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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Blood Lines

"Do not be surprised by the Yuutas, they are really amazing, but martial growers are too! Regardless of how strong a Yuuta is, if he is against a martial cultivator who is very skillful and has great achievements in cultivation, he will still be small "said Master Li

Even though he was a Yuuta, he was not skeptical to consider himself extremely powerful, after all there were countless people with the larger crop that would set him aside

"I have already told you great things, I believe that only the bloodlines are missing"

Huang Li spoke

"Bloodlines are not like those of the half-demons?" Asked one of the three

"It is really very similar ... When a person reaches a certain level of cultivation, he can ask a Yuuta to transfer his powers to future generations! This is done by reporting the Law of Life and martial law, through a diagram, made by a Yuuta of a blue mantle or higher, it transforms the life of the seeker into a crystal of blood, this crystal must be ingested by someone, and thus his blood will be replaced by that of the petitioner! is that after this, the future generations of the heir will have the same lineage as he, only need to wake her ... "

"But master, what is so different about lineages?" Don Yuki spoke

"According to Yuutas' accounts, when you transform your life into a lineage, before you die, you are taken to the martial hall. This is where laws and Qi mix, generating new skills, it is also where the powers come from When you get there, you are placed on an altar, and martial law will analyze your compatibility with the laws, as well as Qi. When this analysis is finished, it will generate a list of powers that your descendants can inherit, it is usually attributed the characteristics that the applicant had during his life! It should be mentioned that the greater the cultivation of the petitioner, the purer and stronger his lineage! " The master answered

"Children, we all have lineages, after all in a universe so mixed it is practically impossible not to have a distant relative who carried out the process! there may be several other lineages, but these lineages are more difficult to wake up ''

'' I must mention that there are two special cases as well, '' said old Li

'' And which ones would be master? '' One of them asked.

"The first case is the imperial ones! Imperials have pure lineages, meaning that since their ancestor made the lineage request, he created a community of people, usually made up of cousins ​​from the family of the father and mother, the family of the father we can call P1 and the mother of M1,

'' of these premiums the heir or heir will bear children with these cousins. These children when grown up form the second generation of an imperial family, P2 and M2. The heir for having requested the cousins ​​of the family of his father and mother, will marry a man and a woman, but they will have to be of P2 and M2 ... Briefly they will marry with members of the same family and thus they will maintain a pure lineage! '

"In some realms, they try to maintain purity to the extreme, forcing marriage among their own children ... It's really insane"

Narrou Huang Li

'' The second case is the transferred lineages! These lineages, unlike inherited ones that are born with you, these bloodlines can be donated! The process is very simple, it is the same to have an inherited lineage, just get a crystal of blood. ''

''That simple ? So anyone can make a crystal of blood? "Asked Don Yuki

'' Not a little friend, it's not like that! ''

"The blue-mantled Yuutas are extremely reserved and difficult to access, even to the imperial ones of the common realms, after all not every kingdom owns a Yuuta of blue mantle"

'' Apart from the necessity of this Yuuta, there is no reason for a weak person to create a lineage! If this person did not reach the minimum requirement of cultivation, he would be just throwing his life away! ''

'' So, besides a Yuuta you need a person strong enough ... Put these two factors together and it becomes something extremely difficult to achieve. After all who would like to die to become someone's lineage? ''

Huang Li said

'' So why did you comment on this li li? '' Reflected Ming Re

Master Li looked at her, it seemed he had read her thoughts, then spoke again

'' I said about it to inform them a few more things ... ''

"I have already told you of the evil existence in the universe, the demons and the half-demons! But do not go thinking that they only represent threat ... They are goals, signs of corruption in the universe, and cultivators are your natural enemies! But not all cultivators are righteous, there are those who follow demonic practices and those who can be considered the devil himself ... Gain, hate, power ... They are all factors that lead cultivators to constant wars!

"Today, we of the lower worlds are considered to be the dross among the common realms. For the higher realms, the common and lower realms are nothing but piles of rubbish! "

'' It's totally contrary to what it should be ... But even the laws are not perfect, imagine us, beings created by them? ''

"On account of this, the worlds are in constant disputes for interests, soon there are wars and slavery ..."

