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Chapter 3-Start To Move - Berserk Stick System - Chapter 3 by Zontal_Zev full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3-Start To Move

Castin Village, this is the village I currently live in, this village is quite far from the city. Actually, the area of ​​the city and its surroundings is a place for various races to coexist.

Humans and Beastmen have some conflicts, but in this city, they live side by side, because this city is separated from the human kingdom and the beastmen kingdom.

The city is called Sailos City, this city is very famous because is a place for various kinds of races to live. If anyone violates the rules in the city such as discrimination between races, then surely that person will get severe punishment.

Even the human kingdom and beastmen kingdom can't do anything in this city because of the many powerhouses living here.

This city is also the site of the Mervbanis Academy entrance examination, which will be the place where the protagonist meets the heroine in the story. Of course, I won't let the protagonist create his harem.

'I'm sorry protagonist it's not that I hate you or anything, but my life is at stake here, in exchange I will replace you and save the world by myself,'

Clenching my fists tightly as I felt deeply touched by my own wisdom.

Right now I'm in the park with other kids playing. I sat under the tree thinking about my plans from now on.

After I recall the events that will soon occur in the story, it seems that I have to start moving to overcome this disaster.

In the story, this village will be destroyed in an attack by monsters, after that the only survivors from this disaster are children because they have been evacuated before.

Lute and Silvie survived this disaster was very sad, they were then taken to an orphanage in the city at first. Because Lute and Silvie who had talent in their magic were adopted by the nobles there.

'I have to become strong now, after that I'm going to the city to ask for help from the adventurer's guild to fight the impending monster catastrophe, but first what should I do?'

"Hey system, do you have any suggestions for me to be strong now?"

[Host is advised to purchase items in the Battle Point Exchange Shop]

I heard the answer from the system tried to see what items were being sold in the Battle Point Exchange Shop.

There's a lot of stuff here like Elixir, Magic Spells, and Weapons. I sorted them into Elixir to see if there's anything I can use.

[Growth Elixir (Low)

This elixir will strengthen the body and remove impurities in the body after drinking it. (It is recommended to prepare yourself before drinking it)

Price: 1000 Battle Points]

[Battle Points: 0]

Seeing as I don't have any battle points, it looks like I have to collect Battle Points first. I'll try hunting the monsters in the forest around the village later.

Elixir here has levels in quality ranging from Low, Normal, Rare, Epic, Mystic, and Legendary. As for other items such as weapons they have ranks from F to SSR.

"Lute, aren't you playing? Usually, you are the most excited when playing, "

Silvie walked towards me after that she sat beside me, she looked cute and beautiful as usual. Remember I'm not a lolicon, how can I like a girl who just grew up.

Seeing her wagging ears and tail makes me want to touch it.

"I was thinking of something,"

"Hmn what do you think, is there a problem?"

"Of course not, I was thinking of you,"

'I'm not lying I was thinking about her,'

I felt a pain in my waist, turned to the side to see Silvie who had a red blush on her face pinching my waist tightly.

"What are you saying!!"

"Silvie please stop, I-I'm telling the truth," I said while wincing in pain.

"Hmph, liar,"

Silvie let go of her grip and looked to the side, even though she said that it could be seen from her wagging tail that she was pleased.

[+400 Love Points]

'So cute, I want to stroke those tails and ears,'

Trying to hold back my pent-up desire, I'm sure later I'll be able to stroke as I please.

I tried looking at Silvie's window status again.


Name: [Silvie Valoriet]

Race: [Silver Fox]

Gender: [Female]

Age: [10 Years]

Innate Skills: [Frostfire](Seal)

Skills: [Fire Ball], [Ice Wall]

Love Meter: 60%[Friend Zone]

Rank: [F+]


'Looks like the Love Meter has gone up a bit, the Friend Zone is a tough step to pass,'

Maybe I'll ask Silvie for help hunting monsters near the forest. That way I might be able to increase the Love Meter and get lots of Battle Points, it's like shooting two birds with one stone.

