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Chapter 56: Wand Weighing.

Ichigo was sitting on the foot of his bed, he was waiting for his lover who was in the bathroom.

He watched the door creaked open and saw her as she walked out.

She wanted to do something a little special to cheer him up since he had a rough day.

She had been saving this particular outfit and hadn't had the opportunity to use it until now. It was a rather revealing nightgown + lingerie combo.

She seductively leaned against the doorframe to give an eyeful to the man she was going to 'cheer up' all night.

Ichigo was about to respond to the scene when he heard a noise in the corner of the room. He immediately activated his sword intent and summoned Zangetsu, pointing the blade at the 'empty space'.


He started to channel his reiatsu into Zangetsu and a heavy presence permeated the room.

"Stop…STOP!" A voice yelled as a piece of cloth was removed to reveal to boys, Ron Weasley and Neville Longbottom.

Rukia was shocked, she didn't know how to react to the situation and ran into the bathroom. She had been through many life and death battles….but being see like this by two strangers, it left her feeling violated.

Ichigo moved at speeds too quick for the boys to see and threw them through the hefty wooden door that led to the common room of the Gryffindor tower.


These two boys thought It would be a good idea to sneak into Ichigo's room to 'uncover the secret' to his power. Or so they rationalized. They didn't know anything about the other three, but Ichigo was supposedly born a wizard so his power must be attainable by other wizards, they wanted to figure it out and get strong too.

Suprisingly, it was Neville who convinced Ron to the idea. Neville had grown accustomed to being showered with attention by The headmaster. He had grown quite the bit ego at the thought that the most powerful wizard was training and mentoring him, that was until he received news that Potter was still alive. When Dumbledore received that first letter, he started to completely ignore the poor boy. The confidence and courage he helped instill into Longbottom was built entirely around his person, and when he withdrew his support, the boy didn't know how to cope.

Ron was easy to convince, dangle some cool powers and status infront of him and he took the bait easily. Somehow Ron has been spoiled rotten even though his family wasn't even well off. Sure, he didn't have the newest cloths or mountains of gold to spend like a certain blonde pure-blood, but he was pretty much never told 'no'. His mother had enabled his attitude and it became the basis for his arrogant personality.


The tower shook as the duo were thrown through the door. Wood splintered everywhere and students started to wake up.

Ichigo didn't stop as he dismissed his blade and proceeded to beat the two into a pulp.

The students that had just woken up and looked at the scene in fear. Shirou, Saber And Jaina were at the scene almost immediately, they saw the anger Ichigo was showing, and the expression Rukia had. Saber and Jaina went to go comfort the girl, who had put a robe on, as Shirou stood near the door.

No one stepped up to stop the beating, they looked over towards Ichigo's room and saw the invisibility cloak, which was decently well known by this point, on the ground and a flustered girl being comforted by her friend. They could come to some conclusions. The girls looked on with disgust while the boys turned a blind eye.

There had been some 'incidents' already involving the invisibility cloak. It was supposed to have already been confiscated. It was given to Neville in the first year and he made use of it, though it was rarely used for any perverted reasons. But it became well known throughout the school and after enough time a lot of people complained about it potentially being an issue so the headmaster 'confiscated' it.

It took several minutes before the teachers finally arrived. By they time they got there, the scene was bloody. Ron and Neville both had many bones broken and were bleeding in several places. They had bald spots from when Ichigo grabbed them by the hair and threw them into the wall. They had long since passed out from the pain.

Ichigo stopped, he didn't kill them even though his hollow side was screaming in his head. His girls were absolutely his soft spot and he would lose his cool anytime they were harmed, physically or emotionally.

As the teachers approached the scene, they were aghast at what Ichigo had done, until some of the student chimed in and they peered into the boys room. By that time, the cloak was gone but the students gave their account on what they saw. Jaina made her presence known and said some very unkind things about the school as a whole and may have mentioned Rukia's 'status' as the sister to the Kuchiki Family Head who's Clan had a couple thousand years of history. One that would be all to fine with removing a few people who would stain their honor in such a way.

Mcgonagall had no sympathy for the boys. They were alive so she didn't make much of a fuss, the other teachers felt the same. Even Snape didn't raise a fuss, there were boundaries he did not cross and that he felt disgusted by.

The only person who was raising issue at the circumstance was the Headmaster. He was trying to take control of the situation and not have to expel anyone. Though his protests were falling on deaf ears, by the end of the night, both students were promptly expelled from the school. They had to be transferred to St. Jundes hospital and would be bedridden for several months. The damage they suffered could be healed without any lasting consequences, but for the next few months they would be in quite a bit of pain.

