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70.42% Blind Love (BTS Kim Seokjin) / Chapter 50: I Missed You

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Chapter 50: I Missed You

"I know I'm insane for telling you now but, I'm in love with you Min Jisoo..."

Taehyung continues to sob as he rubs his wet tears all over Jisoo's shirt. His heart was going to explode if he doesn't tell her now.

Jisoo was left in shock. Her eyes widen as Taehyung clutches onto her waist, not really believing what she had just heard. Taehyung was in love with her? It doesn't make sense.

"Wha- I don't understand..." was all that Jisoo could let leave her mouth.

Taehyung doesn't answer but instead grips her even closer to him. His heart beating at a mile per second. He's already made up his mind to finally stop following behind Jin. He was going to be the leader of his own heart. Heck, even Yoongi said earlier to do whatever his heart tells him to. So now, he was going to follow his heart. His tiny muscle that bleeds and beats Jisoo's name. It was beating fast as he held her. Her closeness and warmth made his heart jerked.

And it was telling him to let go.

Something inside of him clicked after he read Sunni's letter. Her words of advice were written neatly down for Taehyung.

'Tell her that you love her Oppa. Let Jisoo know how much you care for her. Even if you are rejected in the end, as long as you were able to let her know your feelings.'

As long as she knows his feelings.

If Sunni could let Taehyung go, then Taehyung could do the same to Jisoo. As much as Sunni wanted to grow, so did Taehyung.

He let his breathing and sobs die down before finally loosening his grip on her tiny waist. He gently pulls on her hand to get her to sit down next to him and finally all truths that Taehyung had been holding back came pouring out. He never thought he would ever be able to tell her anything, but here he was saying everything from his own mouth.

From the moment he first saw her, to the moment he decided to make her his Hyungsu-nim, to all the lies of taking Sunni away from Jin, to being the person who has been giving her money from the survey that she won.


Jisoo closes her eyes tightly shut for a second before opening them back up to look into Taehyung's swollen and red orbs.

"You never loved Sunni and you did all that for Jin? Why didn't you tell me sooner Taehyung? You let me believe you were a horrible person. I was so angry with you for hurting Jin."

"I know and I'm sorry. But I needed you to stay by Hyung's side. I needed you to care for him while I wasn't there. And that was why I created the survey. I'm so sorry for lying to you Jisoo. I just didn't know how else I could give you money for looking after Hyung all those time."

Jisoo could see the sincerity in Taehyung's eyes and she pulls the now weeping man back into her embrace.

"I was so sad back then Taehyung. I thought that my new friend that I had just made was really heartless. I was so hurt that you could be so cruel to Jin. But I know now. I know that you are the most lovable and adoring brother ever. You did all this because you care for Jin. I can understand that much..."

She paused before she's rubbing his back to comfort him.

"...and I'm sorry for not being able to return your feelings."

Taehyung nods into her shoulder as he let more tears fall.

"I know. I've always known how much you love Hyung. That was why I planned on not telling you how I felt, but I think I will live in regret for the rest of my life if I didn't at least let you know."

"I understand. Thank you Taehyung Oppa for everything you've done. But don't lie to me anymore you hear?"

Taehyung thought his heart was going to jump right out of his chest. He pulls away from the hug and innocently stares back at Jisoo.

"O-Oppa?" He thought he heard her wrong. Jisoo had always refused to call him Oppa and now he thought he was dreaming. His mouth was left agape.

"Yes, Taehyung Oppa. I decided to call you Oppa now," Jisoo answers him as she playfully pinches his right cheek.

Taehyung smiles as Jisoo lightly pinches his cheeks and his smiles only widen when he felt his other cheek getting nipped.

"Aigoo, why are you so cute Oppa," Jisoo teases as she tries to cheer up Taehyung.

And it was working.

Taehyung's heart melted at the sight before him. This was the same girl who he lied to and hurt, yet she easily forgave him and is even joking around with him.

"Does this mean that you will let Jin Hyung know that you are Min Jisoo?"

Jisoo's heart drops at the mention of the older brother. She lets go of Taehyung's cheeks and grew nervous. Here she was telling Taehyung not to lie to her, yet she still had her own lie. Taehyung noticed the quick change in Jisoo.

"Jisoo, you are planning on telling Hyung soon right?"

"Uhh, y-yeah. Um, I-I uhh, I'm just not sure when yet."

Jisoo tried to avoid eye contact with Taehyung. She turned her head away from him and closed her eyes. He noticed her weird behavior before gently grabbing her face and turning her to face him. Her wet eyes opened and a teardrop traveled lifelessly down her cheek.

Taehyung could feel his heart aching as Jisoo let her tears fall endlessly.

"If you can't tell Hyung, I could tell him for you," He offered. He would do everything in his power to get Jin to forgive Jisoo.

"No!" Jisoo cried out while shaking her head. She grips Taehyung's hands that were covering her cheeks.

"Please don't say anything to Jin! Just like you told me everything yourself, let me tell Jin. Please, Oppa..."

Taehyung broke at the sight in front of him. His heart was breaking at her desperate pleas. He knew how good it felt to let all those lies out earlier. The burden he carried on his shoulders were lifted instantly the moment all truths came out. So he promised not to say a word to Jin.

It was Jisoo's turn to cry now and she slipped her hands underneath Taehyung's arms and around his back. She leans against the boy as she hugged and cried into his arms. She let her voice out and sobbed loudly.

Taehyung gently comforting her, but he didn't know what Jisoo was actually thinking while hugging tightly onto him...

