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Chapter 24: First day of school.

Ichigo was actually kind of excited. He never got to finish high school.

It was him, Rukia, Orihime, Shirou, And saber that would be attending. The others looked physically too old for highschoolers. Naruto and Sasuke might be able to pass off, but they needed to be homeschooled on this world's history, technology, and culture.

Shirou had made their lunches, the new members found out about his stranglehold over the kitchen the hard way.

Yoruichi was acting like a mother, fixing his collar and telling him to have a good day at school.

All in all, Ichigo was happy. It felt….normal. As normal as it could be for him. He had a nice quiet walk to school with his friends and family.

Saber was sneaking a snack from one of four lunches she made Shirou pack for her.

They finally got to the school, the eyes of the students were on them.

There were hushed whispers, there had been news that some new students were transferring.

As soon as they entered the gates, they felt several non-human auras lock onto them. They themselves did not hide their owns auras, they didn't blast them out like they were picking a fight, but they decided to let their hosts know they were there.

Sona was looking out the window atop the student council building. She finally saw them and more specifically, the him.

Kurosaki Ichigo. No one had seen him since he was but a child, they knew his physical feature of orange hair.

He was stall, he was muscular but not overly so. His footsteps were perfect distance from one another, his balance never wavered. He was a fighter. He had seen the inside of many battlefields. And if she would admit it to herself, he was rather handsome. His orange hair was strangely perfect for him.

She cast her glance to the other new students. Members of his peerage. Zelretch had informed them that he had finished his peerage, and he had 11 members including himself. And if she recalled correctly, ALL mutated pieces, though a lot of uncertainly was raised about that.

The petite black haired girl. The other "Shinigami". Rukia Kuchiki. She apparently had a strong domain in ice. Other abilities are unknown. Seasoned warrior.

The oranged haired girl, it was a more natural orange compared to Ichigo's. No information about this one.

The blonde haired girl, clearly foreign, probably English. Regal was the first thought that passed through Sona's mind. If she had to make a guess, this woman was some kind of knight. Her features were vaguely familiar as well. She was as battle hardened as the other two were.

The last was the oddest. His hair was a strange tint of red, much different than Rias', a few strands of white were in it. He had golden eyes with a smidge of gray. His aura felt like a sword. Not like one would feel from a swordsman, but an actual sword. He also had many battles under his belt. His information was also unknown.

It was a bit awkward for Ichigo, having all these eyes on him and his group. They waited outside the classroom until the teacher call them in, announcing their new student status.

The teacher asked them to introduce themselves to the class. Momo Hanakai, a Bishop of Sona's was currently in the class. She was "spying" for her Buchou.

"Kurosaki Ichigo"

"Kuchiki Rukia"

"Inoue Orihime"

"Emiya Shirou"

"Artoria Pendragon"

They only gave their names. But one of them stood out to Momo. Pendragon, She thought. This wasn't good. The Pendragon family was very protective of their bloodline. She had also never heard of the other names save Ichigo and Rukia from previous events. She secretly sent a message to Sona with the names of Ichigo's peerage.

A round of questions were asked towards the new students.

"Inoue-san, do you have a boyfriend?" A random male asked.

"yes…" She answered shyly at the answer, glancing towards Ichigo.

The other boys and girls asked similar questions directed at each member of the group.

It had become know that both Rukia and Orihime were in a relationship with Ichigo, and Artoria declared Shirou her fiancé.

Momo and been inconstant contact with Sona throughout the introduction. But after this, she had nothing to report. They all took their seats and acted like normal students.

The only odd situation was when someone asked Ichigo about his hair color. He seemed very protective of it.

As class just ended, Yuto Kiba of Rias's Peerage approached the group and asked them to come to the Occult Research club with him. His Buchou would like to meet them.

Ichigo had been expecting this, he only sighed and said he would be there in a few minutes.

Him and his group walked into the club room, escorted by Kiba.


There he saw them, Both Rias and Sona along with peerage members. They gestured for him to sit down, and offered him and his peerage some tea.

Sona broke the silence "You have become very famous over the past few years despite no one knowing what you actually look like".

"I've been made aware" Ichigo said expressionlessly.

"I have some questions if you don't mind" Rias said.

"I can't guarantee I'll answer everything, but go ahead" Ichigo replied.

Before rias could ask her questions, a figure burst through the door to the club room.

"Sorry I'm late Buchou!" the man said.

"Issei…." Rias said face palming.

Issei looked over towards the new faces in the room, his eyes were drawn towards Orihime.

"WOW you have an amazing body, your boo….." He was abruptly shut up as a massive weight descending upon the room.

Issei was pushed to the ground, he couldn't breath. The other devil's couldn't talk, they were resisting as best they could, the focus was on Issei yet they couldn't even speak.

It was like their souls were being crushed. The feeling of death surrounded them. Their eyes turned to Ichigo. They could tell the pressure originated from him.

"I advise you to choose your next words carefully" Ichigo said before withdrawing his reiatsu.

Issei let out loud gasps for breath. Various members of Rias's and Sona's Peerage were sweating and shaking at the display of power.

An awkward silence ensued.

"Sorry…I'm a bit protective of those close to me." Ichigo said to the group.

