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10.93% Bleached Multiverse / Chapter 7: Reunited at last

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Chapter 7: Reunited at last

In an instant, he was in the sands of Hueco Mundo in some random corner. He did not this was where the portal would take him.

With Zangetsu's help, he tried to open a Garganta to go to the human world, but it wouldn't stabilize.

He then tried to open a Garganta to Soul Society, but it also would not stabilize.

He started to panic, he could see, in the far-off borders of Hueco Mundo, the world was starting to break. The realization hit him.

They did not exist anymore.

The human world and Soul society were gone.

His legs wobbled, he started shaking. All the effort he put into getting back here. He waited or 16 years.

"Calm down Ichigo"

"You are too distracted, you didn't notice the familiar reiatsu that's coming from Las Noches" The old man reassured Ichigo.

Ichigo forcefully calmed himself down enough to focus his senses toward the towering building in the distance.

"Four signatures, one hollow, one human, two Shinigami." Ichigo whispered.

Ichigo let his reiatsu burst forth, and with all the speed he could muster, he went towards the familiar reiatsu.

As he made his way towards Las Noches, he noticed how few hollow there were. The only ones he saw and felt were weak, extremely weak.

It didn't matter though. Nothing else mattered right now.

He continued forward, pushing himself further than he had ever before, Sonic booms were erupting being him. The quiet world began to shake. Anyone alive in this desert could hear and feel it. Something was going towards Las Noches at an unbelievable speed and it didn't bother to hide itself.


They were sitting in the throne room of Las Noches. They were waiting for something to happened.

They were waiting for their end.

It didn't take a genius to understand what happened to soul society and the human world.

They were gone, those worlds were destroyed, they didn't understand why Hueco Mundo's destruction was so slow but it was.

They barely had time to register what was happening back in the soul king's palace.

They were too caught up in mourning him. They were the ones who ran toward him when they felt his reiatsu die down.

When they saw his corpse, they all lost it. He died with a smile but it didn't make them feel any better. And she took it the worse, Yoruichi Shihouin, she broke down crying while cradling his corpse.

The other girls would never forget, the screams when they dragged her through a garganta that Tier made to escape the destruction of soul society.

Yoruichi didn't care or even notice soul society breaking apart, she only cared about him. She screamed when they left his corpse there, she screamed that she wanted to stay with him.

They were the only ones left. The remnants of a dyeing world.

Orihime Inoue, Rukia Kuchiki, Tier Harribel, and Yoruichi Shihouin.

So here they sat, for the past month, mourning the world that was lost to them. But more so, they mourned the common love they all shared. The dense idiot who made his way into their hearts.

All that was heard in this place for the past few weeks were the quiet sobs of Yoruichi. They all mourned in their own ways.

Tier wouldn't take her eyes off her former throne, her fraccion died in the Quincy war, the mate she decided to give her heart to was dead. When that young Shinigami rescued her from the Quincy's hands….she couldn't help it, her heart skipped a beat. The pure concern he had on his face for his former enemy, the way he held her when she couldn't stand. She had decided on her mate from that point forward.

Yoruichi was curled up into the corner, she never stopped crying. The great Yoruichi, the women most female Shinigami looked up to, the flash goddess, one of the strongest in soul society. It was a strong façade she built up over the years, but, she had a heart of glass. And when that boy died, it shattered.

Orihime just kept her head down on the table, only a quiet sob could be heard every once in a while. He was always there for her. When her brother died, he was there to help her through it. She cried on his shoulder for days. He never complained, he said, his shoulder was always there for her. And when she was kidnapped, he came. A suicide mission, they both knew that he would most likely die when he tried to rescue her. But he came regardless.

Rukia acted similar to Tier, she stared out the window into Las Noches. She loved that idiot just as much as they did. He was her hero, he invaded soul society to save her. She still remembered looking at his mangled body after the dust had settled when Aizen betrayed soul society. The amount of pain he must have gone through to save her. It was in that moment she decided, it didn't matter if he never reciprocated the feelings, her heart would always belong to him.

She was also the first to notice it, the familiar reiatsu.

"Ichigo…." Rukia couldn't help but call out.

It attracted the attention of the other girls. The first word spoken in a month. It was then they noticed it as well.

Ichigo finally made it to Las Noches, and he merely blew a hole in the wall. There was no point running through those ridiculous mazes.

He was going straight for his girls.

With every wall destroyed, he released a burst of reiatsu. He wanted them to know, he was coming. And it didn't take long for him to reach where they all were.

He slowed down as he walked through the hallway, it was just ahead. He could feel them. He was scared, what if….."NO" he screamed in his head. He pushed forward and picked up the pace.

He finally walked into the room, he looked around to see them. His four girls.

Nobody spoke for a moment, they were all trying to process what was happening. For them, he had died over a month ago. And for him, he hadn't seen them in 16 years yet they didn't look like they had aged at all. He had no time to ponder it when something blurred in front of him and sent him flying.

He got up from the pile of rubble around him, he knew what hit him, Yoruichi.

