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33.33% Black Heaven / Chapter 2: Chapter 2:"Stage two : Massacre"

Chapter 2:"Stage two : Massacre" - Black Heaven - Chapter 2 by Naci_Can_Akan full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2:"Stage two : Massacre"

As the two waited in the new room,a new white plate door was opened.A woman who had average height with voluptuous curves came out of the door.She gave them a sadistic smile.Bernard giggled "I didn't expect anyone normal anyway"

Mechanical noise echoed in the room again,"Congratulations.You have successfully passed the first stage. All subjects have formed a harmonious bond with Gaia." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

A platform came out and rose from the ground, and there was a scoreboard on the platform.

Bernard : Gaiya condensation lv.3

Strahd : Gaiya condensation lv.1

Emily : Gaiya condensation lv.3

"I was not mistaken. The essence in them made me really strong." Bernard gave Strahd a disdainful look.

Emily looked at Strahd and giggled, "I think all participants can leave the test room. I was wrong about killing all the people in the previous room."

He felt a shiver down his spine.When the group arrived on the platform, a beep was heard.

"Please get your stage passing rewards. One Gaia condensation pill for one person each"

When Strahd took the pill, he felt a surge of energy spread over his entire body.

An uncertain voice echoed in his mind, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not understand it.

There was a power wandering in his body and he could direct it in his body. "I think Gaia will become more intense and easier to use with every level.But I think my use of gaia is mental power rather than physical strength."

The mechanical sound continued, "Please get your weapons for the new stage, there is a weapon limit for each person"

A brain network interface appeared in Strahd's mind.He viewed a catalog of weapons such as knives, swords, and axes.

One weapon in particular caught his attention, a translucent thin and long thread.Its name was butterfly silk.

It was written that when Gaia was applied, he could switch from hard to soft form and determine the direction of movement.He chose butterfly silk.Turning his head, he saw that Bernard had an ax in hand and Emily had a sword.

Emily giggled again,"I wonder what will be next quest.I hope there will be more than just condensation pills next time."

The beep was repeated, "next stage is massacre, duration 1 day. You have to kill all the people in Elfen village"

Emily jumped "Hurray !!"

Strahd looked at Bernard and smiled bitterly, "I think I'll miss the earth."

Bernard nodded, "I'm not going to give up until I get out of this experiment and kill all those responsible.Watch out for Emily. We must not be separated while on duty."

Strahd nodded.There was no choice here. All you have to do is to reconcile and apply the rules given by the system. Perhaps they could have a choice if they survived. Strahd's most feared point is that he had never killed anyone but himself in his life.He wasn't sure if he had a capacity to do this for now.The white room suddenly shone, "The seal of the room open is opening. The entrance to the village of Elfen is opened.Please proceed."

The whole field of vision of the group suddenly changed and they found themselves in a broad green plain. They were on a hill and when they looked forward they saw a village 2 kilometers away.The village consisted of one-storey close to each other and gathered in a single center.Apart from the small cattle grazing around the village, there was nothing very prominent. It looked like an ordinary medieval village.

Emily threw one of his sadistic smiles,"Shall we gentlemens?"

Strahd chimed in,"We do not know what will happen in the village. I think we should watch the village for a while and then move on."

Bernard nodded, "His tenure is a day, Strahd. There is no time to think. I don't think the purpose of this test is to think either.All they want us to do is kill."

Emily ran towards the village without any more lingerins.She was running faster than a normal person.

"Lets go." Bernard also started to run.Strahd desperately shook his head and joined them.

Life in the village is as peaceful and happy as ever. 10-year-old Meto was preparing a flower crown to present to his sister.

He went to the woods and collected all the flowers in a basket.

His big sister knitted a wool sweater for Meto. After her mother died, his only being was her sister. Despite all the difficulties, his elder sister and meto were able to do simple jobs in the village and find enough food to fill their stomach.Jetz, the son of the village headman, was in love with his sister and wanted to marry.Meto started spending sleepless nights, fearing that he would be completely alone.Although his sister promised him that she won't marry, his fear remained unabated. Jetz was constantly harassing his sister and Meto had no power to resist it but praying every day for Jetz to die.And on this day his prayers would be accepted.But cursing will not result in good results for either side.When meto set out to return to the village, he heard screams from the village.All that Meto thought about was her sister, and she started running at full speed towards the village.The villagers were fighting with 2 strangers, and the more villagers tried to fight the strangers with their hoes and shovels, the peasants' limbs were flying in the air.The screams never stopped.

