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32.25% Birth Of The End. / Chapter 9: Chapter 9: A New Ally.

Chapter 9: A New Ally. - Birth Of The End. - Chapter 9 by qu3n_ full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: A New Ally.

"So. What type of magic do you use? And what are those markings?"

We were all walking through the woods. Apparently their carriage was destroyed, so we have to walk all the way back to the human continent which will probably take weeks.

"Weapon Creation. And I was born with these markings." I was carrying Mickey on my back with Sabrina holding my hand. Cory was slightly hovering over the ground with his wings out. "Eh?! Weapon creation?! That sucks!" He screamed out at me.

"I'm a reincarnated person. My weapon Creation obviously has buffs." He took this all in, and nodded. "Well anyways, why are you so tall? We did come to this world at the same time right?" He flew around my while checking out my whole body.

"I don't know actually.." I wasn't about to give out my secrets like that. One things I also noticed is that they are actually 12. That means they probably got summoned as babies, and grew up. I wonder how that works though..

"The sun is soooooo hot.." Sabrina groaned out. "I have a slight resistance to it, but it still hurts.." She kept groaning out which caused me to smile a bit, as the face she was making was cute.

"We have a long ways ahead, so I would get used to it if I was you." She side eyed me which caused me to not voice out my opinion anymore.

We continued walking for about 30 minutes before I noticed something. 'That shape..' I saw a huge print in the ground. 'A dragon?!' As I was thinking that, a huge roar sounded out. It caused the trees to shake, as well as the ground. "W-Whats that?!" Aiko said out to everyone.

"Aiko! Mother! Come back!" They were a bit ahead of us. They heard what I said, and immediately fell back besides us. A huge shadow then flew over the forest which caused me to gulp.

'Stop it Haruto! Think!' I let go of Sabrina's hand to hit myself in the face. 'A dragon appeared, and you need to find shelter! Find it!' I yelled at myself and started looking all around. I saw nothing to shield us from the dragons presence however.

Noticing that we couldn't hide anywhere, I gritted my teeth.

'You know what you need to do...'

I hated the thought, but maybe it's the best choice. "Mother! Aiko! You take the kids! Mother, You can hid others people magic, including yourself, but you have a limit right?! Hid your own presence as well Aiko!" The beast flew over again.

"What?! No! I'm not leaving you!" She yelled back at me. "Brother! Your coming with us! No debate!" Aiko yelled at me as well. 'Damn it! I..Can't hid my presence, and you both know that!' I wasn't good with that type of stuff.

'If I go with you, then I'll just be giving you away.'

My hands were shaking from fear, but I knew what I had to do. "Mother. Aiko. Please listen to me.." I kneeled down with my head down as well. "If we all die, knowing it's my fault, then I'll never forgive myself..." I was afraid with every bone in my body. "Please! Let me do this! Let me protect you!"

I yelled out at them all which surprised them. 'Haruto.... Is this because of my advice I gave you earlier? To help those in need, no matter how dangerous the situation is?..' Mother smiled at me.

"Haruto.." Mother had smile on her face, but I could also see feat in it. "I..Understand.." I then felt something placed onto my head. "My baby's grown up again in such a short amount of time. Please bring this back to me okay?" Roots then popped up and picked them all up. "Haruto!" Aiko screamed my name with tears falling down.

"Don't leave me.." Aiko then thought back to that one night. Mother told her what happened to me, which caused Aiko to find her mission in life. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

To protect her brother no matter the cost.

"Big brother! Please don't leave.." She put her hand out at me. "Don't worry Aiko.." Time seemed to slow down, and it was just me and her in the single moment.

"I' fine."

Aiko then disappeared into the ground, as I have her a final smile.

'Please stay safe guys..' I touched my cross ear rings that we all wore and smiled. "Now then.." The beast roared out. "What..Will I do?" I started running in a random direction. 'My weapons definitely won't work. They're too weak to penetrate a dragon's skin. Unless I...'

Dragons. They are feared by almost everyone.

There were 7 supreme dragons in the beginning. Each one control a specific element to which they were superior in.

Those 7 however randomly disappeared one day, making a lot of people happy. The happiness didn't last for long however as new dragons were formed. Some controlled weather. Some controlled shadows. Some could even control space itself.

