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Chapter 4-Battle Together - Berserk Stick System - Chapter 4 by Zontal_Zev full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4-Battle Together


Race: [Grey Wolf]

Gender: [Male]

Skills: [Blood Fang], [Poison Claws]

Rank: [F+]


Looking at the wolf in front of me, I frowned. The wolf was the size of any other wolf. It had gray fur with blood-red fangs. Wolves were beasts that were difficult to fight, especially when they were in groups.

It looks like the deer we were hunting earlier were the prey. Since the deer was already dead, now the wolf was targeting us.

Unlike deer which will run away if they feel threatened, wolves will continue to fight their enemies in groups, even if one of them dies, others will take their place.

'I hope there are no wolf pack nearby, if there are we must retreat immediately,'

Silvie immediately rushed towards me, she seemed wary of the wolf.

"Lute are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Silvie we need to quickly defeat the wolf, before the wolf calls its group," I said to Silvie, with a serious expression.

Silvie heard what I said, started to think this was dangerous.


The wolf growled, then leaped at us. I pushed Silvie aside to dodge.

Holding the dagger I blocked the attack. The wolf bit my dagger, its sharp red fangs almost hit me. Lifting its claws, the wolf tried to attack me.

I saw this and retreated, but the wolf didn't give up on attacking me. It advanced and its claws almost hit my neck.

"Ice Walls"

Silvie cast a spell, a wall of ice appeared between me and the wolf. The wolf was hit by a layer of ice and pushed back. I saw this breathed a sigh of relief.

Silvie was now beside me, ready to cast spells at any moment. But she seemed to be exhausted, casting spells must have consumed a lot of mana. Especially since we were children, our mana capacity wasn't as much as that of adults.

"Silvie I will go forward to distract it, you will throw a Fire Ball at it after that I will try to shoot its head,"


I had to shoot it from afar because it was dangerous to fight with a dagger. The wolf had poisonous claws, if it hit me it would poison my body.

Coming out of the ice wall, I ran and pulled the bowstring filling the arrows with my mana. I tried to make the arrows go fast using mana.

The arrow went fast, but it didn't hit the wolf and only made him angrier.

'Looks like I have a bad aim' I thought with a helpless smile.

The wolf started aiming at me. Silvie who was behind the ice wall was already getting ready to start casting her spell.


The fireball that was the size of a basketball rushed towards the wolf and hit it. The wolf rolled over in pain.

I who saw this opportunity, ran towards the wolf while pulling the bowstring and filling the arrows with mana. Since my aim was so bad I'll try to shoot it at close range. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Aiming at its head from a short distance away, I let go of the bowstring. The arrow went fast and pierced through the wolf's head. The wolf finally stopped moving.

[+200 Battle Points]

After a grueling battle, Silvie and I sat on the ground.

"Hahaha... that was really stressful," I laughed softly.

"You're right," Silvie smiled dazzlingly at me.

I was mesmerized by her smile, and couldn't take my eyes off me.

"Hmm.. what's wrong?"

'Relax Lute She's still a kid'

"Nothing, I'm just mesmerized by your smile,"

"Hmph.. liar,"

Despite saying that, I could tell from her wagging tail, she looked happy.

[+400 Love Points]

The two of us agreed to finish today's hunt here. I first skinned wolf fur, wolf fur is a good item to sell. Wolf fur is usually used to make clothes, armor, and other things.

'Well.. even though almost all beasts have skin and fur which are very useful'

I plan to sell this skin in the city later, it will definitely benefit me. As for the deer, I will take care of it in the orphanage with the others.

It reminds me that the Battle Points I get from Deer Stone and Gray Wolf have different points even though they are of the same rank. It seems like the Battle Points I get from defeating the enemy, are based on how dangerous the enemy is.

Tying the wolf fur around my waist, I carried the deer by dragging it to the village. The deer was twice the size of an ordinary deer, there was no way I could carry it on my back let alone on my shoulders.

The villagers saw me carrying the deer wondered where I had gotten the deer from. After hearing that Silvie and I were hunting them they were stunned.

Because children shouldn't be hunting it should be an adult's job. Children should be better off playing in the village.

