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Chapter 23: The Mother Goose System

When Ai fainted, a loud ding like the sound of the bell sounded in his mind

[ Prerequisites of Activating System reached]

[Initializing download of the Mother Goose System]

[ Estimated time of download 1 day]

Sounds of a mechanical voice can be heard in Ai mind.

" System?" Ai was stunned in the happenings in his thought,

Since Ai was pulled in his thought then he can freely hear the words announced by this mechanical voice

[The Mother Goose System is responsible for nurturing legendary heroes and it has chosen you to be its next child] the mechanical voice introduced it

"Child? But she's not my mother at all." Ai confusedly said

[ The Mother Goose System A.k.a MGS treats all its chosen one its child, the system will provide full support in raising anyone to a legendary heroes] the system replied Ai confusion

"So what does it do?" Ai asked in the mechanical voice

[ As I said nurture chosen one's to become a legendary hero] the system replied

"What I mean is in detail" Ai clarified is question

[ The Mother Goose System's way of nurturing depends on the agent that it has given to aid you in your path ]

"An agent?" Ai was full of questions now, he didn't understand why would something like this would happen to him

[The Mother Goose System cannot directly nurture you, the Universal laws of Systems had restricted her from doing so, therefore to nurture chosen one's to become a legendary heroes, the MGS had made agents to aid her in nurturing her child, as they are not restricted by the Universal Laws of System, they can directly help you to your path.] the mechanical voice answered

... Ai was totally more confused now,

More and more unknown knowledge was introduced to him by this mechanical voice


A loud bell resounded again

[ Do you want to have you agents now?] the voice asked at the quite Ai

"Can I do it? I thought the MGS would choose it from me?" Ai was sure that this voice said that the system would choose the right agent for him

[ Yes, you are right but the Mother Goose System would still give authority to its child to use an agent ] the voice resounded

"Let her find one for me, I think she knows what's suitable for me" Ai replied in a casual manner.

The truth is he can't decide at all, so he let the system decide it byself, and also wasn't this the former function of the system.

Wring! Wring! Wring!

[Choosing of Agent now in progress]


[Agent choosing Success]

[Opening outershell]



[Wretched Egg has been directed to be your Agent]

[Introducing functions of Wretched Egg]

The mechanical voice started with the introduction of the chosen Agent

[.... the functions of Wretched Egg will be slowly revealed by the System after the chosen one will reach a certain level of magical skills. That is all.] the voice ended with her non-stop blabber and didn't talk afterwards.

Ai was digesting the new information he had, the system, agent, chosen one, Universal Law of System, these stuffs were new to him.

Soon he asked out of curiosity , " May I ask what is the Universal Law of Systems?"

[The chosen one isn't qualified yet to receive an answer for that question] the voice solemnly replied Ai

"How about the Mother Goose System? How did she originate." Ai asked another question

[ The chosen one still restricted from having an answer in that question] the mechanical voice answered

"what?! you introduce this things to me and yet I'm unqualified to receive an answer for this!? The heck!" Ai angrily shouted

Calming his mind he had another question in his mind

" You said about legendary heroes, but what kind of legendary hero would I be after the system has nurtured me" Ai curiously asked

Earlier he was surprised, being a legendary hero would be great and him being someone like that, he can't even imagine how happy he would be. But the thing is what kind of hero would he be, there were so many legendary heroes he new in Earth and in this world, They were some who conquered the evil with sword art, spear art, and some who slayed demon kings and emperors.

[ Possessing the Wretched Egg, the path that is already waiting for you will be]

the mechanical voice paused

[Becoming the Ultimate Mage, the only person who will dominate everything at your magic, squashing everything that comes in your way and conquer worlds to make balance. ] the system continued in an imposing manner

"Huh?! WHHHAAAAT!? Are you sure!" Ai's blood was boiling in excitement when he heard that he's gonna become an Ultimate Mage, wasn't his dream was just to become a powerful magician, strong enough to avenge his village, but never in his life he wanted to become someone that is so over powered, the Ultimate Mage?! God! How strong would that be! Dominating anything! Shit! This is getting me excited!

[ The system has never failed in recognizing the path its chosen one had become] the system coldly replied

"So, how many kids the Mother Goose System already nurtured" Ai wanted to know how many people had become legendary heroes

[ The approximate number of chosen one are counted in 4 trillion,] the system replied

"F-Fo-Four Tri-Trillion!?! That many!?" Ai was totally flabbergasted at the number of people like that, they were enough to fill Earth in their numbers! Trillion?! Shit! too many!

[ But the mostly of the chosen one's are killed. The number of her children that reached their path are only 99 people out of 4 trillion] the mechanical voice added

"What?! Why!?" Ai asked, he was surprised at this revalation

[The Mother Goose System is not the only System existing in this world. There are many factors on why candidates are killed, but the top most reason they were killed is revealing the Mother Goose System.]

"but why where they killed?" Ai added

[ The Each system ha their own reason for existence, and MGS has one also, like as I've said she will nurture legendary heroes, but those legendary heroes may become the destroyer of the world or the savior of the world. The perspective of Good and Evil does not apply to someone who has absolute power. Sometimes good can be evil and evil can be good, thus, the other systems naturally aim the children of the MGS to exterminate. The MGS is a threat to them.] The system replied

"So you're saying that I should this matter keep in secret" Ai asked

[If you wanna live and become the Ultimate Mage] the system indirectly answered Ai's question

"Can I tell my close-relatives" Ai asked one last time

[Its up to you, but the survival rate of someone not revealing theirselves to anyone has been proved 100% safe, all 99 people that became legendary heroes did this.] the voice advised Ai

"Right, what can I call you then? So I should comfortably call you whenever I need you."

[ Satella ] only one word was heard

" Satella then, "

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