'As expected of me,'

Thinking of this I started talking to Silvie. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Silvie, can you help me hunt monsters around the forest?"

"Hah? Why do you want to hunt monsters, isn't that the job of the village guard?"Silvie looked at me in surprise.

"I... I just want to ease the burden on the villagers, maybe we can get some fresh meat when hunting later, that way we can take it to the orphanage and eat delicious food with the others,"

"Is that so, but the villagers say the forest is dangerous for children," Silvie looked at me skeptically.

"Please Silvie comes with me, if you don't want to, I'll go around the forest alone," I said to Silvie with a resigned expression.

"W-well, you can't do anything without me anyways." Despite saying that, Silvie still seemed quite worried.

"Calm down Silvie if anything happens, trust me I will protect you," I said confidently.

Looking at how confident I am, Silvie couldn't help but laugh.

"Hahaha... what can you do, even though you are weaker than me," Silvie looked at me as if she heard something funny.

Hearing her mock me I couldn't help but click my tongue.

"Tsk what's with that expression of yours, don't you believe me, at least I can become a meat shield,"

"Hahahaha… a meat shield? You make me laugh."

Now I had a vein in my head, feeling the conversation was making me worse. I got up and joined the rest of the kids, but before that, I turned to Silvie.

As if thinking of something, I said to Silvie.

"Tomorrow morning we will go around the forest to hunt monsters, Oh yes Silvie by the way you look beautiful when you laugh,"

Leaving Silvie still dumbfounded with a flushed face. I ran and joined the other kids.

Silvie who was still dumbfounded lowered her head and spoke quietly.


[+1000 Love Points]


It was a bright morning, the sun began to shine brightly. The air was cold against the skin. The birds were chirping, signaling that the morning had come.

Seeing this, I still didn't expect that this world was in a different dimension from my previous world. Because all this time I only thought this was just a very difficult game to play, but it turns out that the game I've been playing so far, has its own world that is different in dimension from mine.

Just thinking about it makes me dizzy.

Silvie and I are currently in front of the forest, we plan to hunt monsters today.

Silvie was currently wearing simple clothes, short pants, and a white short-sleeved shirt. On her back was a small backpack filled with food. She also had a dagger that she tied around her waist.

I'm currently carrying arrows and bows on my back, on my waist is a dagger, actually, this is my first time using a bow.

Silvie saw me using a bow as a weapon, had a curious expression.

"Hey Lute, can you shoot archery?"

"Of course not, this is my first time using it," I said as I pulled out the bow on my back.

"Isn't this getting dangerous?" Silvie looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

"Don't worry Silvie we'll just be hunting around the forest,"

"Well I hope nothing happens"

The two of us ended up going into the forest together.


Hiding behind the bushes, Silvie and I moved slowly. There we saw a deer that was twice the usual size. The deer had brown skin, with strange patterns on its body and very sharp antlers.


Race: [Stone Deer]

Gender: [Male]

Skills: [Deer Anger], [Iron Horn]

Rank: [F+]


The deer was of the same rank as Silvie, there seemed to be no problem killing him.

I turned to Silvie gesturing, Silvie nodded in response. We planned to surprise the deer with my arrows after that, Silvie would shoot a Fire Ball.

Pulling the bowstring firmly, after feeling sure I let go. The arrow went fast and hit the deer's butt. The deer was startled and let out a screech, trying to escape.


Silvie saw that the deer was about to run away, threw a fireball at the deer. The fireball hit the deer's back and knocked him down.

I didn't stay still, rushing towards the deer with the dagger in my hand. I thrust it towards the deer's neck. Blood dripped from the deer's neck and the deer finally stopped moving.

[+100 Battle Points]

Hearing this notification I felt happy, but suddenly I felt something fast-moving towards me. I immediately dodged backward, saw what was trying to attack me earlier, it turned out to be a gray wolf.

Zontal_Zev Zontal_Zev

I hope there are no mistakes, if there are please tell me.

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