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Chapter 16: The toy soldier.

"ZELRETCH YOU VAMPIRIC BASTARD" Ichigo yelled as he cut down another one of these "Creatures".

They had just entered this new world, and it wasn't even minutes later that a swarm, of what could only be described at monsters, descended upon them.

None of these creatures were particularly powerful, but the numbers, they were endless. Their surroundings consisted of the ruins of a city. It looked human at least, if not just a bit more futuristic.

"As therapeutic as this is….we should probably find somewhere safe and get our bearings" Naruto was the one to suggest.

"You're no fun" Yoruichi said towards the fox boy.

Naruto only shrugged his shoulders in response.

They quickly found an opening and escaped into the debris littered city. They went into one of the empty buildings that had yet to collapse and made their way to the roof.

They watched from high above the ground, they didn't see any humans in the vicinity.

But they saw the swarms making their way towards a certain destination. With no other options, they follow hesitantly.

The swarm was surrounding a single human.

She had red hair, and was wearing a futuristic body suite with a large sniper-like weapon. She was fighting for her life.


She was betrayed, the ghost though to herself.

She sacrificed everything for the man she pledged her loyalty to and he just threw her away without a second thought to die in this zerg infested planet.

She wanted to scream and yell but she couldn't muster a voice.

She was exhausted, she was fighting off a swarm of zerg that focused their full attention on her. She was running low on ammunition and creating psionic bullets was hard even without the pressure of death that was coming at her from all sides.

She was using as little psionic energy as possible to enhance her body. She was running low and if she went past her limit, her brain would shut down.

Zerglings lept at her left and right, she had to use hand-to-hand combat to fend them off.

She was getting close, she knew her body well, and he limit was coming fast.

"Ten minutes" she thought to herself.

She had no idea what we was fighting. The amount of zerg she killed would make no difference in the galaxy and it was abundantly clear that no one was coming for her.

She told Raynor to fuck off before the mission and he took the message and left the system.

Her boss refused to send In an extraction team before he left the system as well.

She was alone, the only non-zerg left on the planet, or so she thought.

"Getsuga Tenshō" She heard a male call in the distance.

A wave of blue energy swept through the swarm like a blade cutting grass.

She was dumbstruck.

This person appeared in-front of her along with his companions.

A residual energy like the one she had just seen was disappearing off the blade he carried.

She finally had hope, she convinced herself that her boss hadn't abandoned her and they were finally here to rescue her. Until she heard him speak.

"You okay miss? He said towards her.

He didn't know her. He wasn't there for her. She was truly abandoned.

The strange man's equal strange companions engage the swarm.

She had no idea what she was watching, it was...fantastical.

They were taking on the swarm with swords and strange energy. It was not unlike those old films she used to watch in her free time.

Ichigo was looking at her reaction while he stood by her as she watched his peerage fight.

Yoruichi was clearly enjoying herself, explosions happening in her wake a her punches shattered the ground.

Rukia and Tier were making a good team, Tier would use her control of water to pierce several monsters after Rukia would use the water and turn it into icicle's and fire them once again at more monsters.

When anything got close, they would easily cut them down.

He could see the redheads reaction when one of the giant mammoth like monster with sharp tusks charged at tier.

Tier charged up her sword with her Yellow Reiryoku and called the name of the attack that was propelled toward the giant.

"Ola Azul"

The energy in blade form was shot with a thrust from her blade and it cleaning pierced through the monster who fell to the ground and died instantly.

Shirou was currently sniping away at the swarm with his bow.

He put away his custom black bow.

"Trace on" He said.

What appeared would be familiar to any in the Greek patheon.

Tauropolos, Bow of the Heaven. The bow of Atalanta the chaste huntress.

"With my bow and arrows, I respectfully ask for the divine protection of the sun god Apollo and the moon goddess Artemis" He said as he knocked two arrows in to the bow that was pointed towards the sky.

"I offer thee this calamity…." As he fired the arrows into the sky.

The sky started to shine bright

"Phoebus Catastrophe" He declared, and the world rained arrows. Thousands of arrows fell from the sky and each hit their mark in the vast swarm.

All the people present turned to look at the bowman. Who could only give an awkward smile at the attention he was receiving.

The swarm had actually started to retreat after Shirou's little display.

Sarah's mouth was agape. She had no words at the current situation.

Ichigo turned to look at the female that had just slumped onto the ground.

"You okay?" She asked.

"I'm dreaming, that's the only logical answer to any of this" She said while pinching herself.

The group joined up with the red-haired woman.

"Do you need help, do you have somewhere we can take you?" Shirou was the one to offer this time.

"I have….nowhere to go anymore…." She said.

"Was this place your home?" Naruto couldn't help but ask.

"No….but its all my fault." She said while clutching her head.

"IT was my mission, I was supposed to make sure this happened…..and ….they abandoned me…"

"I did what I was told I always did, so why didn't they come for me?" She was starting to break down.

