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Chapter 4: The Day of Examination

The Chaze City was bustling in noises. One could see the stalls everywhere which were built not long ago. Some people were walking back and forth while the others were busy calling for the customers.

Eirlys' eyelashes trembled slightly then she slowly opened her eyes. She got up from her bed and walked towards the closed window of the room. She opened it by her bare hands and stretched her body. She then looked at the azure sky outside and breathed deeply.

When she was about to close the window, she noticed the mess situation outside. There was a young man who's pointing his finger right at the old man's face while yelling at him loudly. It immediately caught the attention of everyone around the area.

Seeing that there's actually an entertainment that she could watch from the window, Eirlys took the chair beside her bed and sat on it.

"You, old beggar! This young master here clearly told you earlier that you have to serve your best dishes to this young master! Why is it that it tastes so bad?! This young master nearly vomited because of it!!" The young man angrily shouted at the old man in front of him.

The young man's appearance was not that bad and his age was just around thirteen years, just the same with Eirlys' .. but well, if we were talking about his personality.. just nevermind.

The clothes that he was wearing clearly showed his status. Obviously, he was a conceited young brat from a noble family who was yet to mature.

The old man, on the other hand, was only wearing simple yet tidy garments. The people around them completely recognized him, he's the owner of a small store that sells some foods and beverages.

The old man's body shivered from fear. He knew that most of the young masters and misses of noble families were very unreasonable. He immediately knelt down and pleaded the young man who was standing arrogantly in front of him, "Young master, it-its not what you think-"

However, before he could even finish his line, the young man's anger exploded and shouted at him once again that was even louder than before. "You lowly ant!! You actually dared to answer this young master!"

The old man was stupefied by the young man's words. When he was about to reply to defend himself, the young man roared angrily once again, "Men! Turn this damn store upside down!

Before the young man's bodyguards made their move, Eirlys finally got up from her chair in an instant.

She took out some needles in her pocket and stored a little amount of magical energy in each of them. Her line of sight then landed on each of the young man's bodyguard figures.

She flicked her hands and the needles were thrown in different areas. Another set of needles could be seen again in her hands, however, these needles in her hands contained poisons. She moved her hands once again to throw them in the same direction as earlier.

When the needles hit the first set of needles, each of them then bounced to either left or right directions and hit the exact blood vessels of the young man's bodyguards. This happened quite fast and the men were caught off guard.


The bodyguards fell on the ground while wailing like pigs. Their complexions turned pale and there were even some of them whose skin already turned purple.

Their wailing sounds were so loud that you could not even imagine of what kind of pain that these robust men were experiencing. The fact was the men felt as if their internal organs were slowly getting eaten by thousands of insects.

Witnessing the scene in front of him, the young master had gotten even angrier. He stomped his foot on the ground and roared, "Who is it?! Just who is it that dared to provoke this young master?!"

After doing her part, Eirlys then sat on a chair again leisurely while watching the scene outside.

After the wailing sounds lasted for about three minutes, a group of people arrived wearing their armors with a sword hanging on their waists.

The leader glanced at the people on the ground who were still wailing. After a while, he gave instructions to his subordinates. "Bring these people to the headquarters and ask the physicians to check their conditions.

"Understood." The soldiers behind replied.

The leader nodded his head to them and turned his gaze towards the young man and the old man, "The both of you, follow me."

The young man could only follow the warrior in front of him while gritting his teeth in anger. He suffered such huge humiliation! But he could not do anything for now and could only follow the high ranked warrior's orders. Going against the members of Imperial Palace's people was said to be the same as seeking for troubles.

The young girl within the room lazily yawned and stood up. There's no entertainment to watch anymore so she just took a bath and readied herself for later's event.


While putting a light makeup on her face, a voice sounded behind the door of her room, "Eirlys, I'll go now to the restaurant in front of this inn to reserve a table and order some foods for our breakfast. When you're done preparing yourself, just find me there."

