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Chapter 40: Discovered.

Rias had a plan when Ichigo left. She would find where he stayed in her town.

She had been receiving letters and messages non-stop since the group left a month ago. She tried to tell everyone that Ichigo and his peerage went away for awile…but no one would listen. Some factions started to get a bit aggressive. Sirzechs had to remind some people why he was was 'Lucifer'.

Most of the factions just scoured the town for any obvious signs of Ichigo's peerage. Rias would take it a bit further. She knocked and entered almost every building in the town. She made each of her peerage members make a note of each place they entered along with the address and location. They would add anything weird they found or if they found nothing at all.

Even Sona was sending some of her peerage to help, she was also getting harassed by various factions and even some devils for that matter. Too many factions were wanting to transfer someone to their school, it was getting ridiculous.

There was one discrepancy they found. There was a mansion on the edge of town….for some reason whenever someone went to investigate, they concluded that it wasn't important without even investigating.

After reading this report, Rias immediately had a wide smile on her face.

"Found you" She said for her peerage to hear.

"But Buchou…there was nothing strange about that house" Issei said.

"Issei, did you even knock on the door?" She asked.

"Well no…..because I didn't need to." He answered as a matter of fact.

"Why not?" She asked again.

"Because…..because...?" Issei was at a lost for words now that he really thought about it.

"Exactly, you were compelled to not pay attention to the mansion." She said happily.

"It must have been a strong barrier or magic involved to go unnoticed this entire time." Akeno said.

"Lets go!" Rias said excitedly.

Their little excursion didn't go unnoticed, various factions still had people in the town. The church sent a heavy presence citing the church as a valid reason. Other factions sent humans that were under their command to sit and watch the Gremory girl for a hint to Ichigo's whereabouts.

As Rias and her peerage were walking towards the mansion in question…they heard a loud explosion in its direction. There was screaming and shouting heard, they hurriedly made their way there.

When Rias and her peerage arrived moments later…they did not expect to see what was happening…..

"SHRINK IT! SHRINK IT! SHRINK IT!" Rukia yelled at her lover.

"I DON'T KNOW HOW, ZELRETCH NEVER TOLD ME" Ichigo said in panic.

"MY SHIP" Jaina yelled.

"MY KITCHEN" Shirou roared at the shinigami.

Saber's eyes widened at the realization….she immediately took out Excalibur.

" was an accident….." Ichigo hesitantly said.

"NO SABER...…AHHHHHHHHHHH" Ichigo was heard yelling.

The ship had been teleport right into the middle of the house. It was a rather large and beautiful mansion. And now it had a large wooden ship bursting out from the center.

Rias and her peerage were present for the entire encounter…they stared on, slack jawed.

They saw a beam of light explode from inside the broken house, and Ichigo getting blow out onto the front lawn.

As Ichigo got up....he noticed the guests that had arrived. It wasn't just Rias and her peerage, there were onlookers hiding in the shadows.

He stared at the group dumbfounded.

He calmly did an about-face and walked toward his front door and nonchalantly walked inside.

Rias and her group just continued to stare in shock at the events that had just happened.

"Not dealing with this today" Rias abruptly said before walking away.

Apparently, the giant ship that was protruding from their house negated any effect the barrier would normally have with regards to making the place seem unimportant.

Various factions all around the world finally found out where the Shinigami lived.


Ichigo woke up the next morning, his arms around Tier. He had fun on his latest adventure, but it was nice to wake up in his own bed….even if there was a giant hole in the roof.

"Morning…" He whispered quietly, his head only inches from hers.

It made his heart at ease to see her smiling face as she woke up in his embrace. He pulled in her closer at the thought.

He didn't moved for several moments and Tier finally spoke.

"You're usually up by now…." She said quietly.

"Maybe I just want to hold you a bit longer" he responded.

He wasn't technically lying, he did like to show his affection when ever he had alone time. When they were in a group he was careful not to play favorites.

"I think you're scared to meet the others while there is a giant ship in the house" Tier said teasingly.

Ichigo shifted his eyes at her comment, he wasn't a very good liar.

"We'll go together" She said a light kiss.

"Maybe Saber won't kill you if I'm by your side" She said with a chuckle as she got out of bed.

Ichigo sighed in resignation as he left the room with his lover. Saber who is denied her food is a fearsome predator.

As they walked down the hallway and into the dining room, which was surprisingly still intact, they noticed the 'guests'.

Ichigo froze up for a moment before taking his seat. He did not even acknowledge her presence.

Rias Gremory and her queen Akeno stopped by a few minutes earlier, they had some things to


"I only heard one door open and shut….." Akeno said with a perverted smile.

"I didn't know you both were sleeping together" Akeno said towards the blonde and Orange haired shinigami.

