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Chapter 17: Attack to the barrier (3)

Upon Tiwana's command, the full might of the base was directed at the Yevyagit. Cannons roared, and every available soldier charged, their war cries mingling with the monstrous bellows of the beast.

The onslaught was relentless, and finally, the Yevyagit fell. Its lifeless form crumpled to the ground, causing a tremor that echoed the shock and relief rippling through the surviving soldiers.

But victory had come at a devastating cost. The outpost's gate lay in ruins; a third of the soldiers had been slaughtered, their bodies strewn across the battlefield like discarded playthings. The monster had been defeated but left a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

Raveena stood amidst the chaos, her eyes sweeping over the scene. She could taste the acrid smoke from the spreading fires and hear the low moans of the wounded. She didn't fight the Yevyagit but could see Roma's team battling it.

Her heart ached at the sight of the devastation: the fallen soldiers, the ruined gate, the panic-stricken faces of her surviving team.

Raveena then retreated to the safety of her team ranks. "It's too much for us," said one of them. She, too, lost a team member due to the sheer number of Densoph. A moment of distraction was all it took for him to be killed.

"We still have a job to do, private," Raveena said loud enough for them to hear. She couldn't show hesitation. They managed to prevent the monster from entering the city, but the Densoph were still there.

A group of Densoph ran toward their position; they were six, while the team only had four members now. Raveena charged her mana and pointed her finger at one of the creatures. She aimed at the bulk of the thaids and fired.

The energy traveled through the air like a spearhead before it pierced into the center mass of two thaids. The impact sent both beasts flying backward.

Their bodies smashed against some other thaids, making them tumble. A few seconds later, another explosion occurred, this time the result of the brain crystal power of Raveena's squad member.

The explosion illuminated the area momentarily; the light disappeared after a short second when the blast dissipated. It left behind scorched grasses on its path.

A squad member instead rushed toward the group of thaids with a sword in hand. The weapon was coated in an electric field that caused an electrical current to travel along its blade.

This allowed the user to cut through most things easily without exerting effort and, simultaneously, electrocuting whatever enemy was unlucky enough to meet the blade on the battlefield.

He slashed his way through several thaids until he reached where Raveena stood.

Though more thaids approached the four humans, one dashed toward Raveena, it was running at an insanely fast speed, and it became hard for the sergeant to see the creature.

She went into position to fire his power again, and energy surged inside her body like electricity surging within a wire.

Then she shot the energy out, sending shockwaves throughout the air. The blasts struck three nearby thaids simultaneously, killing each instantly.

One of the monsters fell over dead, while others flew away in fright. Raveena's aim failed her since she couldn't kill the thaid charging at her.

The monstrous creatures swarmed the battlefield, their numbers overwhelming. Raveena and her team, already battered and exhausted, found themselves struggling against the tide of beasts.

Raveena's brain crystal power killed repeatedly, shooting down Densoph after Densoph, but for each one that fell, it seemed two more took its place. The relentless onslaught felt endless, pushing her and her team to their limits.

The grim reality was apparent: they were outnumbered. Yet, they stood their ground, defending their city with every ounce of strength left in them. However, it was clear to the woman that they had to relocate.

The suppressing fire of the outpost was severely reduced due to the high number of monsters, and they were having trouble battling all these Thaids.

"We must retreat," She said. But there was nowhere to go since the building which could have shielded her had been breached.

Monsters were rushing inside the corridors, searching for humans to eat. Their numbers significantly reduced, though, thanks to the effort put in by the soldiers, but it wasn't enough to stop all of them.

Inside the building, the thaids were going upstairs, where most of the soldiers were. A group of humans went in front of the staircase blocking every access to the upper floors.

They kept killing thaids without pause. In front of them, there was carnage; multiple Densoph bodies littered the floor, and the stairs were painted red from the blood of the rat-like creatures.

The creatures swarmed the higher floor, and another group of soldiers came down to shoot the creatures down. Many thaids died, some immediately, while others could stay alive and tried to reach the soldiers until they eventually succumbed to death.

They continued doing so until the last human standing tried to fight alone against the horde of beasts. There was no escape in that building, and the beasts quickly reached him and tore his guts apart. His screams echoed across the walls. "RAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

His cries turned into silence as the monster consumed what remained of him. Only the sound of chewing filled the hallways.

Raveena and Roma then met outside the building; most of the Densoph around the perimeter died, and only the ones inside the building remained.

Roma immediately noticed the number of people on both their teams decreased. A silent moment ensued. The two women understood each other.

The group went inside and followed the blood trails. Inside the corridor, dead bodies lay everywhere.

They had problems not throwing up as they saw the situation inside. Some corpses were torn apart, and others were missing parts.

Even after being devoured by the thaids, some victims still possessed organs intact. The two women looked at each other and made a sign of understanding. They had to stop the monsters.

They ran ahead, following the trail of the beasts who moved slowly along the halls. At times, the smell of bloodied meat overwhelmed them and caused gags.

There were thousands of thaids inside the building. Roma, Raveena, and their squads rushed to the upper floors killing everything in their path, but they could do so since they were elite. The others inside the building weren't so strong as to survive that mass of monsters. As they ascended, they heard the sound of battles going on.

Once at the top floor, they found a stalemate. Multiple soldiers were stopping the monsters from going forward, and the remaining thaids were trying to get past them.

The soldiers saw the newcomers, and their eyes lit up. Then, Raveena charged her power, and Roma summoned her flaming whip, and carnage ensued.


Inside another room, a Thaid was still alive. It desperately tried to reach an air vent to escape that hell hole.

It jumped and jumped until it finally reached the vent. The Densoph crawled through the vents, trying to head outside and escape.

It took the creature at least half an hour to leave the building by following the scent of fresh grass. The thaid arrived at the exit, but the air vents barred the way. The creature slowly destroyed it with its sharp teeth, and it finally got free.

It was on the other side of the barrier; in front of it, multiple fields stretched outwards. The thaid was ecstatic and started running around the area for food and meat.

Soon enough, the monster came across a herd of cattle. It didn't take much time before blood was spilled over that verdant field.

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