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Chapter 63: The Monster Feria.

The god and goddesses were gathered together. The one hosting the party this time was a god named Ganesha. The building was a large statue of himself and the people had to enter through his crotch region.

The man in question wore an elephant mask and was rather loud and boastful. He welcomed all the deities to his party.

As Hestia entered, she quickly made her way to the food table and started to devour it. She was a bit stressed out after finding about the special ability the kid in her familia had. He was upset last night and went into the dungeon in a fury. He came back and his stats were much higher than they should have been. Apparently, this ability gives him a growth enhancement for as long as he admires a certain individual. Hestia couldn't help but be jealous as this revelation. So she was stress eating.

"You're going to get fat if you continue to eat like that" A woman with red hair and an eyepatch said, walking up behind her.

"Hephaestus!" Hestia squealed as she hugged her friend.

"I knew you'd be here" Hestia said with a smile.

"I'm not lending you any money" Hephaestus said immediately.

"What kind of goddess do you think I am?!" Hestia countered.

"The kind that leeches off of me for months" Hephaestus retorted.

"Don't bring up the past" Hestia said, turning her head away.

"Besides, I have a familia now to take care of me." She said triumphantly.

"You seemed to have gorged yourself on a lot of free food there" Hephaestus said, peeking over at the food table.

"You two are getting along as well as always" Another voice joined the conversation. It was Freya, the goddess of beauty.

Just as Freya joined, Loki came running in, actually in a dress for once.

"I heard you had a run in with the mysterious new familia, Loki" Hephaestus said in amusement.

Loki's expression turned dark, she still shuddered at the feeling of death.

The other goddesses didn't miss the change on her face, the atmophsere got tense.

"What happened?" Hestia asked hesitantly.

"Death" Loki said.

Even Hestia's expression turned dark at her words.

"All he did was release his power for a moment and death swept through the room. My soul shuddered at the feeling" Loki said with a hint of fear.

It wasn't just this group of girls who were listening, the room was quiet as she talked about the encounter that people were whispering about.

"I saw them when they first entered the city." Freya added. The room was silent as they listened to her. They all knew about her ability to peer into the souls of others.

"All of them were able to block my 'sight'. They all sensed it as well when I was trying to probe." She said. All the gods present were in disbelief.

"All I could tell was that they were mortals" Frey finished.

"I looked up their information, they had just registered as adventurers yesterday. All of them were level 1" Loki added.

"I also heard the rumors and tried looking into them, their 'god' is someone called 'kaleidoscope'. I can't claim to know every god in heaven, but I've never heard of this person before." Hephaestus said.

"They might be here?" Hestia said hesitantly.

"No, I saw the man when he entered the city. I also tried looking at him....he did not block me out. He did not have to" Freya said with a bit of fear.

"When I peered into his essence…..i couldn't understand what I saw. It was like I was looking at all of creation." She spoke. It almost made her go crazy, it was just a slit second and she couldn't handle all the information she saw.

"Should we bring these concerns to the guild?" Hestia asked.

"They haven't broken any rules yet" Hephaestus replied.

"Didn't they attack Loki's family?" Hestia retorted.

"Technically…..they didn't touch my familia. All he did was release his aura and focused it on Bete who in all honesty, had it coming" Loki replied. It was rare for her to admit fault when it came to her familia.

"I've heard of that loud mouth dog before, its about time someone put him in his place" Freya said.

Loki just glared at Freya, though she had similar feelings….he was still her subordinate.

"There was also an incident in the dungeon today, I had some of my subordinates going to some of the earlier floors to get some materials. Apparently, a new group who matched their description entered the dungeon and blew past the first 8 or so floors. They eventually disappeared as they continued onward. From what my people said, they were treating it like a game" Hephaestus spoke. She wouldn't usually share information like this, but someone was off with that group.

"How did they get so strong if they just started as adventurers yesterday?" Hestia asked in shock.

"Before gods descended to the planet….there were still heroes. Those mortals with extraordinary powers that fought against the monster tides. Maybe he was a descendant of them or something?" Loki said.

"Whatever the case, we need to watch them closely. Their power is far above level 1" Loki finished. All the gods listening nodded in agreement. Some of them were making plans to try and get them into there familias. It wasn't every day that such powerful individuals walked into the city.


It was mid afternoon he next day. The second group had their turn in the dungeon earlier this morning, they had a similar reaction to the first group, if some….differences.

The guys of the group decided to take a break today and headed towards an event they heard was going on. Apparently some adventurers would going to perform 'taming' on monsters in the this coliseum at the other side of town.

"In the dungeon?" Naruto asked the Uchiha.

"yes….." Sasuke said, clearly exhausted.

"So she just dragged you off from the group…..and did it right in the middle of the dungeon.?" Ichigo asked this time.

Sasuke sighed at his question.