Before Ichigo could give a response Tier answered.

"He is my mate" She said bluntly.

Rias and Akeno both had their eyes widen, they didn't expect the answer so bluntly.

"Aren't you also in a relationship with Orihime and Rukia?" Rias asked.

"Oh my…..what a playboy" Akeno said teasingly.

"Who else are you 'dating'?" Rias asked with amusement.

Yoruichi gave him a glare, expecting him to answer the question.

Rias and Akeno both noticed the look she was giving the shinigami.

A smile formed on their lips.

"…..Yoruichi…" Ichigo said, with an embarrassed expression.

"I think I should send Issei to you for some pointers in gaining a harem." Rias said with a chuckle.

"Why are you here?" Ichigo ignored their comments.

"Some church representatives are going to drop by the club after school, both Sona and my peerages are going to be present since we live here, thought it would be a good idea for you to be there as well" She said.

"Fine…." Ichigo relented.

"Alright, see you at school" Rias said with a wink as her and Akeno left.


Due to a conversation with Rias, Ichigo's peerage had found out that their location was now known throughout the world.

They could feel several pairs of eyes on them as they left the house and went to school. Rukia was pissed about the whole situation while Saber and Shirou were still upset about the kitchen. Orihime was actually happy to be going back to school.

She was practically skipping along as she dragged Ichigo by his hand.

Even as they entered school grounds, the various eyes continued to follow them, and now the students were staring at them as well.

They had disappeared for awhile and were finally back, rumors were running rampant.

The school day went by normally. Well almost normally.

A certain someone….had spread rumors around the school that Ichigo had a harem. He had been receiving love letters all day.

Rukia was working overtime to keep any other girls away from her lover. She was exhausted by the end of the day.

As the final bell rang to let the students go home, Ichigo and his peerage walked towards the club room.

They were greeted by Kiba with a bit of hesitation. The rating game still fresh in his mind.

They walked in to see both Rias's and Sona's peerages. The room went quiet as they looked at the new arrivals.

They also had the rating game fresh in their mind. Tons of questions were going through their minds that they wished to ask.

Ichigo sighed. "Ask your questions" He said to the group infront of him.

"Why is there a ship in your house?" Rias was the first to ask.

"Yes Ichigo…why is there a ship in our house?" Rukia said with an annoyed expression.

"…because…I'm an idiot…?" Ichigo answered hesitantly.

"Good answer" Rukia said.

No one else dwelled on the question.

"Why aren't the other members of your peerage here?" Sona asked curiously.

"They said they were out of practice and needed some time to catch up. They got really into an FPS game while we went to school. They are really good apparently, I think their team name is something like 'Ninjas n' Wizards' " Ichigo said.

"WHAT" Rias yelled in response

"Uh….have you heard of them?" Ichigo asked, a bit surprised.

"Who is 'snake'?" Rias demanded.

"Umm, I'm not too sure…but If I had to guess then probably Sasuke" Ichigo responded.

"I hesitate to ask why…." He added.

"He is famous in the gaming community, the worst trash talker in the world. He made dozens of Professional gamers quit in the middle of matches due to running away in tears" Rias raged.

"I take it…you've played against him…?" Ichigo asked a bit scared.

"I'M GOING TO STRANGLE THAT BASTARD" She said with bloodlust radiating out.

"Rias, can we get back on track." Sona said to her friend.

Rias reeled in her anger, she quietly fumed in the corner.

"I've had a lot of people inquiring about…the Throne of Heroes" Sona said to Ichigo and his peerage.

"I'll not answer everything" Saber proclaimed.

"I'm a bit curious…who else you've met there." She asked politely towards the king.

"Heracles, Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh, Medusa, Chiron, Achilles.....Mordred… to name a few" She answered.

"Also…Lucifer" She said with a small smile.

This caught the devils off guard, they were about to ask her about Mordred until she dropped that bomb.

"WHAT?" Sona yelled.

"He was surprisingly charming and easy to approach. " Saber added.

"His favorite hobby was reading. His own dimension was full of every fictional book ever written by human hands" She explained.

"This is….alot to take in" Sona said. The devils present were also having trouble coping.

"It was amusing how I first met him, it was when Joan got drunk. She started hitting on him." Saber said with a chuckle.

"I had to explain to her that she 'felt up' the prince of darkness after she sobered up the next day" She added, holding in her laughter.

The devils had no words. Hearing that the world famous Saint got a bit handsy with the fallen angel.

They were interrupted by Kiba coming in.

"Buchou, the guests have arrived" He announced to the room.

The representative from the church had arrived.

Coraulten Coraulten

Just a fun little chapter to ease back into DxD. Thank you to everyone who had been giving me their ideas for new worlds, its been helping alot.

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