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Chapter 2: Lucy

"Are you sure it's her? "

He asked for the umpteenth time, I gritted my teeth wondering if it would be too much if I just hung up on him, he had become unbearable, taken I think everyone is a nuisance, but he manages to make number one on my list of people to throw into an active volcano.

"Yes it's her" I retorted dryly and continued listing everything I had seen on her files, OK maybe I haven't seen her in person,  but he doesn't need to know that,"Same deep green eyes, raven hair and infectious smile which helps me remember why I like her...and why dear I am helping your sorry little ass... "

The line went silent and i knew what he was going to do so I beat him to it"...So if you ask me one more stupid question I'll hang up and go sightseeing instead"

I heard a grumble on the other side of the line, "OK...you know what to do..." He finally said before the line went dead

I arched a brow he wasn't really going to give me one of his remarkable one of a kind threats, the only reason I wake up one day and wonder whether I was going to live to see another day.

I sighed and pocketed my phone peering out the window.


I instinctively picked my phone clicked the green button and placed it on my ear,"Yello..."

"...And Katherine... One more thing if you don't bring her back with you... I will kill you... "the determination in his voice only made me roll me eyes

I spoke too soon,  at least this was less graphical, I guess he was actually happy,"I love you too Cuz"

I clicked the red button on my phone and pocketed my phone again groaning in my seat.

"This was not how I pictured my Monday "I mumble to myself waiting for the bus to stop at my bus stop.

I was only supposed to deliver the message and he would drag his pompous butt here, to deal with it while I kick back with some pop corn and watch the drama.

I had no plans for today,  but I'm sure it didn't include riding on the bus next to a creepy middle aged man who clearly used too much perfume and whose lingering stare was close enough to making me stab him with the pen he had been tapping on his lap for the past hour.

I huffed again in annoyance staring out the window watching moving cars,  I remember when I looked at a moving car and thought they were horseless carriages, now looking back I can't believe I was ever that naive and stupid.

I watched myself in the mirror, the new skin I chose was perfect,  my sapphire blue eyes betrayed no sliver of what was actually behind the mask,  the brown hair I 'borrowed' was cut in a short Bob,  I twirled a piece in between my fingers and sighed I missed my long dark hair which was so dark sometimes in the moonlight it looked blue.

My usually light dark skin was now lighter, and had more shine to it in the sun,  I was pale, so pale I fear I was actually dead, but it looked normal and by the sharp gaze on my back due to the large amount of 'unwanted' male attention I knew that this skin was beautiful, I knew I was gonna have fun, but I still missed being me.

"What's got you mind preoccupied pretty lady..."

It came out like a statement more than like a question,  like he was ordering me to tell him what was wrong,  but I was never good with authority.

I ignored him.

"What are you shy... Don't worry little Barry won't hurt you... If you cooperate... " I think the last part wasn't for my hearing

Initially,  I was actually going to ignore him but his name rang a bell.

I smirked secretly to myself I had been waiting for this soul for years and here he is handing it over to me on a silver freaking platter.

I turned slowly to meet 'little' Barry aka Bartholomew Winchester thirty nine years old single and always ready to mingle mostly with little girls,  below twenty to be exact,  the paedophile / schizophrenic had a special place in hell just for him.

"What if I don't? "my response was supposed to be flirtatious but remembering who I was supposed to be I settled for shy but stubborn female.

His eyes brightened with obvious arousal he had always loved the submissive ones, he was sadistic he wanted easy prey, one that could scream, it was his game but little did he know he was playing with a master

"Then little Barry won't be so little anymore... "his threat hung in the air and I, I was getting angry I wasn't one to get threatened and let the person survive,  but I couldn't kill him either I was gonna have a little fun.

"You know Barry I always liked you... "I started my rant watching his face morph into one of confusion, "You were always my favorite little sinner,  your maliciousness was always the most praised in hell..." I stopped until then my eyes were looking downward before I raised them up slowly to stare into his own eyes my now bright and deadly purple against his now anxious and confused green.

He stared his eyes unflinching stuck on my eyes like a magnet to iron he couldn't look away,  I wouldn't let him and that's when I saw everything, everything around me faded away,into darkness the breath was knocked out of my lungs but I ignored the pain I was used to it.

  I was in a little country home small but comfy -in a creepy psycho kinda way-

I looked around,  small figurines decorated the rows of shelves on the walls,  I walked to one, it was a little cupid figurine with its Ruby cheeks and a coy smile on its face, he was pointing it's arrow left towards nothing,  I tilted my head it was a small thing but by the way it stood alone on its own podium it had to pose a very important role.

I heard the door slam open and I turned sharply towards the noise, a small girl maybe around twelve barreled in screams of joy and uncontrollable giggles, she ran behind a two seated couch and hid.