'What am I fighting..' I got to a opened field and looked around. 'Shit. This is the perfect place for a fig-' The huge beast appeared on the opposite side of the field. 'Just my luck huh..' I sighed and we stared at each other.

"Looks like I'm going to have to fight you Mr. dragon." I spoke to it. "Come on. I know that an advanced creature such as you can speak." I put my hand out and a gun appeared. I aimed it directly at its forehead.

▪︎Your A Strange One▪︎

The dark, feminine voice spoke out.

A purple cloud of smoke then went up. 'What the hell?' It cleared up and I saw a woman. She had deep purple hair and purple, hallow eyes that made her seem blind. She wore bandages around her whole body with black heels to finish it off.

▪︎A Human Stepping Up To A Dragon Is Rare▪︎

She gave a small laugh while licking her lips.

"I-If they all looked like you then maybe people would step up to your species more often." Her looks were just on par with Mother. Of course Mother still looked better overall.

▪︎Haha. Your A Funny Human▪︎

She laughed out which caused me to awkwardly laugh. ▪︎Its A Shame Though..▪︎ She appeared in front of me. ▪︎Your Quiet Handsome▪︎ I slowly pulled my finger back, but stopped as I felt a sharp pain in my side.

Before I could even realize what happened, I was slouched up against a tree. 'What..' I held my side for a moment, then pulled my hand back. 'Blood huh..' I sighed out.

▪︎Oh? Your Not Dead? You Really Are Something▪︎

She appeared again in front of my face. Her bandages were slowly slipping off, but she didn't seem to notice. "Well.." I coughed up blood. "This isn't nearly enough to kill me.."

I made another gun and I shakily put my hand up. ▪︎Hey. What Is That By The Way?▪︎ She tilted her face and I smiled. "Its called a Gun. It's the weapon that's going to kill you.."

I said nothing in my arsenal could hurt the dragons skin. Well, almost nothing. My dark element was perfect against monsters.

As I was thinking that, Purple veins then appeared on my gun. 'Almost all of my magic power. I better atleast scrape her..'

<Level: 28(16,975/28,000xp)>

<mp: 543/12,000>

<hp: 150/300>

[New skill created: Dark bullet.]

I smiled and pulled the trigger. She however, didn't move, so I could assume she thought that this wouldn't hurt her.

The bullet traveled almost in slow motioned at her. My hands shook at the last second before firing, so it was heading towards her leg instead of her forehead like planned.

The purple bullet that emitted black fog came into contact with her leg and blood went flying everywhere.

A huge roar that made the trees shakes came out as it did. ▪︎WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MEEEE!...▪︎ Her entire right leg was blow off, which caused her to fall. "I shot you.." I got up while stammering. "I...Caused damage to a dragon.." I started laughing crazily which surprised her a bit.

"Hey. I got four bullets left.."(Lies)

I walked over to her and planted my gun between her breast. "One for the left leg. One for the right arm. One for the left arm, and finally.." I moved the gun up her body until I got to her her forehead.

"One for your head."

I smiled at her and she flinched. "W-Wait!" Her voice was that of a Mature woman now. "I Lost. Please let this pitiful dragon live to see another day." She slowly layed up with her eyes closed. "A dragon blowing their head? I thought your people were prideful."

It said in a book at least.

"Oh, We certainly are. Only in battle however. If we're on death's door, then we'll beg for mercy." I'm get the feeling as if she just exposed her entire race. "Please! Maybe I can make it up to you! A pet? A bodyguard? A sex slave? I'll do anything, so just let me live!"

I stared down on her. 'A-A sex slave?!' This world was way too different from my last one. "Listen, Uh..." I looked at her. "Ryoko." She said to me and I nodded. "Listen, Ryoko. I...Didn't want this to happen.." I held my hand out. "I did indeed draw my weapon first, but that was out of fear. You are a dragon, Y'know."

She stared at me. "Let's be friends. You seem nice, so why not?" She stared blankly at me. 'This human....What an idiot..' She smiled and took my hand. "What if I'm accepting your trust, just to kill you later?" She asked me as I slowly helped her up.

"You could have easily killed us all back then.."

She had the perfect chance to kill us as she flew over us. Whether its firing out a fire ball, or just landing on us, we would easily have been killed. "Haha! I like you Human!" As she said that, her legs started twitching.

"I havent been hurt in Centuries! Man that was a thrill!" Her mature and collected faded away into a rougher voice. "Its gonna take a while to heal, but that's fine! It was worth it!" A small bone sprouted out which caused me to throw up a bit.

