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Chapter 20: Ninja and Dragons

Orgrimmar had gotten hit hard by the invading scourge. They had less obstacles to overcome to make their way to the horde capital.

The horde were not as organized as the alliance, in raw strength they could go toe to toe with their "enemies", but they were being whittled down with numbers. They were outnumbered 100 to 1.

The scourge focused a large part of their offensive at the horde city, if they took down this beacon for the horde then the rest of the faction would crumble. They were a new coalition of races and their foundation was more unstable than their Alliance counterparts.

The only good thing they could point out in this situation were the thunderstorms that were raging across Durotar, their shamans had an easier time to summon their elementals to combat these invaders.

Similar to the other cities in the world, their defensive lines were laughable at best, their backs were against the mighty wall that protected Orgrimmar.

Thrall was barking orders up on the wall, he was a force to be reckoned with on the ground and with his hammers, but he was also a mighty shaman, and right now they needed magical and ranged support.

He had many thoughts on his mind, he was thinking about how best to repel the invaders, how to get a message out asking for reinforcements, and about his friend that had died recently. Jaina Poudmoore.

They had started building good relations with the humans through her. She even stood aside when her father was clearly in the wrong, she was truly respected among his people.

He pushed the sadness down into his heart, he had to focus right now….

As he finished, a portal opened up on the wall near him.

Three humans walked out, wearing strange clothing and armor.

The guards immediately got ready for battle, they were not on good terms with humans right now.

Some of them wouldn't put it past the Alliance to fish in muddy waters as it were, taking this chance when the world is in chaos and take out their leaders.

"Whoa Whoa" The blonde said while faking fear at the spears pointed at him.

"We were told to tell someone named Thrall that Jaina sent us to help." He finished as the spears got awfully close.

Thrall went through a flurry of emotions in an instant; surprise, denial, anger. How dare they use his dead friend to get close to his city.

He was about to tell them to kill these humans until the black haired one spoke.

"She gave us a note, she said that we would probably be run through by spears if we just showed up and announced that like this idiot just did. " Sasuke said, giving Naruto a glare.

Sasuke wasn't mad, he was in a rather good mood. It's been awhile since Naruto had been in the mood to act like a fool. It's only been a few days yet…the wounds were starting to heal. He couldn't speak for Naruto, but he felt like he was at home with the group.

Sarah was amused at the Blonde's antics. She almost always wore her stoic solider expression, but deep down, she was playful. Years of manipulation and emotional suppression forced her to hide it most of the time, but she really enjoyed the company of these two and the others of her group. She especially loved to tease the black-haired ninja in front of her when given the chance.

If she was being honest with herself, over the past few days she may have developed a crush on the Uchiha. Maybe it was because he showed the same fake expressions she did when talking with people, and he was also having trouble opening up.

She pushed her thoughts away as the one called thrall was reading the note.


Thrall was not afraid to admit, if he was not on a battlefield, he may have cried at the news of his friend being alive. He had read the note which confirmed her survival with some private information only they would know.

"She did not mention, why you are here?" Thrall asked towards the trio.

"We are here to aid you in this battle" Sasuke said.

Naruto cast off his foolishness and quickly got into battle mode.

"I suggest you pull back you men, I don't want to accidentally hurt them" Naruto said deadpanned.

Thrall looked over to Sarah who had yet to speak, she only shrugged her shoulders at his looks.

"I will trust my old friend in this matter, I hope you don't take advantage of it" Thrall said reluctantly.

He gestured for his front-line soldiers to retreat behind the gate.

"What are your plans" Thrall said towards the three.

The three just smiled at him and then got into positions.

Sarah Took up a sniping spot on one of the towers, her job was to take out the commanders and any high-profile targets. She could also see those flying things in the distance, "Undead dragons" She mused to herself. The thought of all these mystical and fantastical things was a bit overwhelming. And she got to shoot them all. She was a happy girl right now.

Naruto threw one of his three pronged kunai to the ground infront of the wall.

Thrall had a confused expression on his face until he saw the blonde put a hand on his comrades shoulder and they teleport to the strange throwing knife's location.

"Would you like to start or me?" Naruto asked towards Sasuke with a rare smile on his face. He did enjoy the fights he had gotten into since meeting the group.

Sasuke returned a smiled filled with battle-lust. "I'll give you the first move." He said towards his comrade.

