specs of lights made all audience go shocked and their jaws drop.

'What was this?!' the only question that seemed to be all in their minds.

The Principal hovered in the air and went to Ai,

The Principal is a rank 2 Magician, he specialized in wind Magic, using his magic he made the wind particles make him fly, like a saint descending from the skies.

"Ehem" to break the silence the principal lightly coughed.

Like a Lightning everyone was awoken from their momentary trance. They regained their usual composure and was very confused.

"Allow me to explain things." The principal then checked the temple of Ai and was really surprised of the energies in that body emitting.

"This Ai, possesses the Quadro Elemental Magic" the principal said

"Principal what is that?" Liu asked.

Liu was surprised in the events but still he asked to see if his brother was fine.

"The innate body of some people can only take at 2 elements everytime in their life, but some people are exceptions, in the capital we magicians are ranked for rank 1 to rank 13 and beyond that is adept level. Normally a mage can only wield 1 magic at a time and 2 elements is rare, but still we can have more elements in the higher ranking, this is what we call the second Awakening, Third, Forth and so forth, but still it depends to the magician if he can trigger this awakening if not, then there will be no awakening at all even if you are a Rank 13 magician." The principal paused at stared at everyone that was earnestly listening.

The words of principal today was new to them, never did the principal mentioned about this to them.

Well, because the ranking of magicians cannot be determined here so he never spoke about this matter here, because this was just an awakening institution here, once they graduate they will be sent to another institution to nurture them and make them full fledged magicians.

With a deep sigh the principal continued " So it is not impossible to wield multiples elements on high rank magician. But what happened today here is very shocking, Quadro means four so Ai possesses four elements, and namely they are the Common Primary Magic, and you see the pressure exerted here earlier was the acknowledgement of the heavens to a young prodigy. Every five millennium a person with very high potential is born and is expected to become an important figure in the long run, these persons is what we call the Alpha, I have read this matters in my masters books when I was still a student back then."

"Alpha magicians were either the savior or the destroyer of an era, they possess means of both. Mu Dao back then was an Alpha Mage, but he was incomplete. The 3rd element Space Rejected him making him control Earth and Gravity only till he became the king. You ask why does he only wield 2 elements? Its not because he didn't live to deserve them but the elements said they are not deserving for him, and added by the rejection of the Space Magic, His life was only wielding to elements. and also another factor why he was incomplete because he was born on the middle 2.5 millennium clearly earlier than usual of the birth of Alpha magician,"

"Also every Alpha magician were killed before they become adult, and you know why already, as I said they are both the savior or either the destroyer, even if many powers seek that power to conquer the world, there are those who are afraid of it and decided to hunt there Alpha magicians and they are the Alpha Exterminator, This organization had existed very long time ago, numerous claims said that they are the Ancient Magicians ago and they were nearly wiped out by one Alpha but they sealed it in time but the cost was very high, their era ended. But remnants remained and survived. And other theories suggest that they sealed their own bodies to awoken every five millenniums to hunt an Alpha to deter balanced on This world." Principal then paused.

He was intently looking on Ai, a gaze that was rather piercing.

"This is all I know for now, and this is also I can say," Principal then left carrying Ai's body with him

"So Does that lad is an Alpha?" a student ask?

"Dunno" a girl student shook here head " the principal never mentions that Ai is an Alpha" the girl continued

Liu was surprisingly calm at that moment. and has a slight smile on his face.

On the back of the Stadium stood there a handsome young youth, he was sent here from the capital to observe the results and safeguard the awakening ceremony, this matter surprised him to death, no matter what he had to report this matter at his superiors. This matter is shocking, really Shocking,

This youth wrote runes in air and he disappeared entirely as if he wasn't there from the start.

An old woman sat there smirking and walked out of the woods from the plaza, she was grinning,

'A new War is coming' she softly said and disappeared from the world

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