"Okay. I got it, father." Eirlys replied and stuffed her make up back to the small cloth bag. She then adjusted her black dress as well as hair hairpin on her head. When everything's set, she quickly walked towards the restaurant on the other side of the road.


When he saw his daughter's figure at the door of the restaurant, Albert waved his right hand to catch the attention of the young girl. Eirlys immediately noticed it and headed towards her father's location.

Meanwhile, a handsome young man could be seen sitting at the very corner of the restaurant while smiling. No one really noticed this young man. Even Eirlys and her father didn't notice him. He wore extraordinary clothes that would surely catch the attention of everyone if he didn't deliberately hide his presence within the crowd.

Eirlys on the other side unhesitantly sat on a chair opposite to her father's seat. She dug in right away to fill her stomach without speaking anything to her father.

Seeing his daughter stuffed many foods on her mouth yet chewing it elegantly, Albert didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

After eating for a while already, Albert called his daughter's name and set up an invisible sound barrier. As the barrier was invisible, no one obviously noticed it. It could also hide their movements from other people who's watching at them through manipulating their sense of sight.

Eirlys raised her head right away after hearing her father's call.

"Listen to me, Eirlys. There's a secret spell that I would like to teach you right now." Albert didn't explain his intentions directly.

"Secret spell? For what, father? And also... I haven't learned any spell so.." Eirlys answered while hesitating.

"Eirlys, I know that you've secretly learned to level up your spiritual essence just by yourself. That thing is already enough for you to do this secret spell that I'm going to teach you." Albert said without explaining everything to her completely. He only wanted his daughter to cast this spell when she's taking the aptitude test.

"Father..." Eirlys didn't expect that her father was actually aware of this. "Then.. what spell is it that you want me to learn right now?" She asked with hesitation.

After hearing his daughter's question, he couldn't help but sigh. "Okay, I'll tell you the truth. I'm actually worried about your safety. We haven't tested your magical aptitude yet. If.. if your magical aptitude results will be an exceptional one, then it's a good thing to celebrate. But.. what if your results will go out beyond of ordinary?"

"Father, you mean... there's a possibility that the results of my magical aptitude test will be above normal?" Eirlys asked him full of curiosity.

"Yes, there's a big possibility for that to happen."

Eirlys didn't reply right away and pondered for a moment. She had always been curious about her parents' origins. And after hearing her father's words now, she could someway somehow picture out their extraordinary families.

"Then what if it goes the other way around? What if my affinity levels are just normal? Then wouldn't that mean that my future results will be lower than ordinary? Father, it might cause me to fail in joining an academy."

Eirlys was naturally worried about it. Her true intentions all along were to join an academy and make herself stronger to ensure her safety in this world. If she failed to do this, then she could only seek shelter on her father. And that's not something she wanted her life to be. Always relying on others only meant that the person is weak.

Albert already thought for a moment and said, "Don't worry about that. This spell could only limit your aptitude into exceptional levels. In other words, this spell could only work if your affinity levels are really above ordinary whereas if it doesn't exceed the highest level that a normal person can get, then the spell wouldn't work at all."

His words were half truth and half lies. But he deliberately said these as he was deeply concerned for his daughter's safety as she was currently so weak. This is the only way for him to convince her to use the secret spell while taking the aptitude test.

After thinking for a moment, Eirlys nodded her head and replied unhurriedly, "I know that father is only doing this for my own good. I would of course listen and comply with my father's wishes."

Seeing his daughter's obedience, Albert's mood lighten a bit as the worries in his heart faded away.

Eirlys mastered the magic spell after spending almost an hour practicing it.

They then proceeded to the biggest main hall within the capital. There were many armed warriors walking back and forth as well as mages who were observing silently in every side of the area surrounding the huge hall.

Erilys and her father introduced themselves to the warriors guarding at the gates and they were immediately allowed to pass after confirming their identities.

