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fight between groups - Beyond The Worlds - Chapter 20 by Dark4_ full book limited free

Chapter 20: fight between groups

"Are you ready?" Shin asked Mari, Naomi and Ryuu. He wasn't talking about the last phase of the tournament, he was talking about what would happen in the last phase.

"How do you know the attack will happen tomorrow?" Mari asked.

"Isn't it obvious? The leaders of each power are gathered here. That person probably intends to eliminate them first."

"Person? Only one person will attack?" Naomi asked frowning.

"I felt an extremely hostile presence near the island. I thought about killing him at that moment to finish the mission, but…"

"But…" 3x

"It was a clone… this person decided to use a clone to watch over the happenings on the island, so I didn't do anything because that might alert him." Shin decided not to do anything as it might alert that person.

"I see… this person is smarter than we thought." Naomi said with a serious expression.

"Well, it's no use thinking too much at this point. Let's wait for the last phase." Shin prepared some solutions in case his foreground failed.

"Yes!" 3x


3 of the 5 teams were now in the middle of the island waiting for the start of the last phase.


Shin yawned suddenly.

"You're tired?" Naomi asked with a strange expression.

"No. Just a little bored." He got bored waiting for the other 2 teams, but he figured they were probably reviewing strategies or something. After waiting a little longer, the other 2 teams arrived. The "Eye of Saturn" emitted another burst of mana and created a battleground the size of a city for the participants.

'It's very unique.' Shin thought. The battlefield was divided into 5 different areas. Each area of ​​the map is made up of a different environment. After creating the battlefield, the "Eye of Saturn" teleported each team to a respective area.


"Looks like we got the ice area." The area they were in was completely frozen.

"How are we going to distribute the crystals?" Mari asked.

"Each of us will take a blue crystal. I'll take the purple crystal too." Shin said. After distributing the crystals they thought about what to do.

"I'm not moving from here." Shin said. He was too lazy to fight now. "We'll fight the 'final boss' later, so save your energy."

"Well, I can warm up until he gets here." Mari didn't need to use a lot of energy to fight the other teams. She could easily beat them.

"I'll have some fun too." Naomi said.

"I'm just going for a walk." Ryuu decided to just randomly walk around the battlefield.

"Just don't make too much of a mess." Shin spoke while looking at Mari and Naomi. The enemy was about to attack, if Mari and Naomi display a very abnormal power now, unforeseen events may happen. Shin figured that "that person" already knew that Mari, Naomi and Ryuu were stronger than the Dragon King or Tiana, but he didn't know the exact power of the three. Shin decided to use this to surprise the enemy.

"OK!" They responded and started running in different directions.


Shin sat down on the ice floor and closed his eyes.

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"Aka-Sama, what should we do?" One of Aka's group members asked. "Let's focus on the two human groups, they are the easiest targets." Aka thought the weakest groups would be these two.

"The team of Elves will probably do the same, let's try to take advantage of this opportunity." If the Elves attack the human group first, Aka can take advantage of the situation.

"Aka-Sama you are so smart."

Aka sighed when he heard the compliment. Didn't she think she was smart, wasn't her reasoning just basic? She looked at her group members and thought it wasn't fun hanging out with these people. She didn't want to hear flattery all the time.

"Let's get going."


"Brother… are we going to attack the human groups now?" Airin asked.

"Yes. They are the weakest." Alvin said. "Let's be careful, the other groups might be thinking the same thing."


Alvin and Aka's group wanted to attack the human group, but it looks like someone got there first.

"Looks like you guys aren't as stupid as I thought." Naomi looked at the group of humans in front of her. When she found the group of humans, she was a little surprised, because the team of humans had allied. Probably they agreed to band together to defeat the other groups, and then they would fight each other.

"Hahaha. We may not be the strongest group individually, but together we can match the other groups." A man spoke. "I see you have the courage to face us alone." They thought Naomi overestimated herself.

"I'm enough to take care of you, but it's a shame I can't fight the Elves." Naomi wanted to fight her "Juniors"


When Alvin and his group decided to head towards the human group, they thought their trip would be smooth, but...

"Who are you?" Alvin asked when he saw a man in front of him. He didn't even know when this person appeared, so he decided to be cautious.

'This man was with that group.' He remembered the group that managed to complete the tower.


"Aka-Sama we are getting close to the human area." A man warned.

"Alright, let's stay away for a while-"


"Ahhhh!" People in Aka's group were startled when a strong wind blew everyone away.

"Uh?" Mari who was running across the battlefield was surprised when she found other participants. She was so distracted that she walked past them and didn't even notice. She came back at a very fast speed and appeared in front of them.

"Dragons…" Mari looked at the four people in front of her. In Mari's world, there were no dragons, so she was curious about them.

"Who the hell are you?!" one of the men asked screaming. He didn't expect to meet a person halfway when they were heading to the human area.

"My name is Mari Sekiguchi. As a thank you for ending my boredom, I'll take it easy on you." Mari said with a smile.

"You…" the man was annoyed when he was underestimated in this way.

With that, each group won their respective opponents.

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