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12% Beyond The Stars With You / Chapter 6: Chapter 5 First Day of School with a Crush

Chapter 5 First Day of School with a Crush - Beyond The Stars With You - Chapter 6 by shafeche0 full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter 5 First Day of School with a Crush

Tracking the High King to a fancy looking neighborhood with expensive looking cars all lined up in a row, Ihloi located the High King sitting beside the little female's bed watching her as she slept. Climbing into the tiny bedroom with the King Ihloi looked from the King to the little girl and asked, "Sire when do you plan on revealing yourself to her? There isn't much time left before the Sun gives way and the Earth is gone forever. She is so young, small and frail looking, will she even be able to handle the journey back to Kosea? The poor child she's nothing short of a newborn. Will she have the courage and strength to be able to accept our kind without holding any animosity toward us?

"I was hoping to reveal myself to her sometime later today when she awakens. I have been dropping hints to her and leaving notes, I even made her this dress, he held up the dress he had just finished making. "Don't you think she'll look absolutely beautiful wearing this?" He held up the dress eyes shinning like a puppy. "How thoughtful of you Sire," he said sarcastically. "She'll take to you right away wearing that." The King frowned, "I'm sorry if it isn't to your taste, it's not exactly easy trying to woo a female child. It's not like I've had a lot of practice wooing females over the last twenty eight million years. You have to afford me some credit, at least she accepted the food offering. It doesn't help that she sleeps through the night cutting my efforts in half," he snarled.

The female child moaned in her sleep stirring under the blanket, the sun had just risen over the horizon. "Hurry you must leave, she's going to wake up soon," he whispered shoving Ihloi toward the window. "No need to shove your highness, I was just about ready to take my leave. His advisor climbed through the window and leaped, taking flight into the air, heading back to the ships. The King took the dress and folded it neatly and placed it back on her desk with the note on top. He then took a seat in the corner of her room out of the way, waiting for her to awaken silently. Just after seven her alarm clock went off. She reached out and tapped it off, turning over she flipped the covers back over her head.

He chuckled, quietly, it was adorable how she was refusing to wake up right away. If she was back in Kosea he would let her sleep in as long as she wanted. Hearing the house coming to life he cast a spell unlocking the female child's door, sitting back he, heard a pounding at the door, "hurry up and make breakfast or you'll be late for school." The child sat up and hollered back, "I'm coming," as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. He watched in silence as she bolted, standing up on her bed, startled by his night sky charm that has always been used to enchant females. She was so startled, she tripped over her clothing and fell off the bed smacking the floor. Worried about her, he stood up glancing over the side of her bed, where he came face to face with her bare tail!

Shocked, he leaned back blood spurting from his nose. The female child was sprawled on the floor, her tail in the air. The clothing she was wearing had slid up her back revealing her body underneath. It was rare to see a female back in Kosea without her mate marks, just catching a glimpse of her bare tail aroused the blood coursing through his veins. Her bottom was paler than the moon he had passed on his way to Earth. He took a deep breath trying to calm these new sensations spasming through his body. He wanted to help her up but he remained right where he was hidden in the corner. He sniffed the air, a potent scent wafting toward him, his entire body tensed up, it was the scent of her blood.

The scent of her blood intoxicated him, it resembled that of a fine wine that had been sealed for thousands of years and was only opened for special occasions, oh what a delectable smell. From where he sat in the dark, he could make out the scrapes on her knees and her elbows, "oh how fragile you are," he whispered. She merely trips and she bleeds. His heart yearned to rush over to her and heal her wounds. He watched as she picked herself up and paced her room, checking her window, and moving her desk chair back under the desk. She seemed very observant, for a child. She could tell someone had been in her room. Excited for her to see the dress, he snapped his fingers and shot a shooting star toward her desk. the curious child followed the light to her desk.