He got up, he didn't try to fight back, he could only guess the pain she must have went through.

"Yoruichi…stop its me" He said while waiting for the potential blow to come.

She Appeared in front of him, grabbing him by the collar with her fist pulled back.


He thought for a moment, he didn't know if he should share this moment. It was something only the two of them knew, an intimate time they shared.

"No reason to hesitate at this point" He said in his heart.

"….two nights after I got my powers back….."

Before he could even finish his sentence, Yoruichi pulled him in and embraced him The other girls went wide eyed. They could guess he proved it to her with those few words and they trusted Yoruichi, which meant….he was here standing right before him.

Yoruichi started to cry again with her face buried in his chest, her muffled voice echoing in the hall.

"Say it…..i need to hear you say it" She said without pulling her head up.


She was referring to the night they spent together. It was two nights after Ichigo regained his powers after losing them due to the fight with Aizen. He was in his bed and having trouble sleeping. Yoruichi would sometimes sneak into his bed right before he was supposed to wake up to get a rise out of him, stating something like "oooh ichigo, you were so rough last night" for his whole family to hear before she laughed her way out the window.

This one time was different though. She had been drinking, a lot. And not only that he could see, her face was covered in tears. He was surprised when she crawled into bed and told him to hold her. She just kept repeating about losing her strawberry, and that her strawberry can never leave her again.

"Promise me, Promise me, Promise me" She kept repeating while holding onto him in his bed.

It was one of the few times he worked up the courage to act on his heart.

"I promise…."


In the throne room, Ichigo pulled her in tighter and said something these girls would never forget. It was completely unlike the Ichigo they knew. The prude who would rather die than admit his feelings.

"I promise, your strawberry will never leave you again" He said without any hesitation.

Yoruichi finally stopped sobbing and looked up at the substitute Shinigami.

The last time he said those wards, she pulled him in and gave him her first kiss. But this time, he pulled her in. This time he made the move, and he kissed her.

It was a long and passionate kiss. It was the medicine her broken heart needed.

The other girls stared there in awe, that dense idiot was the first one to make a move. They wanted to ask so many questions, but they waited. They gave this moment to Yoruichi and Ichigo. God knows that girl needed it.

The kiss ended, she pulled away slightly before whispering just loud enough for everyone to hear, "I will never forgive you if you leave me again" Before burying her head into his chest again.

He could only pull her in tighter after hearing that.

He looked up at glanced at all the girls present.

"Don't worry…. I'm never leaving any of you again."

It was those words that finally broke the other girls, they all began to break out into tears and ran up to embrace the orange haired idiot.

They stood like that for a while, no one needed to say anything.

Rukia was the first one to break the silence again, "I think you have some explain to do"

Ichigo could only sigh, "It's a long story, and it started after I died"


They were sitting at the large table that was in the throne room, his evil pieces on the table for everyone to see.

What stuck out to them the most was how Ichigo waited 16 years while only a month passed for them.

He told them how the administrator would delay the destruction of the world, how he didn't know that almost everyone was gone.

They could hear the sorrow in his voice when he found out that they were the only ones left, not that he was disappointed they were alive.

He explained his plan, how the evil pieces worked and his thoughts on the future.

"This is a lot to take in…" Tier said.

"Tia…" Ichigo said, as he reached over and grabbed her hand.

He couldn't see, but she had a smirk on her face." You better take responsibility Kurosaki Ichigo" She said before opening her hand and gesturing for a piece.

The other girls were looking at her, they were not hesitant to follow Ichigo and dive into any hell he went, they just didn't expect to go to literal hell. It was merely the surprise at the information that had them stop and think.

They would follow him regardless.

"Give me a piece Ichigo, and I will forever bond myself with you, you will be my mate." She declared to all the women present.

He put a Rook piece into her hand. It started to glow as it fused into her soul.

Her change was immediate and surprising. Her mask completely broke apart, her hollow hole was filling with the pieces.

They all stared in shock.

Tier could only smile, as she reached over and pulled Ichigo's collar.

She pulled his lips into hers, and when he wasn't expecting it, she slipped her tongue into his mouth.

She had to hold back a laugh as her mate's eyes went wide. After a few seconds they finally broke apart, Ichigo trying desperately to catch his breath.

"I once again have a heart to give, thank you ichigo…" She said quietly.

"…My turn…" Orihime said while moving closer to Ichigo.

Orihime was the youngest and shyest of the group. He could see it, she was holding herself back a bit.

Ichigo promised himself, he would accept all their feelings. It mattered not that they themselves were too hesitant to express them.

Ichigo got up and embraced her.

Orihime's face went bright red. She tried to stutter out some words but was quickly shut up by a set of lips pressed against hers.

Her mind was racing, she mustered all the courage she could and put her arms around his head and reciprocated the kiss. It was inexperienced, it was sloppy, but it conveyed her feelings.

She finally pulled back and made her declaration, "I love you Kurosaki-kun" She said while blushing heavily.

