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69.23% Black Djinn Celestial / Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Cultivation techniques

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Chapter 18: Chapter 18: Cultivation techniques

'' 15 thousand years? Does that mean the master is 15,000 years old? '' Ming Xue

''You are an idiot ? Obviously he's talking about the ancestor, how could anyone live 15,000 years? "Miao Su answered.

'' Pray your .. '' Ming Re took the hurt of Ming Xue and got up to attack Miao Su

'' Hump, come on, '' Miao Su said again

'' Hoho, girls calm down. '' Master Li separated the two

'' Ming Xue, I was really talking about the ancestor, but I do not blame him, after all I expressed myself badly! ''

'' Anyway! The deeds of the ancestor were 15,000 years ago, but with their cultivation it would not be impossible to live to this day ... "Narrou Huang Li

Wh-what? is it possible for a human to live all this? '' Miao Su asked indignantly.

'' Oh little Su, of course! ''

"Every time we make the breakthrough in a division, our life expectancy doubles!"

"An ordinary human can live to age 50, warriors up to the age of 60, spiritualists live to age 80, while cultivators live to the age of 100 ... Life can be tragic, but there is the law of death, while someone reaches the age limit, she will die! ''

"How old are you, Master?" Asked Don Yuki.

'' I'm 171 years old! In this realm the younger generation is until the age of 100, I am no longer young at age 71, Hahaha '' Riu Huang Li

"But this is not entirely true."

'' In other realms, I would probably be considered part of the younger generation ''

'' Even more so if I were to advance to the Earth Division, after all, every division of our bodies rejuvenates! It can be very common to find people 1000 years old, with the body and face of 20 years ... "

Said the Master

'' So that means your body belongs to someone in their 70s? When you advance a new division will become someone with the body close to 30, and will grow old again? '' Asked Tong Qing

''Exactly! But this process can not be infinitely repeated ... When a person arrives in a certain division, it will rejuvenate for the last time, after just disguising their appearances, they could look younger "

"I know this because once my friend who is in the empire showed me a book of beauty, where he commented that rejuvenation is not eternal"

'' Master, what is the life expectancy of the cultivators? After all you said that you are 171 years old, then you have surpassed 71 years the life expectancy of the common growers ''

'' When I reached the carnal division, my expectation was for the 200 years, then doubled! According to my friend, who is in the land division, his life expectancy is 500 years ... If it is logical to continue, in the next division the expectation will double and in the next also, but in the third advance, will contain the number 5 in the front! example''

'' 100, then 200 and the third time 500! In the fourth time 1000, in the fifth time 2000 and in the sixth 5,000! And so on ... "explained Huang Li

'' So it's like this, '' Tong Qing murmured.

'' I call Huang Longtian an ancestor, because after all he started the story of my family ... But this does not mean that he is the oldest existence that exists in the universe! There are definitely countless people older than him. ''

'' Children, leave the future to fate, let's live today '' Said the master

'' Yes ​​master '' They all said in unison

'' How about we talk about farming techniques? ''

At this moment everyone was surprised, then glow passed their eyes and they were all very excited

'' Please master '' Ming Xue I was excited

'' Yes ​​master, I very much desire a technique '' Miao Su said

"But master, do not we have to become Yuutas first?" Asked Tong Qing

At this moment, Ming Re and Miao Su, broxaram ... After all they were very excited thinking that would happen now

"But who said you would not become?" Smiled old Li

"O-ooque ???" Asked Ming Re, after all this had already become her dream, she was much more excited to become a Yuuta than a strong cultivator!

"Let's go where the altar is, I'll explain it better"

The 5 nodded in confirmation

After saying this, Master Li lifted them up and led them to another room

It is noteworthy that this room was different from the others since its entrance

Because she was in a hallway where there was only her at the end

When she entered this room, she did not really contain anything, there was no altar, only a reading table and behind her a shelf of books with a picture in the center

"Did we get to the master altar?" Don Yuki said

"Not little Yuki, just wait a little"

As he said this, old Li's hand began to move, he took a brush and said,


After that the brush began to glow with the white color

Old Li took a few steps forward and came across the board

There he began to write in an indecipherable language to his disciples ... That was a set of runes!

When he finished writing that, he formed a seal.

"Wow, so this is a seal?" Murmured Ming Re

That picture was of a sea and a sky, in this sky there was a bird flying under the sea

"Master, have you failed?" Asked Tong Qing, after all he does not hear changes

"No, did not fail, look at the picture" smiled Huang Li

On the frame suddenly the bird began to move, he was flying faster and faster until he disappeared from everyone's line of sight

"The bird passed the limits of our vision? Master, is this a mechanism?" Miao Su said

"Yes small Su, this is really a mechanism, only when the bird flees from our vision that the mechanism is activated"

After saying that the walls where the shelves were left began to tremble

After that the wall created a crack in the middle.

Huang Li hurried and removed the painting from the middle

As they did so the shelves suddenly moved, they, like a door, turned inward, forming a passage

"Come on, follow me inside!"

Said Master Li as he walked into that passageway

"Yes master," said everyone, and quickly followed him.


Inside gives passage

"This is a secret room! This is where the altar stands ..."

"But master, how will we become Yuutas before?" Said Ming Xue

"Tomem" Huang Li threw 5 pills


"Yes, pills, these pills will awaken your spirits"

After saying this, the master took a book and his brush again

And then he started writing in this book

In fact he was not writing, he was making stamps

He quickly made 5 stamps

After that he took out 5 pages of the book and handed it to each of them

"There is no method or enchantment that makes them become Yuutas, at least I do not know!"

