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Chapter 19: The shark empress.

Elsewhere in the world, another of Jaina's portals opened up.

Ichigo and Tier walked out and admired the sight.

The Night Elf stronghold of Darnassus, it was a beautiful. The Night elves were intuned with nature, they had built their city around the giant tree, Teldrassil.

As they were lost in the beauty of the city they stepped into, a Night elf finally stepped forward.

"State your purpose here humans" She said firmly.

Ichigo broke from his thoughts and spoke, "Here to help" He said with smile.

"I doubt that two humans will make a difference, but very well. She said as she started to walk away.

"Would you be so kind to show us the way to the battlefield…its out first time here.." Ichigo said with an awkward smile.

The night elf showed an annoyed expression.

"Fine…" She said.

"Follow me" She said once again as she started to walk away.

As they left through the city, they made their way towards the beach area. The undead had managed to get a foothold on the land while they had complete control of the sea. There were well over a hundred ships anchored right off the coast of the giant island-tree.

Tyrande Whisperwind was escorting two humans to the battlefield.

She had been annoyed by the casual expression they showed when they said they were here to help.

It was a war for survival and they looked as though they were bored.

She decided to honor their request to lead them through the city just to see the fear on their faces when they ran away like she had seen the humans in the past do.

As she walked outside the city and onto the front lines, she noticed her love not too far away, commanding the battlefield.

He turned to look Tyrande and the two newcomers.

"Tyrande, why are you here. I thought you were tending to the wounded?" Malfurion Stormrage said.

"Some reinforcements came in through a portal, I was escorting them to the battlefield" She said with a neutral tone.

As malfurion was about the question the two humans that came to "help", Ichigo spoke up.

"I'll take the ones on land, you take the ones on the water?" He questioned towards his companion.

"That is acceptable" Tier said with no emotion.

Ichigo gave a quick kiss on her cheek before he walked towards the archer line.

Malfurion and Tyrande were staring at the two, not knowing what to say. They had just declared they would take on the entire army.

They watch the young human walk up to where the other archers were firing from, they too eyed the newcomer.

It was a moment later that he held out his hand and a bow appeared, it was made out of a strange energy.

He drew back the "string" of the bow and gathered a large amount of energy. It could be felt but it was foreign, he was going to do something big. All the archers stopped to look over to the human.

The energy seemed to reach its peak when the human finally spoke.

"Licht Regen"

Thousands upon Thousands of light arrows flew out from his bow.

Their eyes went wide.

Thousands of undead were destroyed. Their advance had been halted and pushed back significantly.

The battlefield was silent as all eyes were cast on the young orange hair boy.

He continued to surprise when he dismissed his energy bow and started to walk towards the opposing army. About half way toward them, he drew out his sword. No one was questioning him after that display.

Ichigo walked towards the approaching army, he drew Zangetsu in its sealed state. The undead leader from within he army were barking orders at the grunts.

They focused their attention on Ichigo. Though he didn't mind.

With his empty hand, he clenched it into a fist and it started to glow red.

"Bala" He said as he punched forward.

It was fast, it burst through the tightly grouped undead in front of him. It was more of a concussive force than his cero, but it was much quicker.

He picked up his speed as he charged into the mass of scourge in front of him.

Each swing of his blade took out an undead. It caused any undead hit to dissipate and their souls be freed. This little tidbit was not missed by the Night elfs and the leaders present.

They Elves watched on in shock as a single Human pushed back the Army of undead. Their numbers were quickly dwindling.

Various energy attacks erupted from the young warrior, and swordplay that was ridiculous fast cut down thousands.

"Getsuga Tenshō" He said as he released a horizontal blade of energy towards the group of undead.

Half an hour later, he was finally finishing off the last of the stragglers on the beach. He was a bit

tired, he had been firing off wide-ranged attacks quite a bit.

Ichigo breathed in and out slowly, letting his instincts calm down. He put zangetsu away and walked back towards the defense line.

Everyone was watching him casually stroll up after decimating an entire army without even getting wounded.

He walked up toward the female he accompanied.

"The others are all yours Tia" He said towards the female.

None of the elves said anything, their eyes switched to the blonde female as she walked towards the beach. As she approached the water, she didn't stop. She was walking on top of the water.

They didn't know about her ability to make platforms out of reishi so the action was a sight to witness in their eyes.

The scourge ships started to focus on this human woman that approached. They saw what the other male did so they prepared for the onslaught they thought would ensue.

Once she got a certain distance from the ship, she drew out her blade.

Her reiatsu shot to the sky, the water started to push out from her location. Waves were brushing up against the nearby ships.

Her voice Echoed to all watching the scene unfold.

"Destroy, Tiburón"

The surrounding water shot up and surrounded her in a heart shaped cocoon. The surging of the water made it impossible to see inside.

Moments later a large bone-like blade, not unlike a sharks tail fin, cut through the cocoon.

There she stood, her form had changed.

