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ALIENATION: HE IS A VICTIM I - BENEATH THE SURFACE: RISE OF THE GOD - Chapter 9 by KS_Loona full book limited free


Kate let out a sigh and stretched her neck gazing at the ceiling. "Most of us have never seen him but we heard he is a robot, an indestructible one and he wants to be God of everyone," she said with a straight face. "He really is powerful... he can control every hybrid and he can see and listen to everything from anywhere..." she bowed and stretched her neck again then looked straight at Jade.

"When a human is planted with a pill, it slowly develops and turns the person into a hybrid, one of his eyes, ears and everything. That person loses his own control over emotions. They just become Iike a robot and a loyal slave to B. Alpha." Jade was horrified, curious and fearful. He listened to Kate attentively.

"I wish we were strong to fight him. But we don't even know where he is or how he looks... or anything. We are just hiding from him and surviving..." she looked towards the door and made a straight face. "All we can do is hope for someone strong, stronger than him to appear who will be our God. I wish I could be that person and somehow end this misery," she paused for a while then slowly tucked her brown hair hanging down her behind her ears.

"If you hadn't cut my hand, would I have also become his slave?" Jade asked nervously. "To tell you the truth, yeah. If it had spread up to your spines or head region... I mean brain you would have lost control over yourself. Thank God the wire didn't spread quickly in your case," she smiled and caressed his head, "some people lose control immediately after the pill enters their body, but you were lucky. Even though your whole hand had already turned mechanical, you were still conscious and control your emotions."

"Do you kill hybrids?" he asked another question. Kate paused and put her hands down on her lap. "Yeah... we do and we need to." She gazed into his green eyes, "If we don't, they will make us slaves for Alpha or kill us if we hesitate or fight back."

"Am I still a hybrid?" he asked; "No... I saw fear in your eyes, so you are not. Hybrids don't fear death. They just cannot...And you smile as well a lot so you are not" she replied.

He nodded his head slightly acknowledging what she said then asked yet another question; "Will I be one?" Kate saw a fearful expression on his face. "I don't think so... I really hope you don't and I won't let that happen so don't worry." She hid the fact that he still had a pill in his head and it could be dangerous if it ever starts to function again. It was impossible to take it as well as it required a complicated head surgery and it was possible moreover it could risk his life as well. But she hid this fact from him to make sure he doesn't feel guilty or afraid. She just thought it was the correct thing to do for his sake at that moment.

"Anyways, how is it going here?" she asked, the playfulness in her face had returned. "It is going fine... Kate," he said although he didn't enjoy staying alone locked up in a big chamber; although he wasn't quite fond of the ghostly silence and the echoes of his voice or footsteps; although he didn't like looking at the same ceiling, same books and everything in the room he had been looking at for past 2 months; although he hated waiting patiently for someone or something to stop by. He lied that it was going all fine, and Kate understood him well. She could see that he wanted to cross the threshold of the door and look at the works behind it; she understood his loneliness and longing to not be all by himself in this big chamber just by looking at his face, but she didn't mention anything about it and simply gave a slight smile.

"Let's wait for 3 more days Ok? Then I will show you every corner of this place," Kate said confidently as though she could make anyone even Edgar and Luca to agree on letting him leave the quarantine area and live like one of them. This gave Jade a ray of hope and he started to eagerly wait for these 3 days to end. And then he suddenly wondered if he ever met Edgar and Luca everywhere once he left this chamber, he would do anything to avoid their gaze or their criticisms.

"Kate, Is sir Edgar a good person? I mean does he..." he asked while being as cautious and not offending at all and he couldn't find the proper statement to express his question and Kate understood it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Edgar is the leader of all of us. He was the first person to rescue us and bring us here. He is a good person for us." she looked at his emotionless face. "He might seem rude or very wary but he is a kind and protective person. He saved us all and made plans and rules so we could all survive and thanks to him we are still alive."

"Oh..." he said plainly and started pondering on why he would treat him the way he always did. "He used to be one of the military officers for our country. He moved to Skadi barracks just a year before this happened," she added. "Wait a minute, do you know Skadi or Odin...?" Jade shook his head sideways. "It's the place above QR?"

"Oh... Ok, you don't really know a lot of things. I mean you lost your memory and you are still a kid so understandable." she pulled her leg up and crossed it facing him. "So this city... I mean this big place above CUWAR is the city of Skadi and it is a small part of our country, Odin. You probably don't know what country is right... How do I explain," she looked at him trying to understand what she was saying.

"A country is a place where people live following the rules made by a government... No, you probably don't know what government is well each country has a special rule or law made by some powerful people called government. Our country is called Odin, the land of wisdom." Jade nod his head slightly up and down ensuring he was understanding.

"You don't know a lot of basic words like these so while we wait for them to return, I will tell their meanings, Ok?" She stood up and walked towards the bookshelf and took out a big notebook and a black pen from the drawer and brought it to him. "The best way to study is to write." She smiled and started scribbling on the plain white page of the notebook. "Let's understand the world outside now!" she said joyfully while Jade curiously looked at what she was writing.

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