"The most I can help you is to awaken your souls, after that you will be compatible with the laws! You will only need the acceptance of one of these laws"

"By accepting you, soon you will have more affinity to some element"

"But make no mistake that you will be the only one using these elements, some bloodlines already have the approval of some laws, even allowing you to understand techniques that no Yuuta could use!"

"One can not forget cultivators who train a certain element ... When a person specializes in a type of martial technique, he can obtain the approval of a law and thus use more and more martial techniques of higher ranks of that determined law! "

Huang Li explained

"So what's the use of connecting with a law?" "After all, is not it enough to train a martial technique to become a Yuuta? And why awaken souls if we've already done this in the tower?" asked Miao Su.

"The Yuutas are complex beings ... You really can end up concluding the connection step, if you train a technique that fortunately is of an element that you have affinity ..."

"Master steps? And what would they be?" Don Yuki said

"I know that you have awakened your souls, but the process of awakening the Yuutas is different! You need to let your body come into contact with some law so that your soul is actually awakened, when the person is a Yuuta and does not know, your soul is partially awakened! In order for your body to come into contact with some law, conventionally it is used Martial techniques of some element, on its own body! Or 4 incantations of the four elements, in conjuring the 4 at the same time your soul will wake up .. Yuuta, this Yuuta will embed his element that has affinity in this pill, when a person who has not yet been awakened to take this pill, she will suffer attacks from that element in her soul, thus completely awakening her soul! "explained the master

"Miao Su, it is necessary to connect to a law so that you can make runes and so write in the spiritual language! Look carefully at my seal, you will realize that the element of the wind fills the seal."

After that, everyone looked at their sheets, more precisely on the stamp ... They noticed that really the blank space of the stamps was filled by an element, or rather, elementary law! "

"The classification of the Yuutas is given by the evolution of the spirit, which changes color according to its strength, but it does not matter if you can not write!" This is why it is so important to connect to a law or better, to do a contract with her "

Everyone was surprised by the word "contract"

"Children, I'll tell you the step by step"

Hmmm, Huang Li sighed loudly and then spoke again.

"I'll divide it into numbers"

"1 - To awaken the soul completely.

2 - Contact a law.

3 - Make a contract with this law "

"They are only 3 steps, but they require patience and calm, after all you may not first find a law that is compatible with you ..."

"The last part, step three, is for the law to allow you to use your energy to make stamps! But do not rush into thinking you can make countless seals ... This depends on the type of contract, if it is a contract common, you will only be able to use a standard amount of energy, if you have a lot of affinity with the law, you will get a higher contract ... But if you are predestined to the element you will get a legendary contract! are extremely rare, they can use 10x more energy than the Yuuta of common contract "

Huang Li said

"But you do not need to worry! This altar can only truly be given to those who get legendary contracts!

"As long as you enter this altar, you will get this kind of contract"

Explained Master Li

"So incredible?" Ming Xue murmured

"Children, when you go to make the contract, your consciences will be taken to the central of the laws, so do not be frightened by the environment!" Warned Huang Li

"Now, when they become white-mantled Yuutas, since they are already on the altar, he will connect with you automatically ... And he will provide you with cultivation techniques"

"The cultivation techniques, the higher your quality, the longer the learning time! I estimate that in the next 10 years, you will be at this altar"

Said Master Li

"Ten years?" Don Yuki murmured.

He had already understood that 10 years for cultivators was nothing! After all they could live for hundreds or thousands of years ...

But for little Yuki, 10 years is more than twice as much of everything that has lived to this day

"Come up to the altar," said old Li.

The altar was really big

As they climbed, they noticed that there were 5 circles

Each circle had a bed and a small bathroom with shower and toilet

"You must enter these circles, as far as it is written in the books, you will be enclosed by a black barrier, you can only leave it when making contact with the altar, this barrier will not make you feel hungry"

"Wow, a barrier that makes us not feel hungry? Incredible!" Ming Re said

"Master and in case we can not get in touch with the altar?" Said Don Yuki

"Just like in the past, you've died in 15 years!"

"15 years?" Asked Tong Qing

"Exactly! In the past, we wanted to finish soon the task given by the ancestor, then we used people who did not meet the requirements, after 15 years, all 5 died ..."

"The funny thing is that even if one of these five children reached the end, when one of the other four failed, all the others would die together!" Narrou Huang Li

"Do you still wish to face this altar?" Asked Huang Li

"Definitely yes," said Tong Qing

"You still ask ?" Miao spoke.

"Shall we begin when?" Ming Xue said

"The sooner we start the better"

Ming Re Replied

"Kind of a master," said Don Yuki.

Everyone made their statements, so Master Li smiled and spoke

"You 5 should not forget the reason for all this, you must follow the desires of the ancestor! I wish you good luck."

In saying this, Huang Li came down the altar

After that the 5 looked at each other, until one said

"Ming Re, it will be my pleasure not to see you in the next few years," said Miao Su playfully.

"Hump, same to me," replied Ming Re.

"Don Yuki, when I return I will definitely not be as weak as before, you are a good brother, please wait for me," said solemnly Ming Xue, he now very much enjoyed Don Yuki

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

"Yuki boy, you're the only one who makes me boil with anxiety ... I want to have a future fight with you! Today, you're a brat, in the future I will not consider it that way, only after fighting , we will become good friends "Tong Qing smiled at Don Yuki

"I'll be accompanying you at any moment." Don Yuki smiled back.

And so each went to a circle

When they entered something magical really happened. Instantly a black barrier appeared, sealing them! From the outside you could not see what was going on inside, what was left was just 5 cylinders the size of the circles.

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