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100% Black Clover: The Golden Sand! (Hiatus) / Chapter 21: Chapter 3 (2/2): Reus vs Yami!

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Chapter 21: Chapter 3 (2/2): Reus vs Yami!

It didn't take long for all of them to arrive at the practice site. Julius then gave orders to Leinz and the maids to take the table and chairs. he also wanted to drink tea and eat snacks, so Leinz and the maids immediately did what the Magic Emperor ordered.

Yami decides to go warm up, Reus also follows him, after that the two of them just wait for Julius to talk and give the rules that must be obeyed by both of them.

A few moments later Leinz and the butlers came with a table and chairs for the four of them to sit. then the maids also came and served tea and light snacks. after that Julius decided to talk about the duel rules.

"Okay, both of you.. the rule is that it is forbidden to use magic or ki, if it is known to use just a little of both, it will certainly be considered defeated" said Julius who then drank his tea.

"Okay," Yami said as he pulled his Katana.

"No problem," Reus said, taking a spear that appeared suddenly.

Then the two stood opposite each other, but before the two of them began, Julius stopped Reus.

"Reus ... I think you forgot to turn off the magic inside your body," said Julius, pointing to Reus's body.

Reus was conscious and embarrassed because he forgot his gravity magic that he was still using, Reus could only chuckle and scratch his head. Lescia also laughed because she knew about Reus's habit that always made his body burdened by his unique magic that is gravity magic.

Reus then turned off his gravity magic and slightly stretched the muscles of his hands and feet. he also spun his spear then stopped and prepared his horses.

Yami also started to get ready and hoped that Reus could make him sweat. he put the back of his Katana on his shoulder and got ready to attack.

Julius saw that the two had prepared themselves for each other, began to move from their seats and then shouted.


(Ok .. Battle Scene)

(): Battle though.

When he heard Julius shout "START", Reus immediately shot towards Yami and swung his spear at Yami's shoulder.

* Klang *

Yami easily resisted the attack from Reus, he then replied to Reus by attacking Reus's right shoulder which was holding a spear.

Yami knew that the disadvantage of the spear user was the hand that carried the spear itself, so he did not hesitate to attack the weak points that each spear user had. However..

* Klang *

Reus easily resisted the attack from Yami while feeling a little pain in his right hand. then he retreated and kept his distance from Yami, but Yami did not want to make room for Reus to make plans, he knew Reus could easily make plans to make himself lose to Reus.

Yami darted forward and slashed diagonally towards Reus, but Reus did something crazy.. that he stuck his spear to the ground and then he pulled it up with all his strength while turning backwards.

* Dang *

A loud crash sounded like a clash between earth and sky. Strong winds came out from the clash between Katana Yami and Reus's spear. why they can clash, don't the two do different things.

That's because a few seconds before Reus did that crazy thing, Yami slightly changed his slash lane and ended up fending off Reus's spear aimed at his head. he was surprised by the changes made by Reus. who would have thought that Reus would do something crazy like this. he gets a little more excited and starts to get a little serious.

Reus who was still in the air because of his attack could be deflected by Yami who was a bit shocked and thought (It is true, experience is.. it will be hard to defeat) and Reus then pulled his spear and then made a back flip and fell to the ground by preparing for the coming attack.

* Wosshh *

Yami disappeared from Reus's sight when Reus pulled his spear and fell to the ground, he was currently on Reus's left and prepared to make a sudden attack.

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Reus detected a danger on his left, he knew that it was a bit late, so he just decided to throw his spear at Yami.

* Klang *

Again Yami failed to attack Reus, this time Reus's spear was thrown at him, he was a little surprised but he was sure that Reus still had a follow-up attack.

Of course Yami's guess was right. Reus who lost his spear then ran towards Yami and launched his attack. Reus kicked like Rock Lee while doing Konoha Senpu but he failed a little because Yami was getting ready to cut him down, Reus retreated and took his spear a little far from his current position.

Reus after taking his spear he then prepared to carry out a series of attacks towards Yami.

Yami also got ready to predict where Reus would attack him.

