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Chapter 46: Aftermath.

The world turned back to normal as Shirou released his reality marble. The devils watched as the unlimited blades disappeared before their eyes, the events that transpired still fresh in their minds, the information that was revealed was still echoing through their ears.

There was silence as they tried to cope with everything that had just happened, the thought that was brought to the forefront of their minds; they were alive.

Orihime had done a phenomenal job of healing the group, they would have been more interested in her abilities had they not just watched that entire encounter.

They continued to watch as the King stood there…..She did not revel in her victory. Tears silently flowed down her cheeks. The only thing left of the angel was the sword and a single white feather that was resting beside it.

She walked over and took the blade, no longer was there the look of disgust in her eyes. It's power was nothing compared to her Excalibur….but it held a sentiment in it that was it's equal. She picked up the white feather that had survived the blast, it was radiating a light she did not expect.

It was not the light that you would find on an angel, it radiated the light that her Excalibur held. There was a strange power to it….if she didn't know any better….she would think it was a noble phantasm. She would need to have Shirou look at it later, but for now, she put it into her bun like a hair piece.

She dismissed her Excalibur and held onto the Angel's blade like it was a precious treasure, she would not relinquish it to the Church after these events.

Both hers and the new Excalibur were oddly 'silent'- after the battle. It was almost as if they were also mourning the angel.

She let out a sigh, she just wanted to go home at this point.

Shirou saw her expression, he didn't know everything like she did but he knew her well enough that there was more to that fight than was let on.

It's said that a blade has two homes, one on the battlefield and one in it's sheath. He would always be her sheath, her pillar of support.

He did not say anything as he wrapped himself around her and he felt the dampness of her cheeks.

"I want to go home" Saber quietly said.

Ichigo and Orihime had approached her at this point and heard her. They nodded to Shirou who had been looking towards the pair.

As the devils looked on, Ichigo's group disappeared in a flash of speed.


It took several minutes before the devils finally regained their composure. Both sides ventured off into their respective headquarters to start making calls. The two exorcists took off to make some calls of their own.

The information was leaked pretty quickly, too many people had witnessed it for it not to spread.

The major revelation, other worlds were confirmed and this King was from one of them along with Ichigo's peerage.

Sirzechs raged at his little sister, Rias had never heard him so angry before. She got a very much needed scolding for thinking it was a good idea to go against an opponent such as Kokabiel and to top it off, not call for aid.

After she related the events that happened, Sirzechs was also dumbfounded at all the revelations. He owed Ichigo's group after this, his sister was very important to the devil and they saved her life.

Serafall reacted almost the same way, she discarded her "magical girl" persona as she yelled at her little sister. She also had the same reaction about hearing the other news.

After they settled down and thought about it, a lot of information on the group started to make sense. The odd abilities they exhibited, the matter in which they suddenly popped up. Beings of that strength don't go undiscovered like they did. And one of the biggest things...….the troll was probably also not native to their world. This made them shudder the most, someone like that had access to multiple worlds. They could only wonder what hell hath spawned such a creature.

They would hold off on interrogating the group for now, afterall they did save the lives of their family members and there was a certain event that would cause them to go to kuoh in the near future regardless.

The Heaven/church faction also received the news. First at the reforging of a semi-excalibur, to the slaying of kokabiel and finally to the news that they were other-worlders. The piece of news that had the most immediate impact…the reason God died. Michael immediately mobilized his forces to find the location of the beast. He was also worried about the news regarding other worlds….but he would wait to discuss it with the other factions at the meeting that was due soon.

The last of the three factions to find out were the fallen angels. It was due to their spies that the information was relayed. Azazel, the leader of the fallen, was the most upset by the news. He was good friends with kokabiel and to hear of his death… deeply saddened the angel. But the other news also piqued the angel's interest quite a bit. Other worlds…..other systems of power. He was almost foaming at the mouth at the thought of researching such a thing. He had the same thoughts as the other faction leaders, he would wait until the meeting. No doubt Ichigo's peerage would probably be attending after this whole debacle.

The other factions in the world also received the news at a much slower rate. Various informants and information dealers were trying to sell this news for a rather high price.

Most of the gods took the news of other worlds as an insult. The thought that there were copies of themselves across other dimensions….it was blasphemy in their eyes. There were secret meetings and talks about 'removing' any filth from their world.

Once again, Ichigo's peerage threw the world into chaos.


Ichigo's group didn't care about the chaos that was erupting in the world at the moment, they had their own problems to deal with.

When they approached their house, they didn't see the familiar ship poking out nor the rubble that had accumulated because of it. Someone had shrunk the ship and fixed the house. Ichigo could guess who.

As they were about to go inside, the door opened to reveal the man himself, Zelretch. He didn't have his usual cocky expression nor did he have that over serious one for important matters. Ichigo saw pure sympathy in his eyes.

