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61.97% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 44: Help Me

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Chapter 44: Help Me

Taehyung clutches onto Jisoo as if his life depended on her solely. His own emotions were eating him up alive. He wanted so much to just toss away all self-control and make her his. The tiny demonic voice in the back of his head was telling him to let loose. It keeps telling him to stop hurting for once and just kidnap Jisoo and lock her up in a room somewhere so he could have her all to himself.

"Taehyung-ah, are you okay?" Jisoo softly returns the hug back to Taehyung. She was shocked at the sudden embrace, but she soon felt his wet tears on her shoulder. She knew he was weeping silently and she couldn't push him away. She was reminded of a crying Taehyung who rode on the bus with her pleading her to not let Jin marry Sunni. She didn't understand why he would be crying when he's got Sunni. He's gotten everything he wanted, yet he was soundlessly crying and desperately clinging onto Jisoo as if he needed help.

What they both didn't know was that Sunni had finished her work with Mrs. Kim and walked in to see the both of them holding one another. Jisoo had forgotten to close the gate door outside when she was buzzed into the beautiful front yard of Taehyung's home. When Jisoo saw the door that was slightly left open, she only pushed the door opened wider and walked in without closing the door while on the hunt with her precious weapon to protect her.

Sunni's eyes brimmed with tears when she saw Taehyung holding Jisoo. He was crying so painfully. The only time she's even seen Taehyung shed a tear was when he lost his father. She thought back to all the times that she was together with Taehyung. How he had never held onto her the way he was holding on to Jisoo. Yeah, he's hugged her and kissed her cheeks, but that was it. Now that she really thinks about it, it felt more like a love that a brother would give to his sister. Could it be possible that Taehyung doesn't love her? He refuses to touch her, to kiss her properly after dating for over a few months now. He said he wanted it to be special, their first kiss, yet he hasn't even tried at all.

The sight before her made her heartache, but she couldn't help but felt she deserved it. It was probably her karma for all those times she had cheated on Jin. It was her bad luck that she fell in love with someone who might not even love her back. She sniffled silently before backing away and headed back out the front door to leave them alone.

Jisoo's concerned voice snapped Taehyung back to reality from the growing monster that was about to rupture from his soul and he pulled away, which caused Jisoo to be pushed slightly from his embrace. It wasn't too hard, but it did leave her dumbfounded at his sudden change again. He closes his eyes shut in frustration and was angry with himself for letting those voices in the back of his head almost take over him. He should have just let her leave.

"Palli ga..." His voice soft. He was tired and wanted her to leave. His hands rubbed his face with much difficulty as Jisoo sits completely still in place and doesn't move an inch.

"I said leave!" His deep husky voice screamed at Jisoo and she jumps. What could have turned his switch on? She wanted even more than ever now to find out what was wrong with Taehyung, but know that it was time to leave. He was sick and not in his right mind right now.

"Okay, Taehyung. I'll go but remember to get some rest."

She grabs a pen from her purse and writes her number down onto the back of a random piece of receipt that she had tossed inside her bag.

"Taehyung, give me a call whenever you feel better. I still need to talk to you."

She gives the receipt with her number written on it to Taehyung and soon leaves his home. Taehyung let his head fall back onto the couch as he stares blankly at the ceiling, feeling numb. His hand clutching tightly around the tiny paper in his hand. Tears threatening to fall some more down the corner of his eyes but he held them in.

The buzzing sound of the gate brought him back from his deep thoughts of Jisoo. He went to the buzzer to see who it could be. His stress only doubles as he sees Sunni on the other end of the gate. He buzzed her in and moves to the front door to open the door for her.

"Taehyung Oppa, how are you feeling? Sorry, I couldn't make it here sooner. I got caught up with your mother at work. She wouldn't let me leave."

Sunni had been waiting outside the gate for Jisoo to leave before finally showing herself, trying hard not to be suspicious.

"Sorry Sunni, I should have called you back and told you not to come anymore."

She walks in with the biggest smile on her face and she set aside her things. Sunni looked around the home to see that Jisoo had obviously cooked for Taehyung and helped care for him. All the things that Taehyung needed were all set out on the living room table, the tray of eaten food, the bowl of water and towel lying next to it.

"Was someone here?" Her tiny voice tried now to show how hurt she was. Taehyung laid back down on the couch showing no interest whatsoever in what she had to say. He just wanted to be left alone.

"It was the maid. She left to go buy groceries for later tonight. I just need to sleep and I'll be fine. I would like to be alone..... Please."

"O-oh.. The maid..." Her voice trailed off with the tiniest hint of pain.

Sunni had hoped that Taehyung would be honest with her. If he had told her that it was Jisoo who was there then maybe he did really have some sort of feelings for her but in the end, he chooses to lie to her instead and it just confirmed her gut feeling even more. His weeping earlier hits her hard, like a brick that was thrown at full force right into her head.

He doesn't love me because he likes Jisoo...

Sunni thought back to all the times that Taehyung had hung around Jin and her. Those dark and empty look in his eyes that he always showed her, but when Jisoo was around Taehyung had morphed into a cheery little child. He had always smiled only towards Jisoo.

'Where did she go?!!'

'Who are you talking about Taehyungie?'

'Jisoo! Where did she go? Why is her desk empty?!'

His panic the day that Jisoo quit should have raised a red flag when he suddenly confessed to Sunni. Why didn't Sunni realize it sooner? Why did he ask her to be his girlfriend? Why did he make her fall so deep when he doesn't even feel the same back?

"I'll leave for now. If you need anything call me Oppa. I love you..."

His silence confirmed all theories that she had concluded in her head. So she held her strong front and picked up her things and head towards the door. She turns back once more to see that Taehyung hasn't moved or even tried to stop her from leaving. A sad smile found its way onto her lips before she finally opens the front door and walked out of the Kim's home.

Once the door clicked shut, Taehyung finally lets his tears fall endlessly. He's come to hate himself so much. He's even hurting Sunni too now. He gets up from his spot and grabs his wallet and keys. He races out of the door fast and gets into his car. He drove at the speed of lighting and soon arrives at his destination. He quickly parks his car and gets out and slams his car door shut. He quickens his pace to the front door and presses the doorbell like a madman. He pounds hard on the door and his fever now at it's highest with the stress and crying he's done. Taehyung felt weak. Too weak to stand now.

"Jabal... Hyung...." His visions start to blur on him.

"Please open the door...." He closes his heavy eyelids as he leans forward with his forehead against the door.

The door swung open and Taehyung stumbles into the smaller man in front of him. He catches Taehyung into his smaller arms.

"Taehyung! Are you okay? What happened?!"

The heavy pressure in his chest was causing Taehyung so much pain.

"Yoongi Hyung, help me. I feel so suffocated. I can't breathe..."

And Taehyung's body goes limp and darkness falls upon him.

To Be Continued...

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