"Meto !!!" When He turned his head, he saw his sister rush towards him.He embraced his older sister Meto and started running with Jetz to the shelter. "For the first time, strangers come to the village and they kill everyone. It's a horror Jetz! Where is the village guard?they will slaughter everyone at this rate "

"They went to the temple on the mountain with the guardian priests. I don't know if they should return, Mira. Damn, I've never seen anything like this in my life."While Mira was running with a metod in her arms, she suddenly fell to the ground.

The method was puzzled "Oww ow. What's going on Mira?",Meto was horrified when he stood up and looked at Mira and Jetz.

Their heads were separated from their bodies, and pressurized blood gushed from their severed necks.Meto started crying and screaming.Strahd came out of the bushes and started walking towards Meto.

"It is definitely a perfect assassin weapon. By concentrating the gaiya in my mind, I can direct silk and it's an incredibly sharp and resistant thread."

"You! You guys !!! You will burn in Hell !!"

Strahd was really feeling bad for the boy, at least he wanted to relieve his pain, not let it be any more.

"Sorry kid, I have no choice. Maybe we'll meet in another life."

"God will never forgive you, you will never get out from hell you demon! Uaagghhh"

"Well, I don't think there is a god kid. See you."

Strahd suddenly threw the thread that was wrapped around his finger, the thread quickly wrapped around Meto's neck, detaching his head from his body.Strahd looked at the boy's lifeless body, "At least I saved him from this shitty life. I was not given such an easy chance of salvation when I was a kid. Every day was beaten and tormented. Yeah, at least ..."

Something ached in his heart, and although he had convinced himself of the massacres in advance, he knew that he would never forget his killing the first time.

"There's no use in being guilty," Strahd started running over to the other two.

"Oh damn.Bernard,It won't take half a day with this going."

Emily was soaked in blood, she had a perverse hobby of not killing the villagers right away but cutting their limbs to watch them bleed to death.

"Bernard, Emily! I heard the villagers talking about the village guard and the priests. I think they won't be easy prey like these peasants. We shouldn't leave ourselves uncovered. Things can get messy."

Strahd was getting worried. The bad feeling in him grew stronger. This was not a sign of goodness.

"Don't be silly, Strahd, I can jump up to 7 meters and smash stones with my fists. You may be an easy prey, but I don't think there is a creature that could kill Emily and me in this stage."

Bernard was in complete power intoxication. Killing had become a second nature to him. Strahd could see the madness in Bernard and Emily's eyes.They were losing their ability to think in a healthy way, but was the cannibalism that they did beginning to negatively affect their nature?

"Well, it is too bad that these villagers have no essence at all." Emily chimed in.

After Bernard killed the last peasant to death on the ground,"Maybe the village guard and the priests have the essence. By the way, Emily, how did you leave the stage 1 room without much blood on it, even though you could consume the essences of the subjects?"

"Ahahah Bernard, this is my secret and I don't want to share it" Emily giggled.

Bernard turned to Strahd,"Kill all the women and children who are hiding before the village guard arrives. Meanwhile, Emily and I will rest a little and prepare for the last fight."

Strahd knew that he was powerless in front of them, and he shook his head and began to check the village houses one by one, so as not to trigger any more of their growing madness.There were occasional screams from the village houses.

"There is no right or wrong here. If there is a truth, I am too powerless to find it right now.I have nothing to do,I don't have any choices",he thought.

After a while,horse hoof sounds could be heard from afar.Strahd rushed over to the group. "They came, my style does not allow me to fight hand to hand. I will hide and will do sneak attack"

"Okay kitty, don't die hihih "Emily giggled.

Their faces were horrified when the horsemen arrived, the group of horses consisted of an old man in a white cloak and 5 young men in black cloaks.The old man got off the horse,"Who can do such a brutality"

The group's eyes turned bloodshot.

