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Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Creating Legends

Inside the circles, it was clear, one could see a black wall that enveloped them

"Well, I'll finally start my training"

"But will it be 10 years?"

* Hummmf * deeply sucked Don Yuki

"Anyway, I must start this moment '

After saying this, Don Yuki took the pill and ingested it

* Glub *

The first 5 minutes were normal

15 minutes later he felt uncomfortable

30 minutes later the effects started

* Fuuuuuuuuh *

Inside his body, it was as if a hurricane was forming with full force, he was going through every corner of Don Yuki's soul

This process only took 1 month

A few days after finishing the pill, Don Yuki noticed that his soul was different, it was as if a part he could not see was finally revealed

Out of his soul that seemed, wider now, everything was normal.

"I think I should start step two"

Don Yuki thought

But he was still cautious, just after a few more days, he really started the second step

After all, it was only there that he declared his soul as stable

Step two was to make contact with a law

"Should I just channel my energy into that seal that the master had given me, that I will be able to get in touch with the Laws?"

Don Yuki quickly picked up the paper and went to make a

* Frrrrrruuuh *

* Bling *

The seal began to shine brighter, Don Yuki's guess was definitely correct.

"The seal is almost showing itself completely, I must prepare for the hall of laws" thought Don Yuki

A few minutes later, when Don Yuki blinked and then opened his eyes, he was already in a different place from the training room

It was in the void, all there were colored lights, one of each color and there were thousands of them

Don Yuki was amazed by his vision for a long time

Until he spoke

"Laws that rule the world, answer my call!" Yuki shouted.

* Fuuuuuuuuh *

When Don Yuki said this, a set of lights came together

A few more and more lights joined, at the end that mass of lights, began to take human form

The colored lights on that body suddenly turned all white, formed a bright white humanoid body in the void

It was well highlighted among the rest of the lights

Suddenly a loud, clear voice was heard.

"Boy, my congratulations! You were able to connect with the vomuns laws."

Who said it was that humanoid

"Who are you?" Asked Don Yuki

"I am the will of the laws! I have no true body, for I am only the representation of the laws ... In fact I am an intermediary!" Narrated that being

"How can I call you senior?" Don Yuki respected seniority, after all he knew that this being was countless times older than him

"You can call me Mr. Transcendental Law," said that being.

"Mr. transcendental law? Too big this name .." When saying that Don Yuki had a discouraged expression on his face

"I'll call you SLT" said Don Yuki

"You ... Where is your respect for the elders?" Said senior SLT

"Do not blame me for this senior, after all it's your fault for choosing such a big and complicated name, I'm just a child hehe" Don Yuki laughed, he was moving from victim

"Why do you ... You really dare to criticize my name!"

* Hummmf * snorted that being

"Well, anyway! After all you're just a brat ... I'm not even sure you'll get the graces of my fellow HAHAHAHA!"

"I must tell you that it's not that simple to become a Yuuta, today I'll give you a diagram!" The maximum time you have to solve this diagram is 10 years!

After saying this lights began to go forward of Don Yuki, they crowded and formed a cube

"A cube? Is this the diagram the Yuutas speak?" Asked Don Yuki

"Exactly! But unlike your diagram, theirs are infinitely more complicated to solve, they usually only succeed after getting enlightenment!"

Explained SLT

"Lighting? What would that be senior?"

"Enlightenment is when you reach the highest level of control of the laws at your level, when completing this task, the person will atingerá what we call enlightenment, this enlightenment is all the understanding that is missing to solve the diagram!"

Explained again SLT

"I got senior! So just complete this diagram that I'll get a contract?"