She picked up the note he had left her, looking at the note her brow furrowed, "I wish I knew what you said," she murmured. He clapped his hand to his forehead, how could he have forgotten! She can't read his language! The chip in his brain can translate her words, but not her writing, he was going to have to learn how to write in her language if he wanted to write her notes. How could he have forgotten this simple little detail? No wonder she was still afraid of him, she hasn't been getting his hints at wooing her. Shaking his head he, turned his attention back onto the child. She picked up the dress he had made her, her eyes lit up sparkling at his handiwork. His chest puffed out with pride. It wasn't until she began stripping that he choked on that same pride.

His eyes widened with lust, the blood rushing from his head down to his members. Females in Kosea never wore clothes, their mate marks that they received after mating became their clothes. This little female child always had her skin covered up with clothes so he was not able to see her beauty in its natural form, but today would be the first time that she stripped down to her flesh in front of him. He had to get closer, he had to gaze upon her beauty. He wanted to take in every square inch of her while she was still young before she matured and where he would eventually cover her with his mate marks. Standing up slowly, he inched his way over to her still under the cover of invisibility. He now stood directly behind her, soaking in the beautiful sight before him.

The child barely reached the bottom of his ribs in height, she was barely four foot seven. Kicking off the ground he hovered above her, under the glow of the night sky charm her skin illuminated a soft pale glow like that of a Pearl. Her golden brown curls draped over her shoulders in cute little ringlets, just above her thin shoulder blades. Glancing in the mirror he could see that she didn't even have breast yet. Just how young are you little one? How long must I wait to mate with you? He sniffed her scent again, and still there was no sign of the scent of her estrous cycle anywhere on her. Taking in every inch of her body he could see that she was really skinny, she didn't have an ounce of fat on her. But what struck him the most was her eyes. Looking at her reflection in the mirror he could just make out the color of her eyes.

Her eyes were the color of emerald green with gold flecks inlaid in them. Her eyes shone like that of a a thousand suns with molten liquid gold in the center. He was absolutely captivated by her eyes, for he had never seen eyes of that color. The people of Kosea either had blue eyes if you were of Royal decent and male, grey eyes if you were a commoner, or black eyes if you were a female. This little child had eyes like emeralds inlaid with gold. They were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He watched dazedly as she twirled in the dress he made, smiling gleefully. She absolutely loved the dress he made for her. She ran for her shoes putting them on her adorable little feet, dancing around in front of her mirror, he could hear her whispering that she looked like a princess.

Oh my beautiful little one you will be more than just a princess, when I take you back to Kosea with me, I will make you my Queen. His heart gushed hearing these words play out in his mind. The need of wanting to wrap her in his arms grew ever stronger, he flew down until he was just behind her shoulder looking over, he deeply inhaled the scent of her neck becoming intoxicated with the smell of the blood running through her veins. All of a sudden he felt his invisibility spell forced off of him for just a split second revealing his identity to the child, the female child tensed up turning on him shouting, "who... who is there? Show yourself." Flying out of sight he recast the spell disappearing from her sight. His heart drummed wildly in his chest, did the female child just cast his invisibility spell off of him?

He was stunned into silence. How could a human possess magic abilities? It was impossible, but yet she somehow cast his spell off, and she even got a glimpse of him. He watched as her eyes flitted around her room searching for him. The smell of adrenaline in her blood and her fear hung heavy and thick in the room. She trembled violently where she stood, a moment passed and he witnessed her cheeks blushing, she grabbed ahold of her face letting out a terrible shriek just as one of her family members opened her door. He flew back to his corner out of the way while the two females exchanged words down below. Why did the female blush? What was she thinking about? I wish I could read her mind and find out why she was blushing?

Was she beginning to have feelings for him? Before she had tried on the dress he had seen her stick the notes he wrote her and the flowers he had weaved into her hair into a book, did she consider these items of his dear to her? Excitement flooded his heart, he felt he was one step closer into gaining her trust and affection. Sometime this week I am going to have to make a move in revealing myself to her. It won't be easy but he had no choice, he was running out of time and needed to gain her trust as soon as possible. Clearing his thoughts he watched the female slam her door closed and falling to the floor. Oh no was she feeling ill? He flew closer just as she was picking herself up. He heaved a sigh of relief, she was ok. The child walked over to her closet a look of concentration on her face.

