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5.45% Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World / Chapter 12: A Storm of Jealousy

A Storm of Jealousy - Big Shot's Reincarnation Sweeps the World - Chapter 12 by Nalan Cloud full book limited free

Chapter 12: A Storm of Jealousy

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

At this time, a shiny black Rolls Royce stopped at the gates of Yan City High School. Sheng You quickly straightened his clothing before he opened the door. Ahead of the driver, he ran to the other side of the car, wanting to open the door for Sheng Yang.

However, Sheng Yang had already gotten out of the car. She was standing by the car and looking at him silently with her clear amber eyes.

The smile suddenly froze on Sheng You's face.

He was in a formal suit today, looking very handsome. He was in his forties, which was the golden age for men. He was quite personable.

He didn't quite like formal attire and wouldn't dress this way aside from formal occasions, but today he was wearing a suit, which showed that he took his daughter's affairs very seriously.

In the morning, he and his wife fought over who would send Sheng Yang to school. In the end, he won and Kang Weizhen had to go to the office alone, crestfallen.

Having just returned from a business trip, he was very happy that he won the chance to get close to his daughter, so now he was a bit nervous.

"Um… well… call Dad if you need anything. The cell phone I bought for you is in your school bag." This invincible "God of War" in business was a bit shy and was even stuttering a little.

He scratched his head from time to time. He was at a loss for how to get along with his little daughter, like he was a shy teenager.

Sheng Yang pursed her lips, her voice clear. "Thank you, Dad."

With that, she turned around and left. Sheng You froze then turned to the driver with a big, bright smile on his face. He clutched the driver's collar, trying to share his joy. "Did you hear what Yangyang called me just now? She called me Dad! Isn't that sweet?"

Sheng You was so excited that he called his wife, and his excitement almost reached the other end of the phone. "Weizhen! Yangyang called me Dad! She called me Dad!"

Kang Weizhen was busy with her work at the office. Whenever she felt her husband was stealing her chance to take their daughter to school, she was in a bad mood. Now it seemed her husband was even deliberately calling to brag which really pissed her off, so she said sourly, "She's been calling me Mom."

The two seldom quarreled, but ever since their daughter returned, the two often fought to win their daughter's favor.

Sheng You was immersed in his own little world, murmuring, "Oh, it sounded so sweet. You have no idea how adorable our daughter was…"

Unable to bear it anymore, Kang Weizhen hung up the phone. She was in a bad mood now. How did her husband have the nerve to add fuel to the fire?

In the conference room, a group of people was looking at Kang Weizhen, who was standing outside the door. They heard that Mr. Sheng went to take their newly-returned daughter to school today. Why were they quarreling? President Kang looked so angry and even hung up on Mr. Sheng. Gee, there must be something they didn't know!


In the vice principal's office.

Li Mei, the class teacher of Class One, glanced at Sheng Yang's resume and said bluntly, "I can't accept this student."

Before seeing Sheng Yang's resume, she had heard of her.

The scandal of the rich. The truth must be very complicated.

She was rumored to be a long-missing daughter. But who knew the truth?

According to her resume, she was brought up by a dumb granny in the countryside. Since her childhood, her grades were a complete mess and had only improved this year.

But how could a township high school compare to Yan City High School? Her grades in the former had no reference value in the latter.

This student had no merit at all. If this student joined her class, she would only lower the average score. Besides, she was probably an illegitimate daughter. This student would only become a stain to her career!

The vice principal was anxious. "She's waiting outside in the lounge. How could you say that? I remember that every time the principal added a student to your class, you accepted them with a smile."

"That's different!" Those previous students were top students recruited from other high schools, but this time, the principal had thrown her a hot potato. As the Ace teacher of Yan City High School for so many years, she certainly wouldn't let this student ruin her career!

After a pause, Li Mei said, "Vice principal, don't push me. If you push me again, I may be job-hopping to Second High School."

The vice principal was angry, pointing at her with trembling fingers. "Good, very good, Li Mei, how could you threaten me like this? We always give you the best students. Ask yourself whether it was solely because of your teaching skills that you performed so well in the past two years!"

Li Mei rolled her eyes and didn't say anything. Obviously, she wouldn't yield to the vice principal.

Even if she offended the principal over this and he stopped giving her the best students, it wouldn't matter. They were now in the third year of high school. Han Jingyu and Sheng Yue in her class were her two trumps; one of whom would definitely become the provincial champion of the National College Entrance Examination!

Helpless, the vice principal could only make a phone call. The Sheng family had asked him to take care of their daughter. He couldn't just allow her to wait outside.

Besides, he didn't know why the principal suddenly changed his mind and bent the rules for this Miss Sheng. The principal even told him to put her in a good class before he went to another city to attend a seminar.

When Chen Lan, the class teacher of Class Seven arrived, she saw a stunningly beautiful student waiting quietly in the lounge outside the vice principal's office. The sun shone on her white and slender neck, and her beautiful profile seemed to be glowing.

After receiving a call from the vice principal, Chen Lan was already made aware of this student's identity. She couldn't help but feel surprised when she saw this scene. Even she could hear the heated argument coming from the vice principal's office, so this girl must've heard them too, but she looked so calm and wasn't sad or embarrassed at all. This girl was really special.

Chen Lan had taught many good students but had barely taught one who was so mentally strong, so she couldn't help but develop some fondness for this student.

Soon after she walked in, Li Mei came out arrogantly.

Class Seven, second only to her Class 1, was also an Ace class, and Chen Lan was the principal's most valued young teacher.

But she was too young, too simple, and sometimes naive. She accepted this hot potato and viewed her as a challenge, thinking that a student like Sheng Yang would have room for improvement. What a big joke!

With this in mind, Li Mei looked at Sheng Yang, who wasn't far away. She was holding a piece of paper in her hand, reading it carefully, completely immersed in her own world and totally undisturbed.

Li Mei glanced at her scornfully and curled her lips.

What's that on the paper? A scribble?

She frowned. Forget it. This kind of student was hard to understand. Fortunately, she wouldn't be joining her class.

Sheng Yang finally finished reading the recipe. When she closed her eyes, the contents of the paper immediately popped up in her mind. Yes, this piece of paper was the spice recipe that Yi Jun gave her.

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She only had to read it once before she could recite it.

Even though… this recipe was bought from a mysterious Arabian spice master and was all written in Arabic.

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