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Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Cultivation Divisions

"You must have listened, you are currently in the lowest division of the crop"

Huang Li said

"Division is the name given for each stage of cultivation, every division has sub-divisions, these sub-divisions are punctuated with numbers, from 1 to 9. These numbers represent their state in cultivation, with each number their strength will increase and you will be closer to breaking in cultivation, that is, to achieve a new realization (division) "

"You do not have to call the numbers of sub-divisions, generally all growers call it rank"

Explained old Li

"Old Li, and what is our current division?" Asked Don Yuki

"You meet in the first rank rank 1"

"As for the other divisions I do not know for sure ... For the historical books are gone, I have searched all over this kingdom and nothing was found! Because we have no contact with the other kingdoms, I lack information"

Huang Li spoke

"But I still know some levels of cultivation, I believe it will be necessary to survive in the lower realms"

"It all begins in the primordial Division, after the 9 levels you break with the Carnal Division, and finally you arrive in the Earth Division, currently in this lower realm this is the highest level of cultivation and most likely meets with the imperial" said Huang Li

"And what is your master cultivation level?" Ming Re asked

"I am currently in the 8th Carnal Kingdom"

"Wow, you are incredible master, you are simply an expert in this realm"

"That's about it! Hahaha!" Laughed Master Li.

He knew that he could be considered an expert, but he did not even reveal his cultivation to the imperial ones, it is very likely to count on the fingers the people who may be the opponents of Huang Li

"As much as I serve as an example for you, I will tell you ..." The master had a serious expression on his face

"If you really want to enter the crop, you will need a cultivation technique"

"Cultivation technique?" Asked the three

"Yes, you have experienced how slow it is to gather Qi, barely you know this is just the beginning, for those who do not have cultivation techniques, they in all their lives will not pass from the Rank Primary Primordial ... And that I'm telling an old man of at least 80 years "

"All this?" Don Yuki said

"Yes, little Yuki, every increase in cultivation requires 10x more energy ... And if you use the common cultivation method, the time at each level will always be 10x the previous value! energy to advance one level, next time you will need 10 months and next time 100 months, and if there will be next 1000 months! Then it is something impossible for a human ... "

"But rest assured I will give you cultivation techniques, and everyone will be able to understand the legendary cultivation technique of the legendary Huang Longtian"

"Wow, this must be awesome," Ming Xue said.

"It really is! But do not think too much about it, you must first check the elements that are compatible"

"Master, do we have to go through other complicated heads?" Ming Re asked

"Not small, you do not have to! Just place your hand on the seal that I will create, it will make contact with the elemental laws"

"Master? Does that mean you're a Yuuta?" Don Yuki interrupted

"Oh ?! I'm really a Yuuta, but do not expect too much from me, I'm just a white-mantled Yuuta"

Huang Li replied

"White cloak? Master, what are the divisions of the Yuutas?"

Ming Re asked curiously

"Oh ?! You are seems to be very interested in Yuutas"

Ming Re nodded.


"I'll explain to you"

"The Yuutas are the elites in the world of cultivation, but they can also be classified by their forces, which is the result of a great understanding"

"Just understand that you will evolve like a Yuuta?" Ming Xue asked

"If it were that simple, would you think I'd just be a white-mantled Yuuta?" Huang Li

"Unlike cultivation the Yuutas need to perform the tests required by the laws ... These tests are usually diagrams, at each level the laws will give you a more and more complex diagram ... The good thing is that as you unravel the diagram, your affinity with the laws will increase, so your spiritual energy will also increase and you will understand new techniques! Through spiritual energy, you can easily differentiate the strength among the Yuutas of the same level! just solving it your spirit will evolve, when your spirit evolves it changes its color, people use the mantles just to signal which Yuuta you are! "

"When you get the diagram, a new energy will merge with your spirit, this energy will give you greater understanding of the laws, as well as new skills, a qualitative leap in your strength! Your seals will become stronger as well, resulting in one's abilities. higher level"

Said Master Li

"As for the classifications of the Yuutas, I'm not sure why the information is limited"

"But I got some information by contacting the Common Kingdom"