She grabbed another change of clothes, wait was she not going to wear the dress he made? His heart sank when he saw her slipping it on under her dress, did she change her mind and decided she didn't like the dress? She just managed to pull the new change of clothes on under her dress before slipping out of the dress, not showing an inch of her skin, she glanced around her room shouting, "There take that you pervert, now you can't see me naked," she smiled wily. His jaw dropped in utter shock, she knew he was still there hidden in her room. She refused to show her skin to him on purpose, changing into her new clothes the way she did. He was caught red handed. He was about to toss off his invisibility and reveal himself to her when she shook her head and left her room.

Heart pounding in his chest he followed her, was she going to turn him in? Did he rush too fast and now she was going to her family for help? His stomach churned as he followed her downstairs, he waited for her to give him up, to turn him over to their government, but it never came. Instead she made the others food, waiting for them to finish and leave she then grabbed a small piece of bread for herself before following them outside. The weight finally lifted off his chest, she knew he was there and yet she didn't give him up, or seek a male to defend her. This must mean that she has feelings for him. If a female felt threatened by a male they would seek another male to fight for her.

But this didn't seemed to be the case with this little female. His heart swooned, she was protecting his identity, and not telling her family that he was there.

Now the only questions he had left was, one why didn't she wear the dress he made for her and two what was a pervert and why did she call him that? He desperately wanted to be able to read her mind, he wanted to know what was going on inside of that beautiful female's mind. Following the child out of the house, he was curious as to where she was going to, today, it must be somewhere important, if everyone in the house was willing to wake up so early. He stayed close behind the female not wanting to leave her side. The child was about ready to enter in what humans called a car, when she was stopped by the other female child. He listened in with horror, her family had just refused to let her ride with them. He watched the child beg to ride with them to get out of this heat, but instead they shooed her away and took off without her.

From what he gathered from the conversation they were all headed to a school, the female child was being forced to walk two miles alone with no protection, to the same location her family was headed. His blood boiled, how dare they force a female child to walk alone unprotected in this unrelenting heat! The child stared after the car until it disappeared around the corner, tears falling from her eyes. She ran back into the house for a moment, before re-emerging, with an umbrella in her hands. Flinging the umbrella open over her shoulder, he followed behind her walking with her so she wouldn't have to walk alone. He reached a hand out toward her, wanting to pick her up and carry her, his hand clenched into a fist. He couldn't touch her yet, oh this was so frustrating, he hissed to himself withdrawing his hand.

They were about a half mile into their journey when Ihloi joined him, "how is the gathering process coming," he asked his advisor still keeping his eyes on the child. "Sire are you alright there is blood all over your robes!" He had never seen the King covered in blood before. "The female child didn't attack you did she?" "No, I'm alright I just saw a lovely sight earlier. the King smiled recalling the sight of the female's bare tail. Ihloi nodded, "the gathering is almost complete Sire, we have been able to transport enough fresh water to every tribe, that should last them for the next three hundred and fifty years, we are filling up the tanks in the last of our ships as we speak. The King nodded, "there are a few more items I would like to add to our list of things to gather, I know we are running out of time but please put together a small team to collect every book, toy and trinket as well as anything you can find that you think might interest, my future Queen.

I want her to have everything that her heart might desire, oh and make sure to get a few of those music devices and download every song ever written. My Queen loves music, and music she shall get." Ihloi, chuckled, "yes your Highness, I'll see to it right away. The King was going to spoil that female child rotten, he was sure of it. "Might I ask why she is walking with an umbrella when there is no rain?" The smile disappeared off of the King's face, her family neglected her and forced her to walk two miles to school alone in this heat, her skin is much too sensitive, she's using the umbrella to protect herself from the sun," he snarled his fangs protruding. "I'm tagging along to make sure she doesn't pass out from this heat or get attacked by someone or something." Ihloi bared his fangs as well, "how despicable the way these humans treat this child, I'm surprised they haven't killed her yet," he muttered darkly.