It was Sasuke who spoke up. "Those who abandon their missions are scum." He said to the girl

She was broken out of her stupor and looked up at the Uchiha.

"But…those who abandon their comrades are worst than scum. He finished, the irony of his own words were not lost on him.

He offered her a hand which she accepted.

"Sarah Kerrigan" She said introducing herself to the group.

"thank you for saving me, and if you don't mind I would like to ask some questions…."


"My god…." Was her response to their tale.

It was Sasuke who told her the story. She was opening up to him the most out of the group.

"But why are you telling me all this?" She couldn't help but ask.

Sasuke looked towards the leader of their group, Ichigo gave him a nod and a smile indicating that he was thinking the same thing as the ninja.

"You have nowhere to go right?" He said towards the ghost.

"But...I'm…not a good person…" She said quietly, knowing what the Man before her was implying.

"Then you will have to atone for your mistakes." It was saber who spoke up.

"A lot of us have done things we are not proud of, blood that will never wash off our hands" Yoruichi added in.

"We can only try to be better than we were and move forward" Sasuke finished.

The fire was finally lit In her eyes.

"If you would have me, I would very much like to join you all" She finally said.

Ichigo walked forward and handed her two pawns.

Without hesitation she pushed them into her chest.

Her transformation wasn't hard, her psionic energy was more apart of her than a normal spell caster's magical powers.

She was checking out her transformation when she noticed something odd.

She started moving her fingers around her eyes.

She started to cry, but with a smile on her face for the first time.

"I'm….me again." She said .

She looked towards her confused companions.

"They changed out a lot of my…parts…with bionic implants." She said with a sad expression.

"But whatever just happened, I'm all me again now"

'I haven't cried since I was a child….i had my eyes replaced very early on" She said, whipping a tear off her cheek to look at.

She quickly composed herself back to her stoic expression.

So what can I do with this "Demon Magic" You told me about?

"From what I've experimented with, demon magic works off imagination, you can manipulate it in some interesting ways." Shirou said as he created a dagger out of magic demonic energy.

"Interesting" She said.

She focused hard on the new energy source she found in her body, it was different than her psionic energy. It was more, aggressive and malleable .

She did something similar to what she used her psionic energy for, she created a bullet.

"That's pretty good" Shirou said with praise.

She didn't answer as she loaded the bullet into her gun.

She took aim and fire at a building in the distance.

The building exploded.

The bullet released the power that was compressed into the small shape on impact which resulted in a powerful explosion.

"That's….pretty strong" Shirou couldn't help but praise again.

"Hang on I got another idea" She said with a killer smile on her face.

She created another bullet, but this time she coated it in a layer of psionic energy.

She aimed at a building that was even further in the distance. And fired her shot.

It was faster than the previous one, she was a bit disappointed at first…..until about halfway to the target.

The psionic energy reacted in a weird way to the demonic energy. The psionic energy was pushed off the bullet which acted as a secondary propellant. The bullet broke the sound barrier.

The bullet didn't stop as it pierced the first building and it kept going. The force the speed produced stopped the demonic energy from deforming from its bullet shape but as it pierced through each target, a small amount of residual energy was left behind resulting in a small explosion.

The bullet set off over ten explosions before it finally reached its climax at the horizon and resulted in giant explosion whose shock waves could be felt by the group.

.....the group was shocked to say the least.

The strain to make that bullet was a lot. She couldn't mass produce those, but it was powerful.

Shirou couldn't help but think that the power was on par with his Caladbolg arrow.

Sarah broke to silence to ask the group. "Anything else I should know about after becoming a devil?"

Ichigo and Yoruichi smiled.

He quickly removed his smile before nonchalantly replying. "Oh yeah we can grow wings."

"What…?" Sarah responded.

"Do you need a demonstration?" He said with a smirk.

The group smiled at his antics. He had done this to Sasuke and Naruto already the latter of whom smiled for the first time since the war.

Her dumbfounded face when Yoruichi was flying around as a cat with wings. And again when Rukia saved the girl from a mental breakdown over the absurd situation.

"Being able to take to the air is pretty advantageous for an sniper" She mused.

"I do have a question though, from what you've said the home reality we'll be staying at is not nearly as advanced as my own. What happens if my weapon breaks beyond repair?"

"To be honest we could probably get one made that is stronger than your current one" Shirou was the one to answer, his knowledge of weapons was unmatched in the group.

"Oh? I'll hold you too that then" She said with a rare smile. She loved her guns after all.

"On that note, we all ready to keep going?" Ichigo addressed the group.

Orihime had already fixed up Sarah, and she also restored her armor to its previous condition.

He didn't notice any hesitation from the group so he continued.

"Alright, Open Portal to: World Azeroth"

Coraulten Coraulten

Well there it is, the final world revealed and Sarah added to the group. I thought having a person using guns would be an interesting dynamic for the group and she also fills in a more sniper and scouter role.

I anticipate some mixed reactions about the next world and peerage member, if you have any questions, ill be watching the comment section.

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