Dumbledore did not look forward to the letters he would be receiving from Ronald's and Neville's guardians.

After the fiasco settled down, Ichigo and Rukia were given another empty room, to which they warded to an absurd extent. Not that they didn't protect their previous room. Not only did the Bound field's not trigger, they didn't even sense the presence of the two boys until they made a noise.

Ichigo and his group were all sitting together in the new room. In the center was the invisibility cloak the boys has used. When Dumbledore came and asked about the cloak in question, they lied and said they destroyed it out of anger. The headmaster was in no position to argue with them regarding that, he had given it to the boys which led to this situation in the first place. He had to quietly swallow the loss.

Shirou was using his magic to trace back the history of the cloak, he had been at it for several moments. He finally let out a gasp of breath when he finished. He was panting a bit hard.

"This..." He stared at the cloak with wide eyes.

"This is a Noble Phantasm. An existing Noble phantasm, or atleast the closest equivalent in this world" Shirou exclaimed.

The group were shocked at the revelation. It explained how they were able to penetrate into their room so easily

"It's a piece of the cloak of death….the literal cloak that the grim reaper wears." Shirou stated.

"It can erase your presence completely and bypasses wards or their equivalent" He finished.

The group was silent and were digesting the new information.

"It actually belongs to Harry Potter…." Shirou stated.

They all looked at him and he began to tell the story of the deathly hallows. He was apparently the descendant of the brother who had received this cloak from Death. His father was the last owner, and when he died, Dumbledore found it and took possession of it to later give to the boy. When Harry Potter never turned up, he gave it to Neville to garner some sort of relationship between he two.

As the group left, Ichigo and Rukia were finally laying down in bed. The magic of the moment had been lost and He was just holding his lover who was still a bit shaken.

She was a bit happy at how angry Ichigo got at the idiots for peeping on her. She had become a bit self-conscious regarding her looks when his other girls were…..very large in certain aspects and seeing him so angry over others looking at her almost naked body was a bit reassuring.

"Ichigo….why did you never say anything to me about your feelings with all the time we spent together?" She asked, breaking the silence.

He took a moment to reply, "I didn't think someone so beautiful would fall for a random guy like me" he said.

He looked down at her face, she was wearing an expression of disbelief.

"Do you remember the night we met?" He asked.

"Of course, do you really think I could forget almost dying and losing my powers?" She responded, still annoyed at that situation.

"When I first saw you, and you came in through my window… were still hazy." He said.

"I could make out your outline, your hair color, and your gender, but everything else was hard to notice. I think it was because my powers were still in flux" He stated.

"That makes sense, plus souls are more basic than a shinigami. People who can notice ghosts can't always make out shinigami and hollows." She responded.

"It wasn't until the hollow attack that I finally saw you for the first time. When you yelled at me to run and I was frozen in place, it wasn't because of the monster infront of me." He said as he looked towards her with love in his eyes.

"I was too shocked as I was looking at one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen in my life" He finished.

Rukia snorted as she turned around, facing the wall.

"You almost got us both killed because you were checking me out" She said with fake irritation, her eyes were watering slightly, and she was doing her best to hide a wide smile on her face.

He didn't say anything else as he wrapped his arms around her and drifted off into sleep.


Ichigo and his gang were at the main hall eating breakfast. The wand weighing ceremony would be today which would officially kick off the start of the tournament. Various reporters would be present to watch the participants. There was quite a bit of interest in the tournament that expanded past the schools. The world was watching with anticipation.

The group had shadowed a few more classes during the evening to kill time.

Mcgonagall had found the group as they were just wandering around the castle.

"It's time" She said to Ichigo as he followed her to the meeting. Jaina was allowed alongside him as his 'teacher'.

He walked into the room and came under attack by a flurry of camera flashes.

As the commotion settled down, Ichigo stood off with the other competitors who were taking glances at the shinigami when they thought he wasn't looking. He also took a good look at them. The female from the French school was particular weird, it seemed like her natural Aura was flaring up his lust. It was easy enough to dispel the effect on himself. This didn't go unnoticed by the girl in question, who was apparently awed by how easily he shrugged off her allure.

There were several people present in the room along with the competitors. One teacher to each of the participants, several reporters, the tournament committee, and a Garrick Ollivander who was doing the 'wand weighing'.

Basically Ollivander went around and talked about each participants wands. He was checking them to make sure they were in optimal condition. Ichigo was barely paying attention to this, the wands were no concern of is.

Ollivander arrived infront of him last.

"I don't have a wand" Ichigo stated.

Some of the newcomers in the room were shocked at this revelation. The students and teachers present already knew this little tidbit of information but it was still a bit weird to hear.