Both of them were silent for a few seconds which made the audience a little impatient.

Noelle was surprised by Reus's ability to use a spear and attack style that were enough of his bars, for some reason it instead made her blush and increasingly like Reus.

Mimosa was surprised and a little worried about Reus, she was afraid that Reus would get hurt, but she was sure that the Magic Emperor would stop the match when the two of them almost killed each other.

Lescia was only worried about Reus, she was not too surprised by the style of the bars used by Reus, after all.. she was a friend who practiced Reus.

Julius lightly lit his eyes, but he would only be interested in Magic and a little interested in the style of Reus's bars.

Leinz just nodded and smiled while watching Reus and Yami fight.

The maids only worried about Reus and ignored Yami.

I do not know how many seconds passed the two of them still looked at each other.

and.. suddenly..

Reus disappears from Yami's view, Yami is then alerted to the attack that Reus will launch.

Whereas Reus was getting ready to make the spear move he had seen from Zhao Yun.

= Ultimate Zhao Yun Edition =

(N: Please look at the ultimate of Zhao Yun in the Dinasty Warrior Series game)

Yami detected the presence of Reus on his right, he then decided to fight Reus in his last series of attacks.

* Clang * * Kreek * Slash * * Dang ---- Ting *

The two traded attacks, Reus attacked Yami blindly, he did not hesitate to make Yami lose.

As for Yami, he just smiled and was more eager to welcome the arrival of a series of attacks launched by Reus.

* Clang * * Kreek * Slash * * Dang ---- Ting *

Both of them exchanged attacks for almost five minutes, Reus then began to run out of stamina, he slowly slowed down his attack.

Yami was also a little sweaty, but this was still not enough to make him lose, still he appreciated Reus as one of his rivals.

Yami who saw that Reus was exhausted, without thinking much he immediately attacked Reus suddenly and made Reus drop his spear.

"Iyaaaaaaa .. I lost hahaha" said Reus who was a bit fond of this fight, he realized that there were still many things to be considered and justified, he in his heart thanked Yami and promised himself one day he would defeat Yami.

"Not bad for our first fight," said Yami, pulling his Katana and inserting it into its sheath, then he stroked Reus's head roughly.

Julius just smiled and then he said "Ok, this match was won by Yami" *Clap 3x* was heard from everyone present to watch this match, one of whom was Charlotte who secretly saw this match and encouraged Reus.

Then Noelle, Mimosa and Lescia ran to Reus and Lescia then hugged Reus's sweaty body, the three of them always said "Is your body hurt?" or "Awawawa Reus-sama are you all right?" also "Hmph, if you are okay then quickly sit and drink this tea.. hmph!" the three of them talked together at the same time which made Reus a little confused.

Whereas Charlotte who saw this could only restrain herself from doing things that were not polite, such as entering the Magic Emperor's residence suddenly, she could only laugh resignedly and hoped that Reus would soon have free time to meet her.

Julius had detected Charlotte's whereabouts since the beginning of the match, he had the thought 'Did Reus start targeting someone older than him?' Julius could only laugh helplessly and hope that Reus does not give himself many problems, for example is a problem because of the many women he wants.

"Haaaah.." Julius sighed and shook his head which made Yami and Leinz interested in the reason.

"Master, is everything all right?" asked Leinz.

"Is everything all right? Julius no Danna," said Yami, who lit a cigarette and inhaled it.

"Everything is fine, it's just.. I'm afraid Reus will have trouble managing time because of the many women he wants," said Julius, looking at Charlotte who was hiding.

Yami and Leinz then came to their senses and they both burst out laughing. while Charlotte felt embarrassed and rushed out of the place she was hiding.

"Ah.. how embarrassing," Charlotte said blushing as she ran and remembered that she had been known by Julius Novachrono from the beginning.

== End Part 02 ==

ForcedToWrite ForcedToWrite

Sorry if this chapter is truly amateurish, to be honest I am not a spear user in my original life, but I force myself to challenge things that I haven't done, so.. I hope you can refrain from ridiculing me, hahaha'

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