"I apologize for my pawn's behavior, he has yet to be trained properly." Rias responded, giving Issei an angry glare.

"Please, go ahead and ask your questions." He said towards the devils.

"Well first..I'd like to ask about that pressure you just exerted…" She said nervously. She was stills sweating from it.

"Reiatsu" Ichigo replied.

"Spiritual Pressure?" Rias asked in ignorance.

"It's the pressure of my soul. Its where I derive my power" He said.

"That was…the power of your soul…?" Sona asked dumbfounded.

"No, that was a small part." Ichigo said without a hint of lying.

They were shocked. That was a small amount of his power. It brought them to their knees. He didn't even fight, he just exerted the echo of his power at them.

"Are you really a Shinigami?" Rias asked.

The devil were silent. They wanted to know as well. Issei was surprised at the question, he was new to this world.

"Yes" Ichigo answered simply.

His answer shocked everyone.

"Can I ask what the other members present were before they became devils?" Rias asked hesitantly.

Ichigo looked over to his peerage members, he received nods from them.

"If you have everyone make a magical oath to never spread this information, they will introduce themselves." Ichigo said.

"And what is the punishment for breaking the oath?" Sona asked.

"Soul Destruction" Ichigo said with a serious voice.

This came at a surprise. The information must be good then they thought if he was going this far to protect it.

"I will agree, and my peerage members will also agree" Sona said.

"I as well" Rias added in.

After they made the magical oaths, the group started to introduce themselves.

"Kuchiki Rukia, Shinigami" She said. This wasn't new but it was good to have confirmation. They had a stipulation that they couldn't lie about themselves.

"Inoue Orihime, before I became a devil, I was a human with the power of a fullbring." This was a bit odd, they had never heard of a "fullbring" before. Something to look into.

"Emiya Shirou, Magus." Shirou said plainly.

"Is that some kind of magic user?" Sona asked.

"Magi practice magecraft" Shirou gave a vague answer.

They had never heard of this school of study before.

"Artoria Pendragon, I was a Heroic Spirit." She said with elegance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What is a heroic spirit?" Rias asked. Everyone having the same question on their minds.

"Legendary souls who achieved great deeds in life, having become objects of worship after their deaths. They are freed from the constraints of time itself and removed from the ring of reincarnation and moved to the Throne of Heroes. Thus they ascend to the status of Heroic Spirits." Artoria said, no hesitation in her voice.

The devils were wide-eyed. Their mouths dropping to the ground. A spirit of a legendary hero was sitting before them.

"Would it be possible to know who you were before you….died?" Rias asked cautiously.

"A heroic spirits identity is their closest guarded secret" She explained.

"Imagine if Achilles went around telling everyone his name, they would easily know his weakness due to his legend".

"Pendragon…" Sona said quietly.

She suddenly went wide eyed. The other caught on as well.

They looked at the woman before them, they dared not say it out loud.

Saber could see their faces and guess what they were thinking. She only gave them a knowing smile in response.

"This is a lot to take in…." Rias said. She was exhausted after this conversation. She had so much information to go through.

"I had hoped to facilitate some good relations between our groups and maybe send a peerage member each on a mission together…" Rias said to ichigo, pushing the nagging thoughts to the back of her mind.

"I have a small request and I wanted to send my newest member...he is rather…inexperienced as you have already seen."

"I'll go with him" Shirou spoke up.

Ichigo nodded in approval.

"Very well, thank you for your time Kurosaki Ichigo, and…Peerage members." Her eyes glanced at them all. Complete unknowns even despite them introducing themselves and their origins.


After Ichigo's group left, the devils finally relaxed.

" King Arthur a women?" Sona asked in a confused voice.

Everyone was confused at this new information.

"I have even more questions than before this meeting, I think he did this on purpose" Rias with, slamming her head into the table.

"I'll put my brother on speaker and ask him about King Arthur." She said to sona.

She dialed up her brother.

"RIAS! How are you? Is there a problem? Are you hurt? Don't worry, I'm coming right now!" He spat out in a matter of seconds.

"Calm down brother. I'm fine. I just have some questions that I wanted settled with regards to a bet between me and sona"

"Ask away my cute little sister" Sirzechs said.

"Was King Arthur a Woman?" She asked.

A laughing sound was heard from the other end of the phone.

He finally calmed down enough to squeak out a "no" to the question.

"One final question Brother, If King Arthur was a girl…..what would be the first name that came to your head that she would have?" Rias asked, which raised an eyebrow from Sona.

"Probably something like….Artoria?" He said in a confused voice.

"Thank you, brother, that is all." She said, abruptly hanging up.

There was silence in the club room. They were all thinking the same thing.

They had just met King Arthur…..The king had returned.

They had remembered the rumors that the Excaliburs were acting up, hailing the return of the king….

"Oh my god…." Sona said, as a shock went through her. Devil's couldn't invoke the name of god.

Atleast normal devils couldn't.

The king had returned.

Coraulten Coraulten

Pumped out the chapter now instead of in the morning. I want to sleep in :D. Anyways, just trying to get the plot moving while getting all the necessary dialogue out of the way and thought i would give Rias and Sona even more headaches.

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