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Author: GEEGEE

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This can't be happening. Not again!

She crouched in the corner of a dark-lit room. Her body shaking and trembling from an intense fear of being found.

She didn't want that woman to see her, especially at that moment.

If she was caught, the the torture that awaited her would be worse than anything she ever received before.

How many times had it been that something like that happened?

It's been so many times that had happened. And every single time she was punished, she would wonder just why this was happening to her.

Wasn't that person supposed to be punished, scolded instead of her?

Why was she protecting that person when it should have been her being protected?

Thus, being there, crouching in a dark room praying earnestly to not be found by that woman, at least not very fast.

The thought of that woman hitting her repeatedly, just to teach her a lesson, made her tremble with fear.

But sometimes people just don't get the answers to the prayers that they make. And that was the case for her.

For at that moment, what she had been fearing the most happened. She had been found.

"I know you are in there, you little dimwit! How dare you frame him repeatedly?" that woman's voice sounded throughout in anger.

Hearing her loud voice yelling that, she knew that she was doomed.

That woman had always been an unreasonable person, for as long as she remembered. And on that day, she could tell that the woman was indeed going to beat the heck out of her, no matter how much she would plead.

"Bang, bang, bang!" the door began to shake as the woman ruthlessly banged on it.

"I have warned you repeatedly, but you never listened. Get the hell out before I get in there to drag you out myself!" the woman yelled angrily, on the other side of the door as she banged the door vigorously.

Instead of responding, the young girl bundled up herself tightly in a fetal position without any intention of coming out at all.

'I would rather have her come in here, rather than me going out there!'

She swore to herself as she tried to make herself appear more invisible, which was something very impossible to achieve.

And the more she ignored the woman; the angrier the other became.

What followed after was something that she had experienced before. For it had happened so many times before that she had gotten so used to it.

Hiding was just a way of delaying what was to come. For every single time she did, she would always be found. And what would come after would be something that she would never forget.

'I really can't escape again this time!' she gave up thinking about this.

And just as she was thinking to herself, the banging stopped. Making her quite very surprised and wary of what that woman was planning now.

But just before she could grasp what was happening. The door that she trusted with all her might suddenly got opened by force, 'thud', scaring the heck out of her.

Looking at the broken door and a scary-looking woman standing by the door, she finally accepted that she was indeed doomed.

The woman looked at the little girl bundled up in the corner and sneered; her face scrunching up and showing so much hate and loathing for the little girl that just didn't know any boundaries.

The little girl watched as the woman began to take steps towards her, in her hand holding something very familiar, a whip, one that had baptized her body for years.

It was more of a friend but a friend that she hated. And seeing that woman skillfully moving it now and then, she knew that she wouldn't be left alone until the other was satisfied.

And surely that was the case.

"I told you to stop interfering with my relationship with him! Who are you to keep on spouting nonsense whenever you feel like it?" the woman yelled angrily as her hand raised very high before the whip landed on the girl.

"Pa, pa, pa."

"Hmmm!" instead of crying out loud, the girl just made a sound as each strike landed on her skin.

Honestly, this woman had beaten the little girl so many times that she was starting to lose track of it.

With every whip strike that landed on her, she would grunt in pain and the more she didn't cry, the more the woman would increase her strength and lash out at the little girl.

And with each whip, she would scold the little girl and tell her just how dissatisfied she was with the other.

"You are just eleven years old and yet you are becoming so skillful at lying that you even dare to point at your dad and accuse him of touching you. What do you have that I don't for you to accuse him like that?" the woman angrily reprimanded as another lash landed on the girl.

Hearing this woman, the woman that was her mother and supposed to be acting like one, hitting her just because she confided in her despite knowing how useless the other was with how she was always taking her man's side; about how her husband had been inappropriately touching her for a couple of years. And yet there she was hitting her as if she was the one doing inappropriate things, she wished at this moment that they would both go to hell.

Raising her tear-stained face she glared angrily and disappointedly at her mother and for the first time since her mother had started beating her from a young age, she retorted without a care in the world.

"How can you not believe me? I am your child for crying out loud! Aren't you supposed to sit down and get the whole details? Why are you trying to kill me with all the beating? Is it that you already know the kind of beast you married that you are now venting out your anger at me?" the little girl fearlessly chided her mother as tears streamed down her cheeks like a waterfall.

  And without stopping she continued for in her heart this was supposedly the only moment that she was going to get to pour out her heart.

She had taken her mother by surprise and since she had already succeeded, she might as well just say everything for she might never get the chance to do that again.

If she doesn't get killed today by her, then her life in the future would be unbearable so since she was going to face a dead end in the future, then she might as well just break all the cords and let it all out.

The future was already bleak, so what was the point of holding back?

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