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Chapter 7: Waltridge Academy

Within these two days, Eirlys spent her time brewing, eating, sleeping and even playing sometimes with Little Tyke. It was really relaxing without training with her father.

She also checked all of the things that her father placed in the storage ring that she had just received. There were a lots of clothings, dried foods as well as books and weapons. There were also some talismans and few weird objects that she couldn't recognize.

After checking it, she turned her line of sight to Little Tyke who was lying on her bed with its belly facing the ceiling and its paws placed beside its ears.

Eirlys couldn't help but chuckle after seeing this scene. She walked towards it and rubbed its belly while giggling. Believe it or not, she's actually fond of fluffy and furry animals since her previous life. Back then, she would occasionally visit some animals that were taken care of public departments to relax herself.

After playing with its belly, she heard the knock from the door with Hazel's voice.

"Young Miss, the Master is waiting for you in the main hall."

"I understand. I'm heading out now." Eirlys took Little Tyke from the bed and walked towards the door.

Before she opened it, she glanced at the surroundings of her room. She's quite reluctant to leave this place. After glancing around her room, she shook her head and opened the door. She saw Hazel smiling with teary eyes while looking at her.

"Young Miss..." After seeing her young miss walking out from the door, she couldn't stop her tears anymore from falling.

Eirlys usually had an indifferent expression but after seeing her maidservant behaving like this, she felt sad in her heart. "Hazel, it's alright. It's only temporary and I will surely come back."

"But..but it's.." Hazel was about to say something but then she remembered the Master's words. She just swallowed back the words that almost left her mouth and just stand there silently while looking down.

"Alright now. I have something to give you." Eirlys took out a sapphire-jade bracelet. She also added, "You should take care of it and when I come back, if it's still with you, I'd grant three wishes of yours. How about that?"

Eirlys put the bracelet on Hazel's hands. The bracelet wasn't just an ordinary one. It actually has an energy within it.

After reading a book with some types of magical formations, Eirlys tried to put some in her things. Fortunately, after a few attempts, she succeeded in doing so.

The bracelet in Hazel's hands had a protection magical formation. Whoever wears it would have his or her body be protected if there are some attacks from a cultivator that would hit her.

But setting the magical formation could drain one's energy that was why there weren't many mages who would do so. Additionally, there was still a possibility that the magical formation could not withstand the enemy's attacks.

When Hazel saw the bracelet in her hands, she immediately shook her head and refused, "No, Young Miss. I can't accept this. This is too precious."

"Don't say that. Just take it as my gift for you and wait for me until I come back." Eirlys firmly said.

Eirlys had a good impression of her personal maidservant ever since she had transmigrated into this world, so she won't hesitate to give such thing even though Hazel was just one of the maidservants in the Bonneville's residence.

"Young Miss... alright. This servant accepts it." After hesitating, she wore the bracelet on her left wrist.

"Mn, good! Alright, I'll go now." Eirlys smiled at her then she headed to the main hall.

Hazel was stunned after seeing the Young Miss smiled like that. It had been a while since she saw her Young Miss genuinely smiled at her. Suddenly, tears flowed down once again on her cheeks while some trace of sadness could be seen within her eyes.



After seeing his daughter coming over, Albert nodded and said, "You're finally here, are you sure you have everything you need with you?"

"Yes, father. I already checked it twice. I guess I haven't forgotten anything." Eirlys nodded her head.

"Good, I'll see you off at the gates. Let's go."

Albert stood up and walked to the main door. Eirlys immediately followed him.

After reaching the gates, Albert took a deep breath and turned around to Eirlys who was standing behind him. "Eirlys, this father believes in you."

"Mn, Eirlys will definitely do her best, father."

Albert sighed and moved forward. He hugged Eirlys tightly. Both of them were just silently hugging each other without caring about the time.

The pair of father and daughter finally released each other reluctantly.

"Alright, you can go now. Don't forget to wear your face mask after getting in the carriage." Albert reminded her.

"Yes, I'll set off now father." Eirlys bowed deeply to her father.

"Mn. Have a safe journey, daughter."

Eirlys smiled at her father then looked at their residence one more time. She engraved it in her heart and said to herself, (I'll definitely come back. Everyone, wait for me.)

Eirlys got in the carriage and sat in the soft cushion. She placed the little dragon on her lap then took out the face mask. She closed her eyes for a moment then she put the mask on her face.

After seeing the carriage going farther and farther away from the Bonneville's residence, Albert walked inside the residence and after a few seconds, there was no trace of him could be seen anymore.

It had been half a day since Eirlys departed from the residence. She was heading to one of the ranked 3 schools in the two continents, Waltridge Academy. It was in the territory of Xaundris Empire. The empire was just next to the Yndrevis Empire and it was located near the southwest borders in Yndrevis Empire.

Since the Bonneville's residence was located at the mid-southern part of the empire, Eirlys only needed to go southwest from her residence.

