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Author: MissBlackRose

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"I hate to burst your bubble, Miss, but this marriage is nothing more than just a deal. You can dream all you want, I will not stop you from doing so, but these are all temporary. So enjoy the moment while it lasts" The man wearing an elegant tuxedo says. He didn't bother to look at the one beside him. He just uttered the words monotonously, uninflected and reserved. 

'Oh woah! Who does this person think he is? God's gift to humanity? A superhero to save mankind? Enjoy the moment while it lasts, you say? Enjoy my ass, psycho! Well I am more sorry to pop your incredibly hydrocephalic head, Mister Arrogant, but the feeling is damn mutual.' 

"As long as this will keep my family's name from destruction, then I am more than willing to spend temporary hell with you until our fake marriage is over. I am doing all of this for my parent's sake. So come hell or high waters, even if I need to be in the abyss just to save them, then so be it." 

"Suit yourself then. But don't ever think that I didn't warn you. You've read the contract and the conditions I've set for you to comply, I suppose you are fully aware of what you'll be entering because you've signed it willingly." 

'Lucky for you that I had to bear with you and your arrogance, asshole! If not for my parents' request and what I owed them for adopting me, I wouldn't be standing here beside you and marrying you even if you're the last man on Earth.' 

"Oh don't worry, I am mentally aware of the contract and what needs to be done as your better half in public. I will do my part and hopefully you fulfill your part of the deal." 

"I will. There's no need to worry because I am a man of my word. I will do my part, to the best of my ability. But there's one more thing I want you to remember, even before this fucking ceremony ends." 

"What is it?" My curiosity instantly got piqued that made me glanced his way. 

Everything that needs to know with regards to this arrangement was long-windedly filled in to me, so what is it that I still need to know then? 

"Don't ever fall in love with me, Miss. Don't you dare or you'll be sorry." 

'Hah! Was that even a joke? The nerve of this man! I can't believe the excessiveness of his ego! Me? Falling in love with him? Falling for someone whose arrogance and belief in oneself exceeded the peak of Eiffel Tower itself? How dare him think less of me! Who gave him the right to belittle me? He doesn't know me at all for him to judge me so easily. Did he think I am delighted to be married to him or even to be connected with his family? In your fucking dreams, narcissist!' 

Boredom strikes me as I fidgeted the fork back and forth at the slice of cake in front me, more than anxious to end the day. There's nothing more I ever wanted now than to be on my own and be at peace with myself, to spread my overly exhausted body and drowse off to sleep.

"Excuse me" He uttered before swiftly walking away. 

I didn't dare exert an effort to look his way. I didn't care at all. But the moment my eyes caught a glance at where my parents were seated, I saw both of them secretly gesturing at me to follow him. The looks of them told me not to defy them. 

'Dammit! Why do I have to follow him? Can't I simply wait here?' 

I had no choice but to obey them, just like what I always do. Quickening my pace, I saw him walk towards the farthest end of the lobby where the restrooms are situated. 

'Call of nature. I can't believe this! I didn't recall ever reading in the contract that I should be guarding his every move. Was it also part of the agreement that I need to babysit him or be his bodyguard?' 

Just as I was about to turn around and head back, my eyes caught a glimpse at where he entered that made my eyes pop wide open.

'What the heck! Ladies' room? Really? Did he just go inside a ladies' room? Well this shouldn't be any of your business, Angelou, but damn! Why on Earth would a man in his right mind enter a freaking ladies' room? Does he have an eye problem or something?' 

As my steps drew nearer, I could loudly hear the frantic beating of my heart. Curiosity was killing me as I slowly held the knob and gently turned it open, only to be shocked at what was in front of me. I was literally taken aback and tried my best to steady my ground, covering my mouth so as not to create any noise while I gaze at the two individuals ahead of me. 

They were kissing, obviously not mindful of their surroundings. Too engrossed in what they were doing that they weren't even aware that they had an audience with them. I can't see the woman's face but her hands were all over my husband's back, while the latter was pinning the tramp at the wall with hands busily caressing her body. 

"Gabriel, take me here now. Please, I beg you. I've waited for days just to finally be with you now" The woman says with an aching voice, exasperated in anticipation. 

"I wanted you so badly the minute I saw you entered the church earlier. I couldn't wait for the ceremony to end so I could privately be with you. You looked so deliciously beautiful and enticingly hot." 

"Aah, honey. Take me now, please. I can't wait any longer. I want you. I need you so badly it's driving me crazy." 

"Patience, my dear. Don't worry, I will make you reach the apex of pleasure in a while." 

"Take me out of my misery, Gabriel. I am dying to feel you all over again. Quench my thirst, fill me to the brim please. Oh God, I want more of you."

I felt my heart was stabbed several times at the sound of her. I tried hard to recall her voice, running her words all over inside my head. The sight of him being with a woman didn't shake me, but the sound of her voice didn't simply hit me hard, it smashed the hell out of me. I can't believe what I just heard. I can't believe that there would be a far more devastating incident than being married to a total narcissist. 

'This couldn't be! Maybe I was just mistaken at the sound of her voice! Maybe, because of all the emotions I felt today, I am now hallucinating! That voice couldn't be hers! That's way too impossible! That wasn't her, Angelou. It's impossible to be her.'

The moment they shifted places was the time my whole world collapsed. The pain I felt was extremely excruciating that I wasn't able to hold back and let beads of tears fall. 


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