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Chapter 16: Chapter 16.

4 years passed by after the my entering into the Anbu division. Quite a few changes took place in this few years.

First I have reached special Jonin level quite close to reaching Jonin. I have also gained some knowledge on Fuinjutsu skimming through all the scrolls in the Anbu division and using some merits to exchange from the task and reward section. And got the summoning contract of monkey from Hokage-sama.

I also learned some new tricks like Rasengan (hidden), Rasen-shuriken (Hidden), Chidori, Increasing resistance against Genjutsu, Fighting strategies against Sharingan user which we all forcefully got accustomed to since we had 3 sharingan users in our 1 little team, Kenjutsu till Elite Jonin level, Static string technique to control 10 weapons at once (personally developed.), Shisui famous body flicker. I learned all these techniques very quickly leading me to unable to upgrade anymore because I used all my merit points. But this still helped me improve my Jutsu arsenal and Get thoroughly experienced in them within these years of fighting.

In these years I performed quite a few high level missions with quite a dozen A level mission and 2 S level. Since I was only Chunin they didn't allow me to participate in S level missions. Even these 2 mission were filled perils with 9 deaths and 1 life I was quite depressed for a few after my first time brushing by the death. 1st S level mission was when Cloud village sent there troops to the borders because of Hyuga case. We were assigned to intercept and destroy there supplies and create chaos at their back.

We succeeded first few time then the opposite side sent a squad of 10 all Jonin. This time although we had a tough fight and got seriously injured but we still managed to destroy their supplies and retreat. In this battle I managed to kill 3 Jonin better then others 1st one in a head on battle and using my signature Shadow clone technique 2nd one was also killed using my Shadow clone and transformation combo he still had his eyes filled with until he died not understanding how. 3rd one was killed because of his carelessness as he was chasing us while i silently put kunai and shuriken in a circle as I retreated letting him enter the trap as soon as he entered the zone I used my string weapon technique to besiege him filling his body with kunai all over turning him into a living porcupine. I directly entered into Coma as Yamato dragged my body back to base. Finishing our mission we returned back to village. After this fight there was also fame and a significant name of 'Devil of Shadow Clone'.

2nd S level mission was to go to land of water and get some information on the Chaos in the Hidden mist village. I thought about it and Checked A.I database of my previous life Naruto knowledge and knew that its still quite a few years before the destruction of clans in Mist village. This time must be just be a little sparks before true massacre. As I thought this was really the case there was just some frictions between Mist village clans and Mizukage. But to get this Information we had to pay the price of Kakashi going into coma, Itachi badly Injured and me and Shisui dragging these two away from the pursuers. It was a long chase as we quickly entered the boat already decided earlier where Yamato was on standby quickly retreating using a secret tunnel we created before starting the mission.

"Open status"

Name : Tim

Age: 12

Level : 38

Title : Anbu ( Chunin )

Kekkei-Genkai : None

Chakra : 14000

Chakra-control : 57%

Genjutsu resistance: 38% (Specially added because of all the fights with sharingan giving enough data for A.I to process this much Information)

Nature-transformation : Wind release 66%, Lightning release 71%

Shape-transformation : 73%

Strength : 85

Dexterity : 110

Skills : 3-basic Jutsu, Wind Shuriken Shadow Windmill, Smoke dome, Static strings technique, Leaf-style Kenjutsu (Elite Jonin), Leaf-style Taijutsu (Jonin), Fuinjutsu (Chunin),Shadow clone, Body- flicker ( Wind style; Lightning style), Rasengan (hidden), Rasen-shuriken (Hidden), Chidori, Shadow-Transformation Combo, String-weapon technique. And other little Jutsu.

As I Looked at my Status panel quite satisfied I rushed towards Hokage residence.

Entering the office I saw Hokage-sama and Danzo quarreling like always. Seeing them quarreling I can't understand whether they are friends or an old couple always bickering at the same time occasional love and hate. Well whatever its not my place to judge them everybody has their on freedom.

Seeing me enter they stopped talking, Hokage-sama looked at Danzo and said.

" We will talk about this later."

Danzo snorted and left from start to finish he just gave me a glance and never looked again towards me. Well it's good that I don't enter this old maniacs sight or god knows what he will do.

After Danzo left Hokage-sama looked at me and said.

" Last mission you performed very well. This is the new task look at it if you can reach my requirement in this task. You will be allowed to enter my Personal guards team."

As soon as I heard this I got excited and solemnly vowed to complete this mission beautifully.

He nodded with smiled and said.

" Ok now look at the task details and ask whatever you want to know."

I seriously nodded and browsed the information in the scroll. After a few minutes I looked back at Hokage-sama with a very serious expression and asked.

" This mission am I really allowed to participate."

Hearing this he just nodded and smiled with encouragement. Seeing this I took a deep breath and calmed down while my fist clenched tightly. I looked towards him and bowed while saying.

" Thanks for your trust Hokage-sama."

" Ok ok you have earned it now ask the questions quickly. There many things taht need me to take care of."

Listening to this I got serious and ask.

" According to the information given Its likely that Uchiha clan is going to rebel. Its not easy to get into their grounds to gather information."

"When the emergency occurs what should i do. Quietly retreat or Capture the cause of the emergency. "

I continued.

"On the occasion if The Uchiha clan really rebels what should I do. Should I stand on the borders and stop anyone from escaping the net or Should i go in for a direct battle."

He replied.

" The reason I chose you is this. You have performed much better in breaching the securities in your past that no one is better then you. That's one of the reasons why I let you in."

" It's on the occasion if you can quietly capture the target do it. If not quickly retreat I will handle other. But make sure your Anbu uniform is not seen. Then things might get ugly." I nodded as he continued.

" If they really rebel just do what you want. Anyway they can't escape. But I hope it won't come to this." When he said this there was helplessness written all over his face, cause he knew that what he hoped is different from reality with all the evidence until now it's clear the other party is ready to rebel. There is no other option then 'to kill or be killed'.

I nodded and sighed as well although I don't quite like these arrogant and nasty Uchiha's But still my 2 team members are from this clan and my immediate boss is also has a complicated relationship with the Uchiha's. Thinking of this the burden on my shoulders increased as I started to think of the measures I need to take during this task while also letting A.I sketch some plans.

Seeing me standing there in daze he thought I was nervous and came over patted me as he encouraged. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

" Don't worry you're not alone in this. Even if the sky falls there is me to take care of it you just perform your task perfectly as for other things Don't think about it."

I nodded at him and said Thank you as I headed out to check out my weapons and to collect the things necessary for this task.

He stood there watching me leave as he returned to the side of the window checking bustling streets Of konoha that is filled with voices of Joy. Seeing all this he turned again and looked towards Hokage photos hung on the office wall and sighed deeply. Supporting his old lonely figure he returned to his desk and started to go through the mountains of paper.

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