"Exactly boy! Now what kind of contract you will have, it is probably a superior contract, after all you are using this altar to connect us, we can not confront the person who created it" said SLT

"Can not you confront? Senior, the person who created this altar would be a Yuuta in a blue mantle?" Said curiously Don Yuki


"Brat, you are really funny! Who would be a blue-mantled Yuuta compared to these existences? These people are the ones who have managed to make a contract with the Celestial laws" said the senior

"So there is Yuutas beyond the blue mantle? Heavenly Laws?" Questioned Don Yuki

"Oh boy, you're still too young for these things, but you should not be skeptical!" There is no limit to cultivation, there will always be a breakthrough, the same goes for the Yuutas! Said SLT

* Hummmmmf *

Don Yuki took a deep breath, after all of it, you should focus on the present, the future can be changed with your present attitudes! "

Said SLT

"Senior, you're right, I should do my best on this diagram." Don Yuki was more aware of his position now, there was no point in him talking, after all he would have a long way to go

And so he began to understand the diagram

The Diagram was a small cube, this cube could be moved to vertical and horizontal

It was not like a cube that children played

It was a dimensional cube, after all with each movement, it created seals, only after several variations of movements you would understand the set of seals.

Only by having the seals in their correct order, and forming the right set, would the diagram reveal its power

When solved it did not mean that you would become a Yuuta, unlike what Huang Li thought ... It was just an opportunity! If you failed to understand the new power, you would have to try another diagram of the same level ... This repeats itself until the person achieves it.

SLT also explained to Don Yuki that the diagrams changed according to each person

The diagrams would never be the same as other people, it would also be something individual to be solved! You could depend on items that contain the law that you hired, as well as the help of other Yuutas ... But with the help of Yuutas, this would only be for understanding, as items would increase the strength of their spirits, and may even break parts of the diagram, depending on the item, even the whole cube! Remaining only to understand a new power ...

SLT just explained all this to Don Yuki by Dó

After all, he was bothered not to teach a child, after all, how many children became Yuutas?

Little Yuki continued with his understanding, and so time passed ....

1 month

2 months

Four months

8 months

1 year

2 years

3 years !

It has reached the mark of 3 years, since Don Yuki began his journey to become a white mantled Yuuta

The little Yuki is already 7 years old .. compared to before is practically twice his age

"Senior !!! Where are you, come, come!" Don Yuki excitedly said

* Fuuuuah *

* Shiiiii *

The cluster of lights began to model a man who shone in white

After some time he said

"Don Yuki, did you finally get it?"

Asked SLT

"Yes Senior, I finally managed to finish this diagram, it was much harder than I imagined!

Don Yuki excitedly said

At this point, SLT was quiet.

So Don Yuki asked

"What happened senior?"

"Boy, you're mistaken ... In these spaces the time goes completely different, it's been 3 years since you started your journey to become a Yuuta" said SLT

"WHAT ?" Don Yuki spoke in a frightened way.

"Does this mean I'm almost twice my initial age?"

Don Yuki was very surprised by the news


* Hummmf * snorted Don Yuki

"This does not matter so much! After all the senior said it could take up to 10 years!"

Don Yuki smiled, after all he had finished the diagram in 3 years

"Really your understanding far outweighs ordinary people, for a child as young as you, maybe in the future will come in the classification of a cloak before those legendary cloaks. It is definitely something to be proud of" nodded SLT

Don Yuki had already asked him countless times about these legendary robes, but he never got the answer, he knew he would have to figure it out!

"Compared to your friends, you were the first to finish! I think they will take another year"

Said SLT

"SLT, do you know who my friends are? Even if you knew, how could you know the status of your training?" Don Yuki said curiously

"Oh Don Yuki ... I am not an ordinary being, I am the will of the laws, this is not my only body, at this moment, countless other people are contacting me to become Yuutas!" Said SLT

"To know what happens to my other bodies would be normal, do not you agree?" Said again

"Yes, the senior is right!" Don Yuki knew the importance of SLT, so he would not doubt it

"What now, what should I do to form a contract?" Questioned Don Yuki

"Hehe," laughed the senior

"I'll show you an audience, we'll see who will choose you brat!" Talked SLT, he was sure Don Yuki would have a good, top-level contract.

"Please senior!"

After saying that, the scenery changed, all the lights in the room went out! After that, they organized themselves in order ...

When organized, the lights rose again, but each light began to increase in size, from small to large and suddenly to a humanoid form!