"Until then, you'll have to carry me!" She hopped onto me, and I caught her. Our position was that of a Princess being carried by a Prince. "Damn, Your heavy.." I was wounded and carrying her at the same time, so it didn't really help.

"I can see that your body is built. You train right?" I can already see where this is going. "This is your training now! You will do this every day until your as strong as I am!" I stared at her then started walking.

"So. That magic shot you fired at me. My instincts weren't telling me to dodge it..." She said something which surprised me. "That's why I didn't dodge. It was like no harm was coming my way.." I nodded at the discovery.

"Also, You have Weapon Creation magic? How do you use it so well? I've never met someone as skilled as you in my entire life with Weapon Creation." We came over to a rock and I sat down on it. "I don't know. I was just born like this.." She heard that and nodded. 'Born like that huh?' She looked at the markings on my arms.

'Wait. These are..' She started touching over my markings. "Pretty interesting human.." She smirked at herself. "Haven't seen this language in a while..." I heard that and stared blankly into the open.

"What?" I scratched my ear.

"Yeah. These ruins are of an ancient language. If I tell you what they say, then you might just find something out about that power of yours.." She saw my interested face and smiled. "I obviously won't though.." My face went down. "But I will teach you about dark magic since we both use it."

I became happy once more.

"Wait. How can you use dark magic, but not be resistance towards it?"

"Your a mere human. Why would I waste my magic creating a barrier around myself, is what I was thinking. I took off all my skills and effects and became just slightly higher than a human in strength. I wanted to play with you before I killed you, but as you can see, it didn't work out.."

"Oh. I see.." I looked away. 'Just how much weaker did she think I was compared to her?! She..turned off all her skills just to humiliate me..' I cried out in my head then looked back.

'Well, I'm lucky atleast. I didn't expect her to get hit at all. If it was me, I would have dodged regardless of if it was a threat or not..' As I was thinking that, the bushes rustles behind me.

"Big brother!" She jumped out onto my back. "I..I was so worried!" She cried while grabbing onto my shirt. "Haruto." I heard the angelic voice and smiled. "Mom.." I let go of Ryoko, causing her to fall down. I got up from the rock and turned around.


She put her hands out at and motioned me to come closer. I walked into her open arms and she closed them. "Haruto.." She held me tighter, causing me to feel pain, but I didn't show it. "I'm glad your okay.." She whispered in my ears.

"I'm such a bad Mother. I let my own son go out, and fight a dragon all on his own." She started sniffling. "Your not a bad Mother, Mom. You feed and take care if me. You love me, train me, and even let me do things that children shouldn't do with their Mother.." I placed my hand on her face.

"Your the best mother that I could ask for."

Her eyes widened, with her face becoming red. "I will never do something like this again. I made you and Aiko sad. What type of brother and son does that?" She put her hand up, and held mine. "My baby boy.." She kissed my forehead with a smile. "I promise Mother.."

I won't make them worry like that again. It hurts to see their sad face, when I'm the one who caused it.

"Haruto. Who's that.." I looked back and saw Aiko pointing to Ryoko as she was squirming on the floor. "This is Ryoko. She's the dragon that I fought." The wind blew as everything became silent.

I then felt heat rising, causing me to flinch. "W-Wait Aiko! She's not a threat anymore!" A sword of fire appeared in her hands. "She hurt you.." She slowly walked up to Ryoko. "Yeah, and I hurt her back! Leave it alone!" She stood over Ryoko. "Have at it kid! You cant hurt me!"

Ryoko only instigated it, causing Aiko to put her sword up. "Aiko." Mother let me go. "Aiko!" I put my hand out and she brung her sword down. In that moment, I felt something emerge from my palm. It hurtled like hell, as it made a metallic noise.

It wrapped around Aiko wrist, stopping her from swinging down. "H-Haruto?..." They all looked at me. 'Are these...Chains?..' They were coming out the dot on my palm. "What..Is this.." As I said that, the chains pulled back into my hand, causing Aiko to fling at me.

She fell onto me, causing us to fall to the ground. "Haruto.." Ignoring her red face, I looked at my hand, then at Grace.

'Is this..The hidden power that Ryoko was talking about.?..' My runes glowed blue.

'The Power To Create Weapons From Nothing?'


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