Ollivander didn't seem put off with this information as he had a smile and glanced at Zangetsu.

"It's mostly a ceremonial thing anyways, but in the spirit, may I inspect your blade?" He asked.

Ichigo raised an eyebrow as he took out Zangetsu and presented his blade to the wand maker.

"I don't deal much with blades, but I'm not unfamiliar with them" He spoke with a smile.

He was truly inspecting the blade, he looked over its various edges and markings. He inspected the chain on the end and the cloth around the grip. He even gave it a few swings.

"I can say without a doubt, this is the greatest blade I've ever held in my hand" He praised.

"And yet, its not made of any material I've ever seen or heard of. I'm not even sure its made of metal." He spoke again, handing the blade back to Ichigo.

"Would you mind explaining the blade?" Ollivander asked.

"His name is Zangetsu, it means 'Slaying Moon'" Ichigo said.

"Yes I thought so, when I held the blade I felt like it was alive…. The way you speak about it.... I mean him, proves it I believe." Ollivander interjected.

Everyone in the room looked at the blade in disbelief.

"Yeah, Zangetsu is sentient." Ichigo said with a smile.

"He was forged from my soul" He added in.

Again the whole room froze at his statement. They were sitting there waiting for more of an explanation.

"Alright, I'll explain in full." Ichigo said with a sigh.

"Zangetsu is a Zanpakutō. Zanpakutō are blades that each shinigami have and each have unique abilities depending on the shinigami. Zangetsu is apart of me even though he has his own consciousness. Every shinigami is given a blank blade known as an Asauchi. The shinigami trains with the blade for the rest of their lives and eventually they imprint their soul into the blade and they become sentient. They gain themselves a name and once the Shinigami learns the name of their blade, they can reach a state called 'shikai', which means Initial release. At this point, the blade usually changes shape and the shinigami gains an increase in power. My blade right now is in whats called the sealed state. Most blades have a unique incantation to release into shikai. Going into Shikai is a drain on our reserves so most people keep them in the 'sealed state'. And beyond shikai is whats called 'Bankai' or 'Final Release'. This Is the ultimate form of the blade. At this point you have gone beyond just knowing the blades name and have accepted it and become one with it. This state is rare enough that only a few out of the thousands in the Gotei 13 have achieved it. At this state, the wielder receives anywhere from a 5 to 10 fold in power increase." Ichigo explained, catching a breath after the winded statement.

It took a moment for everyone to digest the information. It was quite shocking to hear.

"Have you achieved this 'bankai'?" Ollivander asked.

Again, the eyes of the room focused on the shinigami.

"Yes." He stated bluntly.

"This whole thing is absurd." The Headmaster from Durmstrang said in agitation. The thought of such a thing was frankly frightening for the old man.

"Since I don't have a wand to show of….i don't mind doing a little demonstration and showing my Shikai." Ichigo said with a cocky smile.

"Not inside." Jaina said bluntly.

Ichigo shrugged as he walked out the room, everyone else followed in anticipation.

The people who were waiting outside didn't know what was going on and followed as well.

Ichigo stepped outside into the courtyard and drew his blade as everyone stood back.

He started to release a massive amount of Reiatsu into the sky. The pillar of energy blew back anyone that was standing too close. All the onlookers looked on in awe at the sheer amount of power that was being release.

He reined in the flowing reiatsu and concentrated it around himself as his outline started to glow blue.

"Cast off your fear and cleave the Heavens, Zangetsu" He spoke, as the wind burst forth from around him. His blade turned solid blue and split into two new blades. A large Khyber blade and a Trench knife.

"This is my Shikai" He stated. The power increase was felt even by the wizards with no battle sense.

As everyone were still observing the amazing spectacle in front of them, he took a deep breath and withdrew his power. His Blades merged back together into the sealed state and he sheathed his blade once again.

"I believe that should be a good enough demonstration?" Ichigo said, looking towards the Durmstrang Headmaster who's jaw was dropped and couldn't respond.

Dumbledore had been present at this whole encounter. He was accompanying the champion for Hogwarts just as the other headmasters were. This display of power brought fear into the man, he was starting to panic that he would never have control over the boy.

"So, I believe that leaves the matter about the first round of competition." Jaina stated as the people present were brought back to reality.

Coraulten Coraulten

Before anyone gets mad at me for shitting on Neville, i honestly love his character but i was portraying how different things could have been with different circumstances. At the start of the series, the boy was super meek and easily impressionable, add in a manipulating Dumbledore and you create a mental mess.

Anyways, next time we get some DURGANS!

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