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100% Black Djinn Celestial / Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Tribe Pi

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Chapter 26: Chapter 26: Tribe Pi

'' Oh ?! '' He looked surprised Don Yuki

The guard noticed Don Yuki's gaze and said

*Cough cough*

"These people are all members of the Pi tribe," the guard said.

'' Tribe Pi? '' Asked Don Yuki

'' Hm '' nodded the guard

At the same time, a person passed the guard and said

'' It's a pleasure to meet you, my little friend! '

"My name is Pi ran, I the one who is responsible for external communication! This one that has served you so far was Po Can"

Pi Ran said

"Po ran? Why is his name different? "Asked Don Yuki.

"Oh ?!" Pi Ran exclaimed, then smiled as he said

"The front of this village is the red monkey mountain, this place is called the red monkey village, the inhabitants of this place are those who participate in the tribe ... There are 3 families in this village, the family Pi, Po and Pu! the family that governs the tribe is the Pi family, so the Po and Pu families have become branches of the tribe. " Pi Ran explained

Don Yuki began to frown, he already imagined that what the cursed book had said was true, but it was still difficult to accept that this village controlled all of the eastern third party

"Po Can, you can go! From now on I will take care of the little friend" said Pi Ran

"Yes !!!" Po Can nodded and saluted Pi Ran

Probably the Pi family was very respected, at least they were people that other families could not afford to offend

"I'll leave now!" Po Can

Then he bowed politely to Don Yuki and left

In the world of cultivation, seniority is not worth much, in the end the law of the strong always prevails ... As long as there is someone stronger, there is no feeling going against that person without having strength.

Po Can quickly left and left only Don Yuki and a few more people

Those people were also guards, just like Po Can

"Little friend Don Yuki, these people are other guards, they are gives Pu family, respectively Pu Shisan and Pu Shisi"

"Hm," nodded the two at the same time.

"Hahaha! What a big family, they number their children with numbers," said the cursed book to Don Yuki

Formerly the cursed book could speak for everyone in their vicinity to listen, now for being fixed in the soul of Don Yuki, only Don Yuki could hear him

"He!" Don Yuki smiled.

"I hope they take good care of me," Don Yuki said as he shook his fist toward Pi Ran.

Don Yuki did not really need to be polite, after all those guards just like Po Can were also rank 3 of the Primordial Division! While Pi Ran was only a Rank 2 of the Primordial Division.

He was weaker than those guards, but they respected him completely! It was as if his forces were not taken into account for the status of Pi Ran

"Come on, I'll take you to get to know the village a bit more," Pi Ran said as he slowly left.

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

And then they started wandering around

Don Yuki realized that they were like his first impression

That place was organized, probably inspired by a fiefdom, where the kings were the family Pi and their vassals the families Po and Pu!

Pi Ran continued to guide Don Yuki for the rest of the day, he took him to see his plantations, his animals and his buildings

"Little friend, what would be your level of cultivation? Or is the little friend not a cultivator?" Pi Ren asked curiously, after all this time he had not been able to feel the cultivation level of Don Yuki

He also did not know the story about Don Yuki having easily defeated Po Can, after all Po Can would not simply say that, as it was his own honor

"Oh ?! My cultivation? I am definitely a cultivator, as far as my cultivation, I believe I can not say" replied Don Yuki

"Okay, okay! Do not feel pressured, I asked just out of curiosity hahaha!" Riu Pi Ran

Don Yuki was already waiting for this question, he would not say his cultivation to someone weaker than him, after all this person can be an informant! If this informant calls someone with the cultivation superior to that of Don Yuki, he probably would not escape from that village ....

Don Yuki was on guard all the time, after all it was still a foreign territory

*Cough cough*

"No problems, no problems!" Disss Pi Ran

"Let us go to the tribe, there I will be able to give you a better hospitality"

"Uhum," nodded Don Yuki.

And then they went toward the Pi tribe

The Pi tribe stood out from the others present in that village

Don Yuki realized that the village was not as simple as imagined, after all he had already crossed the whole village to find the tribe Pi

"Little friend, we're close, just up the stairs"

"Hm ?! Is not the tribe within the village?" Questioned Don Yuki

"He!" Pi Ran smiled

Then he swallowed his chest and said proudly

"Those who have control of the tribe become defenders of the mountain! Because the mountain is relatively small, we live on top of it!" Pi Ran explained

"Above the mountain? Why do not the others also live there?" Don Yuki thought

The king will never mingle with the mob, if he did that, there would be no reason to be king, anyone could be a king! " Explained the damn book

Don Yuki frowned and then spoke softly.

"O-what, can you read up to my thoughts?" Don Yuki said to the damn book

"Hm ?!" He turned Pi Ran, thinking Don Yuki had said something to him.

"Hahaha, it was nothing, just thought aloud." Don Yuki forced a smile as he spoke.

"Relax little buddy, this is normal!" Said Pi Ran

"Boy dumb, of course I can know what you think, after all my soul resides in you! Maybe you could block your thoughts if it were stronger, but for your current you, it's simply impossible, hehe!" Played the book

"Why do you ..." Don Yuki thought.

"This is a perfect case ... The Pi family is the supreme ruler in this village. , the rest became their subordinates ... They want to make a point of mingling with the Po and Pu family. " The damn book warned Don Yuki

"Take it easy, I'll be careful," said Don Yuki confidently.

"Little friend, shall we leave now?" Pi Ran said

"Hm," nodded Don Yuki.

