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Chapter 5: Promise Me

[!!!] Note: Speech/text in Korean (not understood by Iris) will be marked in parentheses ().

As soon as Iris fainted, all the formerly relaxed BTS members instantly spiraled into a frenzy. J-Hope caught the girl before she knocked her head anywhere, and Namjoon tried talking her back into consciousness. Both Jimin and V huddled around the trio with anxious looks.

The ever reliable manager and quick thinker, Seijin decided to take her back to the hotel to recuperate. Although it was risky, it was better than publicly exposing themselves and BTS if they took her to a hospital.

Also, they weren't able to call anyone on her locked smartphone. Thankfully, it was nighttime, so they were able to escape the radar of anyone daring to prowl about in search of BTS at the hotel.

They entered the building through a back entrance that was closer to their rooms than from the lobby. The BTS members entered first. Then Seijin carried Iris inside. In the worst case scenario, at least BTS wouldn't directly be connected to bringing a teenage girl into a hotel if caught on camera.

Once in the safety of their rooms, they laid Iris on the couch so as to avoid possible misunderstandings. Then they wrapped her in a blanket and propped her head up with a pillow.

Although they had tended to her injuries and the trickle of blood from her head, V couldn't help dabbing her forehead with a tissue on random occasions. Jimin and J-Hope too would check on her from time to time.

Meanwhile, Rap Monster went to the other members to inform and explain the situation. As group, as a family, they shared anything important that could impact BTS.

Jungkook had checked the group chat shortly before the four members returned to the hotel, so he had been waiting to see this injured girl and receive the firsthand account of what had happened. He gawked at her on the couch with his big eyes and bunny teeth which showed through his open mouth.

Although he had gotten somewhat better with girls since their debut years, Jungkook was still rather shy around them. Even though, to ARMYs, he was a handsome tease as well as the big baby of the group, the maknae or the youngest as known in Korean.

Hovering a safe distance from the girl, Jungkook took in her straight, long hair and lightly tanned, honey skin. Feeling that he had stared at her one second too long, he hastily escaped the scene. After he left, Suga and Jin arrived from the next room over along with Rap Monster.

Seeing the unconscious girl, Jin immediately flew over. "Namjoon!" he cried out. Rap Monster looked at Jin confusedly, wondering why Jin had called out his name. "(What's wrong?)"

Very seriously, Jin replied with wide eyes, "(What did you do to the poor girl? Were you actually the one who knocked her down?)"

Rap Monster mentally face-palmed. He could leave it to Jin to crack a joke in any situation. "(I just told you that J-Hope was the one who actually bumped into her!)"

"(Ahh, J-Hope isn't as clumsy as you.)" Jin responded immediately.

"…" Namjoon's face had a shade of a wry smile. Seriously, these five kids of his and a grandpa….

And speaking of grandpa, Suga finally made his way over. He silently peered at the girl for a long moment. Then he placidly asked, "(Is she okay?)"

"(Hopefully. Apparently she hit the ground pretty hard. Her forearms got scraped and bled a little. She must've knocked her head on the side too.)" Namjoon calmly assessed before bending down on one knee to check on her.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" Namjoon initially meant to call out her name, but then he realized that they had never gotten the girl's name.

Perhaps because she in a comfortable position and had rested a bit, Iris finally stirred upon hearing the nearby voice. A thread of unease also drove her back into consciousness. She did not want to be trouble for BTS, but subconsciously she knew that she had made things difficult for them.

"Urggghhh…" Iris slowly sat up and rubbed her slightly throbbing head. She soon perceived the nearby stares and swirled her head to her right. A coffee brown-haired man with a sleepy mien stood a meter away while a taller, light cocoa brown-haired man slightly hovered over her. And directly in front, a caramel blond was kneeling at her side.

"Hi! How are you feeling?" Namjoon asked once she fixed her gaze on them.

Iris blinked for a solid second. '...' Her mind was blank. She felt she must be dreaming to see Suga, Jin, and Rap Monster of BTS in front of her. But then all the night's events came rushing back into her. '!!!!'

"Rap Monster! Oh my gosh!" Iris tilted her head down. "I'm so sorry I caused more trouble for you all again!" She quickly looked around and noticed her blanket and pillow as well as the finished treatment of her arms and now forehead. 'All the excitement and nervousness must've aggravated my head injury since I didn't really feel any pain there after I fell.'

