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Chapter 1: Bonneville Family's Young Miss

Loud thunders, heavy rainfalls, flahes of terrifying lightnings and the sky couldn't even be blacker than black.

In the residence of Bonneville family, everyone was gloomy as they looked at the coffin. Although the atmosphere was so heavy, the exquisite carving designs of the coffin couldn't be overlooked.

Inside the coffin, there was a young girl in a white dress. At a one glance, it wasn't hard to guess her age at all. She looked not older than 13 years old. At such a young age, it was truly a pity that she's already lying in a coffin. Even though her perfect face with fair white skin were indeed pleasing to the eyes, right now, everyone was not in a mood to appreciate this beauty that would surely bring a catastrophe to a nation when given a time to be matured.

Not long after, when everyone was silently chatting in the hall, there was a movement inside the coffin. Suddenly, the coffin opened by a hand that looked so tender and as white as snow.

Everyone in the hall looked at the young girl in the coffin with their eyes wide opened as if they had seen a ghost. A moment after, the girl in the coffin turned her head carrying the ink-like hair with her emotionless pitch-black eyes that looked as deep as an abyss to the people around her, she was also dumbstruck from what she had seen but her face expression was as cold as before.

She thought to herself, (I clearly remember that I was in the middle of my mission then I suddenly fainted. And now... what kind of prank is this?!) She was so confused. Suddenly, a somewhat hoarse voice echoed within the hall.

"Y-young Miss!"

The owner of that voice was from a young girl with a pale face wearing a maidservant dress. Her eyes were also so red, obviously it's because this young girl had been crying for who-knows since when.

Everyone regained their senses when they heard the sudden call but before they could even react, the girl that was in the coffin earlier was already standing in front of them with an expressionless face.


The unexpected scene scared out of their wits. There were even some people from other noble families that could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Seeing this scene, a man on his late twenties immediately grabbed the young girl's arms and checked all over her body. His hands were trembling and his face showed his anxiousness.

"Daughter, it's you! It really is you!!! Thank goodness, you're alive! You're alive!"

His voice was like a thunder that instantly caused an uproar within the hall. Who would have thought that the Young Miss of Bonneville family who was also the daughter of a Marquess in their empire died and even laid down in the coffin for almost an entire day suddenly got up. Some of them even thought that this mighty Bonneville family was just making a play to amuse them.

After the shocking scene happened, the Bonneville family made an excuse that their doctor was at fault. Although they didn't know what exactly happened, they were still overjoyed that the young miss of the family was alive.

The maidservants of the residence were preparing a banquet for their guests and also for their Young Miss who woke up all of a sudden. Even though everyone in the mansion were in high spirits, there were also two people inside a room who looked so depressed and also another person sitting on the bed with an expressionless face.

"Young Miss..."

Seeing that the Young Miss whom she was following for couple of years was not saying anything since the very beginning, she was turning anxious. Who knows what happened to her miss that made her so silent like this?!

After hearing the voice of the maidservant, the young girl on the bed raised her head slightly but all of a sudden, she felt pain in her head. Some fragments of memories were rapidly flowing in her mind that made her subconsciously cover her head with her jade-like hands while gritting her teeth.

Seeing the actions of his daughter, the man worriedly approached his daughter and asked, "Dear, are you alright? What's wrong?"

Hearing the voice of the man in front of her, she raised her head once again but her face still showed some pain due to the headache.

When the man saw her pained face, he was startled for a moment and ran outside with panic to call a doctor.

He rarely came back home all these years because he's a Marquess of the Yndrevis Empire. He even set aside having bonding moments with his daughter. But after he received the news that something mishap had happened to his daughter, he hurriedly went back home only to see that his daughter was already lying on a bed with an already unmoving body and without any pulse present.

He was extremely regretful. Not being by his daughter's side all this time made him regretful that he blamed himself for what happened to her. His wife, when she was still alive, their residence was so lively because of her. Her looks were also so perfect just like a masterpiece made from the heavens, there was no single flaw at all. Even her attitude towards everyone showed her gentleness. Such a pity that she died not long after she gave birth to Eirlys, the current Young Miss of Bonneville family.

After receiving the fragments of memories from the previous owner of her body, the young girl sighed. (I was originally the genius of a secret organization. Never would I have thought that I would be transmigrated into a world so magical like this. Seems like I really died in the middle of my mission. What a joke! That was the first time I failed in conducting a mission and I even died on top of that.) She mockingly laughed to her own self within her mind.

