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26.76% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 19: Flashback Pt. 2

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Chapter 19: Flashback Pt. 2

(This chapter will be a bit longer versus the previous chapter.)

*Chapter 11 - Dark*

I have been looking for Jisoo for the past month. I haven't been able to locate her. Hyung was getting engaged to Sunni and I need to find her. It's only her who can save Hyung from Sunni now. I can't let Hyung ruin his life.

We were at a press conference being aired live right now, but I couldn't concentrate and I couldn't feel happy for Jin Hyung. They were announcing their engagement today.

I was running out of time and I had run out of ideas of finding Jisoo, so I asked Namjoon Hyung for help. He's our cousin and the only other Hyung I rely on besides Jin Hyung. I've told him everything about Sunni cheating and Jisoo. He informed me about the time when he help Jisoo from Sunni when she went to work at his bar temporarily. So I figured he would at least know where she lives. He said he would have to ask his older brother but it'll be hard because she's an employee and he can't share their personal information.

My phone beeped and I grabbed it to see that I had gotten a text message from Namjoon Hyung.

'I sneaked into my brother's office and found her resume. I got her address and followed her for a few days now. She is still working for my brother, but she also got another job. She is currently working at Lee's Supermarket right now. '

I smiled at the text and I couldn't wait for this stupid press conference to end. I quickly sent a text back to Namjoon Hyung.

'Thank you so much, Hyung! I owe you, big time.'

'Yeah, you do. It's a good thing that Jisoo didn't notice me. I could have been charged with being a stalker and gone to jail.'

I laughed a little to myself before putting my phone away in my pocket. Once the press conference ended, I rushed as fast as I could out of there. Jin Hyung said he will drop us off at home, but I didn't want to. I needed to go see Jisoo. I waved a taxi down and it pulled over.

"Take me to the nearest clothing store," I told the driver as soon as I got in.

I wanted to change. This suit was too uncomfortable would make me stand out too much. The driver pulled up to a tiny market and I asked him to wait for me.

"I'll pay you double the amount if you wait. I just need to buy some clothes quick and change."

He nodded and waited while I went in. I found a black hoodie and black pants. I quickly picked them up and made my way to the register. I noticed a black face mask next to the register. I smiled as I wanted to tease her so I bought the black mask as well. I went back into the taxi and started to change in the backseat.

"Take me to Lee's Supermarket," I asked the driver while unbuttoning my dress shirt and stripping it off. The driver looked at me weird through the review mirror but drove off anyway. When he pulled up to the supermarket I quickly paid him and opened the door.

"Sir, your clothes," the driver called out to me as I stepped out.

"Keep it," and I shut the door close and he drove away.

I put my hoodie up and my face mask on. My heart was racing as I was going to finally see her again. I was standing on the outside, but I could already see her working at the cashier. My heart crazily hammered in my ribcage as I watched her work. She still looked beautiful as ever. I push open the door to enter and the ringing of the bells caused her to look in my direction.

I panic and went to the closest aisle to me and just grabbed whatever from a rack nearby. I let out a few deep breaths before I slowly made my way up to her. She kept looking at me as she rung up my items. I paid her and I finally managed to talk to her.

"Min Jisoo, how are you?"

Her eyes widen in horror as she quickly asks me how I knew her name. I laughed at her reaction and couldn't help but tease her so I pointed to her nametag.

"Oh," she cutely replies before her cheeks started to grow pink on me. She put all my items into a bag for me and I took the bag from her and started to walk away. I stopped at the entrance and before I opened the door, I finally said what I had been wanting to say to her the moment I saw her.

"I've missed you Jisoo."


*Chapter 12 - Can You Turn Off The Lights*

I waited for Jisoo to get off work and followed her. I wanted to know where she lives so if she ever goes missing again, I could find her. She must have noticed me because she started to turn around towards me and I quickly hid behind a tree that was nearby. She turns back around and quickens her pace to her bus stop. I stayed behind the tree and watched while she waited. When the bus pulled up in front of her, I quickly run towards her so I don't get left behind.

I made it onto the bus and after she paid, I paid my fare and went to the back of the bus. She followed me but sat a distance away from me. She kept looking in my direction and I was smiling nonstop behind the face mask.

"You know a picture would last longer," I called out to her. Her face turned bright red and she turns away from me and stared out her window. I laughed at how cute she was before thinking to myself that it was enough messing around with her.

I got up from my seat and went to sit next to her. She turns around to face me and I took off my face mask and grinned widely at her.


"Did I surprise you?"

"What are you doing here? I just saw you on the news earlier."

My face faltered as I remembered the engagement.

"How are you taking the news of Hyung's engagement? Doesn't it hurt you?" I asked her. She couldn't have gotten over Hyung already.

"I've told you before Taehyung. I don't like your Hyung. I was doing fine for the past month and I will be fine going forward."

Her eyes were telling me that she still cared. It was screaming pain and that it hurts seeing Hyung with Sunni.

