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33.8% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 24: First Love

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Chapter 24: First Love

Namjoon and Yoongi went to a little cafe nearby to talk. They both ordered a drink and while waiting, Yoongi was the first to speak up.

"Namjoon, speak. I want to know everything that you know. Why is Jisoo in the hospital pretending to be a nurse? Only I call her Minji. No one else, not even my parents. Who are Jin and Taehyung? How do you know my sister? Why did you offer to pay her to care for someone else?"

"One question at a time Hyung. You're asking too many at once."

"Well, it's kinda hard not to when it involves your only baby sister."


Namjoon was caught between two people who he really respected and care for. He wasn't sure what to do or what would be the right thing to do. If he tells Yoongi, then he's breaking Taehyung's trust. But Jisoo was Yoongi's sister and not telling him anything would mean that he wasn't a good friend to Yoongi who is only caring about his younger sister.

"Hyung, if I tell you, you have to promise you won't do anything."

"I'll be the judge of that and it depends on what you say."

"Hyung, please. Don't make it harder than it already is."

Yoongi was getting impatient. His hand slapping down hard on the table.

"Namjoon tell me..... now!" He grits through his teeth at the younger.

Namjoon let out a deep and long sighed before running his hand through his dark hair and finally telling Yoongi everything that he knew.

"Jin Hyung and Taehyung are my cousins. They are half brothers and they met Jisoo through Sunni when she offered her the job as her assistant."

Yoongi gesture for Namjoon to continue.

"You've heard of Kim's Corporation right?"


"Well, Jin Hyung was the heir to the company."

"Wait? Kim Seokjin was that Kim Seokjin? The Jin that you two were talking about earlier?"

Namjoon nodded and continued on to telling Yoongi about how Sunni was Jin's secretary, how Sunni suddenly out of nowhere hired Jisoo to be her assistant, how Jisoo met the Kim brothers, how Sunni had been cheating on Jin the whole time in their relationship, how Jisoo is actually working for Namjoon's older brother in his bar, Jisoo's encounter with Sunni that Namjoon witness, and Taehyung's revenge plan against Sunni for cheating on Jin. He left out the detail about the love between Jisoo and Jin and Taehyung and Jisoo. He felt it was not his place to mention it to Yoongi.

Yoongi listens as he tried to connect everything together.

"Sunni was dating Seokjin and she cheated on him? Choi Sunni?"

"Yes, Hyung. She had been cheating on Jin Hyung for a long time now. Not only that but she only wanted him because he was rich and was inheriting the company. Which is why Taehyung wanted revenge. Jin Hyung got into a car accident and he lost his vision now which is why he's in the hospital and Jisoo is taking care of him. And now Sunni is with Taehyung because the company was handed over to Taehyung."

Yoongi couldn't process the information that was being fed to him right now.

"But... Sunni was never like this. When did she change so much?"

Yoongi had only intended on asking himself. What he didn't realize was that he asked the question loud enough that Namjoon's eyebrows jumped up at hearing Yoongi mentioned Sunni. His eyebrows then tighten together as he questioned Yoongi slowly about Sunni.

"Hyung, how do you know Sunni?"

Yoongi swallowed the lump of saliva in the back of his throat. He never meant for Namjoon to hear his thoughts. He's never told anyone before nor did anyone know this either.

"Choi Sunni is my ex-girlfriend and........ my first love."

"WHAT?!" Namjoon cried out in surprise hearing this from Yoongi.

"But the Sunni I knew back then was a sweet and innocent girl. She would have never hurted anyone," Yoongi defended his first love.

"Hyung, it's been almost 10 years. She's going to change. I'm sure you've changed too."

"I haven't changed much Namjoon. I'm still... I'm still in love with her. S-she was my first for everything. My first kiss, my first love, and my first..." Yoongi's voice trailed off not finishing his sentence.

Namjoon noticed that his friend's face had turned a slight pink when talking about Sunni. Yoongi didn't need to finish what he was trying to say because Namjoon already knew. Sunni was the first girl Yoongi's had ever slept with.

"What happened to you two? Why did you break up then?"

"She was still a freshman when I was going to graduate from High School. I wanted to focus on my dream and music and since she was still so young, I wanted her to concentrate in school, so I ended our relationship. I made that choice to better ourselves, but I still think about her all the time. She was my muse and she still is. She's the only reason why I am able to write music still."


"I've written so many songs for Sunni. I wanted to meet her again when she graduated from High School, but it was just my luck that she transferred right before their graduation. I haven't heard or seen her since our breakup until Jisoo told me she started working for her. I was hoping to finally meet her again, but Jisoo was laid off."

"Laid off? Taehyung told me Jisoo quit?"

The two look at each other. Confusion in both their eyes as they are being told different stories.