He didn't speak to them as he welcomed them inside. The others of Ichigo's peerage were waiting for them. Ichigo didn't know the exact reason for such a somber mood, it was originating from Saber who didn't want to speak at the moment. He could guess that his gramps knew what happened and informed the others.

What ever happened was having a large impact on the petite king. She was still clutching that sword she was calling an abomination not too long ago. He was guessing there was more to meet the eye with regards to the angel. When she crossed blades, she must have peeked into his heart.

Ichigo didn't question the girl who obviously was troubled, he merely offered his presence for emotional support like everyone else.

Zelretch led them to the table and poured them a drink. It was going to be a long night for the group.

After enough drinks, saber finally opened up. She told them about kokabiel's feelings. His love for the humans that was transmitted through Excalibur. How all his actions were for them. How his blood was now on her blade and even Excalibur wept.

She was no stranger to taking life, even on the battlefield she couldn't always claim her enemy was evil. Some men she slew had good hearts and they merely ended up on the opposite end of ideals. But this was different…..she was forced to take a life of one with so much love in their heart. She slayed someone who was for all intents and purposes was on her side. She did not agree with his methods, but his sincerity was undeniable, and it weighed on her conscious heavily.

After hearing everything, Shirou also had a heavy heart. The soldiers he killed without mercy had the same purpose as Kokabiel. They gave their lives for an ideal that Shirou couldn't deny.

The group decided to skip school the coming Monday, it had been an emotionally draining night for everyone and they needed a couple days to unwind. And it helped that Monday was open house, meaning that the families of certain devils would probably show up and they didn't want to deal with that.

The group just went to sleep and ignored everything else I the world for now.


Ichigo woke up with Rukia by his side. She opened her eyes once he started to move around a bit and just stayed with her lover as they cuddled.

"You think she's alright?" Ichigo asked.

"Shes strong…she's been through a lot in her lifetime, this won't hold her down for long" Rukia answered. Each member of his peerage knew pretty much everything about each other's life. Saber at some point had told her story in detail.

"Shirou is probably already making breakfest…I can only imagine how much he's cooking to cheer her up" Ichigo said with a sigh.

"I refuse to do the dishes" Rukia declared with a chuckle from Ichigo.

"Though now that i think about it, i'm a bit hungry myself." She said.

"I'm hungry for something else." He said with a smirk towards his lover as he pulled the covers over both of them.

Ichigo and Rukia joined the rest of his peerage for breakfast sometime later. Everyone was staring in awe at the petite blonde.

The dishes were piled high on her side as she continued to elegantly shovel food into the bottomless pit she called her stomach.

A familiar feather was still placed in her hair. They learned last night as to what it was.

Shirou didn't complain at the constant cooking, she had a content expression as he continued to serve her food.

Zelretch had stayed the night and was joining them for breakfast.

"Whats the damage this time gramps?" Ichigo asked.

Zelretch raised an eyebrow, a familiar smirk formed on his lips. Everyone became a bit tense at his expression, apparently this had caused a huge commotion.

"Everyone is still trying to digest the information regarding other worlds" He said with a smile.

"That's it?" Ichigo asked.

"More or less" Zelretch answered with a shit-eating grin.

Ichigo just face-palmed, he could tell by the vampire's mood that he wasn't going to get any useful information.

"You're too tense, just take the next couple days to relax. You're going to need to be calm with what comes after." He said with a chuckle.

"Are you just going to be vague and cryptic?" Ichigo asked with annoyance.

"Fine....theres going to be peace talks between the three factions this Tuesday, you all are going to be invited to attend and they are going to ask a lot of questions" He said.

"Whatever, we'll deal with it later" Ichigo shrugged.

"Whats on the agenda for today?" He asked towards his peerage.

"Girl's night out" Yoruichi spoke up immediately.

After breakfast, she basically dragged all the girls out of the house and disappeared.

"So….what do we do?" Ichigo asked the other guys in his peerage and Zelretch who was still there.

"We have some extra computers set up..." Sasuke said.

"Oooh, count me in" Zelretch said as everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Don't look at me like that. When you get as old as me you need to find ways to occupy yourself, I happen to be a professional gamer in several worlds" He said with an arrogant expression.

Shirou shrugged his shoulders as he went with he group into the game room. Naruto happily followed them as well.

"I need to take you guys to a world where VR was invented." Zelretch said with glee.

Coraulten Coraulten

Needed a chapter to bridge the gap in major plot points since in the original canon all that really happened was Rias and her peerage doing random stuff and some stuff changed quite a bit since the introduction of Ichigo into the story.

Now, what do you guys want the feather to do, i'm wanting to make it into a pseudo-noble phantasm. Most likely something defensive.

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