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15.68% Big Hit's New Girl Group: I'm a K-Pop Star?! / Chapter 16: Namjoon strikes again!

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Chapter 16: Namjoon strikes again!

"Annyeong Iris-ah!" Jin cheerly waved with two hands and a blinding smile.

"(What are you doing here?!)" Iris cried out in shock. A BTS member was the last person she expected to bump into the hallways.

Not to mention, why did she always have a habit of bumping into BTS?! First it was technically V, then it was J-Hope, and now Jin?! Whoever gave her the lucky ability of knocking into BTS was very generous in determining Iris's fate when they created her. Otherwise, it just seemed too good to be true. This crazy notion swirled in her mind as she grasped the situation.

"Ah.." Jin coughed sheepishly. "(Namjoonie broke something again…)"

"Pft—!" Iris couldn't help the shot laugh escaping.

Jin chuckled at the reaction and continued, "(He somehow snapped my visa, can you believe it?! Of all things!)" Jin's eyes blazed at the Rap Monster destroyer of all things striking again.

Namjoon never meant to break things, but such incidences always seem to occur around or because of him. He felt bad, but on the other hand, it was just stupidly incredible. Jin almost couldn't be mad. But he scolded the leader enough for somehow managing to break a visa.

Although they tried to solve it in the country, eventually Jin had to return to South Korea to get some documents and identification other than his passport. Iris could see the faint outline of dark circles forming due to Jin having to take a round trip back to Seoul from Sydney, Australia.

"(Ah, that Namjoon. Well did you get everything you needed? Or you arrived just now?)"

Jin lightly shook his head at Iris's questions. "(I just arrived now after picking up some things from the dorm. I'm on the way to see Bang PD. But are you doing well?)" Ever gentlemanly, Jin inquired after Iris despite it only being just a day since they last saw one another.

"(I'm good thanks! I just—uh.)" Iris didn't know whether to divulge her conversation with Bang PD or not. Did BTS know of the possibility of her joining Big Hit not just temporarily?

"Hm?" Jin dipped his head closer to listen to Iris who looked conflicted.

She nearly jerked back at the decreased distance. The warning lights flashed in her head. Since realizing the scrutiny she would be put under by the public and company, she was suddenly aware of the possibility of scandals being rumored between her and BTS.

Worries that a fan could somehow find her multiple connections to them since American Hustle Life made her scared stiff. She didn't want anyone threatening her for seemingly latching onto BTS in some kind of ploy to catch their attention and become part of Big Hit.

At the stick-like Iris who looked like she could be blown away with a small huff, Jin waved a hand in front of her face. "Iris-ah?"

Jolting back to reality, Iris flashed her wide eyes up at Jin. "(Ah sorry!! I just blanked out. I'm doing well, thanks!)"

Jin lifted an eyebrow at her response. She had already answered his question, but it didn't seem like this was what she wanted to say next. He wanted to prod further, but feeling that it was best not to, he refrained from making her speak more.

He also needed to quickly rejoin BTS in Australia for the concert. He already would miss a day or so of preparation. Thankfully, they had been touring for quite some time, so he wasn't too worried about messing up on stage.

"(Okay! Well it was nice seeing you! Please take care!)" Jin did his characteristic little wave and smile and walked past Iris after she said her goodbyes.

It was then that Iris noticed the barely noticeable brown tip of something behind the corner wall. Squinting her eyes, she saw the brown crescent wriggle suspiciously.

'This color…' Iris's narrowed eyes shot fully open. "Cindy!"

At the sound of her name, the brown crescent, now a half moon, jumped. Cindy poked out her head and blinked big hazel eyes at her cousin who was tapping the floor in mock exasperation.

"Peeking on me I see… How long were you there? And you got here so fast too?"

Cindy revealed her self full from behind the corner wall and flipped her hair dramatically. "Girl, I have my ways of getting around when I have my mind set somewhere." She relaxed the posture into her usual self and smiled at Iris.

"I just arrived less than a minute ago actually. I nearly turned the corner, but hearing your voice and what sounded like Jin, I hid." Cindy abashedly coughed. "So, what were you guys talking about? Your Korean seriously improved!" Her eyes light up as she walked over to Iris.

"It's just simple phrases haha! But, first things first. Did you knock any security coming inside?" Iris peeked around Cindy for added dramatic effect.

Her cousin just rolled her eyes at silly performance. "No, they let me in since they recognized me since I gave you dinner one time."

"Wow, they're pretty good, remembering you from just one instance a while back!"

Cindy smirked and winked. "I'm unforgettable, girlie," she joked.

Iris playfully smacked her cousin. "Yeah yeah. Anyway, I was asking him why he was here. I was surprising seeing him because BTS left the other day to Australia. Turns out, Namjoon the destroyer struck again! He broke Jin's visa can you believe it!"

Cindy hung on every word and at the end, the two girls simultaneously burst out laughing. That definitely sounded like what Namjoon would accidentally do.

"Aw, that's too bad then. I could've met a BTS member in person! Oh well, haha!" Cindy lightly tapped Iris. "You're looking better now, cuz. Did seeing Jin cheer you up?"

A bashful smile formed along Iris's lips. "Yes, I suppose it did. I was so surprised that I nearly forgot my worries."

Of course, Iris didn't confess that she it was still at the top of her mind considering she spaced out thinking about possible scandals and rumors between her and BTS. Iris would never willingly put them or her in such a situation. But knowing the environment of the industry and conservative and nitpicking public on their celebrities, small actions and affiliations could turn guesses into full blown rumors to fake scandals.

Unaware of what was really spinning around in Iris's head, Cindy sunnily smiled, thinking that her planned work was partly done. Looping an arm around her cousin's smaller frame, Cindy walked to the elevator to resume comforting girl talk in Iris's room.




[Author's Note, end of chapter: This message is longer than the 500 characters allowed, so I'm sticking it here instead.

I'm very sorry for the delay in the mass release. I nearly forgot that Friday I was supposed to write and release a chapter for my main novel which takes priority over any others.Thus, I'm now two chapters behind besides the three I promised.

Since trying to get all of them done (especially with Mother's Day tomorrow) will be near impossible and drag out more daily chapters I need to write on top of them all, I'm just going to double daily release for several days. This is more feasible for me. Also, my timezone is behind Webnovel, so typically what's Friday for me is Saturday on here...

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-new-girl-group-i&apos;m-a-k-pop-star-!_13613119805463005/namjoon-strikes-again!_36936210949666720">;s-new-girl-group-i&apos;m-a-k-pop-star-!_13613119805463005/namjoon-strikes-again!_36936210949666720</a> for visiting.

Lastly, 4/6 of the winners declined or couldn't receive the rewards due to some circumstance. That means I'll be redrawing 4 and hoping that this time it's more successful. :') ]

Chryiss Chryiss

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Hangout, chat, be notified of book updates~ :) ]

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