"Namjoon, do you think I could meet with Taehyung? I would like to talk to him."


*Jisoo's POV*

After eating together with Jin, we took a little walk around the hospital hallways. I held his warm hands in mine as I walked side by side with him.

"Thank you Minji," he quietly whispered and I halted for a split second before resuming our walk.

"For what?"

"For staying by my side."

I smiled and led him to sit on a waiting bench nearby. Once we both sat down he tried to grab my hands but instead grabbed my right thigh. I jumped at the sudden contact and his eyes widen and he blushed before retracting his hand away, fast.

"S-sorry! I-I wanted to hold your hand."

"O-oh.." I answered him and held his now sweaty and heating hands in mine.

He reddened when I took his hand and smiled awkwardly at me.

"It's okay Jin. I know you didn't do it on purpose."

He nodded shyly before clearing his throat and gripping my hands tighter facing me.

"But I really meant it though."


"Thank you for staying. I found out about Taehyung and Sunni through my cousin. He stopped by to see me earlier and he told me about them. I couldn't even get angry at Taehyung, because I knew deep down that Taetae liked Sunni too."

His eyes were glistening as he continued to speak.

"I think I was more hurt that he wasn't honest about his feelings. I do love Sunni. I really do, but if she was going to come between us brothers, I would have let her go..."

He turns away from me and lets go of my hand. His head hung low and tears ran down his cheek.

"I love Sunni, but I love Taehyung more. I didn't believe Tae when he told me Sunni had been cheating on me, because I think I was really just waiting to hear him admit that he liked her too. But he never said anything. He always told me to break up with her and that she was toxic for me. Even now that I've become sightless and powerless, he still didn't admit his feelings. Instead, he took the opportunity to take the company and Sunni away from me. I would have gladly just handed them both to Taehyung if he just told me."

He leaned towards me and rest his head on my shoulder, eyes closed as a tear slid down the corner of his eyes and landed on my clothe shoulder.

"Did you know about them too Minji? Is that why you told me Sunni was hurt and why you wouldn't let me go visit her?"

I nodded to answer him.

"I didn't know at first, but recently found out. She wasn't hurt during the car accident, but never stopped by to visit you. I didn't know how to tell you so I lied that she was hurt. I'm sorry Jin."

His head shot up quickly and then a pink tint covered his cheeks.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" I worried call out to him.

I was nervous that maybe he was upset at me for lying to him. Knowing that he disliked girls who lie to him, it made my heart pound loudly inside my ribcage.

"S-so, Sunni never came to visit me?"

"I'm sorry Jin. She didn't..."

"Then... then, who I did kiss when I thought Sunni was here?"

If I could melt away I would be a puddle of bones and ashes right now. I wanted so much to die right then because of the embarrassment.

"Sunni's hands were always cold. I figured since she had been holding my hand, it became warm because of that a-and her........ her lips were softer than Sunni's."

"I uhhhh..."

"D-did I kiss you Minji?"

My face heated up fast when he asked me. I kept my mouth shut because if I tried to talk, I would be a stuttering fool right now.

"You were the only one there at the time. And I asked about Sunni then and that's when you told me about Sunni being hospitalized. If she never came to see me, then it had to be you."

"I-I... I didn't-"

"It's okay Minji. It was my fault for mistaking you as Sunni. I apologize for back then."

"O-oh. I-it's no problem. It's not like I-I haven't been k-kissed before..." I let out an awkward laugh.

A wide grin grew on Jin's face and slightly tilted his head and questioned me.

"Was that your first kiss?"

"N-NO!" I was quick to defend myself.

It actually was my first, but I won't claim it as my first. It was just a peck and he thought I was Sunni. So no matter how much I wanted him to deepen the kiss and devour my lips, I will not admit it.

"Let's go back to your room. It's getting late," I stood up quick and hooked my hand around his left arm to tried to help him up.

He smiles and pulls back on his arm which caused me to jerk forward closer down towards him. My face right next to his and he playfully grins at me.

"Should we try for a proper kiss then?"

He plucker his lips out to me as he made those cute little kissy noises.

Although I know he's not over Sunni yet and his heart was still aching, my heart couldn't slow down at the closeness. He was being playful and trying his hardest to not show how much Taehyung and Sunni has affected him.

I placed a gentle kiss on his left cheek and he pulled back slightly, ears growing red on me. He was flustered by my sudden action. I didn't want to hide my feelings anymore. I want to shout it out loud to the world to hear. I want to help him get over Sunni and not hurt anymore. So I peer into those beautiful orbs and let my heart go.

"Jin, I stayed by your side because I like you. I like you a lot, so if you ask me to kiss you again I won't hesitate to give you a proper kiss."

To Be Continued...

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