They walked towards the undead army that had stopped their assault at the strange actions of the Orcs. The commanders were trying to figure out why they pulled back into the city.

Naruto took out a shuriken, nothing special about it. He threw it at the army in front of him. The people watch from the wall only showed a dumbfounded expression, they may have even laughed at the scene if the situation wasn't so dire.

They then saw him perform some strange hand movements then spoke some sort of incantation.

"Fuuton: Shuriken Kage Bushin no Jutsu" Naruto said.

Tens of thousands of Shuriken appeared from the first one that Naruto had just thrown, they were all coated in Wind chakra, making their cutting power increase exponentially.

With Naruto's absurd amount of chakra, he could take a lack luster jutsu like the shuriken shadow clone which made a few copies of the thrown shuriken, and turned it into a devastating ability.

The scene truly stunned all those that had watched. With one "spell" this human had just cleaved through several lines of undead. Thousands laid dead on the ground.

"How was that for an opener" The fox ninja said toward his friend.

Sasuke only rolled his eye at Naruto's gloating.

"I'll show you how its done." He said.

Sasuke performed a few hand seals. "Katon: Gōkakyu no jutsu" he said as he took in a deep breath.

He then released a tsunami towards the army, a tsunami made of fire.

The attack was equally as devastating as Naruto's if not a bit more flashy.

Again the ones on the wall and even the commanders of the scourge were dumbfounded. These two humans had just taken out THOUSANDS of scourge in seconds. They were easily turning the tide of battle.

Thrall had never seen such manipulation of the elements. He could feel the elementals absolutely giddy when the human had performed such a feat. It was like they were greeting their father, they obeyed any command given to them.

Before Sasuke could rub his "superior" attack in Naruto's face, a roar was heard in the distance.

They both looked up to see them. Dragons, or drakes. They didn't know, this was all new to them. But one thing for sure, they were enemies.

Before they could make a move, they heard a family sound back from the wall. It seemed they had forgotten another person was with them.


Sarah noticed the beasts flying closer. "These are mine" she declared in her head.

She had been thinking up different ways to combine her psionic energy and new demonic magic.

The prototype she had shown off before was not very well made when she thought about it. She had just pumped as much power as she could into it.

She reached behind he back to take a special clip of bullets from her waist.

These were special ones she made the other day, after arriving in this world.

She had modified the original concept, she created bullets made purely of demonic energy, but instead of surrounding the bullet in her psionic energy, she weaved it into the creation process. This stopped the bullet from exploding at everything it touches, but the penetrating power and speed of the bullet remained the same.

She had to reinforce her body with psionic energy to handle the recoil these bullet gave, it wasn't like before where they went supersonic after traveling for a distance, they did that immediately.

She took a knee to steady herself, aiming at the three giant "Dragons" going towards the two ninja on the ground.

She was depressed that she didn't have to recite any magical words like the others did when calling her attack. She wouldn't say it out loud, but It was cool to watch them throw around magic and other various abilities.

So secretly, she would name her attack as she fired them in her head….

"Sonic Bullet" She called them in her head.

As she pressed the trigger three times, three sonic booms echoed out from her gun in quick succession. The sound startled all in the city, all eyes turned towards the sniper on the tower.


Previously, just as the dragons came over the horizon, Thrall began to panic. Frost Wyrms, even the weakest Frost Wyrms took well over a hundred strong warriors to take down.

He was about to call in reinforcements for the two humans on the ground when he heard the earth shattering sound from the sniper he had forgotten about.

The bullets left a line through the sky as they zoomed in on their target. Each shot hit perfectly between the eyes.

They shatter the bones that made up the frost wyrms, they pierced through the skull and pushed through any bone in their way as the bullets continued to shoot towards the horizon.

The Frost Wyrms were almost vaporized upon impact. What remained of them had fallen to the ground.

The battlefield went silent as everyone stared at shock towards the girl on the tower.

Even Naruto and Sasuke looked towards the sniper. Sasuke tried to hide a smile, while Sarah gave him a coy wink from the distance.

Naruto was not dense, he could see the looks they each gave each other then they thought the other wasn't looking. He was happy for his friend to have found someone so quickly, even if the feelings were in their earliest infancy.

He could only sigh that it would be awhile before he could tease them, he had to let them build some kind of foundation before he annoyed the couple.

Naruto was knocked out of thought by a stronger presence that made its way to the battlefield. He could feel the malevolent aura even when not in his Chakra form.