Huang Li spoke

"And what did you find out?" Said the anxious children

"Apparently there are 5 levels of Yuutas! It all starts with a white mantle Yuuta after it's gray, then yellow, blue and green!" Said the master

"Green cloak? Wow, how amazing would these people be?" Murmured Ming Re

"They are real experts, unfortunately it is only possible to find them in the higher realms"

"But not that the other Yuutas are weak, I myself can build a barrier that even those at the top of the Carnal realm can not destroy"

Reported Huang Li

"Master, besides defenses what else can the Yuutas act?" Asked Don Yuki

"Oh ?! They are really versatile, many specialize in one of these areas, but the Yuutas can be builders, through the joining of some materials and a building lineup, they can be skillful builders ... You can also mention their barriers, traps, armaments, creations of martial techniques, medicine and the creation of spiritual warriors, "replied the master.

"Spiritual warriors, master? What is this?" Ming Xue said

"There is the law of life, this law was what gave birth to all that has life in the universe, to become a yellow mantled Yuuta, you can come into contact with this law, and generate a spirit that provides support" was saying old Li

"But master, if it is the Law of life, why does it generate a spirit?" Would not it be right to be the spiritual Law? "Said Ming Re

"You are right Ming Re, it really was to be the spiritual law, but make no mistake! You first come into contact with the law of life, but the ordinary laws are limited, they can not generate a body ... Then you enter in contact with it, if it succeeds, it will give you contact with the spiritual law. Spiritual law will provide you with a spirit according to its characteristics or laws that you have learned, it may also give you a spirit through a specific item or be "

"After the spirit has been decided, the law of life will give life to this spirit!"

Old Li spoke like an old wise man

"Master, but why did you say warrior spirit instead of spirit?"

Questioned Don Yuki

"Why, little Yuki, beautiful observation!" Smiled Huang Li

"They are considered warriors, for like all beings, they also need to evolve their spirits before they become cultivators!"

"But this happens in a slightly different way, unlike beings with physical bodies, they are already born as warriors, yet while we humans only need 3 levels for us to become spiritualists, they need 9 levels! of cultivation ... There are 9 levels to become spiritual spirits and then 9 more levels to become a true spirit, which is similar to a martial cultivator "

"Master, will they forever be spirits?" Ming Re interrupted, she was amused by the subject

"Oh ?! Not small Re, originally the spirits mingle with our souls, but upon reaching the real spirit realm, they can alternate from spirits to carnal spirits, they are naturally stronger than cultivators of the same level, usually only those of higher cultivation or other carnal spirits can dispute "replied the master

"It says some legends that when the spirit reaches the true spirit realm, it manages to use the spiritual sharing technique, which is when the spirit enters fleshly form but its powers and techniques can still be used by its master"

Huang Li said

"Techniques and powers?" Asked the 3 with bright eyes

"Hahaha," the master laughed.

"Exactly! When the spirit is invoked, because martial law will come into contact with him, giving him a skill is skill is called martial training. Martial training will cause the spirit to develop techniques according to the laws he dominate, the strength of their abilities depends on the understanding of the spirit "

"When the spirit reaches the real spirit, the spirit will develop something unique, this is called power"

Said the master solemnly

"Master, how does the cultivation of spirits work, and can they learn other techniques?" Ming Xue spoke

"Boy, good point! Not only is it possible for him to learn, but it is also possible to use a ready spirit ..."

"The ready spirits are those that a Yuuta nourished by the true spirit kingdom, and to cut their ties with him, and turned it into a sphere spirit! Usually Yuutas sell these spirits, and other Yuutas can use these spirits, or even common growers, after using a seal that will make him master of the spirit "

"In relation to the cultivation, when they reach the true spirit, they start to grow as we do! But other people, to achieve this division, they gain the martial law a farming technique. There is to instill culture in a spirit, then they have to move normally ... but depending on which is the managing Yuuta, it can increase your speed by several times of cultivation, and with the help of spiritual energies, which are generated by Qi and transformed into spiritual energy by Yuutas is possible increase the cultivation of the spirit immediately, without the need to cultivate, it is only necessary to understand the levels or break with a new division "

Explained everything Master Li

* Hummmf * sighed the children

Everyone was amazed at the Yuutas, they were really curious beings with great abilities!

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