Seeing the surroundings after walking through the gates, Eirlys gasped in amazement. There were gardens around the hall that made the scenery fresh to look at. The pathways' floor was made of marbles that could even reflect your figure when you look down to it. There were also many detailed sculptures that were placed at the hall's walls. But what made Eirlys to be stunned is that when you try to look at the hall from the outside near the gates, you could not see its peak at all. The clouds were encircling the hall that made it look even more majestic.

Albert wasn't affected by the scenery at all since he had gotten in this place multiple times already. He then led his daughter to the hall's huge door while walking neither in fast or slow pace. Eirlys also walked at her father's side towards the hall.

The hall could gather hundreds of thousands of people inside. Although it looked so spacious at the moment, the people standing in the hall were already tens of thousands in number.

There where also some people at the highest floors who were sitting at the VIP seats. Those seats were specially prepared for the aristocrats, nobles and royal families as well as the distinguished guests from other empires who held different titles.

Two huge platforms could be seen at the further distance from the hall's door. There were also some people who were seated near the platforms. They were the headmasters from the different academies.

They were of course invited to such event since they would be the ones to pick their desired disciples and send them invitation letters to join their academy. It would be up to the youngsters of what academy they would like to join in the end.

After waiting for an hour, a loud voice suddenly echoed from outside of the huge hall. "His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor has arrived!"

The people in the hall instantly turned silent and moved their gazes towards the door.

After seeing the majestic figure, most of them immediately knelt down while some just bent their backs to show their respect to the emperor. There were also some who didn't kneel nor at least bow down their heads as they had either the same rank or higher rank with the man approaching. Most definitely, they were from other empires who also held extraordinary titles.

The emperor walked with a domineering aura surrounded him. This made the atmosphere within the hall to be somewhat heavy that made some weak people to have sweats on their foreheads.

The emperor then retreated the heavy pressure while putting a satisfied smile on his face. "You're all excuse from the formalities."

Everyone sighed in relief after hearing the emperor's words. Many of the citizens in Yndrevis Empire were afraid of their current emperor as he was strict and ruthless.

There was actually a time that after confirming the official's deeds that were against the empire's rules, the emperor immediately beheaded the official right in front of the other officials. The other officials were so scared that some of them even knelt down and confessed their wrongdoings right on the spot. This scene made the emperor even angrier but he could not do anything and just gave them heavy punishments that would not cause their deaths for the least.

Although the current emperor was ruthless, his righteousness could also be seen. He was only ruthless to people who had sinned and also to the enemies. Obviously, he's doing all of his best for the empire even though it would cause him a lot of enemies from doing so.

The people then went back to what they were doing earlier but in a lot quieter manner. The number of people inside was getting higher and higher. All of them were from the different empires.

The highest number of people were of course from the Yndrevis empire. There were also many people in the other four empires from noble families who could easily afford the travel expenses.

There were actually some cases that because of not having enough gold coins, other youngsters could only wait for years until it would be their empire's turn to hold the entrance examination event. Most of them were the commoners and other people who didn't have extraordinary backgrounds. That was why some unfortunate people already reached the age of 17 when they took the examination.

When everything was set, another voice echoed within the room which came from the middle-aged man who's floating at the very center of the hall.

"Everyone, listen up! To those who will be taking the examination today, organize yourselves at the front of the platforms. For the mages, all of you proceed to the left platform at your front and as for those aspiring warriors, proceed to the right platform. For the examinees' families and friends, stay back and don't get closer than a hundred meters from the platforms."

Everyone then organized themselves as per the middle-aged man's instructions. There were too many people at the front of the left platform compared to the other platform. Probably they wanted to take their magical aptitude first before deciding whether to choose the path of mages or warriors.

Another two middle-aged men appeared and a barrier was then set up between the platforms. It was to prevent from having some disturbance while the tests were going on. Both of them proceeded to call the names of the testees and the examinations then started for both sides.

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