"I can accept other girls in your heart…. but you're not allowed to forget about me" She said. This was taking all her courage to not hide her face in embarrassment.

He could only smile as he offered her his Bishop Piece.

Orihime took it without any hesitation, her change was not very noticeable like Tier's, but her aura changed. It seemed like…she got stronger?

"I feel like my powers are more potent" She said excitedly.

Rukia and Yoruichi exchanged a look, they both decided it was Rukia's turn.

She walked over, not daring to make eye contact.

"…My…... my heart already belongs to you, giving you my soul makes no difference" She said while trying to hide the blush on her face.

Ichigo held out 3 pawns to Rukia, but she didn't take them.

She turned her head to the side while muttering something "….kiss me first…"

"What?" Ichigo said, feigning ignorance

"KISS ME FIRST YOU IDI…" she couldn't finish before he pushed his tongue down her throat.

He knew a secret about Rukia, he never told anyone.

She was a closet pervert, both figuratively and literally. While she slept in his closet, when she thought he was asleep at night... let's just say he was not unfamiliar to the sound of her moans.

Rukia wasn't expecting this, she couldn't help but moan as his tongue entangled with hers. It was several seconds before she could pull herself apart from his embrace.

She could only hide her head in shame. She let out a moan for everyone to hear, and in front of the man she loved.

Ichigo saw her, her face brighter than he had ever seen before, she was desperately trying to avoid his gaze. He couldn't help but tease her at this point,

"Don't worry, it's not the first time I've heard your moan" He whispered for only Rukia to hear.

She started stuttering, she understood what he was implying, and her brain broke.

It was payback, for all the times she teased him.

It was time to land the killing blow.

"And it won't be the last…" he whispered directly into her ear.

Rukia's eyes rolled back into her head and she fell flat on her back. Her face was bright red, and she was spasming on the ground.

Ichigo could only chuckle as he pushed the Pawns into her chest and watched her turn into a devil.

He finally turned to Yoruichi.

"You're going to give me a lot more than a kiss for this later" She said while holding out her hand.

"Yes Ma'am" He said with a smile as he put the Queen piece into her hand

Without hesitation, Yoruichi pushed the Queen piece into her soul, she felt it. All her specs received an upgrade.

"That doesn't feel too bad, I'm a bit stronger" She said while moving various parts of her body.

Alright girls, grab anything you want to take with you. It's time to go home.

He looked around and noticed the girls were ready.

"Alright get close to me" He said while pulling out the jeweled dagger.

"Open portal to: Home"

And they disappeared.


They all appeared in the room he originally left from, all the girls looked pale and their powers burst forth just as Zelretch had predicted.

The world opened up the deepest part of their souls to figure out their essence.

Ichigo watched nervously before their powers started to retract and calm down, It was over he thought to himself.

The world accepted them.

They regained their composure before looking around where they were.

"Where is this Zelretch you mentioned" Tia said.

"No idea, he does whatever he wants whenever he wants" Ichigo replied waving off her concerns.

As they walked into the dining area they saw a note pinned to the wall, Yoruichi quickly flashed ahead to read it aloud.

"Dear Ichigo and new Granddaughters in law.

I needed to go out for some business, I left a few briefcases for monetary use; Ichigo should know what I meant by that. I can't wait to meet you all when I get back, try to keep a low profile and get accustomed to the changes in your bodies, you are now devils. That means you will have wings and a new energy source called demonic energy in your body. Don't fret though, your reiatsu and previous powers will remain unchanged.

Until we meet

-Grandpa Zelretch

P.S. Don't forget to use protection, I left a gift on the dining room table."

As she finished reading, they all looked towards the gift that sat on the table...a box of Large Size Condoms.

No one spoke, Everyone but Yoruichi were blushing too much.

Yoruichi went over, grabbed the box of condoms, then grabbed Ichigo and pulled him upstairs.

"First night is mine" She said towards the other girls as she pulled her soon to be lover away.

The other girls had yet to respond, even the stoic Tier was blindsided by Yoruichi's boldness.

They were finally broken out of their thoughts by the sounds coming from upstairs.

"I SAID SHUT UP AND TAKE YOUR CLOTHS OFF ICHIGO" a familiar voice could be heard echoing through the house.

What happened next set them off even more, the could hear the bed creaking and soft moans coming from the room.

It was Tier who broke the silence, "Tomorrow night is mine" she said while eyeing the other two girls.

Rukia and Orihime could only gape in shock as they watched Tier claim a random room as her own.

Orihime exchanged a look with Rukia before finally speaking "…. rock paper scissors …." She said with a smile. Rukia could only nod in response.

Coraulten Coraulten

And here we are, finally some peerage members and his new lovers. I did kinda do a cop-out with his old world, i'm a new writer so give me some slack. I would like to reiterate, working overtime this week so probably only 1 chapter a day.

Right now for the plot, i plan on having ichigo collect his entire peerage before he starts interacting with the plotline in any major way. So be prepared for only a tiny bit of DxD action for now.

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