She wore armor that looked to be made of bone, her blade had changed to this odd shape that resembled a shark's tail fin and he hair became shorter.

But more so the pressure she exerted increased exponentially.

Tyrande and Malfurion could feel it from where they were standing.

A predator.

"Tiburón, It means Imperial shark Empress" Ichigo said quietly to the two dumbfounded Elven leaders next to him.

Tier pointed her large blade at a ship in the distance, a yellow light began to for into a ball of energy at its tip.

"Cero" She said.

The energy shot forward in a straight line, the water was displaced as it shot forward with speed that made it impossible to dodge for these large ships.

It obliterated the ship, nothing remained when the blast subsided.

The ships began to retreat. They tried to escape from the predator.

Tier spoke and her voice was heard by the battlefield.

"I did not give you permission to leave this battle" She declared to her prey.

She gestured with her large blade at the water in the direction the ships wanted to escape in.

Pillars of water shot up into the sky, blocking any chance at escape.

They moved like tendrils, the water pillars twist and turned their way towards any undead in the area. They burst through the hulls of the ship and sprang up again, moving towards the next enemy.

The sea itself was fighting against these invaders. Only a few ships remained as the water returned to the sea.

"You do not turn your back on a shark" She declared.

The water coalesced around Tier, it began to take shape. It formed into a large shark, a megalodon.

The shark was easily 10 times larger than any ship present.

Tier gave the command and the large water shark rushed towards the remaining ships. It's gaping jaws devoured the remnants and pulled them down to the bottom of the see.

The battlefield was now clean. There were no undead in sight, these two "humans" had destroyed a fleet of undead by themselves.

As Tier got back onto land, she dismissed her resurrección and returned to her normal uniform. She returned to her lover to receive his praise.

"You did well Tia" Ichigo said to his mate.

"Thank you…Dear" She responded with a smile.

The elves didn't know what to say to the duo. They were so casual about the whole experience. They continued to be silent as the couple walked back into the city.


It was rare to spend time alone with any one of his girls without the others being left out. Ichiog thought to himself.

Tier was sitting on a bench in the middle of the "grove" as the elves called it. Ichigo was laying down, his head in her lap as she caressed his hair. A content smile on both their faces.

Malfurion and Tyrande had sent people to retrieve the two that had saved them, but they did not return with the humans.

When they questioned the messengers, they merely responded that they couldn't bare to interrupt the intimate atmosphere.

Confused, Tyrande and Malfurion both went to where the humans were located.

They understood what they were told then. It was heartwarming. Two young lovers sharing an intimate moment in the sea of trees.

Malfurion and Tyrande couldn't help but smile at each other as their hands interlocked.

While the two elves were lost in their own world, Ichigo and Tier got up and walked towards them.

"You two probably have some questions?" Ichigo said breaking the couple out of their thoughts.

"Ah..yes, if you would please come with us back to the temple" Malfurion said to the humans before him.

Inside the temple, the elves version of a war room; Tyrande, Malfurion, and their various advisors and high ranking military personnel were present.

Tyrande was the first to break the awkward atmosphere. "You two are not human." She said which raised a few murmurs among those present.

"Kinda, I'm part human. Tier is not" Ichigo said.

"Part human?" Malfurion asked.

"My bloodline is a bit…..complicated, I consider myself a Shinigami more than anything" he said.

"What exactly is a Shinigami, this word Is foreign to us?" Malfurion asked.

"There is a translation for your language….its just a bit arrogant in my opinion." Ichigo responded.

"Now I'm a bit curious" Tyrande said with her interest piqued.

"The most direct translation would be…..Death God" He said.

The atmosphere tensed in the room. To call yourself a death god would be humorous in other circumstances, yet this boy had clearly cut down an army with relative ease.

"Is this young lady also one of these…Shinigami..?" Malfurion asked while trying to remain calm.

"I am a hollow" Tier said.

And before they could ask what that was, she continued. "You can think of me as an evil spirit that regained my humanity."

Tier was not embarrassed about what she was, but the looks she got from the people around her brought sadness into her heart. They couldn't understand the pain she had gone through to evolve to where she was. They only heard "Evil spirit" and assumed the worse of her.

Ichigo could guess her thoughts at this moment and reached out to grab her hand. He was starting to get a bit angry at how these people they had just saved were looking at his lover.

He released a bit of reiatsu.

"I would appreciate it if you would stop looking at my mate as if she was a monster." He said in a clearly angered voice.

The feeling of death crept up on the elves present. They felt as though they were tittering on the edge of a blade, one wrong move and they would die.

"I apologize for my companions actions, please calm yourself" Malfurion said quickly.

Ichigo looked at Malfurion for a second before reining in his reiatsu.

"By the way, you should probably contact Stormwind and the other major cities. My comrades should be cleaning up as we speak." Ichigo said towards the elven leader.

Coraulten Coraulten

Got a chapter out before i go to work. I decided to be a bit more ambiguous with Tier's ability to manipulate water.

next chapter
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