Quickly the lawsuit came and all laws came together

"Don Yuki, these laws are all common laws, they will observe you, if they have the interest, they will turn into little lights again and they will enter your body! it's common, if they're written, your contract is superior ... If it's a rune, your contract is legendary! "

Explained SLT

"Understood," replied Don Yuki.



"Brothers, you heard right? This kid's name is Don Yuki, he's 7 years old and he's from a lower realm, his understanding is reasonable!"

"Whoever wants to make a contract with him, step forward!" Said SLT

pa pa pa

Even being in the void the sound could still be heard, after all it was only a representation of space and not truly it.

"Good! Very good boy, I've been waiting for someone like you for a long time! Your ability to wind element is very good, do not listen to the exchange student, he does not understand how we give our tests"

Whoever said that was a light gray color

This was the Law of the wind!

"Law of the wind, how did you change the boy's diagram?" Said SLT with a tone of surprise

"This diagram was not changed only by me, but by a heavenly law!" Said the Common Wind Act

"L-celestial law?" "This kid was able to catch the eye of the celestial wind law? Definitely interesting! I did not expect this from you boy ... You may have the chance to get in touch with this law in the future!" Said solemnly SLT

"Boy, give your best haha!" After saying this, the common wind law turned into a sphere of gray light and entered Don Yuki's body through his head

Don Yuki felt his body tremble, the sensation was not of fear, but of excitement! After all this feeling was not only comfortable, it gave a feeling of power

When the law of the common wind came in completely, the not of Don Yuki shone

The glow was not gray, but white! What was formed was a complete seal

"Absolute contract? Oh God! Impossible, definitely impossible, as a boy would get an absolute contract ???"

"Senior, what is absolute contact?" Asked Don Yuki

"It is a contract above the legendary, it does not deserve to be mentioned, for in history only those who have been handpicked by the Celestial laws have achieved this contract"

"So it's so special?" Don Yuki smiled.

"Pray your moleq ...." Even before the SLT finished speaking another noise of footsteps were heard

It was a yellow-colored being.

"Kid, it's your lucky day!" Smiled that being and went directly into Don Yuki's head.

After that, on top of the white seal, another complete seal was formed!

One must remember that it would form seals, but not complete seals! After all stamps is just a junction of of writings, it is not truly activated! It is as if it were just the design of the seal, without any presence of a law to activate it .... and

While complete seals are seals used by the Yuutas, those are activated by the Laws.

"Impossible, even the element of the common Ray joined you?" "And it's another absolute contract, what's going on?" SLT was full of doubts

When he thought it would end, other step noises were heard

This time it was a navy blue light, different from light blue and dark blue!

"What is it?" "Even the elementary senior double will join him?" "What happened?" "You always leave only the Element of Water or Ice to join because you do not bother to help little people ..."

"Things change exchanges! It's not that I'm proud, there just were not any interesting people!" When that light spoke, it was actually two voices, a calm, gentle voice, and another thick, heavy voice.

* Fuuuuuh * The double elemental joined little Yuki

Just as the others formed absolute contracts

"Oh, my God, is this boy so special?" SLT murmured

* Bleeeng *

A small noise was being emitted from the body of little Yuki

* Plimmm *

Suddenly his chest gave off a black glow in the center

After this another noise was heard, this time it was not from the body of Don Yuki


An explosion happened, far from where all the elements were, that explosion generated a black light

That light began to come toward Don Yuki

As it came, it took shape and became humanoid.

The closer to the other lights, the more obfuscated the others stayed!

If it were to describe that light, it would be strong!



Strong footsteps were heard

"What the element of emptiness is doing here?" "I thought you were an existence that could not be mixed with other beings!" Said SLT perplexed and shocked.

"SHUT UP!" answered that element



Said the Element of the void

After speaking, just like the other lights he went toward Don Yuki's forehead

When it entered his body, Don Yuki felt a numbing feeling, it was as if his whole body was bursting with so much power!

Definitely strong, stronger than those 3 elements together ..

* Plee * Don Yuki's hand shone again and another complete seal was held, this seal overshadowed the other seals, it was really special!

"Senior, have I been well?" Don Yuki said with a smile on his face as he faced SLT

The exchange student stood there, speechless, bewildered and shocked ...

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