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42.85% Black Belly Enchantress (old) / Chapter 5: It's Not a Great Talent, It's a Demon Level Talent!

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Chapter 5: It's Not a Great Talent, It's a Demon Level Talent!

It was already evening and there were only few thousands of examinees left who were not yet called.

The number of remaining testees in the right platform was also getting caught up with the people in the left platform.

It was because some youngsters who examined their magical aptitude test earlier were now trying their luck in the aptitude test for the path of warriors.

Most probably, the results in their magical aptitude test were only mediocre and there were even some unlucky ones who didn't have any talent in the magical cultivation path at all.

Another name was called in the left platform and everyone within the left side of the hall quieted down.

A girl in a purple dress could be seen walking towards the left side of the platform. Eirlys was confused because of the sudden changes of the atmosphere. But after hearing the conversations of the people around her, she finally recognized the girl who was now in the platform. She stayed her gaze towards the girl's figure and thought deeply.

The young girl was the eldest lady of Arundell family in Xaundris empire. Her father was one of the empire's dukes. The Xaundris empire was just next to the Yndrevis empire.

She was known throughout the continent because of her gentleness and she also had many friends from other prestigious families. Her communication skills could be said as superb which was the complete opposite for Eirlys' case.

Not long after the young girl's right hand stayed on the top of the crystal ball, some changes around her body could be seen. Her body was radiating light, and a couple of fist-sized crimson red could also be seen encircling around her body. There were also some small green dots shining surrounding her.

Everyone on the left side of the hall was stunned at this moment. They didn't imagine that this seemingly harmless girl was actually a genius!

After seeing the results, the middle-aged man then said, "Chloe Arundell, 13 years old. Light and fire elemental affinities, exceptional levels for both. Has an average level affinity of earth elemental essence."

The announcement caused an uproar!

Everyone's gazes were locked at the young girl's figure as they could not wait for the second test. They were looking forward to this girl's spiritual power and her limits in storing magical energy multiple times.

The middle-aged man once again spoke out, "Please proceed to the next test."

The next test was very important, especially for the mages. The spiritual power of every mage could be said as the pillar of their path. Having a strong spiritual essence could help one to easily cast a magic spell. If one had a low spiritual essence, regardless of what levels their elemental affinities were, it was still considered as useless. There were actually some cases that one's spirit shattered because it could not withstand the strong spell that the person used.

For the magical energy, one could restore magical energies in his body as much as possible and it depended on his own limits on how many times he could restore the magical energies. Controlling elements around one's body was what was the most important in this test.

Chloe took a deep breath and quickly stored magical energy in her body before nodding her head towards the middle-aged man. After confirming that the girl was ready, the middle-aged man raised his hand.


A strange sound could be heard within the left side of the hall. Chloe was still standing in the platform while restoring the magical energy in her body that was also slowly drained because of the pressure.

She could feel that the atmosphere surrounding her was so heavy. She couldn't figure out what exactly it was. It's like there's a heavy boulder on her back and she could also feel that the gravity was stronger than normal.

It had been ten seconds, and she restored magical energy in her body 6 times already. The middle-aged man on the other side raised his hand again just like what he did earlier. The heaviness of the atmosphere around Chloe then leveled up.


Another sound could be heard again but it was stronger than the first one. Chloe was still resisting herself from falling down.

The other examinees just stared at her. They had high expectations for this girl.

The heavy atmosphere continued to increase until it was the fifth time that the middle-aged man raised his hand. Chloe already had bent her knees slightly and also had clenched her dress long ago.

Another 10 seconds had passed and this was the sixth time that the middle-aged man moved his hand up.

The young girl in a purple dress couldn't balance herself anymore and before the middle-aged man raise his hand for the seventh time, she fell down on the floor while grasping for breath heavily.

Almost all of the people were stunned at this scene. Only after the results had been announced did they regain their senses.

"Spiritual power reached level six. Successfully restored magical energy 38 times in 60 seconds. 6-7 times for 10 seconds."

Loud cheers could be heard within the hall.

Usually, an examiner could only get level 4 of spiritual power and 2-4 sets of magical energy within 10 seconds. They didn't expect that the young lady could actually have outstanding results in the second test.

