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42.25% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 30: I'm Ready

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Chapter 30: I'm Ready

*Warning that there will be 18+ mature content in this chapter. Please only read if you are comfortable.*

*Sunni's POV*

"Nice to meet you. I'm Min Yoongi."

I instantly blushed and grabbed his hand to shake it.

"My name is Choi Sunni. Nice to meet you too."

I let go and he let out a small chuckle before moving in even closer to me. I felt my body stiffen as he moves in deadly close to my face.

I haven't been around boys in a long time. I went to an all-girls middle school and this year was a big change in my life.

My mom was a single mother so I had no father figure to tell me anything about boys. My mother would always tell me to stay away from boys and that they are only after one thing, your body.

My dad left my mom once he found out that she was pregnant with me, so she had a deep hatred towards men. She never fell in love nor trusted guys ever again. The only reason why I'm at this coed high school is that it was cheaper than a private all-girls high school. My mom and I are running on a tight budget now otherwise, she would never let me go to a coed school.

After everything that my mom had drilled into my head about boys, I should be afraid of him, but why was my heart only beating fast? Why was he so breathlessly handsome?

"You're pretty cute for a freshman," his deep voice whispered to me.

"Uhh, t-thanks.."

"I'm a senior this year so call me Yoongi Oppa."

And he ruffles my hair before he moves back to the piano.

I followed after him. I was bewitched by his beauty and I wanted to hear him play some more of that enticing melody that captured my attention in the first place.

He sat down and patted the spot next to him for me. I sat down next to him and he starts playing his beautiful music once again.

I closed my eyes and felt every note run through my body. Every note grabbed my heart even more and goosebumps were felt throughout my entire body. And I just knew, I knew I was falling deeper. I smiled to myself as I listened on.

All my mother's warning had flown right out the window.  He had found a spot in my heart and Min Yoongi was here to stay.

Every day after, Yoongi and I met 2 hours before school in the music room. We would meet up and he would teach me how to play the piano and soon it became our little secret. No one knew about our daily meeting. Not his sister, his friends, and definitely not my mother.

I found myself growing more and more in love with him every day, but I was so scared to admit my feelings for him. I didn't know if he would ever return my feelings so I hid them. Plus, he had a lot of admirers who weren't afraid to voice their attraction to him. He would get letters, boxes of chocolates, all sorts of gifts, yet he always turns them down.

Today, however, everything changed. Kim Sunmi, the queen of the high school, confessed to Yoongi Oppa. I happened to walk into the situation while she was asking Yoongi Oppa to be her boyfriend. He saw me and I couldn't help but walk away from them. I tried so hard everytime to not let it bother me but, I couldn't hold back the tears.

I ran away to the music room. It was the first place that came to my head. I was glad that there was no class at the moment so I went and sat where Yoongi Oppa usually sit when he played the piano. I cried into my arms as I leaned into the piano.

Soon I felt a presence next to me. I got up and saw that it was Yoongi Oppa. I instantly wiped away my tears and called out to him.

"Yoongi Oppa..."

"Why are you crying?"

"It's nothing. Don't worry about me," I sniffled and wiped away the newly formed tears that traveled down my cheeks.

"Sunni, do you like me?"

My heart sped so fast, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I remember the confession from earlier and he probably already said yes to Sunmi.

"N-no, Oppa. I-I don't like you," I lied while turning away from him. I didn't want him to see me cry anymore. I wanted him to leave.

"Well, I like you Sunni. I like you a lot. I might even be in love with you..."

If time could stop, I believe this is exactly how it would feel. I was frozen and couldn't turn around to face him. My heart exploding in my chest. I felt his hand on my chin as he lifts my chin and turns me back around to face him. His hand now caressing my cheek and wiping the tears away.

"Aren't you going to tell me the real reason why you were crying? Wasn't it because you saw Sunmi confessing to me earlier?"

My lips start trembling as new tears keep falling and he just silently wipes them away.

"I would never accept another girl's confession. I've been waiting for one special girl to confess to me, but she's taking an awfully long time. I couldn't wait anymore so here I am confessing to her."

I honestly don't even know how I am still alive right now. My heart is beating in ways that I have never known. He smiled so warmly to me.

"I like you Sunni. Will you be my girlfriend?"

I burst out in tears and hugged him. I hugged him so tightly and cried into his arms. He chuckles as he gently pats my back.

"I'll take that as a yes?" He asked and I nodded into to him as I hugged and wailed out loudly to him.

He laughs as he comforts me and when I stopped crying, he pulls me in and we had our very first kiss in this room.

He was finally mine. After all the time we spent in this room, it became our most special place. And since my mother hated all males, I asked for him to keep our relationship a secret.

We've never done anything more than kiss and make out. He knew I was not ready to sleep with him yet so he was willing to wait for me. I felt like such a bad girlfriend, because I wanted so much to let him know how much I love him, but I just couldn't do it.

I'll be honest, I was afraid. I was scared that he might leave me after he got my body, just like what my father did to my mother. I was scared that what my mother had always warned me about would come true, and if it really does happen to me, I think I might just go crazy.

And then that fateful day came.

(18+ mature scene)

It was just like any other day, we were kissing and making out in the music room when his hand started wandering down lower and towards my thigh. I broke away from the kiss and asked him to stop.