"What did you do about the monsters that spawned?" Shirou asked. He was there when Sarah got that 'look' in her eyes. She told them they were going off by themselves for awhile and literally dragged him off by the collar.

"She had her guns out…..and it just made her even more excited…." Sasuke said hesitantly.

"Seriously, I don't know how you keep up with four of them….." Sasuke said, looking over to Ichigo.

"Stamina potion....and I'm running low….." Ichigo responded with depression.

"Give me some" Sasuke demanded as he grabbed Ichigo by the collar.

A moment later he was kicked away by Shirou. "I only have a few left…..i need them" Shirou begged.

Sasuke jumped back and tackled Shirou. The both of them started fighting over the potions.

"I….would like some as well" Naruto said hesitantly.

The two stopped fighting and even Ichigo stared at the blonde. It didn't take long to put two and two together.

"Holy shit, you and Jaina?" Ichigo blurted out.

"How, when?" He said again

"Well…..we had been spending a lot of time together when you guys were at school....and one thing led to another." Naruto said awkwardly. It wasn't really a secret…but they weren't open about it.

"It was like she was on drugs last night...I can't handle that again without help. She kept muttering about being the 'god of magic' and she was much more aggressive than normal." Naruto said with a sigh.

Ichigo looked at the man in pity as he took out several green vials and handed them to the blonde.

They were still looking at the blonde in confusion. They didn't think he would hook up with the most mature one in the group.

"It's the whiskers, chicks dig the whiskers" Naruto said with a smirk.


"I couldn't help it, those Whiskers were too adorable" Jaina said. The girls were having a similar conversation back at the house.

"You pulled him into your bedroom last night, while you were still on your magic high, and rode him for the entirety of the night?" Yoruichi asked.

Jaina chucked at her comment. " Apparently, because he houses the kyuubi, he has increased stamina." She said with a smirk.

"At least you were smart enough to put up a sound barrier" Rukia said, looking towards Saber who turned away with a blush.

"At least I didn't drag off Shirou to go romp around in the middle of the dungeon" Saber replied trying to deflect her embarrassment. All eyes turned to Sarah who didn't even wince at the comment.

"We could hear her moans and gun fire echo throughout the dungeon floor" Tier added.

The girls were just looking at Sarah in shock at this point.

"You're just jealous" She retorted with a smile.


The guys continued their way towards the coliseum. They could see it in the distance, it looked like the one in Rome at home.

The festivities increased as they drew closer. Food stands, kids running around, familias active and walking about. It was nice.

They found some seating inside the coliseum and watched the event. It wasn't very entertaining, the level of the participants were rather low, but the atmosphere was great and it was nice to spend time just relaxing. And recuperating away from the she-demons.

As they continued to watch, some of the 'tamer's ran out of the 'dungeon' area where they kept the beasts locked up. They were running for their lives as roars could be heard echoing out. People were confused until several monsters burst out and started to attack anyone they saw. Dozens of monsters had escaped from their cages and were running loose.

"Never a quiet moment." Ichigo sighed.

"Still better than being at the house right now….." Naruto responded.

"Can't argue with that, who wants to go?" Ichigo asked.

They all looked around at each other until Shirou finally sighed and put his hand up.

He quickly soru'd to the coliseum ground.

Dozens of monsters started to corner several views and participants as they tried to best to fight them off.

Shirou decided to be quick and didn't bother to hide his power.

"I am the bone of my sword" He said. The words echoed out. The smell of steel on the wind, and every monster suddenly turned to look at the threat that had just made itself known.

The words were powerful for not just the monsters, but all the people who heard them. They had forgotten to run away as chills went up their spines.

"Steel is my body and fire is my blood" He chanted the second line of his Aria. The feeling of sharp steel permeated the battlefield. The instincts of the monsters flared up, it was a do or die moment for them.

The 'backup' had arrived moments before Shirou had started his chant.

Loki's familia that were present had regrouped the adventurers that were scrambling around and made their way into the coliseum to deal with the monsters. They were not prepared for the scene that were witnessing.

They all felt the power of his words and the sound of grinding gears as he chanted. They had never heard of a spell like this before.

"Trace on" He said and two weapons materialized. His large black bow and a weird sword-axe that was taller than even he was.

He lifted the weapon that looked like it weighed over a ton and knocked it into his oversized bow. The people were looking on in confusion, why he tried to shoot that 'thing' out of a bow?

That was until the weapon started to condense and take the shape of an arrow. Their eyes widened at the scene. They realized why the bow was so bulky and large, it was made to shoot swords.

The next scene would forever be etched into the memories.

"Nine-lives, Shooting The Hundred Heads" He said as his arm blurred to shoot a hundred arrows in less than a millisecond. Space warped around the bow as the arrows were fired off.

All the monsters in the arena were obliterated.

Coraulten Coraulten

One chapter down, atleast one more to go.

On a side note, is anyone interesting in reading the prologue for my next story? I could use some opinions.

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