On the way, Eirlys didn't notice that she was actually being followed by many people in the shadows earlier. Fortunately, they were all gone now because someone was secretly cleaning them up for her. Little did she knew that it was because of her father that her expected chaotic journey would go smoothly.

A day had passed and finally, Eirlys reached the borders of Yndrevis Empire and was finally heading towards the silhouette of Xaundris Empire's gates.

After a while, Eirlys bid farewell to the coachman of the carriage and she then entered the gates. The atmosphere around her was quite different compared to the Yndrevis Empire's. Although she couldn't pinpoint out what it was exactly, she still felt it. Maybe it was just her overthinking things or having homesick. Either way, she really felt that something was absolutely different.

She had an urge to fill her stomach with some delicious foods so she went finding a restaurant first. Her pocket money wasn't that many since it would not be useful when she enters an academy. It was only enough for her travel and food expenses.

After eating she rented a carriage and hired another coachman. No one tailed her anymore because of her father hiding and protecting her in the shadows before she entered the Xaundris Empire's gates.


In the forest outside of the Yndrevis Empire's borders, a man in black and another younger man were standing while staring at the Xaundris Empire's gates from afar.

"You should've atleast tell her a few things about it before we go back," said the younger man.

"There's no need to. I don't want her to be worried about family matters. It'd be the best if she will just focus on her progress." The man in black said while taking of the mask on his face. He was Eirlys' father, Albert.

"That makes sense though. Oh, right. I already settled the servants as per your wishes. They are heading back to their homes now. Seems like some of them are very satisfied with the money you gave them but there're some who were reluctant earlier to leave. Fortunately, I convinced them."

"That's good. It can't be helped if some of them wish to stay since they had been working for me for couple of years already." Albert sighed.

"Right. Since everything's set now, are we heading back?"

"How's the situation there?"

"The other side is finally taking action."

"Alright, we're heading off."


Eirlys had no idea about the conversation of her father with her uncle at all. She was just leaning at the cushion on carriage wall while patting Little Tyke's head who was sleeping on her lap.

Finally, the carriage stopped and the coachman said, "Young lady, we are here."

Eirlys got off from the carriage while carrying the little dragon on her arms. After seeing the narrow road with large gates at the end of it, she nodded and said, "Mn. Here's a token for you."

The coachman caught the gold with his hands and hurriedly said, "Thank you so much, young lady. I'm going back now."

Eirlys nodded her head to him and turned her gaze again at the gate. The gate was so huge and she could not see what was inside. But above the gate, the majestic carved words could be seen 'WALTRIDGE ACADEMY'.

This academy was quite known in every empire. If one wishes to be a student in this academy, status and treasures are unnecessary. Pure talent was what the officials wanted in their students. They actually didn't have that many students. In fact, the number of their students didn't exceed a thousand at all.

Eirlys immediately walked to the gate and she met a robust man guarding there.

"This young lady here, aside from the officials and distinguished guests, we only allow people who have an invitation letter. May I ask this young lady to show it to me so that I can confirm it and let you pass?" The robust man said in a very respectful manner. He knew that whoever had an invitation letter was undoubtedly a genius.

Eirlys took out an invitation letter from her storage ring and handed it over to the robust man without saying anything.

After receiving the letter, the robust man checked it and handed it back to Eirlys, "You can pass, young lady."

"Thank you, sir." Eirlys replied respectfully and made her way inside.

Large buildings appeared in her line of sight. There was a huge building right at the center. After seeing this, she immediately walked in large strides towards the building.

Before she started to travel all the way here from Bonneville's residence, she gathered some informations about the Waltridge Academy.

The academy didn't care at all of the identities of its students. As long as one has the approval or an invitation letter from the headmaster, he or she could enter the academy regardless of his or her status.

However, if a person tries to steal an invitation letter from another and has then discovered by the officials, there's a possibility that he would be given a heavy punishment, at most, a death penalty, depending on the seriousness of the crime one committed.

After entering the first floor of the building, Eirlys saw a middle-aged woman sitting on a counter while closing her eyes. Eirlys immediately made her way to the woman's direction then she stopped and stood in front of her.

The woman opened her eyes slowly as if she had known earlier that this young lady in front of her has a business with her. She didn't glanced at Eirlys and just said, "Invitation letter."

Eirlys took out the invitation letter once again and gave it to the woman.

After checking the letter, the woman nodded and lazily said while handing over a piece of paper, "Fill this up. If you're done, just say so."

"Alright." Eirlys just casually replied as she took the paper and started to fill it up in front of the woman.

The woman closed her eyes once again. But it wasn't a minute yet when she heard Eirlys spoke out, "I'm done."

The woman took the paper and she read its contents. It was mentioned there the name, age, birth date, and etc. After checking that there was no single blank at all, the woman waved her hand and called out, "Rachel, bring her to room 845."

Another woman appeared and said, "Understood." She then turned her gaze to Eirlys. "Follow me." She didn't wait for Eirlys reply as she walked upstairs.

Eirlys just followed her closely as she looked at her surroundings to familiarize herself.

As they left, the first floor of the building was tranquil once again.

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