After thinking about that did she only notice the girl in front of her who was staring at her since the very beginning. From the memories of the previous owner of the body she possessed now, she softly called the name of the maidservant in front of her.


Suddenly, the tears were rapidly flowing on her face after she heard that her Young Miss called her name. While crying, she said, "Young Miss, that really scared me! I thought you weren't my Young Miss anymore and was possessed by another soul!"

Eirlys' face twitched after hearing the words of the maidservant in front of her and thought, (Well.. what she said were mostly right.. uh whatever.)

Suddenly, the door of the room was opened and the man earlier was now guiding the middle-aged man behind him while walking hastily.

"Please check her condition carefully."

"Yes." The middle-aged man courteously replied and lightly walked towards Eirlys. He grabbed her wrist and checked her condition. He slowly said with a clear yet low voice, "Her pulse is just normal and her body is not so weak nor is it on its best condition. She just needs some rest and everything will be fine."

The man earlier heaved a sigh of relief and answered, "Good!"

He immediately walked towards Eirlys and put his hands lightly on her shoulders. He smiled faintly and said, "You should be tired now. You go ahead and rest. If you want anything, just don't hesitate to tell me or Hazel, okay?"

After she heard her father's words, she nodded slightly. Although she felt a bit hungry for not eating for almost a day, she still endured it because she was not used to have a paternal love in her past life. She was feeling a little bit strange at that moment.

After the two men walked out of the room. Eirlys turned her head towards Hazel and told her to bring her some food. Hazel immediately ran to the kitchen after realizing that the Young Miss actually didn't eat anything since yesterday after the mishap happened to her. She returned with plenty foods on the tray and Eirlys ate it right away. After eating, she excused Hazel and slept soundly on her bed.


Inside the main hall of Bonneville residence, there were three people sitting there while wearing serious expressions on their faces.

"Lord Bonneville, are you sure of this? You've gained many accomplishments for the Empire and even His Majesty, the Emperor, thinks highly of you now. Are you really sure you're going to leave your position as a Marquess?"

"General Hill, I have already decided and calculated things thoroughly."

"Lord Bonneville, you're still young, you're not even thirty yet. You're the well-known prodigy in your early years and now, the whole empire needs you."

"But my daughter needs me the most."

After hearing the words of the man, the two could not refute at all. They knew how anxious the Marquess was after receiving the news that something bad had happened to his daughter. They could only lower their heads at this moment.

"Later, our family will have a banquet. You two should accompany us here. How about that?" The man in font of them smiled and asked them with a calm face.

The two could only exchange glances to each other then replied, "Alright."


After sleeping for nearly 4 hours, Eirlys got up on her bed and stretched her body. She took a bath and when she was about to go to the cabinet to choose some clothes, the door of the room opened.

Hazel smilingly walked towards her and bowed slightly. "Young Miss, you're finally awake. The master instructed me to help you dress up and we'll then proceed to the dining hall for the dinner tonight."

Eirlys was stunned for a moment but Hazel had not caught of this sudden change of her expression. Eirlys might look like only 12 years old at this moment but she was already 26 years old in her past life. She couldn't imagine herself being helped by another girl to dress up. However, she had no choice but to agree, of course, it was to avoid suspicions and she was also not used to the clothings in this world. The culture here was like the ancient western style in her past life.

After getting dressed, she looked at the mirror and flabbergasted. Although her body was that of a young girl, some developments could already be seen and her face was so beautiful that even she herself couldn't help but praise it in her heart, (How fortunate of me to transmigrate in this world and even being gifted with such a perfect body and appearance.)

But even so, she also thought to herself that a beauty could also bring disasters. Even in her past life, her appearance could also be considered as a top-notched beauty but in order to not catch the attention of the people too much and to conceal her identity, she always used a face mask whenever she was in public.

Her true identity was the highest ranked agent of an anonymous organization, she was actually just second to the president whom the only one she treated as her superior. However, her identity in public was that of a prodigy doctor working in one of the famous hospitals in the whole world.

It could be said that her talents in medicine and in combats were both god-like level. Thinking up to this, she also remembered from the memories of the previous owner of this body that this world had mages and warriors. Both could be learned through attending classes in academies.

She couldn't help but feel excited when this popped up on her mind. It was like the novels that she had read before where the main characters fought till they reached the highest peak. She laughed to herself because thinking about it was indeed amusing and the most funny thing was that she even transmigrated to this kind of world just like what happened to some of those main heroes and heroines in novels.