"And thank you so much for helping me! Jeongmal gomabseubnida! Ah, I'm really sorry. Jeongmal mianhaeyo!" Iris couldn't feel any more conflicted about her situation. To be with BTS like this was a dream, but she felt terrible for putting them in a tricky situation while also feeling grateful for them being so kind to personally help her rather than dump her elsewhere.

"No problem. It's okay as long as you're feeling better." Namjoon smiled amiably.

'Rap Monster! Why're you so nice?! Why're you all so nice?! Argh, we don't deserve BTS, these precious boys.' Iris's ARMY side cried and cascaded over her normal thoughts.

"Yes, thank you!" She politely nod-bowed at Rap Monster before doing the same to both Suga who was still watching along with Jin who was leaning a bit too close for comfort. "Gamsahamnida."

Suga faintly bobbed his head in acknowledgement before flashing a minute smile while Jin's face broke out into a charming smile. Rap Monster then continued, "Sorry that this all happened. And what's your name?"

"Not at all! And I'm Iris."

"Iris, sorry."

"No no! Aniyo!" Iris waved her hands. "It's ok, it's ok! Is everyone ok? Nothing happened to you guys right?" She was very concerned that a scandal could arise if someone saw her entering the hotel with BTS.

"Nope, it's all good," Rap Monster assured. This girl was very polite and considerate he remarked in his head.

"That's good! I'm glad nothing happened to you guys for helping me. I really appreciate it, and it was very nice meeting you all too. Bangawoyo! Please continue doing music! Your songs give me strength—him*! BTS is an inspiration!"

Iris stood up to bow before straightening up the couch. "I'll get going. Thanks again!"

She had said her fill. Although Iris actually had many more words to say in terms of how grateful she was for BTS, she didn't want to overwhelm them and overstay her welcome. They understood the core message. And if not from her, BTS received love and support from their fans everyday.

She said her goodbyes to Namjoon, Suga, and Jin. But just before Iris was about to exit, she hesitated. 'Should I give him this…?' She fiddled around with her phone before resolving that she would forever regret not showing it.

"This is a song that I made because of you and BTS…" Iris shyly showed her screen to them. "It's on Soundcloud and is called 'Neverland.' I named it that because on the back of Jungkook's shirt in Save Me, I misread the words as 'This is Neverland.' It's my first song that I ever composed, so it's nothing amazing but… I would still love if you could check it out!" Iris squeezed her eyes while her heart drummed nervously.

"Cool! We'll definitely check it out, Iris." Namjoon good-naturedly grinned. "IrisEverglade?" He recited questioningly to make sure he got her username right.

Practically beaming sunlight, Iris fervently nodded her head. She had quietly uploaded some original music on Soundcloud because BTS often used it for song covers or other music. She had very few listens because she never promoted her songs anywhere.

After all, she knew that her realistic goal in life was to become a successful businesswoman after graduating from college. She would be the first in her family to attain a college degree, so she wanted to make her parents proud.

"Okay, nice. It was nice meeting you, Iris." Namjoon shook her hand and Jin enthusiastically followed along with a much mellower Suga.

'UGH. BTS knows me by first name basis. I wonder if they'll remember me? Anyway this was a great memory. Even if they don't listen to it, I'm still so happy.' Iris bowed for the final time and departed.

After she left, Namjoon paused, lost in thought. Soon, he retreated into the room after Jin and Suga.

Opening up his laptop, he searched for Iris's song. Jimin, V, and J-Hope had said that she was a good singer and also danced to K-Pop songs. So, he was curious about what she had composed. As BTS took an active role in creating their songs, Namjoon was always looking for sources of inspiration. Perhaps Iris's song would give him ideas.

He attentively listened to her song. It wasn't super complex and had minimal instrumentals, but her voice rung true and clear. Namjoon could feel the longing, hope, and joy in various parts of the song.

After it ended, he sat silently in his chair. Then he reached an arm to skip to a certain section of the song and keenly focused.

Peterpan and his band, you are my Neverland~

Let's chase our youth and live freely

Even if one day we have to grow up

These memories are eternal~

Please don't forget me

I won't forget you

I promise.

Chryiss Chryiss

Language Note:

* “him” means strength in Korean


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