"So how did it go? Any progress on wooing her Sire?" he asked the King curiously. "She knows I was in her room this morning. She managed to cast off my invisibility spell and caught a glimpse of me. I don't know how much of me she was able to see, but I managed to recast my spell as soon as she tossed it off. She refused to show me her skin and even called me a pervert. Please make it your mission to find out what this word means, I have no translation for this word." Ihloi stared at the Kind dumbfounded, "you managed all of this in just one morning your Highness? Good heavens, the child must be fearless." The King shrugged his shoulders, "she must be, because even though she knew I was there, she still hasn't told her family about us." Ihloi's jaw dropped, "I know I'm just as shocked as you are."

"For some unknown reason she has decided to protect our identity. I'm not sure why, I wish I could read her mind to find out why she chose to remain silent instead of running to an adult for help. But if she has decided that I wasn't a threat to her then I believe it is almost time for me to reveal myself to her. I haven't come up with a plan on just how I am going to manage this yet, but I'm sure you'll help me think of something. For now I must keep tabs on her just in case she changes her mind and wants to reveal us." Ihloi smiled down at the little female, the poor dear, she must still be too young to differentiate and or perceive threats from others just yet, she doesn't run from a family who beats her yet she chooses to trust a stranger over people she has probably known her entire life. She has a lot of maturing to do before she was ready to become Queen of Kosea.

The two of them watched over the little female for the duration of her two mile long hike to school, there were a couple of times, the little female stopped and stared in their direction. For a moment they thought that they had been spotted and that she had seen them following behind her but she shook her head looking directly through them and she turned and continued walking. It was times like these that they both wish they could read her mind. Once they reached the school Ihloi parted ways with the King, in search of the extra items he added to the list to take back with them to Kosea. The King stayed behind to observe his future Queen's life at school. Females in Kosea only attended school long enough to be able to read, write and do basic math, after they start their estrous cycles they quit going to school altogether. He could wait to teach his Queen how to read his language.

After my dreadful encounter with the school bullies in math class, the rest of my day went by in a blur. The next thing I knew, it was time for gym class. Ugh I hated gym almost as much as I hated math class, I muttered to myself. The teacher announced that we would be running a mile today. To the disappointment of the class and groans all around all the kids lined up on the football field and started their mile. I walked up to the coach "is it possible to be excused? I burn really easily in the sun. It's too hot for me to be exposed." "No can do miss umm what was your name again? Unless you can provide me a doctors note there are no excuses you must run like everyone else." With a groan I headed to the football field. I hate the sun, I hate the heat, it was so miserably hot today. As I started my mile run I thought to myself there is no way my Aunt will ever help me provide a doctors note for PE.

As class after class passed by I finally made it to my favorite class of the day...choir. I loved to sing. Singing always brought me what little happiness I could muster with my miserable life at home. Without music or books to read I probably would have killed myself or gone insane from all the beatings I took from my Uncle. While in choir class I scanned the faces of those who would be singing soprano with me. There were only three of us in my section. Glancing across the way, my eyes fell on Kaleb, my eyes widened, we had a class together! He looked like he thinned out over the summer, he had grown six inches taller and his facial features looked sharper than ever.

He was so handsome I couldn't help but stare at him with goo goo eyes for the remainder of class. Man I wished he was in my section, then that way we could practice singing together. Maybe he would grow to like me if he heard me sing just once. I have a pretty decent singing voice, I'm not like pop star good but I was told once by a stranger in the park that I had a beautiful voice one time when I was caught off guard and they happen to overhear me singing to myself. The teacher interrupted my train of thoughts, "you there little miss up front, it's your turn to come up and show us what you got." Blinking, I looked around at everyone staring at me, and then I froze, oh no I had to sing in front of everyone?!! This was going to be so embarrassing, I didn't realize the teacher was going to make us sing solo in front of everyone!