She was never going to tell Jin that she was Min Jisoo.


With much convincing from Jisoo, Taehyung agrees to finally see Jin. He drove the two of them back to Jin's apartment. While waiting for the elevator, Taehyung could only hear his heartbeat growing louder and louder. He was finally going to see his Hyung. He let out a shaky puff of air and wiped his sweaty hands on his pants as the elevator went up each floor.

"I don't think I can do this yet Jisoo... What if Hyung still hates me?" Taehyung cries out in panic to Jisoo.

She let out a small smile at the worried boy knowing well that Jin was just waiting on Taehyung.

"Jin does not hate you in any way. He loves you too much Taehyung."

Taehyung exhaled a deep and long breath once the metal door slid open. Jisoo leads the way to Jin's apartment door and Taehyung follows closely behind her.

Jisoo entered in the code and the door unlocks. Taehyung's heart flutters and he follows Jisoo inside the dimmed room. There was a tiny light from the TV that was still on and the chattering of news anchors talking through the TV.

They both saw a sleeping Jin that had fallen back on the couch with his mouth left open snoring away. The living room table was full of the food that Jisoo had prepped for Jin the day prior. He had somehow managed to reheat the food brought them all over to the table.

They both took off their shoes and slowly made their way towards Jin. He was still sitting up but with his head tilted back into the couch and he was still holding on to a small bowl that was filled with half-eaten rice and japchae.

With one look at Jin's face, they both could tell he had fallen victim to food coma. The clear noodle was dangling from the corner of his open mouth and his chopstick never left his hand as it lays unmoved on top of his right thigh. They both couldn't help but let out tiny giggles. This was not a side of Jin that neither of them had seen before. He was always so.... clean.

Jisoo head towards the light switch to turn on the light while Taehyung started cleaning up after his Hyung. He took the chopsticks and the bowl from Jin and set them lightly down on the table. He attempted to clean Jin's face from the food that was still in his mouth, but the light flickered on and Jin started to stir closing his mouth, swallowing any food that was left in his mouth.

Jin groaned before trying to open his eyes. The bright light was burning his eyes. He slowly raised his hand up to rub his eyes before attempting to open them again. It was too painful. It was stinging his eyes and he groans before yelling out in pain.

"Hyung?!" Taehyung screams out in worry seeing his brother react to the light.

"What's wrong Hyung. What's happening to your eyes?!"

Jin let out an unstable breath and kept his eyes closed before calming down at hearing Taehyung's voice.

"Tae...?? Is it really you?" He asked while keeping his painful eyes shut.

"Yes, Hyung. It's me. I'm here Hyung. I'm sorry. I'm so sorr-"

Taehyung was cut off by Jin grabbing hold of him and pulling him onto the couch next to Jin into a strong hug. Tears took over both brother's eyes as Jin's shaking voice out call out to the younger brother.

"Yah, you little brat... You finally came to see me. I've missed you."

Taehyung let his tears run loosely down his face as he hugged his big brother back just as firmly.

"I've missed you too Hyung."

Jin smiled into the hug before his eyes start acting up again. He pulls away from Taehyung and grabs his head in pain. He couldn't open his eyes.


"I'm okay. The light is too bright right now for my eyes..."

"Wait, what? The light? You can see the light?"

"Yeah. Just a little, but I can't open my eyes because it's too bright."

Jisoo stood by the light switch and quickly turned off the light in hope that it will lessen Jin's pain. She heard and saw everything between the two brothers and grew nervous that Jin might be able to see again.

"The light is off now Hyung, try opening your eyes," Taehyung gently called out to Jin.

Jin hesitated but eventually was able to open his eyes back up. He could see a blurry figure in front of him. He could see the shape of Taehyung's head but he couldn't see anything clearly. Jin shut his eyes closed and opened them once again to total blackness.

Jin's heart was speeding up. Even though all he could see right now was darkness again, he was able to see for a few seconds earlier. And it just means one thing to him. He'll be able to see soon.

Jisoo slowly made her way towards the two brothers in the dimmed lighting with much nervousness.

"Jin..." She quietly called out to him.

"Minji, you're here too?"

"Yes. I'm here too. I brought the letter to Taehyung and we came together to see you."

"Thank you so much Minji. Because of you, I got to see Taetae again."

Taehyung couldn't stop worrying about Jin.

"Hyung, don't you think you should go back to the hospital to get your eyes checked? How were you able to react to the light? Let's go right now. I'll take you!"

Taehyung tries to lift Jin up by his arm but Jin refuses.

"Yah, I just got out of the hospital, why would I want to go back in so quick?"


"I'm okay you little brat. I just got to see you again, how could I go back to the hospital when you just came to see me?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"We'll go together tomorrow. I promise."

"Hyung! Seriously!"

"I'm serious too. I was able to see for a few seconds just now Taehyung. I'm confident that I'll be able to see again."

"What? You saw me Hyung?"

Jin had the biggest smile upon his face. He nodded with so much glee to his little brother.

"I saw you Tae. It was still blurry and I couldn't see clearly yet, but I was still able to see you. I'll be able to see soon Tae."

Taehyung felt his heart being lifted and he grabs his brother into another hug.

"Thank you, Hyung. Thank you so much."

Jisoo watched the two next to her hugging away, her eyes were moist and her heart was so full of happiness seeing the two reunite. She let out an unsteady breath before tears invaded her face. As happy as she was to see the two together again and to hear that Jin will be able to see soon....

It was time to say goodbye to Jin.

To Be Continued...

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