And he did. He stopped and apologized.

"I'll have to go then. I can't stay in the same room as you right now before I do something I regret," he kisses my forehead and gets up to leave.

I felt my heart hurt as he starts heading towards the door. He's been so patient with me. We've been dating for 8 months now and he's been nothing but sweet, kind, and caring. Plus, he was going to be graduating soon from high school.

This was the man I love. He was someone I saw a future with. And that's when I toss all the fear in my heart away.

"Yoongi Oppa! Don't go..."

"I have to babe. I have to go calm myself down. I'll be back soon okay love?"

"I'm ready, Oppa."

I could see him gulping as he stares at me. His face full of worries and I giggled at him. He makes it seems like this was his first time too. I'm sure he's had plenty of experience.

"Oppa, don't leave and come back to me."

He slowly made his way over to me and sat down next to me.

"Are you sure? We don't have to do it. I-I'll just go. We can do it some other time."

He tried to get up but, I caught his hand and pulled him a little too hard that he falls right on top of me. He was hovering over me and I could feel his rock hard member in his pants.

"Oppa..." I bit my lip out of nervousness and he lets out of tiny low growl before his lips were on mine. He feverishly kissed me and his hands roamed all of my body. I was a moaning mess as his touch gave me so much pleasure. I've never felt like this before and I wanted to feel him inside of me. He pulls away from the heated kiss and touch to stare down at me.

"Sunni, tell me to stop.."

I wanted him. I need him.

"Oppa, don't stop..."

And his lips were back on mine.

He lifts up my skirt and gently took off my undergarment. I help unzipped his pants and his member made its appearance. I got scared for a second when I saw how big he was. I couldn't help but think to myself how was that thing going to fit in me?

I let him take full control since I had no experience what so ever.

He touched me down in my womanhood and a wave of pleasure hit me like I've never felt before. He made me feel so good. I was moaning like crazy and it must have turned him on even more since he was positioned and ready to insert his throbbing hard member inside of me.

"Wait, do you have a condom?" I breathlessly asked him.

"No, but I'll pull out before I cum."

I nodded giving him consent to continue and he slowly enters me. The pain shot throughout my body as I teared up when he was finally inside of me.

"Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?" He moans into my neck and stops moving.

I shook my head no. I know he wanted this. So I held him even closer and he starts to move into me again.

A tear escapes my eyes and he immediately kisses my tear away.

"Don't stop Oppa..." I gripped and scratched his back.

He groans out as he continues to gently jab me.

"I love you Sunni..." He breathlessly calls my name and tells me he loves me repeatedly.

And before I knew it, the pain had disappeared and was replaced with pleasure.

Once he heard my moan of pleasure, he started to thrust a little faster.

"You feel so good babe. I love you so much..."

With a few more thrust, I felt a knot in my stomach and soon my climax hit me as I orgasm hard with every stroke that he sends into me.

And shortly after, he pulled out of me and came all over my thigh. We were both gasping for oxygen. He lands a kiss onto my forehead before getting up to take off his boxer and use it to clean our mess that we have made. He tossed his boxer away and went commando for the rest of the school day.

We made love in that room that day. Our special room that now has another memory added to it.

It wasn't long after that the music room became the room that I hated the most. Those memories that I cherished were shattered in that same room when he suddenly broke up with me a week later. 

He used college as an excuse. He used his love for music as an excuse. He said I was still too young. What he didn't know was that he broke up with me when I needed him the most.

Right after Yoongi Oppa graduated, my mother left me. She had been fighting leukemia and as her daughter, I didn't even know. I didn't even know why we were so behind on rent. I didn't even know when she started going to the hospital. I didn't know until the day she left me behind.

Heartbroken because of Yoongi Oppa and with no money, I was left with my mother's hospital bills to pay. I became desperate for money. I was willing to do anything to get money, even selling my body.

Sophmore year came and I completely changed. My heart had turned into stone as I found my mother's words were true. Boys only wanted my body. Not one boy genuinely loved me. And because of Yoongi, the one boy who I loved so much, I became scared. Even if I had a boyfriend, I would always have another guy on the side so that my heart wouldn't break when my boyfriend leaves me.

All those girls in high school, they bullied me and made fun of me for being an orphan and not knowing who my father was so I fought back. I had to toughen up my weak self. I won't let anyone step on me anymore.

And once I started changing, I noticed how everyone started to envy me. How the girls slowly started to want to be my friend. How I can easily attract all the boys in my school. So I put on my mask whenever I went to school. I play miss tough and strong bully queen at school, slept with the rich high school boys for money, but when I get home, I'd cry my eyes out every night because I know they were all fake. No one truly loves me. No one truly wants to be my friend. In this cruel world, I'm all alone.

To Be Continued...

Shookieillegirl Shookieillegirl

This was a hard chapter for me. Like I said before in the previous chapter about Taehyung, all stories have two sides to them. I'm not saying that Sunni's choices/decisions were right, but I hope you all can try to understand her a bit more after reading this chapter and why she acts the way she does. I won't go much into detail about Sunni's past anymore so if there are questions you are still curious about, feel free to ask and I'll answer it to the best of my ability.

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