She slightly shook her head to throw those funny thoughts from her mind and after walking for a while, they arrived in the dining hall with so many people who were already sitting on their chairs. Some personalities from noble families were present.

She immediately caught everyone's attention but she didn't pay any mind to them and just walked towards her father and greeted him with an expressionless face, "Father", she flatly said and slightly bowed her head.

"Good daughter, you're being too formal. Come, have a seat." Albert said with a wide smile on his face. Although this daughter of his was not the same with her peers who were so energetic and talkative, he's still satisfied with her calm temperament.

The banquet went smoothly and everyone was happily talking, eating and drinking wine. Eirlys, on the other hand, was just quietly eating and didn't say a single word since the moment she sat down on her chair.

Everytime the younger generations from other noble families tried to talk to her, she only gave a slight nod with her cold black eyes. The original owner of the body was actually not used to socialize with others and everyone in the whole empire knew of this. The other people just overlooked this attitude of hers as if they had expected it from the very beginning.

The banquet ended and everyone went back to their own residences. Eirlys was also called by her father to go to the study room. This made Eirlys to be a little nervous. She was thinking of the possibility that her father might be suspicious of her but fortunately, she was just overthinking things.

In the study room, a man was standing near the window while looking outside. The moon was so bright and the stars could also be seen shining within the dark sky.

"Eirlys, do you want to be a mage or a warrior?"

The sudden question of her father made her eyes lit up. She was so excited at this moment. It was a good thing that her father was looking outside and could not see her expression... but little did she know that her father actually had very high senses and the moment he asked her, he found out that her heart was actually beating faster than normal and her mood was lighten up. When he thought of this, he smiled and turned around to look at his daughter whose face was as expressionless as before.

"Father.. I haven't thought about it yet. But I would like to test my magical aptitude first."

Hearing the answer of his daughter, he was very pleased and smiled widely. "Alright, prepare yourself for tomorrow. Although testing aptitude could only be done when a person is already thirteen years old, there are some things that you should prepare first."

Eirlys thought for a moment first and hurriedly answered, "Yes, father."

"Alright, go back and rest."


After saying a word, Eirlys made her way out of the study room and headed back to her own room. When she left, another man appeared out of nowhere. He sighed and said, "You didn't tell her after all."

"Now isn't the time. She's still too young." Albert answered with a serious tone without even glancing the man beside him.

"Mn, that's true. By the way, I heard that you're resigning from your position as a Marquess in this empire. What's your plan?" After the man got this news, he was shocked by his brother's decision. He never thought that he would let go of such position because of his daughter.

"Eirlys still has 4 months before turning 13. With these remaining months, I'll nurture her and make sure she'll have a strong foundation before attending to an academy." He took the chair beside him and sat down.

"It is only four months, what's with that resignation? Shouldn't you just have a temporary leave?" The man beside him asked curiously. Although this Albert was his elder brother, he could not see through him at all.

"Arnold, you clearly know the situation in our clan right now, don't you?" Albert looked at Arnold with sharp eyes.

"So you're going back and help us?" Arnold asked him straightforwardly. He really hoped that this elder brother of his would help them right now.

"That's right. After four months." Albert nodded.

"How about Eirlys?"

"She won't be coming back here and will stay at the dormitory of the school she'll be attending. Although I want to nurture her by my own self, this will also hinder her achievements in the future. I want her to grow up, see the outside world and experience a lot of things without anyone helping her. Only by doing that would she progress faster. I know it would be hard for her, but I believe in her abilities. She's the daughter of Eira after all. She is our pride." Albert said with confidence but he still had some worries. Howver, he still firmly believed that his daughter would soon become as excellent as her mother. No, it might be even higher than what her mother reached back then.

"Experience the world by her own self, huh?" Arnold murmured with doubt. Although he didn't have any interaction with Eirlys, he was still fond of her since she's his niece.

"That's right, how's the investigation regarding with the sudden changes of the sky earlier?" Albert remembered that when he was having sorrows earlier because of his daughter, his attention was still caught by the sudden changes of the nature.

"There are no traces yet. I'm afraid it would be difficult to find this child before he matures." Thinking about it made Arnold to be worried.

"Right. I just hope that he will side on us in the future." Albert sighed and stood up. He looked in the bright moon and said, "Finally, after thousands of years, another mortal will soon ascend to become a deity in this lower realm."

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