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15.49% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 11: Goodbye

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Chapter 11: Goodbye

***Just a little warning that there is some profanity in this chapter.***

*Jisoo POV*

"I like you Jisoo."

"Huh?" I wasn't sure how to respond to him. What I really didn't understand was why the sudden confession. I thought he liked Sunni.

"Thank you for being my friend and getting Hyung to finally hang out with me. I never get to spend time with him anymore," he cheekily smiled at me.

A small smile grew on my lips and it soon turned into a wide grin. I understood what he meant to say. He doesn't like 'like' me. I was right about him. This boy just needed a friend. He was probably lonely without his Hyung hanging out with him.

Jin was occupied by his girlfriend that Taehyung feels left out. The way his eye lit up like a little kid walking into a candy store when he saw Jin was just adorable. I just couldn't see him as a bad guy that Jin had warned me of. It made me wonder if the younger brother just wanted to take Sunni away from the older because he was jealous of her spending more time with him.

Jin gently hit the younger brother on the back of his head before scolding him.

"Yah, you little punk! Stop telling lies, I still do hang out with you. Now stop whining and bothering Jisoo. She must be hungry now."

"Oh, right. Sorry, Jisoo. I just got a little too excited about Hyung joining us."

"It's okay Taehyung. I can leave you two to go alone if you want. I'll just grab a sandwich from the little cafe in the company."

I turned and started to walk away from the two but they both called out to me in unison.

"No. Don't leave."

Taehyung gently jogged to my side and grabs my shoulders and pushed me out of the building as Jin followed closely by. We made it to Taehyung's car and got in. He drove us to a cafe nearby. We ordered food and sat down in a booth by the window.

Jin sat across from me while Taehyung sat next to me. I watch the two bicker and laugh about random things. They had so many inside jokes that I didn't even understand what they were talking about or why they were laughing. I just awkwardly laughed along just so I wouldn't look like a clueless idiot. I found out too that Jin apparently likes to tell a lot of dad jokes. Taehyung would laugh until there were tears in his eyes at Jin's joke.

"Hyung, I miss times like this. Can't you just hang out with me like this once in a while?"

"You know I can't much now Taehyung. I've still got a lot to learn from dad to take over the company. And Sunni-"

"Sunni, Sunni, Sunni! Why is she always first on your mind? What about me? I'm your little brother. When we were younger, you always played with me. Now you ignore me and don't even pick up my calls as much anymore."

Who would have thought an adult whining about his brother not spending time with him would be so adorable.

"I'll try to find more time to spend with you Taetae. How about I come over and we play Overwatch this weekend?"

Taehyung's face lit up at his older brother's request.

"Really?!! No Sunni? Just the two of us?"

"No Sunni. Just the two of us like before. I promise."

I giggled out loud to myself and both brothers turned to look at me. They probably have forgotten that I was there.

"Oh, sorry Jisoo. It's just that even though we're brothers, we don't get to see each other besides at work. Hyung moved out a while ago and doesn't live with us anymore. And when we're at the company, we have to act all proper and I can't even joke like how I want with Hyung," Taehyung cutely said while rubbing the back of his neck.

"It's okay. I understand. You don't need to apologize for something like this."

We finished eating and headed back to the company. We said our 'see you laters' and each went on our own way to finish our work for the day. I was smiling for the rest of the day and was in such a great mood.

After work at Kim's Corporation, I went home to eat and change for my night job. When I arrived at work, my boss asked me to go to his other bar on the other side of town to help bartend for the night. Someone had rented out the place and more workers were in demand there than here. He told me that he would pay me double for traveling there and staying until 2 AM so I agreed.

While working the night away, I never expected that the person who rented the bar would be Kang Jisung. It was around midnight when I noticed him. He and Sunni were both drunk and grossly dancing on the dance floor.

"All drinks are on me tonight so drink up!"

I could hear Jisung yelling at the top of his lungs while he held his beer bottle high. The whole bar cheered and applaud and afterward, they all poured their beer down their throat. Everyone was starting to get drunk and I was overworked. I just wanted the night to end so I could go home and sleep, but I still had one more hour until my shift was done.

"How desperate are you for money Jisoo?"

A familiar female voice called out to me.

"Why are you everywhere I go? Just how much money do you need? Why not learn from me and make money the easy way?"

I really didn't want to deal with her right now so I ignore her.

"Yah! I'm talking to you! Answer me when spoken to! I am your boss!"

I ignored her again and she scoffed before grabbing a cup of beer and tossing it onto me. I was boiling at this point. This beach is really asking for a beating. I had enough so I grabbed a towel nearby and wiped myself dry. The towel was wet with the beer that was tossed onto me and I threw the towel at her. It landed right on her face and she shrieked out loudly before throwing the towel back at me. I ducked and it missed me.

"You stupid bitch!" She screeched at me.

Kim Namjoon was my boss's younger brother and he was the owner of this bar that I am working for the night. I saw him calmly walking over towards us as Sunni kept on demanding to speak to with the owner to get me fired.

