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71.83% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 51: Childhood Memories

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Chapter 51: Childhood Memories

Night falls and Jisoo left the two brothers alone to have some brotherly bonding time together.

It has been a while since the two last shared a bed. When the Kim brother's father was still alive, he was never really around since he was busy with work. Growing up, Taehyung looked up to Jin as his role model, his superhero, his Anpanman.

Jin never neglected his work as the heir to Kim Enterprise. His father made sure Jin didn't forget his responsibilities whenever he was present.

Jin was only a child himself when his father started training him to follow in his footsteps.

In the morning, it was school, studying, and homework time for Jin. The late evenings were training time to become the heir with stacks of paperwork learning how to understand stocks and how to manage Kim Enterprise.

But when bedtime arrives, it was time for two brave little knights to battling dragons and build forts. Jin felt like he could finally breathe whenever he was with Taehyung. His inner child yearning to just have fun and joke around with Taehyung.

They refused to sleep in separate rooms. The two brothers would protest against the parents to set sail and fight pirates together at night. Even when Jin entered High School, the two still shared a bed.

But not for long.

Jin got a girlfriend shortly after High School and started dating. He started to spend less time with Taehyung. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jin soon realized that the girls approached him because of his name. He was Kim Seokjin, heir to Kim's Corporation. None of his ex-girlfriends had been honest to him.

He has caught one of his ex-girlfriend trying to steal his stepmother's diamond necklace. Another always called him when she went out with her friends so she could show off her rich boyfriend. She would ask Jin to pay for everything that her friends had eaten or drunk. It was fine with Jin the first few times, but when it started becoming a weekly thing, he quickly ended their relationship.

Taehyung, who has always looked up to Jin, started dating shortly after Jin did, but he never really liked any of the girls. He ended up accepting every love confession that he received because he didn't want to break any hearts. He became known as a player and that little false rumor about him spread throughout the whole school reaching Jin.

Jin knew his little brother was just a big softie and would never purposely hurt anyone, but he let that rumor run wild so that girls would stay away from his little brother. He didn't want girls to end up using Taehyung like how they have been using him. It was his own way of protecting Taehyung and any innocent girls who might get hurt by Taehyung's accidental playboy status.

Lying beside each other now as two adults, the Kim brothers were brought back to those childhood memories of them staying up late playing pretend.

Taehyung had developed a habit after having to sleep next to Jin most of his life. He would always hold his dear older brother to sleep when he was younger, so when Jin moved into his own room, Taehyung became sad and lonely.

Taehyung turns towards Jin and hugs him close. Jin let out a chuckle before scolding the younger brother.

"Yah, do you still need to hug me to fall asleep? We're both grown men here. If anyone walks in right now, they'd probably have the wrong idea about us."

"I don't care. I need to hold something to be able to fall asleep. You know that Hyung," Taehyung replies and ignored Jin's hand that was trying to pry himself away from Taehyung. Jin eventually gives up and let Taehyung snuggle closely to him.

"So how do you fall asleep now that we no longer share a room together?"

"I have Tata. He keeps me company and I hug him to sleep every night."


"Mom got Tata for me because I was fussy and couldn't sleep when you first moved into your own room."

"Ah, I see."

It became silent between the two brothers. It was a comfortable silence and Jin knew that Taehyung was slowly falling asleep by his breathing.

Taehyung felt so relaxed holding onto Jin like how he used to. He had not gotten a good night rest for a while now and being next to Jin was making Taehyung so drowsy. He was ready to knock out cold, but he kept fighting his tiredness away. He missed his Hyung. He wasn't going to let sleep get in the way of his time with Jin.

"Hyung, talk to me. Don't let me fall asleep," Taehyung asked Jin while trying to keep his eyes open. His heavy lids eventually won and it closed shut on him. Taehyung was still awake but he lays comfortably and safe while hugging Jin.

"If you are tired just go to sleep. We can talk some more tomorrow."