"Come on up dear it's ok, everyone gets a little stage fright with a little practice you'll soon forget about everyone around you." The teacher waved me over. Legs shaking I walked to the front of the class, the teacher placed her fingers over the piano keys and began to play, taking in a deep breath I closed my eyes, letting the music take a hold of my heart I began to sing, "My Heart Will Go On," which was the song the teacher had chosen for me to sing. When the song drew to a close, I opened my eyes to find everyone staring at me, flinching, I shrunk trying to disappear from their stares. "Oh my dear you have a beautiful voice, how would you like a leading role?" The teacher asked with a smile on her face, blushing I stammered, I would like that very much. And so that was how I managed to earn the leading role as a soprano.

I walked back to my seat and watched as everyone else was assigned their part. Finally Kaleb was up next, I perked up excited to hear what he sounded like. He stood in front of the class smirking at everyone pausing for effects he then belted out in the most beautiful tenor voice I have ever heard. Hearing his voice melted my heart and I knew right then and there that it was love at first sight or should I say love and first sound? I instantly fell in love with Kaleb's voice. How come I have never heard him sing before? Out of all the years I've known him, not once has he ever sang in front of anyone. The teacher clapped her hands joyously, this is most excellent, we have two angels among us who can sing!" I smiled hearing this just as class ended for the day, Kaleb walked up to me, "congratulations on receiving a lead role, you have a nice voice. Choir won't be so bad with our voices in it don't you think?"

Pitter patter ba dum my heart drummed in my chest. Oh my gosh Kaleb had just spoken to me. I was in disbelief. This was the first time a boy had complimented me on anything!!! Without thinking I blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "tha... thank you I like your voice too," I slapped my hand over my mouth shocked at what I had just said. I grabbed my backpack and fled out of the classroom. I ran all the way home only stopping to catch my breath as I neared the house. What was I thinking! I just made a fool of myself in front of Kaleb! Who knew middle school would be such a scary place? What was worse was that I think I just experienced my first ever crush on a boy. I slowly walked into the house with a slight blush on my face and slumped to the floor of my bedroom, thinking I couldn't wait to see Kaleb again. I must ask him out, this was my chance to get a boyfriend.

Later that night I caught myself humming in the shower. Kaleb was at the forefront of my mind. Getting out of the shower I wrapped a towel around me and stared at myself in the mirror, I was shocked, this was the first time I actually looked happy for once. Wrapping my hair in a bun so my hair wouldn't drip, I headed back to my room, grabbing my nightgown, I slipped it on over my towel before letting it drop to the floor, I kicked my towel aside and sat down at my desk to write in my diary. That's when I noticed another mysterious notecard sitting on my desk. I grabbed the note and opened it up, my eyes widened, this note was written in English! Reading the note, I froze, terror seeping down my spine. "Congratulations on receiving the lead role. You have the voice of an angel, please never stop singing."

The note slipped from my hand, landing on my diary. Just who was this mysterious person and how did they know I can sing!? Did I know this person? My mind trailed back to Kaleb his words from earlier ringing in my ears, "congratulations on receiving the lead role..." I jumped up from my chair, was Kaleb the mysterious person?!! Has he been watching me this entire time?!! But wait Kaleb can do magic?!! Was Kaleb a human, or was he a fallen angel sent down from above? I shook my head no no I must be going crazy, there was no such thing as magic. But then what happened to my ceiling and who did I see in my mirror this morning? Who altered my dress and left me food? Was I dreaming or was all this really happening? Ugh my head hurt just thinking about it. What is happening to me? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I opened my diary and wrote down my thoughts about everything that I had experienced since the start of the new school year. There was a mysterious person, someone left me food and altered my dress, my ceiling changed to the night sky, someone was watching me when I sleep, Kaleb and mysterious person said and wrote the same thing. I tapped my pen on the desk was I missing anything else? Groaning I rubbed my temple, "I wish I knew who you were," I whispered. I grabbed my glue stick and glued the note beside the rest of them in my diary. Getting up I stretched heading to bed. I turned my light off and gasped, the magic ceiling was back!!! Stars were shooting across my ceiling everywhere, I reached up trying to touch the stars but I was too short. I climbed in bed laying there for awhile staring up at my ceiling.

