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6.38% Being Myself In Naruto / Chapter 1: Chapter 1.

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1.

Bright Light filled my eyes as i placed my hand over to get accustomed to the light.

With confusion filling his mind as he looked at his surrounding. This place seems to be an orphanage with many children sleeping in the same room and a matron guarding us.

I looked at my hand which is very young, getting up from my bed i headed to the mirror as soon as i looked at the mirror the memories of this body came rushing into my head. I groaned as i held my head tightly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'sound of something turned on is heard'

" A.I has been successfully turned on."

"Linking with the host is completed."

after i heard this voice i knew that the reason for my death has also followed me to this world. I couldn't about how it came with me as i said.

"Process my memories and keep them in order."

Sometime passed since it was early no one discovered my unusual behaviour.

I walked down towards the hall as i continued to process the memories.

"oh! Tim you are early today" I heard the sound as i turned to look at the source i saw an old lady placing dishes on the table.

From the memories i knew she is the head matron of the orphanage she is very gentle and kind lady who takes of everyone without any prejudice.

"Good Morning matron"

"Come here since you are early help me with placing those dishes"

I quickly walked over and helped her still absentmindedly processing the memories.

At the same time i placed the last plate the jumbled memories were also processed.

Looks like I have been reborn into the world of the Naruto. And from the memories it looks the time i have got this body is just after a month of matters concerning Kyubi's rampage. After rummaging through all this.

"Scan my Body" I ordered.

Name: Tim (There are many orphans who don't even know their names let alone last name.)

Title: None

Occupation: None

Kekkei Genkai: None

Age: 6

Health: 120

Chakra: ???

Strength: 7 (even kids in this world are more powerful then adults. ex. Kakashi)

Dexterity: 10

A screen appeared with these stats after 2 mins of proper scan.

Looking at the stats I determined my directions to develop in future and as i know the plot well it makes things easier. Its because while we were experimented on they brought us some novels animes games and other stuff to keep us from getting bored. I wouldn't say the researchers back then are good but they weren't bad either.

When i recovered from my trance i found Matron standing in front of me with worry in her eyes.

"what happened to you Tim." she asked with worry.

"I want to go to ninja school matron" i said.

"Do you really want to become a ninja you do know that its dangerous right." she asked me worry.

"yes I know but i still want to be a ninja." i said with a determined voice.

"ok then i will take care of the process." The process is not hard as this world is full of cruelty when one batch of canon fodders die new batch will take there place. Most of the time orphans are forcibly turned into ninjas to serve as canon fodders.


After that i went to clean myself while the childrens started coming down making the quiet hall full of life.

"Quiet everyone." Matron came down, seeing everyone screaming and doing mischief she screamed.

All of them became quiet and stood in order.

"Ok get to your seats and start eating your breakfast and don't make noise."

After everyone had dinner matron stood up and said.

"Tim has already registered to ninja academy. Who of you are ready to go to school."

Everybody started to discuss, after some most of them raised their hands as legends and myths of ninja's were told since they were child making them yearn for it.

"Okay those who raised their hands stay, everyone go back and play."

Everyone disperses leaving only 15 people including me.

She passed us a book.

"This is a chakra training technique and only if you store chakra in your body only then you will be eligible to go school."

I took the book and browsed through it while others started to do same; Matron stood in front of us waiting for us to browse.

After checking the technique it is similar to what Kakashi said chakra to be. You have to use spiritual power to extract chakra and follow a certain path to to store at a certain part. Tyhe process is as follows.

1. You sense chakra.

2. Extract chakra and hold it tightly using spiritual power.

3.Follow the path described in the book

4. store the chakra.

In this there process of sensing chakra stops half the people while the remaining half stops at storing since you've to build a wall of spirit to hold chakra.

"Are there any questions." Matron asked

Since the other childrens didn't know much to begin with and only wanted to play. They didn't ask anything.

Seeing that no one asking questions she let us disperse.

I quickly ran back to the room we slept, As everyone else ran out to play there is no one in the room to disturb me.

Sitting crossed leg in my bed i started to sense the so-called chakra in the surrounding.

10 minutes passed nothing caught my senses.

20 minutes passed still nothing i can sense.

After sense i got up. I knew chakra sensing was but this much i didn't know.

Well it must be related to my civilian body in this life. Even if my soul grew stronger because of transmigration it still can't reach the level of those with Kekkei Genkai. At most my soul power should be similar some non kekkai genkai families like Nara, Aburame, Inuzuka.

Getting up I started to practice some basic body building exercises like push-ups, sit-ups,etc.

After all this i started to tour around the orphanage to get some information since you are not allowed to go out. If you do so the consequence will be dire one might even get beaten or expelled.

At night i once again tried to sense the chakra but this time it is not from the surrounding but from within my body.

Why from within the body its simple because chakra is the energy extracted from the cells. I forgot such a simple thing causing me to waste the whole day. Well whatever lets concentrate on sensing first.

Just after 5 minutes of trying i sensed a small part of energy getting extracted from the cells. Quickly concentrating on this part i focused all my energy but it still dissipated quickly before my spirit arrived.

I shrugged and started to try again and failing again. After quite a few times of trying i quickly got accustomed to the part of sensing chakra.

Well whatever the hard part is done now all i have to wait for building the chakra wall below my navel.

After the practice i felt tired and got onto bed to sleep.

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