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Chapter 2: Kidnapped!

[!!!] Note: Speech/text in Korean (not understood by Iris) will be marked in parentheses ().

Just as Iris was internally panicking on the best course of action to take, J-Hope took out his cellphone. With speedy taps, he began texting someone. Flustered by his sudden action, Iris just fidgeted while he texted. She decided to just wait and see what he would do next.

[YourHope]: (Quick, someone bring some antiseptic and bandages! I'm stuck here on the corner two blocks from the hotel!)

[Jimin]: (Hyung, What happened? Are you okay?)

[YourHope]: (I accidentally knocked down a girl coming back. T_T But there are fans around the corner with Namjoonie. Quick quick come!)

[Jimin]: (Ahh, Hobi, you need to be more careful! Are you hurt, are you ok? What happened with the girl?)

[V]: (Hyung!!! Are you and the girl hurt?! I'll bring the van with Seijinie or Hobeomie. Careful out there, hang on)

[YourHope]: (Thanks! I'm ok, but the girl is bleeding! T_T)

[Jimin]: (Jung Hoseokkk—!!! 😱 I'm coming too!)

After texting, J-Hope glanced at the tense girl. He wasn't sure what to say to her, so he just peeked around the corner. The gaggle of girls was still flocked around Namjoon who stayed calm and cool, but Hoseok knew that Joonie got caught off guard because he didn't think that his disguise would fail.

Jung Hoseok didn't know why Namjoon was out at night, but he supposed that he had been visiting some bookstore or café to read or write lyrics. Hoseok himself had just left a café and eaten a small snack while writing down any lyrics that came to mind. He felt inspired from the past two days of performing concerts. The fan's rainbow ocean with the Army Bombs and enthusiasm had really touched him. He still couldn't believe that all the Wings concerts sold out in minutes!

Meanwhile, Iris was rehearsing in her head what she would say to J-Hope or Rap Monster. 'I'm actually an Army! I wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Sugohaesseoyo. You're the best! BTS, daebak, jjang! Fighting! Thank you! Gomabseubnida! Jeongmal gamsahamnida!' What a struggle it was as an international fan. She had so much to say but was reduced to trite phrases.

After a few minutes, the girls reluctantly left Rap Monster. Iris was glad that they had the decency to not hold up the guy too long. 'Oh, but I guess you're technically still with J-Hope…' She mentally face-palmed. It was at this point that V, Jimin, and Manager Seijin came around with the van.

J-Hope discreetly waved his arms to show where he was and lightly jogged over to the approaching van. "(Thank goodness you're finally here! The girls are approaching, quick!)"

"(Hyung, you wanted bandages for the girl?? We're just giving them to her?)" V asked as he slid the van door open. His head bobbed back and forth to catch a glimpse of the girl.

"(Ahh that—)" J-Hope was cut off by the nearby chatter of girls approaching.

"Rap Monster was sooo coool! And his English was so sexy, omg."

"I know, so hot! And his cute dimples!"

Urgh. Iris cringed hearing the girls' comments. 'Good thing the other members don't know English as well…' Although the remarks weren't off-color, they still made Iris abashed. 'At least lower your voices so Rap Mon doesn't hear geez!! Ah, but I guess he kinda might like it… WAIT, is that Taehyung?!?!!?' Iris's body jerked back in shock when the man's gaze landed on her. With two BTS members in front of her, Iris's knees started feeling wobbly. 'Yikes, this isn't the first time you met him, but why does it feel so different now? Because it's been a couple years, and you're a fan now?'

But before Iris could shake off the surprise, the alarmed J-Hope jumped to Iris's side. He meant to give her antiseptic and bandages, but in a moment of panicked haste that Jimin, who had popped his head out, and V shared, J-Hope instead lightly pushed Iris into the van. The two other members grabbed the girl who had stumbled forward from the unexpected push and brought her inside. Then Hoseok leapt in and slammed the door shut.

'Damn!!! Did I just get kidnapped by BTS?!?!' Iris screamed inside as landed in the vehicle. 'What do I do now???!?!' She couldn't bear to look at any of the members.

"(Hoseok!! V, Jimin! What're you all doing?! You just brought a girl into the car?! What're you thinking?!)" Manager Seijin, who was driving the car, reprimanded the members. "(I hope no one saw this! We need to let her off!)"

"(Sorry Seijin-hyung!! I panicked because I didn't have enough time to give her the antiseptic and bandages!)"

"(Why're you giving her that?)"

"(I accidentally knocked her down, and she's bleeding…)"

Manager Seijin just shook his head. This guy was just too nice to feel compelled to help her. But that was the J-Hope he knew.

"(I understand. We'll let her off elsewhere, but I have to pick Namjoon up first.)"

"(Ahh, thank you Seijinie-hyung!)" J-Hope beamed his classic sunshine smile before turning to Iris who had been avoiding eye-contact.

'Aiiiieeee, calm thyself woman!!' Iris furtively breathed deep breaths.

J-Hope picked up the antiseptic on the seat and inched toward Iris. "(How is your arm?) OK?" He pointed toward Iris's arms, hoping she understood.

Getting the message without understanding him completely, Iris nodded and extended her arms to show J-Hope. Seeing the scraped skin that was red from blood, Hoseok frowned. In the light of the van, he could clearly see her injuries better.

"(Anywhere else?)" He looked around her but obviously couldn't see anything else because of her clothes. But her shirt was dirtied and ragged a little on the side. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-new-girl-group-i&apos;m-a-k-pop-star-!_13613119805463005/kidnapped!_36565439307891398">;s-new-girl-group-i&apos;m-a-k-pop-star-!_13613119805463005/kidnapped!_36565439307891398</a> for visiting.

Iris didn't even realize until now that her injuries went deeper than expected. 'Man, J-Hope is pretty strong!' She would've laughed in this moment if it wasn't inappropriate based on the circumstances.

"I'm OK, gwaenchanayo!" She assured. 'Man I'm starting to sound like a broken record. I should've studied Korean more ergh.' Iris lamented as J-Hope began dabbing the antiseptic onto her forearm with a cotton square.

"Um, ah, I can do it!" She gestured for the cotton square, and J-Hope handed her it after a moment's hesitation. Iris was grateful and touched by J-Hope's kindness, but she felt it wasn't right to let him treat her. 'I can just see the jealous fans mobbing me now…' Iris felt like mock crying. Her heart was fluttering while J-Hope dabbed the cotton, and she resolved that she could die happy now. But a part of her was stubborn in respecting her idols.

Chryiss Chryiss

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