In the middle of the cheering noises, the middle-aged man angrily spoke, "Quiet!"

Most of the people quieted down but there were still some who continued speaking but only in a lower voice.

Not long after, another voice then sounded, "Eirlys Bonneville, proceed to the platform."

Eirlys was caught off guard and after realizing that it's her turn, she then headed towards the platform.

Before she could step her foot on the platform, she heard a low voice beside her. "I wish you a good luck."

She immediately turned her head only to see that the young girl in purple dress was actually smiling at her. She then thought to herself. (Seems like the rumors about her are true.)

Eirlys only replied with a slight nod to Chloe before walking again. Eirlys could not really remember anything in the previous Eirlys' memories of having interaction with Chloe at all.

That was why she had gotten to a conclusion that Chloe was just as friendly as what the rumors portrayed her. She also didn't sense any danger when facing her earlier which made her had a good impression of Chloe.

Eirlys stopped walking in front of the crystal ball. She took a deep breath and turned her gaze to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, "Please put your right hand on the top of the crystal ball. Relax and feel the elements around you."

As per the instructions of the middle-aged man, Eirlys placed her hand on the crystal ball and closed her eyes to focus on her surroundings.

After a few seconds, her body suddenly emanated a dark smoke with flashes of light that seemed like electricity. A strong wind was also twirling around her. Some green specks of light could also be seen as well as oval-shaped crimson lights which size could be compared to a normal person's fist. Some droplets of water were also moving around her.

The people who were watching this scene had their eyes wide opened with their mouths shaped letter "O". Some of them even rubbed their eyes and looked at the scene in the platform for the second time. There were even some people who were pinching their arms and legs to confirm that they were not in a dream or in an illusion.

If one were to describe this kind of result, it is really a breathtaking one!

The middle-aged man was also wearing a shocked expression but his face could be said as better compared to the most of the people in the left side of the platform.

After gaining his senses, the middle-aged man coughed and said, " Eirlys Bonneville, 13 years old. Darkness, lightning and wind elemental affinities, all are excpetional! Average for fire and earth elemental affinities."

The whole atmosphere were dead silent. Some of the people didn't even dare to breathe heavily. They just stood there like statues and suddenly, a small cough broke the silence.

"Cough. Lady Eirlys, please proceed to the next test."

Eirlys walked unhurriedly to the right side of the platform with some lines written on the floor that seemed like a magical formation.

She stood right on the center of the magical formation then she looked at the middle-aged man and nodded her head.

The middle-aged man also nodded then he raised his hand and said, "Begin."


The strange sound once again echoed within the left side of the hall. Eirlys on the other hand just stood there without moving. It seemed like she wasn't affected at all by the force that was pushing her down. She continuously restored the magical energy within her body.

Time passed by and it had been a minute and a half since the second test started. It was the 9th time that the man raised his hand and Eirlys still stood there while her knees were already bent. There were already some drops of sweat that could be seen on her beautiful face. She restored her magical energy as fast as possible.

The middle-aged man raised his hand for the 10th time. Eirlys gritted her teeth and when the middle-aged man was about to raise his hand for the 11th time, Eirlys could not take it anymore and she fell on the platform while grasping her breath.

Everyone in the left platform was stunned once again. The middle-aged man as well as the headmasters and some distinguished guests in the above floors nodded their heads in satisfaction.

"Level ten spiritual power. Successfully restored magical energy 108 times within 100 seconds. 10-11 times for every 10 seconds."


After the announcement rang out, everyone could not stop themselves anymore from clapping and cheering.

Albert on the other side smiled and sighed. If he hadn't taught Eirlys about the secret spell, he's afraid that the result wouldn't be just like this. He specifically let Eirlys to train within the past four months in his training grounds because of the second test. But he never would have thought that the results would far surpass his expectations.

Although the results in the first test were restrained because of the secret spell, it still caught everyone's attention.

Dual-element mages are so rare, what's more.. Eirlys got three affinities with exceptional levels!

The headmasters' eyes were burning in excitement especially those ones in the top schools. They would definitely do their best to invite such demon! This can't be considered as great talent at all, rather.. it is a demon-level talent that would only appear once every hundreds of years!

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