"Liar..." I gently whispered to her.

"You still like Jin Hyung."

She turns away from me and stared out the window once again. I knew she was avoiding me because I was right.

"You can't lie to me Jisoo. I know you still care for Hyung. So please help me," my voice cracked. I really didn't want to break down in front of her. She turns back around to me and saw my pained face.

"Taehyung.." she silently called my name.

I held her hand in mine and finally broke. The tears wouldn't stop falling. I need her. Ani, Hyung needs her.

"Don't let Hyung marry Sunni," I begged her. She held me in her arms as I cried. My whole body was shaking. I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't help Hyung anymore.

"I'm sorry Taehyung. I don't think I could help you with this."

My phone rang and I soon pulled away from her embrace. I wiped my tears away before answering my phone.

"Hello, Is this Kim Taehyung?"

"Yes, this is Kim Taehyung..."

"I'm calling to inform you that your family members were involved in a car accident just now and all three are being rushed to Seoul Hospital as we speak."


*Chapter 13 - Trust*

After calming down my mom and myself from my dad passing away, I went to check up on Hyung. I opened the door to his room. Hyung was sitting up and Jisoo was silently crying while covering her mouth. Something was off about Hyung.

"Who are you?! What do you want from me! Turn on the lights so I can see!" He screamed at me.

Horror floods my face as I called out to him.


"Oh, Taehyungie. Could you turn on the lights? Hyung can't see anything in this dark."

"H-Hyung...." My voice broke once again. I had just calmed down from losing dad. I couldn't believe it. I slowly inched towards him as my heart dropped.

"Wae? What's wrong?" He asked me while unaware of the whole situation.

"H-Hyung, can't you see me?"

I held his face in my hand and I panicked.

"W-why? Why can't you see me?! Where's the doctor! Why can't he see me right now?!"

I hugged him and cried out loudly. He was blind. He couldn't see me. He couldn't see though the room was bright. He suddenly pulls away and asked me about mom and dad. I couldn't answer him at first, but I eventually told him. Hyung started panicking and started blaming himself for killing father. He was acting up and soon the doctors rushed into the room. They had a needle with some clear liquid sedative and I cried out to Hyung.

"Hyung, Please don't.."

"I'm a murder Taehyung! I killed him!! I kill-"

They inserted the needle into his arm and Hyung stopped fighting back and fell asleep. The doctors explained to me what happened with Hyung and why he lost his vision. I still couldn't accept it that Hyung was now blind. I slowly backed up until I hit the wall. I slid down as my legs were growing weak. Jisoo slowly made her way towards me and she comforted me in her arms.

"Jisoo, what do I do? I just lost my father and now Hyung's blind."

My mind was blank. My feelings were numbed. I couldn't feel anything right now. I probably would have lost it if she wasn't here to hold me right now.

My mother soon entered Hyung's room. She came to me afterward and started blaming Hyung for killing dad. I got frustrated with her and screamed at her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Mom please stop it! Hyung didn't kill father. It was an accident! Stop blaming Jin Hyung."

"Sweetie, this is your chance. You can take the company away from that brat. The company will be passed on to him since he was indeed the heir, but who will want a blind CEO? It will soon be passed on to you. You'll be the CEO soon and take all his money."

I was angry with mom. How could she mention that during this moment? I didn't need this right now. But then, it hit me. If I could take over the company, I could use this chance to lure Sunni into my revenge plan. I looked up at met Jisoo's eyes. I am about to hurt this beautiful person in front of me.

I'm sorry Hyungsu-nim...

"Yes, mom."

My legs were still weak. I had a hard time pretending to be okay and getting up from the floor. I held in the pain as I made my way towards Jisoo.

"Stay the hell away from me!" She screamed at me.

The pain and anger in her voice cut deep into every inch of my heart and I wanted to collapse right then. I wanted to hold her in my arms and tell her that I would never hurt Hyung, but I had to do this. I moved as close as I could to her, my heart pounding loudly at the closeness. I needed to know that she will remain by his side when I'm no longer there.

"I begged you to help me many times Jisoo. Now I've got the upper hand and don't need your help anymore. I'll take Sunni and the company both away from Hyung. He's going to be a blind and broke man soon."

I regretted every word I had let escaped out of my mouth. She slapped me hard across the face and I happily grinned knowing that she will never leave Hyung's side now. I slowly turn back to face her.

"I always knew you liked my Hyung, yet you denied it everytime I asked you. You slapping me now just proves how much you love him. Well now, he's all yours."

Take care of Hyung for me Hyungsu-nim. I promise to make everything alright again.

To Be Continued...

Shookieillegirl Shookieillegirl

Okay, I'm sorry. I lied again. These flashback chapters took me longer than what I thought so I split it into another separate chapter again. I apologize if I'm boring you all. Please let me know if you like these flashback chapters or not. I won't include it in anymore if you don't like flashback chapters.

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