It was fast, it was strong, and it was an enemy.

They saw it, it was a frost wyrm but it was different. It was at least 10 times larger.

If any of the dragon flight were present they would recognize the risen dragon.

It was Sindragosa.

Perhaps it was because the Duo had become too complacent so their instincts had dulled the past few days.

The Dragon had landed in front of them and before they could react, it had spun around and whipped its boney tail at them.

They had been flung into a nearby rock formation.

Sasuke had blocked with a small manifestation of his Susanoo, While Naruto had been hit head on.

They had both gotten up and stood, facing the dragon.

"I've become dull so quickly" He said to himself.

"I left the battlefield of my home and I left behind my instincts. That should have never hit me" He was starting to get angry.

His eyes turned red with the familiar slits inside them.

"Sasuke....its mine" He declared to his companion who was more than happy to let the raging Naruto release his frustration.


The dragon lorded over them, it was arrogant. It was the overlord and they were merely peasants, ants for its amusement.

Sindragosa looked over to the blonde, it had not lost all its reasoning upon becoming undead. It sensed an aura.

It was strong, it radiated hatred. It was big, it was primal. It was looking at her, it considered her…..prey?

Sindragosa raged at this realization. Something dared to look at her as prey. She was about to unleash her fury upon the creature that hid behind that human guise, until the power exploded out.

It suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

It was massive, it could crush Durotar with just its size and they would never be able to stop it.

A Fox, a Demon, The Kyuubi.

Kurama was also angry when the "dragon" had managed to injure his host, he was angry at Naruto for being hit by such a pathetic creature, but he was angrier at this dragon for looking down upon Naruto and therefore himself.

The size of Kurama absolutely dwarfed the dragon before him. He demanded that Naruto let him take over.

With a massive roar, Kurama appeared in all his glory. This wasn't the Chakra Construct version, this was HIM.

Kurama looked down at the cowered Dragon. "I'm going to teach you who stands atop the food chain" His demonic voice heard across the battlefield.

The dragon was literally torn to pieces.

Kurama was toying with one of the most feared creatures in the world.

He intentionally allowed the dragon to keep its wings as to watch it try to escape. It tried to fly over the ocean, hoping the giant beast couldn't follow.

Kurama only snorted at its stupidity before preparing an all familiar move.

Bijuu dama.

The Massive demon fox let out his most powerful attack towards the pitiful dragon at the distance.

The resulting explosion of energy was hard to quantify. It was enough to remove a city from existence with ease.

The battlefield was silent as Kurama went back inside his host. Naruto's anger and by extension the kyuubis, had all but disappeared.

"You can have the army" Naruto said towards Sasuke, the latter of whom was miffed about not being able to fight a real (kinda) dragon.

"I guess its my turn to show off" He said as a familiar purple energy began to envelop him.


Thrall thought he was going to have a heart attack. He was having trouble coping with what he had just seen. He had run through the serious of events in his mind, but he still couldn't understand.

"I can't handle anymore…" he thought just as a purple energy emerged where the other human was.

Something started to come into being around him. It built itself from the ground up. It was a large creature, it was made of purple energy and had wings. It had two large swords and a weirdly elongated nose.

The human could be seen inside the "crystal" on its forehead. He was clearly controlling the monster.

It had swept through the battlefield. It unsheathe its sword, and with each swing the landscape changed.

The battle did not last long, the undead could do absolutely nothing against the towering figure.

As Sasuke finished off the last of the army, he rejoined Naruto on the ground. The duo made their way back to the city.

Just as Naruto and Sasuke were about to enter the gate they heard a familiar voice call to them.

"CATCH ME" was being screamed at them.

Sarah had decided to jump off the wall towards Sasuke.

Sasuke, having no choice, caught her in his arms, before abruptly dropping her on her butt.

Sarah pouted at the ninja, which quickly changed to a smile as she got up and ran to catch up to the duo.

What she couldn't see was the amused smile on Sasuke's face as he walked away.

Coraulten Coraulten

LFM, 25 man ICC. Please Post Gear Score and furthest Achievement. :D

(World of warcraft joke if anyone didn't know)

So, last of the single battles. I'm trying to build a relationship between Sasuke and Sarah if it wasn't obvious. I hope i could shed a little light on the personalities of the duo and a bit of the dynamic they will have in the team.

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