'' I should have already mentioned to you, the world we met was declared as the lower realm Supreme ''

"This is because we are the weaker inferior realm that exists! Well .. That's what the other kingdoms think, but it's not! This kingdom is definitely the greatest among all the lower kingdoms, that is because we were a higher kingdom ... This is all for the sake of a man, Huang Longtian! ''

"In its governance period this kingdom attained its prosperity, several existences wanted to reside here, all were denied, without exception. Those who tried to invade our lands were all dead, there was no one left ... From this Huang Longtian was declared as a Supreme. ''

"Supreme is the title given to those of the higher realms, which are powers among the powers ... There are currently 10 Supreme, each governing a higher realm. These higher realms rule common realms, which govern other lower realms! All those kingdoms, independent of being common or inferior, if they are controlled by supreme will live days of peace! After all no one is crazy enough to go against a Supreme, even among these supreme there is a peace treaty. ''

Narrou Huang Li

'' Master, does this mean that Don Yuki can be from a higher realm allied to one of the Supreme? ''

'HAHAHA' 'Riu Huang Li

'' No, he's not allied, '' Li said with a serious expression.

"The kingdom I belong to is so inferior?" Said Don Yuki

'' Oh little Yuki ... On the contrary .. Your higher realm is one of the Supreme! ''

'' O-What? '' Everyone was surprised.

'' That's right, I'm not sure of the other higher realms, but of the upper kingdom of Djinn I know well! After all it was one of the only realms that were allied to our kingdom '' Smiled Huang Li

* Hummmf * snorted deeply

'' Don Yuki, I do not know exactly his origins, much less his status in this kingdom, but I must tell you that this kingdom was responsible for activating the protective barrier of our kingdom, as well as providing protection to our kingdom.

"When senior Huang Longtian left without saying anything, from his allies, only the upper kingdom Djinn gave him support ... If it were not for them, most likely this kingdom would live a slavery.

"But anyway, do not worry about it, by the way, nor do I know much about it, HAHA!" Laughed the master liu

'' Let's continue talking about the lineages ... ''

"If there is war, there will soon be strong people! Of these strong people many are forced to become blood crystals .. Most likely some powerful Yuuta controls this person to do so, this is why they know so much about the process of lineage! ''

Explained Master Li

'' Sometimes unwanted people appear in this kingdom, perhaps because of a failure in the dimensional portal, after all it has been blocked ... Other times they are the guests of our kingdom! People outside can not get into our lower kingdom, but we can get into other realms ... The curious fact is that resizing crystals, can get people out of our territory, but of course, these crystals must be approved for our kingdom! ''

"Some of these guests have already brought blood crystals, in fact our kingdom has even bought these crystals ..."

"Which in turn fell into the hands of an old friend of mine! This friend is also a Yuuta, but he serves the Imperials."

"He told me that there are patterns in lineages, that it is possible to have a line similar to that of someone without being a relative, or without that blood crystal being attached to the person"

Huang Li was really excited to tell the story

"All this is because of the selected powers in the martial hall! Some lineages are really unique because the person who died to form it was really very strong"

"But it is not impossible to reach or conquer this lineage, after all there is a ranking of lineages"

Said Master Li

"Ranking of bloodlines?" Questioned Ming Xue

This ranking ranks the lineage according to its power ... There are thousands of rankings but only the Top 100 can really be taken into account, after all are all rare lineages, they are called dominant lineages "

"But do not end there, even among this ranking there are still sub-divisions, within the dominant lineages, the top 10 are considered as sacred lineages!

Already the top 3 ... Both these 3 lineages are equivalent, they are only classified by numbers to be differentiated! These lineages are called Legendary Lineages "said Huang Li

"Master, are there people who buy the blood crystals in the hope of being one of the dominant bloodlines?" Asked Don Yuki

"Not exactly little Yuki, when buying the crystal, the buyer already knows what kind of lineage he is acquiring, so if he were one of the dominant lineages there would be a great uproar, big proposals or even wars. lineage is really giant, "said the master.

"This disciple now understands, indeed you have enlarged my master horizons, I see that it was not in vain to follow you" said again Don Yuki

Ming Xue and Ming Re nodded, after all this information may be something they would not get in their entire lives, but now they know and all this was thanks to their wise master

"Children, do not think too much about it, now that you have a notion of what the world is like outside, we must begin our training"

After saying this, Huang Li raised

When he got up, he packed his clothes, while doing this Don Yuki noticed that he did not have an arm

"M-master? Did not you say it's a Yuuta? Why did not you heal your severed arm?" Before Don Yuki said Ming Xue spoke in front

"Oh? My arm?"

Smiled Huang Li

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