Bella, who found out that Silvie and I went to the forest, was very angry at first. She told us not to go to the forest again, but I who wanted to get lots of Battle Points of course rejected the idea.

"I know mom is worried, but I want to be strong to protect mom and the villagers!!!," I said in a strong tone.

Bella heard what I said felt her heart melt.

"But you know you're still a child, it shouldn't be your duty to protect the village."

"No mom I want to be strong from now on, if something happens in the village I can't bear it," I said with a sad expression.

Bella saw that my determination was made up, could only sigh deeply.

"Okay, but you have to put your safety first, if there is a danger that threatens your life, run away immediately,"

"Okay mom I'll try, but don't worry because Silvie is with me," I turned to Silvie who was beside me.

Silvie who sensed my gaze, blushed and turned her head the other way.

"I-I'm just helping him, he can't do anything without me anyways,"

Bella saw Silvie shyly, smiled cutely.

"Now bring the deer into, I will cook it, you want to eat meat don't you?"

The two of us who heard this rushed to take the deer inside. Can't wait to eat some delicious meat.


The dining room is large enough to accommodate many people, there is a large table in the middle above which many processed foods are made of meat.

The children gathered at the table, it looked like they were already drooling. Silvie and I had to drool at the corners of our lips too.

"Okay now please eat," Bella said with the other nannies.

We heard that we were allowed to eat, began to attack the food in front of us.

Taking the meat in front of me, I eat it voraciously. This meat is delicious and tender, I feel happy feeling alive to taste good food.

"Hmmnn.... this meat is delicious," I ate with a happy expression.

"Hihihi.. what you said is right," Silvie who was beside me, ate voraciously.

"Eat slowly, the meat won't go anywhere," Bella said with a smile seeing our behavior.

After dinner, I spoke to Bella wanting to get out for some fresh air.

Lying on the grass looking up at the dazzling night sky, I saw many stars that I couldn't possibly see in my previous world.

Here there are two moons, there is a moon that looks small and a moon that looks big. The small moon looks like it is hiding behind the big moon. On the big moon, there are a few cracks on its surface.

"Does this look like a mother protecting her child?" I spoke quietly.

Looking at the wolf fur I brought here. I thought about how to store it.

"System do you have a spatial space to store things,"

[Host can store items in the inventory or buy Spatial Rings at the Battle Point Exchange Shop]

"Does Inventory have a limit on the items it can store?"

[Inventory has no limits, it's just that some items cannot be stored in the Inventory such as living things]

'Isn't it normal to not be able to save living things, even in the Spacial Ring it's impossible to do,'

Carrying the wolf fur in my hand, I thought about keeping it in my inventory and it suddenly disappeared from my hand.

Lying closed my eyes on the grass, I felt someone approaching me. Opening my eyes slowly, saw who tried to approach it turned out to be Silvie.

"What is it Silvie? are you starting to miss me?" I said playfully.

"Who missed you??" Silvie heard what I said was annoyed and stomped my foot firmly.

" I'm sorry Silvie, I was joking," I groaned in pain when Silvie stepped on my leg.

"Humpn better that way,"

Silvie snorted and sat down beside me. The moonlight shone through her silvery hair, It made her look even more beautiful.

I slowly got up and advanced slowly looking at her face from a close distance. Silvie saw me approaching her backed away slowly.


My face and Silvie's were close enough to feel each other's breath.

"As expected your face looks beautiful," I nodded to myself.

Silvie heard what I said, her face turned red and her head let out the smoke.

"W..wa..wa..wa..what are you saying you pervert!!!" Silvie raised her hand and slapped my face.

I rolled over in pain holding my face. When I saw her again, she was far away and had entered the orphanage.

"Am I going too fast?"

Thinking about that action, it was also quite embarrassing for me that in my previous life I was just an 18-year-old schoolboy. Never even held a girl's hand.

Just thinking about it made my head steam.

[+1500 Love Points]

'Seems fine' calming my head I walked back to the orphanage.

Zontal_Zev Zontal_Zev

I don't know if there is an mistakes if there is please tell me, I will edit it later.

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