I watched her, examining her, she was a cute little thing had more years ahead of her,  if he didn't ruin it

Her eyes shone with happiness as she spluttered into more giggles placing her hand over her mouth to muffle the  giggles but failed.

"Lucy... Where are you?! "

Soon after a young boy ran in his chest rising up and down taking in deep breaths, his green eyes bright with amusement, his blonde hair was up in spiked like spikes on a picket fence

Little little Barry I presume.

He stilled calming down his breaths so he could hear the constant giggles of his little sister.

"Hmmmm...is she over here..."he jumped behind a small shelf holding decorative plates,  his face falling obviously thinking she would be there,"...ok your not there but I will find you even if it takes...forever and ever and ever and ever..." the 'evers' continued until he would jump behind something he thought his sister would hide behind.

The girl continued to giggle silently behind her palms.

Then the room became silent and she removed her hands from her mouth leaning on her left arm to support her weight as she leaned to peer over the couch when suddenly she was in the air her brother spinning her in circles her giggles getting louder.

He spun her around moving towards the couch before they both collapsed in dizzy piles on the two seaters couch.

He set her down on his lap smiling at her, a strong sibling connection between them it seemed they were the best of friends, but the devil has a pretty face and I should know.

The little girl tried to push herself up, a slight movement, an accident, rewrote her destiny forever.

Her little hands were right over Barry's crotch, and you see, little Barry had been in love with his sister since the day she was born, which explains how he liked spending time with her... No siblings are that close.

Barry froze with that slight movement all the blood rushing towards his dingaling, he tensed and immediately pushed the little girl off of him running behind the couch his eyes heavy from what looked like lust.

Young Lucy was confused and quite hurt by how her brother pushed her away, she crawled unto the couch slowly, she stopped between intervals watching her brothers movement in case he would run away.

I stepped closer towards the two, they couldn't hear me, they couldn't see me, and doing anything could alter the memory, so I just watched with a cynical smirk on my face.

A black cloud appeared above his head, one that happens every time humans decide to do bad things, either to hurt some one else, steal, kill or ****.

It was like that figurative angel and devil on your shoulder, but this was stronger and more dangerous, it only appears when your doing something so bad that you've  technically saved yourself a sacred place for yourself in hell forever,and the angel doesn't appear in this one its just purely the devils voice, sometimes God comes and he wins, but sometimes not so much.

The cloud rumbled with a purpose, with hunger for its next victim, with every sinners soul it consumes the larger it got, it enslaves the humans consuming their negative emotion torturing them with different questions, until they are nothing but a thrall to it.

Barry closed his eyes trying to clear his thoughts, but his mind was too foggy and the only thing going through his mind was ....do it... Do it... Do it

The little girl caressed his cheek and placed a kiss on his cheek, something that had always calmed him down when he was angry"Barry?"

Her voice set him off, logical thinking was no more it did not matter whether she was his sister or not, he wanted her and tonight he was going to have her, he lunged over to sofa pushing her little body with his unto the floor, he ignored her cry of pain his body on top of hers only fueled the urge

"Barry?" The little girl whispered in fear, this was not her brother, she was looking at a monster, his blue eyes had become darker and his unnaturally cruel smile scared her, this was not her brother.

The room began to fade all the figurines shattered on the wall, the chairs destroying themselves, the room filled with rips of sofas, shattering of glass and a lone scream, in the destructive and pain only a tiny figurine stood, its arrow pointing towards the siblings on the floor.

I was thrown back with force into my own body, everything was back to normal time seemed to have stopped while I was in his head, and it probably did.

Little Barry did not meet my eyes, only staring behind me with a look of pure terror on his face, his skin had lost its color and he had become unnaturally pale, his mouth opened and closed in shock, gaping at something unknown, I may know what it was.

I twisted my head to see what he was so afraid of, and my suspicions were correct, behind me stood little Lucy, she was still in the gown she wore when she died by her brothers hand, a huge blood stain still evident above the girls private area, from when she was raped and a huge red bruise from where he strangled her before doing it all over again with her dead body.

Above all these things, the thing that caught my attention most was the dark soulless eyes staring directly at Barry

"Lucy?" he asked his voice not above a whisper"No it can't be?!".

The ghost said nothing only staring with full force of silent anger at her brother.

"All down we have arrived on St Montague's !!!"

The bus driver announced, people began packing their things hastily exiting the bus, I  cleaned of the imaginary dust and stood up glancing at a still petrified sinner, "No it can't be... It cant be!!" With each sentence he got louder.

I smirked and got of the bus, I reached into my pocket and fished out my phone, selecting my favorite song.

I was almost close to laughing still searching for what i needed .

That had brightened my day, I had found one of my favorite sinners and drove him mad, today was going to be a good day, I smirked to myself and continued my journey to school, highway to hell playing loudly on my headphones

I could still hear the blood cuddling glass shattering scream of my victim, my lips twitched as it stretched into a smirk.

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