"What kind of service is this?! She threw a dirty towel at me for no reason! I am going to sue this bar. How dare you treat your customer this way?!" She screamed. Namjoon approached us and smiled at Sunni. His deep dimples showed on his face and Sunni seemed to have calmed down when she saw how handsome Namjoon was. She started fixing herself and tried to make herself look more slutty than she already was.

"I'm so sorry Miss. My worker must have upset you," Namjoon calmly expressed to Sunni.

In the most sickening sweet voice that could come out of her throat, she lets out a gentle laugh and starts flirting with Namjoon.

"She has upset me greatly, but I think I know of a way for you to cheer me up."

She grabs the man by his hand and seductively led him to a room on the side of the building.

I had a repulsive expression on my face as I watch the two close the door behind them. How can she do something like this? Jin is the perfect boyfriend and he loves her so much, yet she doesn't even care. She'll sleep with anyone and everyone. I shake my head in disappointment at the girl. She was bad in high school, but now she was even worse.

My shift ended and I was cleaning up the bar when everyone left. I was about to head out the door when Namjoon called out to me.


I turned around to face him.


"You did a good job earlier."


I was puzzled at his statement. What did I do that was so good? I thought that I'd get fired.

"I saw everything earlier between you and Sunni," and those dimples made their way onto his face again. I couldn't help but be mesmerized by them. It was as if I had fallen into a deep sea couldn't get out.

"I know it wasn't your fault so don't worry. I won't tell my brother anything. Make sure you get home safely tonight. Good night."

"Good night Namjoon," I answered him. I bowed to him quickly and was almost out the door when he called out to me.

"Oh, and Sunni and I didn't do anything."

I faced him again and had a confused look on my face. He laughed at my expression before tell me to get out of here so he can close up and go home.

Why did he say that? Why would it matter to me if they did anything?

I didn't think too much about it and went home. I took a quick shower to wash up from the beer that Sunni had thrown on me. I was too tired to dry my hair completely and I just went to sleep.

I dragged at the thought of going into work the next morning. I didn't want to have to face Sunni today. Last night was a pain in the ass and I don't want to deal with her first thing in the morning. I groaned in frustration as I finally got up to get ready and headed to work.

I walked by Jin's office and he called out to me to stop into his office. My heart increased as I stepped inside.

"Y-yes, Jin?"

"Can you make some copies for me? Sunni isn't here yet and I need this document to be done soon. I have a meeting to attend at 9:30 AM."

I nodded and I walked up to his desk. He handed me the documents and I took it from him. Our hands brushed against each other and I felt my face heat up fast. I must have turned red and my breathing issue was starting to grow. I bowed to him and turned around only to bump right into Sunni. She had an amused look on her face as she glared at me. She snatched the documents out from my hand and resumed her acting.

"Good morning Jisoo. Morning Jinnie."

She made her way to Jin and sat in his lap. She gave Jin a long and deep kiss before he pulls away.

"Not now. Jisoo is still in here."

"So, it's not like she doesn't know that you belong to me."

She looked at me and smirked.

"Right Jisoo? You don't mind that I kiss Jinnie in front of you do you?"

I didn't bother to answer her. I bowed to the two and exited the office. Later in the day, Sunni asked to see me in her office.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked her once I entered her office.

"You like my Jinnie don't you?"

Her question caught me by surprise. She smiled evilly before it turned into a full grin.

"Did you enjoy our little make-out session this morning or did it break your wittle heart?" She asked while pouting her lips out at the 'wittle heart' while trying to sound like a sad child taunting me.

"Was that why you were so mad at me when you thought I was with Taehyungie? Because you liked Jinnie? You didn't want Jinnie to be hurt?"

I didn't answer her as she continues to ridicule me.

"How dare someone like you like Jin. You are nothing. You are below him and are not worthy of him so don't even bother. He will never look at you in that way. He loves me too much to even glance in your direction."

I felt the stinging tears in my eyes. Her every word cut deep into my heart because I knew it was all true. I was nothing and yet I dare to fall in love with someone like Jin.

"I know. I know that I am nothing compared to you. If you know that fact, then you should treat Jin better because he really does love you. Now if you are done, I'll be leaving now."

I turned around and grabbed the door handle.

"You'll be leaving for good Jisoo. You're fired. And as for the money that you still owe me for the two weeks left, I'll just think of it as donating to charity. Now get out."

I opened the door walked out. I went to my desk and grabbed all my stuff and placed them in a box. I took off my badge and left it on my desk. I picked up the box and took a good look around my work area. Though I landed this job by mistake, I was happy that I got this chance because I met Jin and Taehyung. I walked passed Jin's office and he was busy working that he didn't see me. A sad smile formed on my lips as I silently watched him from afar.

I'm sorry Jin, for not telling you about Sunni. Take care of yourself and goodbye.

I finally looked away from him as a tear left my eye. I walked out of that company and out of Jin's life.

To Be Continued...

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