And so they began to climb the steps

It was not a simple ladder to the top of the mountain, but a spiral staircase that skirted the mountain!

The process of climbing was naturally slow, after all, no matter how small the mountain was, it was still something big!

It was already dark, it was relatively cold, because they were at a different altitude and the air up there was also heavier ...

"Friend Don Yuki! We are close to reaching the Pi tribe" said Pi Ran

"Yes ..." Don Yuki answered without emotion.

It was not that he was being stingy, but rather that all that outline was really tiring

As they climbed Don Yuki noticed some things

The Pi family had the lightest skin tone, their hue was white

While their guards possessed her in the dark, as black as that night

This made Don Yuki remember the Po family! In fact Po Po, after all he was brown, a mixture of black and white ...

At first Don Yuki thought it was just a coincidence, but as time passed, he realized it was not!

He deduced this from the fact that Pi Ran wore red clothes while Po Can wore yellow clothes, as for the Pi ran guards, who belong to the Pu family, they wore dark blue clothes ....

This was no coincidence for Don Yuki at the time Pi Ran took him to meet the rest of the village

The people in the yellow clothes were all brown

While the ones in dark blue clothes were all black

Was it coincidence?

Don Yuki never witnessed a place where people were differentiated by their tonality, he really was surprised

"We arrived!" Pi Ran exclaimed

"Oh ?!" Don Yuki said in surprise.

After all, what was in front of him was fog, the top of the mountain was covered by haze

"Would that be a Haze?" Don Yuki said for

Pi Ran

"This is fog ... It's our defense mechanism in the dark night, because of this haze, attacking the mountain at night would be an extremely difficult task!" Pi Ran said

"But does not this imply the Pi tribe?" Asked Don Yuki

"Hahaha! No small friend, this is one of our greatest blessings!"

And so I keep saying

"We do not know for sure when this fog began, but we know that it protects us! After all, inside it we can see clearly, as long as we have a light source!"

"You can even see the village at night! While those down the mountain will have their visions limited!" He explained again

"Got it!" Don Yuki said as he nodded his head.

Then Pi Ran took a red symbol, which emitted a small light and channeled Qi

In performing this process the surrounding fog formed a tunnel, leading to another stairway that reached the top

"Look, brat, that was definitely a Yuuta's job! He purposely set a path to death ... Those without this symbol would probably have found their end!" Said the damn book

"Can a Yuuta really ride this kind of illusion?" Questioned Don Yuki

"Depending on your skill level, it's definitely not difficult!" The book said again

Then suddenly Pi Ran cut them and said

"We came to the tribe Pi!"

Really Don Yuki was no longer on the stairs around the mountain, he was already on dry land!

Looking forward Don Yuki was surprised!

There were several houses on the top of the mountain, all these houses were much prettier than those in the village

Out of its illumination, it was possible to see perfectly well, even at night!

While in the village, it was completely dark, the lights there came from ancient lamps

"Wow! Then this would be the Pi Tribe" Don Yuki asked excitedly

"Exactly! All who reside on this mountain are of the tribe Pi .... Come on! I'll take you to your rooms" said Pi Ran

And then they walked through the small town.

There was no one on the streets, after all, it was late at night!

* Prrr *

Pi Ran opened a wooden door

"Little friend, this place is a hostel, you can choose a room and rest! Tomorrow I will introduce you to the other people of the tribe, you should rest well" said Pi Ran

"Okay, we'll continue tomorrow," Don Yuki smiled as he said goodbye.

And then Pi Ran turned and left.

Soon there was only Don Yuki there

"Damn book, can you hear me?" Don Yuki spoke softly.

He was not thinking anymore, after all, there was no one around to hear him

"Say bro!" Answered the book

"Do you really think it's safe to continue here?" Asked Don Yuki

"I do not know ... I really do not know, but I think if they were to do the worst, they would not bring you here," the book said sincerely.

"You're right!" Don Yuki said

"Do not think too much of your idiot, the future can always be changed, as long as you use your head, there will be no big problems! You must rest for now, how long since you have not seen a bed?" The book said

"You really know me ... I'll follow your advice again and enjoy the good bed," replied Don Yuki.

Then he took off his clothes and lay down on the bed.



Somewhere on the mountain

"Pi Ran! Who is the boy you brought to the mountain?" Asked someone with a low tone

"He recently arrived in the village, I intended to ignore him and let him cross to the next partition ... But his age!"

Pi Ran replied

"Oh? What's with your age?" That voice said again

"He is already a grower at a tender age, I believe he should be only around 10 - 14 years old!"

"You know what our current situation is as rulers of the tribe ... Day after day the crimson faction gains strength!" Said angrily Pi Ran

"Do you want to use it at the mountain festival?"

"This was my intention! After all, the crimson faction has already recruited some members of the younger generation to compete in the festival ... We of the scarlet faction must not lose again to them!" Pi Ran replied

"Well, now, and what would be the reason for your confidence in this brat?" "Even if he helps us, it would not be a big deal," said that person

"You are mistaken, I can not feel your level of cultivation, much less my guards! Probably the cultivation of that boy must be above mine ... I think your cultivation must be something close to your granddaughter," said Pi Ran

"Hm?" That voice sounded astonished.

"Good, good, good! Definitely if this is true, it will be of great help to us in the scarlet faction"

"Tomorrow I'll bring you to the head of the tribe, here I will secretly observe ... If it's really what you said, I'd let you continue with your plans," said that voice with a lively tone

"Yes master" replied Pi Ran

And so the night reached its pinnacle.

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