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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Knowing the Old Sage

'' Enchantment? Hmmm enchantment .. Where did I ever learn? "Said Don Yuki with a wicked smile on his face.

'' You ... '' Honfan gritted his teeth and said

'' Boy, I know you've asked me several times to take you to that tower, but you need to know about it first? ''

Honfan said apologetically, she seemed to be trying to exchange information

'' That's better hehe, '' said Don Yuki.

'' Sooner or later I'll end up going to that tower, before I want you to tell me exactly what's going on there ''

Don Yuki smiled, showing his white teeth

'' If the story is convincing, I can think of teaching you ''

'' PRAY YOURS ... '' The sister swore at him in her thoughts.

'' What a clever little boy, he probably knew I would say as little as possible, he probably knows I've been there and I know more than anyone in this orphanage. ''

Honfan gave me a little smile.

'' Combined Yuki, I'll say it ''

'' That's better, '' said Don Yuki.

* Hummf * the madame sighed

'' I can tell you about the beginning of everything if you grant me the enchantment ''

'' Start of everything? '' Asked Don Yuki with curiosity.

'' Exactly, the beginning of our universe '' Answer her sister

'' Interesting, where did you learn about it being that I did not find anything in the books? '' Asked Don Yuki

'' I learned from the master of that tower, after all he is my father ''

"Hm? Your father ?''

'' Yes, my father! He is an old wise man, I and the sisters of the orphanage are his daughters, he almost never talked to us, but he always kept us together and helped us in times of crisis'

'' Hmmm, so he is not a father present .. I wonder how he got this information he will tell me '' Said Don Yuki

'' Simple, when I was little I took a book from my father '' Honfan gave a gentle smile

'' Hehe, please I'll tell you the charm, tell the story, '' said Don Yuki

"Yuki, you must know that we live in divided kingdoms, the kingdom that we meet is the supreme lower kingdom, it was once a higher kingdom ... The divisions of the kingdoms are just Lower / Common / Higher, each kingdom in fact it is a world, we can only enter into another world through the dimensional portal, there are 2 ways to go through this portal, taking sufficient strength or using a dimensional crystal, this crystal must have the source of origin, the source of origin is the energy of the place where the crystal belongs, that is, the world. ''

"In the beginning, there were no realms or dimensional portal, all this was created by a cultivator ..."

'' Was it created by someone? '' Don Yuki asked, startled.

'' Hm '' Honfan said

"Books tell us that life began in an explosion of energy and that almost all planets are habitable because we only need the energy to survive, after all, this energy is called Qi, with this energy we can transform it into elements and even generate lives

'' Lives made of Qi? '' Asked Don Yuki

"Yes, the sky and the earth, the plants and the sea, are all existences coming from the heavenly Qi," explained Honfan

''Cough cough''

'' Continuing '' Said Honfan

"It was reported that when energy arose, it spawned the heavenly laws, as well as celestial individuals, these individuals we call Gods, but it would be correct to call them Martial Gods, after all they are beings who have come in their achievements because of the explosion of Qi, making them have different bodies of ordinary people ''

Explained the sister

'' Sister, is it possible to know how many beings were created? '' Asked Don Yuki

'' That is impossible, but I believe that several beings must have been created. ''

'' Something is a fact, even if the great higher realms can not get in touch with these beings, they are proud beings who most probably isolated themselves from ordinary people ... The way to get in touch with them must be through the dimensional portal, but only those who are worthy will succeed. ''

Honfan said

In doubt, the face of Don Yuki squirmed and he asked

'' But what does this have to do with your father? ''

'hehe''ll his sister

"Our kingdom was once considered the supreme kingdom among the higher realms, all this was for one person, that person was Huang Longtian ''

'' Huang Longtian? '' Asked Don Yuki

"Yes, this man was an incredible person and someone more incredibly powerful yet, but he would not let anyone as powerful as he enter his territory, so all the other powers he wanted to allocate here ended up giving up and generating some kind of grudge against them. shares of Huang Longtian ''

'' It happened thousands of years ago! Huang Longtian had an apprentice ... ''

"E-Wait, this apprentice to this mega-mighty senior was his father?"

Don Yuki excitedly said

Honfan snorted helplessly and said

'' Let me finish speaking, the apprentice was not my father, but our ancestor ''

'' Your ancestor? '' Asked Don Yuki

"Yes, the ancestor of my family, so all his knowledge was passed down from generation to generation for the next chief and now my father is the head of the family," said Honfan

''Family ? But Sister Honfan, neither you nor Futa use their surnames. '' Don Yuki was confused.

'' Yuki, our surnames do not exist, our ancestor was someone who revered Huang Longtian, so when Huang Longtian disappeared, he dropped his surname and said he would adopt the Huang surname! ''

"As the generations passed, he decided that only the master of the family would inherit Huang in the name, as long as there was the head of the family the others should be without names"

'' So what's your father's name? '' Asked Don Yuki.

* Fuuuuuuuuuh * a draft was heard, steps in the direction of Honfan were listened to

Don Yuki noticed that there was an old man with no arm coming toward him.

'' Daddy, '' Honfan said.

The old man looked at her quickly and then turned his gaze to Don Yuki.

"You must be Don Yuki ... Hmmm very good, very good!" Said the old man with a smile on his face.

This junior pays his respects to the senior, Don Yuki clenched his fist in respect to the old man.

'' Yuki, do not need to be so courteous, this old man has been watching over you since the first time I saw you in this orphanage, please address me as Huang Li, or just Li Li ''

Grandfather Li gave a smile that looked like wet bread, cut by a blind knife.

Don Yuki looked awkward and looked at the old man as he said '' V-Li Li ''

'' That's better, '' Li said.

'' Honfan, you did a dishonest act in telling the story of our family to a stranger ... '' The voice said with an expression of anger

'' I-I'm sorry, Father. '' Honfan replied with watery eyes.

"Do not blame yourself, I'd end up saying this to Don Yuki some time, hahahahahaha," Grandfather Li said as he laughed.

His attitude change was 180 degrees, it seemed he was never really angry.

After laughing for a while he picked up a parchment and threw it at Honfan as he said

'' Use this parchment, here's the spell that Yuki used, after all what he did was simply understand the meaning hidden in the two books and turn them into charm ''

'' So that's how it was, '' Honfan said with a solemn expression.

'' Yuki, you will move to my castle, there I will prepare you and give you all the information I have, I will take you as a personal disciple ''

"D-D-Disciple?" '' Honfan asked in shock

'' Hm '' confirmed grandfather I nodded

'Father, everyone in this lower world would do anything to be your disciple, everyone knows that you are the only sage on this earth, someone totally honored, will you first accept a disciple? ''

The old man took a deep breath and said,

"This world is no longer the same, just as this old man is no longer the same, I need to nurture some child to inherit the will of Huang Longtian, so there is no more time to lose"

"Don Yuki is just one of my disciples, next to him I'll take +4, two of these 5 are already in my tower, bring those two brothers early in the orphanage together with the Yuki," said old Li while he had a smile

Shortly after declaring this, he smiled at Don Yuki and asked '' A'A, would you accept me as a teacher? ''

Don Yuki had a comfortable expression on his face, he gave a faint smile clenched his fists and said '' course master ''

'' Well, good, good '' Old Li said it with all smiling face, after saying that he disappeared from nowhere

Don Yuki and Honfan looked at the window and saw the tower far away, they stood there watching silently as they soothed their hearts.

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