"Well ehm...we did it" Emily came waving her sword, Bernard followed her.The white-haired man roared and jumped off the horse and rushed on Emily.

"Death Swing",The old man's sword glinted with white light and he swung it at Emily.Emily couldn't keep up with the old man's pace and took her guard in a sloppy way.~Boom!~ Emily flew to the tree 20 meters behind the impact of the collision.When she stuck to the tree, a large hollow formed in the tree.Bloods were oozing from Emily's 5 orifices.The other 5 monks in black cloaks took on Bernard,"Let's activate the 5 sword formation"

All 5 of them synchronized their swords and swung them at Bernard.

"Agghh" Bernard could not anticipate that the enemy would be so powerful and organized. He was trying to escape from the formation but could not take advantage. Slowly, deep sword wounds began to form on his body.The old man came to Emily and raised his sword.

"How can you do such brutality? We have not done anything to you."

Emily was lying on the floor, half unconscious.Just as the old man's sword hit Emily's head, Emily looked up and opened her mouth.A long gigantic tongue popped out of Emily's mouth.The tongue was sharp and fast like a spear.Not anticipating such a sudden attack, the old man tilted his body on one side with a hard effort. The tongue stuck into the old man's shoulder.Emily suddenly began to swallow like drinking water.Fluids were pouring from the old man's shoulder into her mouth through the tongue and the old man was starting to discolor.The old man's body flashed suddenly. "The Astral Barrier!"

The shock wave spread from the old man's body and Emily hit the tree hard again."Aghh! Bernard, Strahd fucking help me.He is killing me !!!"Emily screamed. The old man's body was glowing with white light, and Emily's tongue was sticking back from her body.

"Nobody will help you bitch",He swung his sword again and cut off Emily's head.The old man was out of breath and the glow of his body began to fade. When he turned his head right to Bernard's side, something caught around his neck.There was a translucent thread around his neck.

"Despicable!",The old man's light barrier still provided protection as it was not completely extinguished, but the glow of the barrier began to fade as we pulled on the thread.The old man was too much for Strahd, even in this exhausted state.Strahd was pulling the thread and trying to stay away from the old man whenever possible.The wounds on Bernard's body were deeply pale and his skin color was pale. Bernard was thrown like a snake at the closest black roared man in the roared and sword formation.It was as if there were no bones in Bernard's body, and he dodged the swords with an effort.He clung to the black-robed man like a python and suddenly broke all his bones.

A shrill scream was heard,"No, David!" One of the men in black robes ran towards Bernard.

"Don't spoil the formation!" The other black robed man shouted after him.Bernard then clung to the man who ran towards him and broke all his bones.

"No!" The old man was watching the fight from one side to the other as he struggled with the thread.

He concentrated all his strength on his sword. It was a white party and he wrapped it again," Death Swing "The old man roared...

The wave of swords drew a white arc and hit Bernard,"Agghh".

Bernard's body was divided into 2 pieces with the man he killed.The old man's white barrier was completely deflated and his head was removed from his body.Bernard threw his half-body and ax at the three remaining men, which got stuck in the chest of one of them and killed the black robe.Bernard shouted, "Strahd kill the remaining two immediately. If we can finish the mission quickly, I still have a chance to live."

Strahd rushed towards the two men in black robes, holding the old man's head.He threw the old man's head at someone. "No, elder!"

Instead of swinging his black robed sword, he caught the old man's head.Taking this opportunity, he hurled the thread around the leg of the other black robed man.His legs were farther from his sword, so it was more difficult for him to guard.With a sudden pull, he severed the legs of the man in the black robes.When the other black robe came to his senses, it flew over Strahd.Strahd fell to the ground with the man, the man in black robes touching Strahd's throat with his sword.At that moment, Bernard crawled like a snake and climbed half-body on the back of the man in black.and broke the man's neck with his arms.

"Kill the one whose legs have been severed quickly." Bernard roared.He was almost spent.Strahd stood up and run to the man with the cut legs. "No!",The translucent thread wrapped around the man's throat and cut off his head and the mechanical voice heard again, "Congratulations you finished stage 2."

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