I wasn't sure what my feelings were, I have never fallen in love with anyone before. Or I should say I have never loved anyone including my family. It was strange, my heart wouldn't stop beating wildly in my chest, my mind wouldn't stop thinking about Kaleb and if he was the mysterious person who visited me at night. Did he have a crush on me too? Or was he doing this to trick me later on? I quickly chased the latter thought away, there was no way, the mysterious person was way too nice. No one would waste their money on steak and a dress if they didn't like someone? Ugh why were matters of the heart so frustrating? I didn't know the first thing when it came to love. Yet this mysterious person has shown me such kindness that I could never repay. Even though I was at a loss when it came to my feelings I definitely knew one thing for sure, I was falling in love with this mysterious person.

The King watched the little female from her window, she had just taken a shower and was back in her room. Her cheeks were rosy, and she had a huge smile on her face. He was taken aback, this was the first time he had seen her smile! The little female shut her door leaning against it, when all of a sudden she slumped to the floor, oh no is she ok? Was she feeling ill? He was about to enter her room when he heard her mumbling about a someone named Kaleb. Who was this Kaleb? And why did she have a dreamy look on her face when she said this persons name? It took him a moment before it hit him, she had feelings for another male!!! His heart wrenched in his chest. She wasn't mature yet, but she was already displaying an infatuation toward another male?!! This could be a sign that she was close to getting her estrous cycle! He shook his head, no that wasn't important right now, what was important was that his soulmate had feelings for someone else! Please my little one, tell me that I am not too late! His Royal Advisor flew across the roof of a house and joined him at the window.

"We have a problem," the High King sighed deeply. "What is that my King?" Ihloi asked with many questions burning in his eyes. "She has feelings for another male a very young male someone who won't be able to protect her," the High King spat out with great malice in his voice, pain in his eyes. "I can't just take her with me knowing her heart is with someone else. I feel that I am too late in finding her. I don't want to be the one to take away what ever makes her happy. I can't be the one to destroy her pure heart." "But your highness, if we don't take her with us she will die happy or not. This planet has about a week left before the sun gives and it turns this planet into smithereens. If we take her I'm sure her heart will change in a few million years and she will come to love you. After all the universe has spoken and it is her destiny to be your mate. We can't interfere or let others interfere with the fate the universe has laid out," Ihloi argued wringing his palms in worry, for his King might never find another mate.

"No that won't be necessary, I have to find out if the boy loves her in return. I have to find out if he will reciprocate her love. If he has feelings for her I will have no choice but to bring him with us. I will not make her unhappy. We can put the boy to work or he can join the Queen's harem if she lets him," the High King muttered his fists clenching ready to punch a hole in the wall. I wish I can just whisk her away with no attachments left on this disastrous planet." "Sire I don't find it very wise to bring a human male with us back to Kosea. Human males are vile creatures who are power hungry evil hearted beings. If your Queen was to reproduce with this human boy any male relations she has will grow up and could take away our females. They might even overthrow the Kingdom if they had the chance.

We can't take the risk of bringing a human male with us and chance destroying the kingdom," Ihloi murmured shuddering at the thought of what would happen. "I don't want to jeopardize Kosea either. But I will not ruin my Queen's happiness. I am not happy about it. I want to be her first. Her one and only. I will protect her with my life if it's the last thing I do." the High King replied with a frown on his face. The King floated down until he was just hovering above the little female, leaning down he gently caressed her soft pale cheeks as she mumbled clearly distressed in her sleep. It's really frustrating not to be able to hear what she is thinking about or see her dreams. Please tell me it isn't true, please tell me you don't have feelings for another male. I hope it's not too late to fight for and win your heart. You are my soulmate, I can't live without you," he whispered brushing the curls out of her face.

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