"No, I finally am able to spend some time with you. I don't want to sleep. And besides, you will be admitted back into the hospital tomorrow morning. You promised me."

Jin smiled before running his hand through Taehyung's hair to soothe him.

"Yes, I did promise you and I will keep my promise."

Taehyung nods into Jin before feeling his drowsiness consuming him. He quickly slaps himself to wake up and it startled Jin.

"Yah! Did you just hit yourself?!"

"Yes. I didn't want to fall asleep yet. I want to talk to you all night Hyung like how we use to."

Jin let out a heavy sigh before sitting up in bed and pulling the younger one up along with him.

"If you want to talk then let's talk. There is something that I've been wanting to ask you too."

Taehyung smiles brightly before agreeing.

"Okay! So what did you want to ask me Hyung?"

"Sunni came to see me before she left Korea. I thought you liked her too. So why did she suddenly leave saying you loved someone else? Are you really in love with someone?"

Taehyung grew silent upon hearing Jin's question. He knew Jin was going to be curious about his relationship with Sunni. He knew Jin was going to ask sooner or later. He just hoped it would be later.

Taehyung let a deep sigh out before coming clean to Jin about his relationship with Sunni.

"Hyung, I told you before that Sunni was cheating on you. I caught her many times going around your back and when I told you, you refused to believe me. That's when..." Taehyung paused and licked his dried lips before swallowing the lump of salvia that had formed in the back of his throat.

"... when I started thinking to myself to try and win Sunni's attention and heart. I wanted to break you two up. I have never liked Sunni..."

Silence hung in the air again between the two. Jin tried to process what Taehyung had just said. He always thought it was because Taehyung had feelings for Sunni. He never thought it was the complete opposite.

"Hyung, I regret hurting you, but I don't regret making you two end your relationship. She wasn't the right girl for you. I had to make you see in my own way. I'm sorry."

Jin listens and nods as he understands his younger brother's action. Although it did hurt Jin a lot at the time when he first found out, Jin now has Minji by his side. He found Minji whom he has fallen completely head over heels in love with, so he smiled to Taehyung.

"I should be thanking you Taetae. If it wasn't for you, I don't think I would have met Minji. Besides, you were the one who hired her to care for me didn't you?"

The mention of Jisoo made Taehyung nervous. Although he's confessed to Jisoo his attraction towards her, the two agreed to keep that information to themselves for now.

"Oh, uhhh.... y-yeah, I did."

"I love her so much Tae. I can't put my feelings into words to describe what she does to me. I thought I loved Sunni, but what Minji does to me doesn't even compare. I just know she's the one."

"I'm glad you found the right girl for you Hyung. I have no objection if it's Minji."

Jin let out a big sigh of content. He was in a lot of pain earlier when the bright lights stung his eyes, but just the thought of being able to see his Minji and Taehyung was more than enough to bear the pain.

"I really hope I can see soon. I want to make up for all the times that I've made Minji care for me. I will cook for her and I will take her on lots of dates. I will never let her cry or be hurt. I will love her properly once I get my sight back."

Taehyung's heart flutter as his brother talked about Jisoo. Even in the darkness, he could tell how much Jin meant every of his words. How much he loves her.

And that was the big finale.

Taehyung gazes towards his older brother, who was deeply in love with the same girl, brought overwhelming happiness to Taehyung. He smiled genuinely at Jin as Jin kept going on and on about Jisoo.

His heart will no longer flutter because of Jisoo. His heart will no longer yearn for Jisoo. His heart was finally at peace seeing the smiling Jin next to him.

He will no longer love Jisoo.

"You'll be able to see soon Hyung..."

Taehyung suddenly grabs Jin into a hug which startled Jin.

No more tears will be shed.

His heart was finally was able to let go of any tiny attachment that was still clinging on to Jisoo.

"... and to answer the last of your question Hyung, as of this very moment, I'm not in love with anyone."

To Be Continued...

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