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13.74% Being overpowered is boring in another world / Chapter 18: Chapter 18 Boring talk with couple

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Chapter 18: Chapter 18 Boring talk with couple

"So can you guys explain your situation? Just tell me what happened yesterday." I ask just for making discussion easier for everyone to understand.

"First of all allow me to say this. I thank you from bottom of my heart for saving me and my husband from attackers. If not for you, we would have certainly be killed." She stands up and thanks me.

"Same here. We can't thank you enough for what you have done for us. I will never know that I will become a father." Masaomi does the same.

"Your welcome~ now please continue," I say not dragging the formalities.

"Right. Yesterday we were just spending our usual time in his home when I received a report that some devils and exorcists are searching for me and him together for our heads. We don't get what is happening at all as we were ignored by both the underworld and church. Then I thought about that it is because of an important piece of information that I got from old devils related to the ratings game. You may have already know what rating game is. Anyway, we were hunted by both devils and exorcists. I get it that I was being hunted for that information but what are these exorcists doing here? Especially working with devils...

We defended ourselves but it was like they were just weakening us. Later the main priest from church came to confront us and the rest of the story is now in front of you." She explains in simple terms. I think she has a hunch that I am not as simple.

"That's true, Touji-san stopped me many times in the past but he gets over with this. But yesterday, he seems to be different as if he also didn't come his content." Masaomi says.

"Well, that's enough for now. This is a simple old conspiracy between you guys. Cleria-san if you have lived long enough, you should know that this is everyday politics between old and new devils. Masaomi-san, you should know Touji-san is the head priest and he won't go against orders from the main church. I have done a little investigation on church too and it's without a doubt that there are many moles in church." I explain.

"You seem not a normal child at all. I am not going to ask about your identity or whatsoever but it's true. The information I received is related to the existence of King Piece. As you may know, King Piece does not exist originally as only other pieces exist where high-class devil becomes king upon receiving evil pieces. Sure he gets some boost from evil pieces but it is nothing like King Piece as it increases power from 10 to 100 times. Some old devil used King Piece to dominate Rating Games and slowly securing uphold what they lost in the last war. That's all I could say." She finished explaining.

"I know that Touji-san may have moved according to order church but I didn't expect that there are moles in church. It is managed by heaven itself. How could this be possible?"Masaomi seems too lost in thought.

"Everything is possible now. I am not gonna say anything. You will figure that out later yourself. Now then what you are guys gonna do?" I ask.

"Cleria-san please stay here till you gave birth to a child. We will have no problem having you." Mom says finally joining the discussion.

"But we can't trouble you guys…. You have already troubled by us enough…"Cleria sayswith little hesitant.

"As mom said, it's dangerous outside. You could live here as long as you can. I will make some devices for you guys to hide your aura and change your identity for outside. Remember for the outside world you guys are dead. You don't have to worry troubling us or be indebted to us as we are respected and kind people. Also, I will have the company of a beautiful devil." I say smiling at while hair devil. If not for Masaomi, I would have made her my wife.

"Ara~ you seem like interested in mature women." She says smiling at me.

"I am warning you. He had already stolen many women in the vicinity. Touji-san is also a victim." Mom warns them.

"So you are the one who givesTouji-san trouble. Now I am starting to get worried." Masaomi says.

"Seriously, what happened to you grownups being jealous of 7 years old child.And for your information, I am not a jerk who likes stealing someone's wife. I am a gentleman who helps ladies in all sorts of problems." I say correcting them.

"Fufufu~ You are one funny kid."Cleria says.

"Thank you for that. And by the way, I have shifted all your research about magic and other books to your new place. Masaomi-san come, we will settle your new place. Let ladies be alone for some time." I say dragging Masaomi away.

Two women were in the bath. Cleria is rubbing the back of Yukino.

"You seem a little troubled," Yukino asked.

"I don't know how I am going to pay for all your hospitality. I know I shouldn't be saying this but I can't just sit back without doing anything while receiving all of your help." Cleria said.

"As we said its okay. I know Yukio is a little weird kid but he is the most kind-hearted person I have ever seen. I can't say much about him. You might be thinking that he has done all this just because you have helped me during my time in pregnancy. But even if you didn't, he would have helped you regardless. Relax and focus on your child. This is your first child, you can't take any risk." Yukino said taking a turn to wash Cleria's back."That's true. Then I won't discuss this topic anymore. I also want to give birth to this baby without any harm." Cleria said rubbing her belly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hehe~ he will be very happy for his little sibling," Yukino said hugging from behind.

"So you already consider us family. Thank you Yukino-chan for all this. I am glad that I also helped you before. Maybe what this is called happiness comes from help and be helped."Cleria said with a tear in her eyes.

"Ohh don't mention it. It was getting a little boring anyway. We will have a bigger family now." Yukino said. They then heard a knock on the door.

"Can I join?" They heard a child's voice.

"No, we are a little bus-"

"Come and join us." Before Yukino could stop, Cleria already invited Tiger in sheep's cattle.

"Yahoo! This is heaven baby…" Yukio said and jumped between them.

"Fufufu~ you like big girls' bodies. Come I will wash your back." Cleria offered some help.

"YESSS! Thank you very much, Cleria-san." He said and sat down on a stool.

"What is my husband doing?" Cleria asked.

"He was down in dimensional space. We were setting all your belongings but... Man, he asks a lot of questions. He should be host in some reality show. I can't stand with old men with much longer that's why I left clone in there." He said enjoying back rubbing.

"So you use clones. Is it some type of magic?" Cleria asked.

"Don't worry I will teach you all that stuff later. By the way, what will happen to your peerage members?" He asked.

"They have their all own peerage members. I was managing this town on my own. For a year, this town was too peaceful, was it your doing?" She asked since she didn't get why they were suddenly attacked yesterday.

"Yes, it was me. I have many clones in the shape of birds and insects all around the town. They kill any stray devil or fallen angel who has ill intent towards humans. I also stopped them from attacking you. But last few days, their activity seems to increase. I deactivated them from attacking anyone since I want to see what they will do.

After some digging, I have realized that I have to remove you guys from the outside world and let them 'kill' you to avoid further actions from the opposite side. I was a little late as you were in a much bloody state and was also pregnant too which I didn't know. I apologize because it was also a little plot from my side too. It could have put your baby in danger." Yukio stood up and bowed his head. Cleria just hugged him.

"You don't have to apologize for anything, dear. As what you did was the right thing, it was a loose end for our side. If you weren't, we all would have been killed. So don't apologize for anything and thank you for saving us." She said forgetting she was hugging a pervert naked.

"You're welcome… for both. Your thanks and this hug." He said enjoying the soft sensation.

"You rascal… Yukino-chan I get why women like this kid." Cleria said looking at Yukino.

"Told you before and seems like after Touji-san, Masaomi-san will be the next victim," Yukino said.

They just laughed and enjoyed the day while a certain old man setting up his house.

"Achoo! I am getting bad feelings." Masaomi sneezed looking at the boy before him.

"Hurry up old man! Ladies are waiting for my help." Said the boy with perfect acting skills.

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